How to apply St. Louis Rams' horns on a pro helmet

  • Published on Nov 13, 2010
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  • loc power
    loc power 10 months ago

    They played in Cleveland for 5 seasons moved to Los Angeles for 50 years before our beloved Rams were stolen by a witch and held captive in Stl for 20 years before the NFL corrected the biggest Wrong doing in sports history. L.A fans always supported them in stl, so if you fake fans are not true Rams nation you just your city fan. The Rams will never leave home again.

  • X G
    X G Year ago

    Is he doing that for the Los Angeles Rams?

  • Terence Sudirman
    Terence Sudirman Year ago

    Put a stencil on, and fuckin paint gold C'mon man!

  • Oscar Ramirez
    Oscar Ramirez Year ago

    when your good at something and people wants to know and you just ignore him

  • badlandskid
    badlandskid Year ago

    Who is playing Atari in the background?

  • Roger
    Roger Year ago +5

    St. Louis Rams sounds better in my opinion... Glad I got that off my chest

    • loc power
      loc power 10 months ago +1

      L.A Rams our true home, I used to grinch when I heard St Louis

    • SIDA
      SIDA Year ago +5

      Roger LA Rams sounds better

    • kuroashi Sanji
      kuroashi Sanji Year ago +4

      Roger it doesn't . Stop being in denial

  • Dave Chappelle
    Dave Chappelle Year ago +23

    Wow. That guys full of all kinds of personality.

  • Cyrogex 1
    Cyrogex 1 Year ago +15

    Correction: The now Los Angeles Rams

    • Wilhelm Beaston
      Wilhelm Beaston Year ago

      @GIJet1 LA doesn't like you either scumbag. #LARAMS

    • Montoya
      Montoya Year ago

      GIJet1 :(

    • GIJet1
      GIJet1 Year ago +1

      Nigga yall had 3 who left!! Lol it's only cause the size of your city and market the NFL keeps going back. Yall spoiled as hell, no wonder people don't like LA. They gon leave again eventually.

    • Elephant In The Room
      Elephant In The Room Year ago

      it was owned by georgia frontier who moved it here in 95, it it wasnt for that tool stan who bought it or that fact that that tool marred a walton it would still be in st louis

    • Elephant In The Room
      Elephant In The Room Year ago

      hey we got the cards with 10 rings

  • Jordyn steward
    Jordyn steward 2 years ago +1


  • Solo_Dolo
    Solo_Dolo 3 years ago +2

    OG skills

  • M DEE
    M DEE 7 years ago +2

    No rambling or measuring here. A true master!