Rasheeda Reveals She Cheated on Kirk | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • After admitting she cheated on Kirk early in their relationship, Rasheeda urges the rest of the group to acknowledge their own missteps.
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    Stevie J, Mimi Faust, Karlie Redd, Rasheeda Frost and the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returns and with their pursuit of success in the hip-hop game comes more drama. Marriage, babies, new relationships and music are all in the mix, but so are past mistakes, unfinished business and fresh obstacles.
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    Rasheeda Reveals She Cheated on Kirk | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta tvclip.biz/user/VH1
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Comments • 2 270

  • Milly Milly
    Milly Milly 9 hours ago

    I can't with Joc's hair ewww 😂😂😂😒

  • Corina Saldivar
    Corina Saldivar 15 hours ago

    Shes lying just so he dont look bad. Shes dumb af

  • reggiona anderson
    reggiona anderson 17 hours ago

    Bro scrapp face 😭😭😭😭

  • Qetsia Etienne
    Qetsia Etienne 3 days ago

    Good for Rasheeda. I hope it was a full on affair!

  • Jamesdaniel brown
    Jamesdaniel brown 3 days ago

    “ like god getting beat up “. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☺️

  • Apple Candy
    Apple Candy 5 days ago

    You may have cheated but you didn’t bring home a baby from another man point blank.

  • Dlisha Lee
    Dlisha Lee 5 days ago

    Rasheeda know she is lying. 🙄

  • Tinisha Washington
    Tinisha Washington 5 days ago

    It’s the way Scrappy said Rasheeda

  • Incognita Smith
    Incognita Smith 6 days ago +1

    "You ain't gotta lie Craig!" 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Marsha Bradie
    Marsha Bradie 6 days ago

    Scrappy's face 🤣

  • s brow
    s brow 6 days ago

    That hoe dumb how many time u need to forgive he cheated tons of times that man a hoe...Rasheeda know damn well she ain’t cheated she just a damn doormat that obviously feels she can’t get better nineteen years of marriage and u still can’t keep ur man home

  • Fred Rey
    Fred Rey 8 days ago

    No wonder she took him back 😂

  • Kingcrooks1
    Kingcrooks1 9 days ago

    Why she smiling tho when she said dat tho 😭😭😭

  • Ndilimeke Itembu
    Ndilimeke Itembu 10 days ago +3

    Scrappy's facial expressions though😂😂😂

  • Ama Jhn
    Ama Jhn 10 days ago

    Scrappy's facial expressions, lol kills me

  • MrJordon95
    MrJordon95 10 days ago

    Scrappy facial expressions

  • Terrance Bryant
    Terrance Bryant 11 days ago

    Y would she lie n say she cheated ? She admitted maybe she wasn’t who all y’all thought she was at 18 as she is now ! Y’all kill me saying she lying she’s human too she’s not perfect ... ppl kill me frfr

  • Lyric X
    Lyric X 11 days ago

    She must've cheated like 20 years ago with a pretty female.

  • Chvonne Howard
    Chvonne Howard 11 days ago

    I like facts

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins 11 days ago

    She did it, the worse thing a Man can think is, that his Woman wont cheat!!!

  • D.N.A DatNiccAleXXX
    D.N.A DatNiccAleXXX 11 days ago

    It explains why she always took his ass back

  • Kip Hurt
    Kip Hurt 11 days ago

    This is ridiculous garbage, nothing but a waste time, these people will do any thing for a check, I would rather get a job, than to degrade myself like this.

  • T Mayo
    T Mayo 12 days ago

    All these broads givin that vagina up !! Tooo funny !!!

  • Kcseales
    Kcseales 12 days ago +1

    "Infidelities" ... That's crazy. If a woman ever cheats on me, I'm not going to say anything when I find out. I'm just leaving.

  • I am SaLo08c
    I am SaLo08c 12 days ago

    Resheeda has more excuses for Kirk then Kirk does for himself.

  • Glam by Ashley Simone
    Glam by Ashley Simone 12 days ago

    Scrap face be hella funny

  • Deandre Richmond
    Deandre Richmond 12 days ago +3

    Scarp should’ve had his hand on his chest when he said “😳 Rasheeda” lmao

  • puttin in
    puttin in 12 days ago

    How are these idiots still on TV? Gimme the roach spray!!!

  • G.R.I.M cEo
    G.R.I.M cEo 13 days ago

    Rasheeda cheated with me so she ant lying 🤷‍♂️😉

    • Tywon Allen
      Tywon Allen 11 days ago

      G.R.I.M cEo you thought you was getting some likes. You still have none.

  • Lwbhsl gy
    Lwbhsl gy 13 days ago


  • Willie Williams
    Willie Williams 13 days ago

    I believed Rasheeda lied

  • Janette Perez
    Janette Perez 13 days ago

    I love me sum Rasheeda but she to weak wen it comes to Kirk, 1st time shame on you 2nd time shame on me...its obvious this knucklehead is not using protection, will she also forgive him if he ends up giving her something.

  • maine1cb
    maine1cb 13 days ago

    I'm sorry but she's the type of woman that make us look weak. A whole baby n we married NOOOOOOOO SIS

  • Gernita Brutus
    Gernita Brutus 13 days ago


  • Mighty Supa
    Mighty Supa 13 days ago

    Ohhh helll nooooooooo lmao scrappy face doe

  • Dirty30 #TheMarathonContinues

    Yeah with big cat y'all late

  • Shareka Bivens
    Shareka Bivens 13 days ago

    Lmfaoooo bye Rasheeda 🤣🤣🤣

  • christy Battle
    christy Battle 13 days ago

    If y’all would’ve listened to Guwop on Shook them haters off he said it in 2006

  • Ashley Sessoms
    Ashley Sessoms 13 days ago +8

    Lmaaao! I'm weak AF shorty said since we keeping it real today😂😂😂😂Like Daaaaaaaaaamn ok

    • Tywon Allen
      Tywon Allen 11 days ago

      Ashley Sessoms keeping real. Is the worse quote ever.

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson 13 days ago +4

    Love and Hip hop pure Fuckery🤦🏿‍♂️

  • cassonya barber
    cassonya barber 13 days ago

    That shoe don’t feel good on the other foot... 💯

  • Bella luv
    Bella luv 13 days ago

    I thought she was super hurman!!🤣

  • Lakisha Henry
    Lakisha Henry 13 days ago +1

    Rasheeda just doing anything to make Curt look better in the public eyes

  • Trashe Chalmers
    Trashe Chalmers 13 days ago +5

    The way Kirk looked tells me Rasheeda is lying through her damn teeth. She has even said she has never disrespected their marriage with infidelities.

  • Khy
    Khy 14 days ago

    Big Cap

    JETLAG CHOC 14 days ago

    This sound made UP up..🤣 #Lies

  • Karen Porter
    Karen Porter 14 days ago

    Girl 👋

  • nakeil mccloud
    nakeil mccloud 14 days ago

    Amazing how when Raseeda confessed not one female believed it! As if to say "it didnt happen"! Like women dont cheat! A "grown man".. dont have his business on the streets! For one, "he who talks down on his partners doings, also makes himself look bad as well!" You dont need to drag a persons name and stay with them because you look just as stupid when you STAY!! (LET THAT MARINATE)!! For years people has said she was stupid for staying but now youbsee the reason. A person who doesnt want to be in a relationship walks faster than the one who does! (Pay attention) I said years ago "...she staying because she WANTS to.. or because she facing HER KARMA from bullshit she has done in the past!!" ....but did you see the PRIDE on Kirks face when she revealed hiw she did dirt early on and the group was shocked... THAT was Kirks MOMENT!!!! 😂✊✊... That because he took all the heat like Rasheeda was perfect and not one person gave him his #Salute in this group! But as i always said... "if ya partner cheats keep ya slate clean.. because if they cheated 50 times and you cheated once you still cheated! "..1 headshot or 50 headshots .. if they die, ya STILL A murderer!!!"

  • Jesse Turner
    Jesse Turner 14 days ago

    They all messy mfs

  • DeAnte Watkins
    DeAnte Watkins 14 days ago

    Scrappy....Rasheedaaa lol

  • Huncho Black
    Huncho Black 14 days ago

    Dingy hoe ain did jack...🤔

  • hunnid dub hunnid stack

    Kirk look like a sight clown

  • Jennifer Quinones
    Jennifer Quinones 14 days ago

    3:30 😂😂😂

  • Mandy Makhumalo
    Mandy Makhumalo 14 days ago

    Scrap: ,Rasssshhheeeeddda

  • Felicia Henderson
    Felicia Henderson 15 days ago

    🗣🗣 Ladies!!!!!! NEVER admit cheating to your man, they are not wired like us, they can’t take it and will NEVER truly forgive you. Double standard I know, take your dirt to the grave ⚰️💀💀Ok Byyyyyeee!!👋🏾👋🏾🤣🤣🤣👌🏾✌🏾

  • justin m
    justin m 15 days ago

    I can't take this convo seriously because they are all immature.

  • Avery William
    Avery William 15 days ago

    There’s no way

  • Ced Hicks
    Ced Hicks 16 days ago

    This reminds me of " Why Did I Get married " When they was at the cabin & everyone started telling their business 😱👀😮😂

  • aww shucks
    aww shucks 16 days ago

    Cierra this wasn’t the place to tell ya man you cheated

  • Prettiest Beast
    Prettiest Beast 16 days ago

    Please support our initiative to prevent bullying and suicide, reversebully.com.

  • MzCokeBottleangel
    MzCokeBottleangel 17 days ago

    Bambi is so damn pretty I swear

  • Darius One
    Darius One 17 days ago

    She want the world to be miserable cos she is

  • Nehemiah Williams
    Nehemiah Williams 18 days ago

    The tea🤗

  • Cookie Woo
    Cookie Woo 20 days ago +1

    But it was a long long...long long. Long time ago....ok...Kirk had a baby..,.let that be ur project of focus Rasheeda...instead of trting to fix every body else..cause I'm sure you and Kirk still dealing with trust issues,

  • Jo Bunny
    Jo Bunny 22 days ago

    SHe lying lmao

  • Dora williams
    Dora williams 23 days ago

    Rasheeda don’t know one sitting there or us believe you

  • Patricia Guzman
    Patricia Guzman 25 days ago

    They act like if a women does it its wrong come on men do it all the time just like women put up with it so do men come on.

  • D H J
    D H J 26 days ago

    We dont believe you. You need more ppl.

  • Sarãe Stewart
    Sarãe Stewart 26 days ago

    Scrappy' crazy as hell. His sayings are so country and those facial expressions.

  • Natasha P.
    Natasha P. 26 days ago

    Who is Rasheeda? " God" " Superhuman" Scrap sound dumb as hell. How can a dumb person be superhuman?

  • columbusshort45
    columbusshort45 27 days ago

    My question is this, when they got in all those arguments about him cheating why didn't Kirk throw it in her face about her cheating too? Know why? Cause it probably didn't happen.

  • 83Jude
    83Jude 27 days ago

    You know what...perhaps they deserve each other.
    The fact Rasheeda has stayed for 2 decades --too much time vested & wasted.She'll never stand up & leave Kirk.They cycle will continue..sigh*

  • Cha Cha Wright
    Cha Cha Wright 28 days ago

    She also wants us to believe she’s younger than Kirk...

  • joanna freedom
    joanna freedom 28 days ago

    Was this a how to on being the wife of a dog? Lol

  • joanna freedom
    joanna freedom 28 days ago

    Was this a how to on being the wife of a dog? Lol

  • Zone6ZoneSix
    Zone6ZoneSix 29 days ago +34

    We as man are so funny. We’ll cheat 99 times oh but let our woman send a greasy dm to another dude now these niggaz double heart broke 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • illenessOne
      illenessOne 11 days ago +1

      Zone6ZoneSix because men do not cheat with emotions . Women do . It’s worst z

  • kendra alcide
    kendra alcide 29 days ago

    I know that wasn't easy to tell BK u cheated on him😱😬😱😨!!

  • n.a.v gang
    n.a.v gang 29 days ago +1

    Rasheeda is the bread winner .plus Kirk is a man.we dont care.umm so all yall educated BLACK women in the comments really think rasheeda was letting Kirk sleep around and have side babies and she just sat there🤨🤨😂😂😂 gtfoh! Women yall have a special bone in ya body it's called the denial bone lol

  • L Simon
    L Simon 29 days ago

    Totally agree but why now, u understood forgiveness for something you did early and after the man bring a whole kids home.

  • David Canada
    David Canada 29 days ago

    Scrap bruh stop it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lu Lady
    Lu Lady Month ago

    When Scrap said “Rasheeda” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Anthony Foster
    Anthony Foster Month ago

    Rasheda this was a bad fucking idea 😂

  • Esmeralda Zamorano
    Esmeralda Zamorano Month ago

    Girl you don't look like no cheater, you trying to make yo man feel better..

  • Mrs. Rudy
    Mrs. Rudy Month ago

    Shikanna’s face!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ruthye Mcmillan
    Ruthye Mcmillan Month ago

    What what I did not think that

  • Tinisha Washington
    Tinisha Washington Month ago


  • maletdan 16
    maletdan 16 Month ago

    I feel it’s not true. She may have thaught about it but i don’t believe she cheated on him. She just said that to make him look less like a monster.

  • Shahada Lockett
    Shahada Lockett Month ago

    Rasheedah didn't cheat on Nobody....

  • jay B
    jay B Month ago

    Bruh why is scrappy still on here

  • Bigg B
    Bigg B Month ago

    No way rasheeda cheat

  • Kashandra Hall
    Kashandra Hall Month ago

    Rasheeda taking L's for all women! Staying with this dude after being embarrassed repeatedly

  • Kashandra Hall
    Kashandra Hall Month ago

    Kirk and these 3 earrings in one ear. I will never be able to take him seriously lol

  • Thick brix
    Thick brix Month ago

    She cheated recently on purpose to balance the scales to ease her pain of looking at a live child from his sloppy bootycall. Rasheda cheated with Kirk while he was married to his first wife! Karma drove by her address....👀

  • fatoumata sylla
    fatoumata sylla Month ago

    She lyinggggggg😂😂😂😂

    BOSSY BOSS Month ago

    People do anything for clout

  • Selflovez babe
    Selflovez babe Month ago

    Scrappy face tho

  • Shiera Grant
    Shiera Grant Month ago

    Rasheeda is lying 😂. It’s okay we all know you just don’t want it to seem like Kirk keeps cheating and you never did anything about it.

  • Dierdre Sutton
    Dierdre Sutton Month ago

    Rasheda is an idiot. I been over her.

  • A D
    A D Month ago

    Nawlll 😭😭😭😭 (shekinah)
    This whole thing was cringey 😑

  • 804 Nano
    804 Nano Month ago +1

    Scrappy: RUHSHEEEDA??!