Rasheeda Reveals She Cheated on Kirk | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • After admitting she cheated on Kirk early in their relationship, Rasheeda urges the rest of the group to acknowledge their own missteps.
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    Stevie J, Mimi Faust, Karlie Redd, Rasheeda Frost and the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returns and with their pursuit of success in the hip-hop game comes more drama. Marriage, babies, new relationships and music are all in the mix, but so are past mistakes, unfinished business and fresh obstacles.
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    Rasheeda Reveals She Cheated on Kirk | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta tvclip.biz/user/VH1
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Comments • 2 478

  • Naturalistic Being

    Her ass didn’t cheat! Smh

  • Neilsa Layne
    Neilsa Layne 3 days ago

    Rasheeda lied n made that girl tell her man the truth smh

  • Neilsa Layne
    Neilsa Layne 3 days ago

    I think she lying to make him look better

  • mrstrish2600
    mrstrish2600 5 days ago

    She a damn lie! She aint cheated! She just dont wana keep looking stupid.

  • Catrina Rollins
    Catrina Rollins 7 days ago

    rasheeda lying. she's not built to cheat on Kirk. she did say this for ratings. keep her on the scene. spice things up.

  • Keara Jones
    Keara Jones 9 days ago

    Men cant take what they douch out.NEVER

  • Emokiriemi Abednego
    Emokiriemi Abednego 10 days ago +1

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  • Christina Love
    Christina Love 10 days ago +1

    None of them are living the way God says live so I mean of course the flesh will never be satisfied so they will forever cheat on each other and whoever else they are with

  • Marsha-Ann Palmer
    Marsha-Ann Palmer 11 days ago

    *That's. "Fucked Up". Sierra,. If. I. Was "BK",. I. Would've. Kept. My. "Distance". From. You. And. Think. About. "Our. Future"*

  • Marsha-Ann Palmer
    Marsha-Ann Palmer 11 days ago

    *Sierra,. You. Cheated. On. "BK",. When. You. Were. Still. "In. A. Relationship". With. Him. And. You. Had. To. "Wait". Until "Rasheeda". Talk. About. Her. "Made Up". Cheating. For. You. To. "Admit". That. "You. Cheated. On. Him"*

  • Marsha-Ann Palmer
    Marsha-Ann Palmer 11 days ago

    *Sierra,. I. Don't. Know. How. In. The. "World". Do. You. Expect. "BK". To. Ever. "Trust. You". Again???*

  • Marsha-Ann Palmer
    Marsha-Ann Palmer 11 days ago

    *Love. Must. Be. "Hopeless". For. "Rasheeda",. You. Deserve. The. Best,. You. Truly. Do*

  • Marsha-Ann Palmer
    Marsha-Ann Palmer 11 days ago

    *Rasheeda,. Why. Would. Lie. On. Yourself. Like. That. For. "Kirk"???? Just. To. "Take. The. Spotlight. Off. Of. ••Kirk••"*

  • Bahia Nakaima
    Bahia Nakaima 13 days ago +1

    How Kirk and Rasheeda are giving relationship advice got me shook!!!

  • CoCo Doll
    CoCo Doll 20 days ago +2

    I don’t believe Rasheeda at all. I think she is lying about cheating on Kirk. She hella weak.

  • Tanya Murray
    Tanya Murray 21 day ago

    I can't stand bambi errrrr😠

  • Hannah Matthew
    Hannah Matthew 23 days ago

    I'm so confused dont Scrap now that Kirk cheated how could they be so surprised that ur not marriage is not perfect

  • Nigeria Parker
    Nigeria Parker Month ago

    I was just discombobulated

  • Hallie Rivers
    Hallie Rivers Month ago

    Rasheeda is LYING !!!!! Why don't they just go away ?

    LADY MOON Month ago

    Kirk soft ass ain’t loyal . I thought he was a good guy but turned out to be like the rest . This marriage will not work. Rasheeda will eventually get tired and resentful and she will leave him. He’s a dog who had a baby on his wife . He’s a clown .

  • Bochaberi Nyakundi
    Bochaberi Nyakundi Month ago

    Bambi and Kirk shared the same hot tub...with no-neck-having Benzino... i cant take anyone here seriously

  • Jeanyda St Juste
    Jeanyda St Juste Month ago

    Girl bye 🙄

  • Nkhensani Maluleke
    Nkhensani Maluleke Month ago

    The way they were all sooo shocked 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mariana Ruiz
    Mariana Ruiz Month ago

    Scrappy saying rasheeda🤣 as if she cheated on him lol

  • Ihjanae Cooper
    Ihjanae Cooper Month ago

    I mean she ain’t wrong

  • Abuu Agostino
    Abuu Agostino Month ago

    rasheeda will NEVER cheat. we both know that

  • JpAir 205
    JpAir 205 Month ago

    That explains his actions

  • i556
    i556 Month ago

    And he still married her?

  • T Dupree
    T Dupree Month ago

    I laughed loud this my first time seeing this

  • N Vl
    N Vl Month ago

    He said that’s like god getting beat up lmao

  • Vanessa U.
    Vanessa U. Month ago


  • forever asome
    forever asome Month ago

    That s some real 💩. But i have to respect Rasheeda for being so open as well. At the end of the day if ur in a real relationship it's going to be challenging at times. So it's so important to communicate to ur spouse or significant other. Especially if u feel that things r not going good. And if u feel or even think ur unhappy let them know. And if u feel ur going to F up it's best to walk away instead of going behind them. It takes more courage and confidence to be honest regardless. So I have to Respect Rasheeda for at least being open and honest. Kirk may have not been perfect but Now we know that she wasn't either.! But if they want their marriage to last the need to continue to be REAL like we should as well. 😁

  • Ray McKenzie
    Ray McKenzie Month ago +1

    Fr I'm be honest I didn't know Rasheeda was married when she let me hit my bad Kirk 😎😎

  • Moe Irby
    Moe Irby Month ago

    Scrappy face impressions! Got me dying

  • Tony Snow
    Tony Snow Month ago +1

    I have a burrtiful wife!! (Scrappy voice)!!!

  • Rika Jean baptiste
    Rika Jean baptiste Month ago

    I like how Scrappy said " hurman" instead of human.

  • chanel coco
    chanel coco Month ago

    why take a DNA test to prove them his kids if you cheated on him in the past?? that would have been the time to admit you ain't no angel whoever wrote this scene musta forgot season 2

  • chanel coco
    chanel coco Month ago

    it had to be cheating plus low self-esteem to let that burnt iguana lizard back in ya bed

  • Charles Riles
    Charles Riles Month ago

    Rasheeda never cheated on Kirk lol. Kirk never cheated on Rasheeda and that kid isn’t his.. just ways to stay relevant on “tv”

  • Tabatha Foster
    Tabatha Foster Month ago

    Rasheed’s will say anything to justify her taking Kirk back

  • Portia Baiibih
    Portia Baiibih Month ago

    Although I understand the need to fight for your marriage, Rasheeda eversense the bullshit with Kirk started, YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING MORE AND MORE STRESSED AND TIIIRRREEDDD EACH SEASON! Im praying for better relationship health.

  • jrbugz World
    jrbugz World Month ago

    Scrappy reaction got me dying😂🔥🔥😂😂

  • Lewis Lemons III
    Lewis Lemons III Month ago

    Shes fine as hell.

  • Awesome Emperor
    Awesome Emperor Month ago

    Scrappy put two r’s in beautiful 😳😂🤣😂🤣😭

  • Collin Wins
    Collin Wins Month ago

    scrappy trying to go viral with a meme with them facial expressions... 😩😂 hilarious

  • Guilt Trip
    Guilt Trip Month ago

    She prob went out to eat with a dude and that was it...to men thats the same as fkn 12 btchez

  • Shirieka Greene
    Shirieka Greene Month ago

    Rasheeda please stop it! Girl u know damn well u ain't never cheat on kirk! If u did then the jasmine situation we would've never mad you that mad if y'all was both doing yall

  • K-Lu Lorraine
    K-Lu Lorraine Month ago

    Damn. I respect my girl Rasheeda so much. I love her and Kirk. Wish I had a friend like her. I never cheated on my husband, but I respect anyone’s honesty.

  • Justin Brida
    Justin Brida Month ago

    Rasheeda your relationship is sooooo fake with Kirk. It’s nothing but phony. Stop with the bullshit because you look pathetic.

  • Royalty Princess
    Royalty Princess Month ago

    She lying

  • Saint of God!
    Saint of God! Month ago

    LORD JESUS! THIS IS REAL MIX-UP! Rasheeda CHEAT ON KIRK! That man make me laugh who say he thought Rasheeda was super human.

  • Yandisa Mqomboti
    Yandisa Mqomboti Month ago

    Rasheeda making Kirk look Good im so over this fake marriage

  • Brandell Echols
    Brandell Echols 2 months ago

    No she didn’t. She just saying that, just to make Kirk look good bruh. Hell na

  • Tineisha Elliott
    Tineisha Elliott 2 months ago

    The way Kirk is smiling and grinning it's almost like he's saying with his face yeah that's a whole lot of bulshit that she's talking...like omg.

  • T Mayo
    T Mayo 2 months ago +1

    Rasheed’s ain’t the cheatin kind but when she does cheat she gonna choose a bonifide stud horse to stand ALL the way up in it !!!! Sorry KiRk 👁👁

  • Tan Blaze
    Tan Blaze 2 months ago

    Why are they giving relationship advice when Kirk cheat every season .

  • Troi Naomie J
    Troi Naomie J 2 months ago

    I can’t take scrappy he play waaaayyyyy too much 😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  • The Nerve
    The Nerve 2 months ago

    Chile please!

  • Stranger
    Stranger 2 months ago

    3:38 when the tea is TOOOO goodddd ooooooouuuu

  • Carisa Dennard
    Carisa Dennard 2 months ago

    Rasheeda was like “Yeah I cheated...In the long long long time agoes days”