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  • Lance Stewart
    Lance Stewart  Year ago +251


  • Nikole Johnson
    Nikole Johnson 11 days ago

    I hate rice the TVclipr

  • stormtrooper 122477

    I'm the same I wake up as Normal then a little while later I get tired

  • Mia keana
    Mia keana 2 months ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I just got clickbaited and so did you

  • diana aguirre and more
    diana aguirre and more 4 months ago

    I just thought of this

    Roses are red
    Lemons are sour
    Open your legs and give me an hour
    Srry lol XD

  • Isabella Maestas
    Isabella Maestas 7 months ago

    Fuck Rice gum

  • Chaser 118
    Chaser 118 8 months ago

    I literally laugh at anything to hahaha idk why its weird af hahaha

  • Alien Girl
    Alien Girl 8 months ago

    your tired cause your over doing it at the gym

  • Hunt Mike
    Hunt Mike 8 months ago

    Fuk ur beefy now I remember when you were small aha

  • Slime.cousins Renaud
    Slime.cousins Renaud 8 months ago

    wtf why is ricegum there

  • Clayton gonzalo
    Clayton gonzalo 8 months ago

    ok i like your vlogs bro

  • Dylpickle09
    Dylpickle09 9 months ago

    Roses are red violets are blue when I think of u I play with my wennir

  • Ankit Majumdar
    Ankit Majumdar 9 months ago +1

    wtf as soon as i started the video i paused it and went for bath after i bath i see the video is playing and it already half completed!

  • Brianna Allee
    Brianna Allee 9 months ago +1


  • Tara Dawani
    Tara Dawani 10 months ago

    didn't he say he was gonna stop clickbaiting?😩 pfft

  • Kirstyn Corey
    Kirstyn Corey 10 months ago

    Theo is trying to dig or trying to fluff up the pillow

  • Aidan Mondo
    Aidan Mondo 10 months ago

    Does lance not know what a dead car battery sounds like

  • Aliza Cawthon
    Aliza Cawthon 10 months ago

    I sub and turned on notifications

    THE STORM 10 months ago +2

    Cough cough not the faze house it's the clout house

  • Marlon Lopez-lumbi
    Marlon Lopez-lumbi 10 months ago

    Lance Stuart is fat

  • Indie Bonella
    Indie Bonella 11 months ago

    I love you 😍

  • aniah gray
    aniah gray Year ago

    weres is lances neck frl no joke its sooo short omg

  • its little Drewii


  • Clayton Brown
    Clayton Brown Year ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Aiden and the dog

  • Limesti
    Limesti Year ago

    The Q in Qtip stands for quality

  • Carla Sánchez
    Carla Sánchez Year ago +1

    *I love you so much LANCERZ!!! 😘😍♥️🙀. OMG!*

  • Adison Renee Thomas

    He will laugh at anything

  • Reagans Dadd
    Reagans Dadd Year ago

    My notifications and subscribed done😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💝🍫🍫🍫🍒🍌🍰🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

  • mai li
    mai li Year ago

    What if lance watch them to play Instead


    adin sounds like the farmer from mib

  • Rocio Santti
    Rocio Santti Year ago

    why his friends are so cute

  • Logan Howard
    Logan Howard Year ago


  • Mason Berrow
    Mason Berrow Year ago


  • Nathan  Argueta
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  • alyssa cummings
    alyssa cummings Year ago

    at 4 47 i like it where adian kept sayi ng woah

  • alyssa cummings
    alyssa cummings Year ago

    i broke my arm tryin t0 lift weights

  • Makyia Turner
    Makyia Turner Year ago

    Lance if you over sleep you will be tired

  • The only one
    The only one Year ago

    Aydens house is 826

  • Mr top gamer
    Mr top gamer Year ago

    do you go live bich # fuck you bich

  • Leyna Acosta Martin

    Risegum is dum

  • kaya harris
    kaya harris Year ago

    u amazing bro u a savage man !!!😎😎😘😎😘

  • kaya harris
    kaya harris Year ago

    u amazing bro u a savage man !!!😎😎😘😎😘

  • kaya harris
    kaya harris Year ago

    u amazing bro u a savage man !!!😎😎😘😎😘

  • michelle fairy
    michelle fairy Year ago

    I love how every single video he does about the Ouija board he puts his hand over his left eye like tf why can't it be the right I like what's so wrong with the right eye it's right LOL

  • Nevaeh Culbreath
    Nevaeh Culbreath Year ago


  • Nevaeh Culbreath
    Nevaeh Culbreath Year ago


  • Nevaeh Culbreath
    Nevaeh Culbreath Year ago


  • Elahe Sabet
    Elahe Sabet Year ago

    F**K you rice gum

  • Vicki George
    Vicki George Year ago

    I know that Lizzy and Lance are already together but I ship Liszt and Adin.
    Lizzy + Adin =Ladin
    Like so Lance can see.

  • Lauren Brennan
    Lauren Brennan Year ago

    I laugh at anything and everything

  • Shay White
    Shay White Year ago

    25 Ouija Board Rules
    1- Never utilize the Ouija Board alone!.
    2- Never utilize an Ouija Board if you are depressed, stressed, irate, upset, bored, furious, sad, trepidacious, afraid, shocked, overconfident, or drowsy as you could let a demon into your life!.
    3- If you get a demon, blessing the house could make the demon worse than it already was!.
    4- Don’t give the Ouija Board to someone else to give them problems! Never utilize an Ouija Board if you think it is a game.
    5- Never let the spirits count down through the numbers or go through the alphabet as they can get out of the board this way.
    6- If the planchette goes to the four corners of the board it implies that you have reached a wickedness soul or evil presence into your life!.
    7- You ought to never utilize an Ouija Board in the event that you are a doubter or an Atheist as you could get a wickedness soul or devil!.
    8- If the planchette tumbles from an Ouija board, a soul will get detached.
    9- In the event that the planchette over and over makes a figure eight, it implies that a wickedness soul is in control of the board.
    10- If you ought to get a wickedness soul, rapidly flip around the planchette and utilization it that way.
    11-The board must be “closed” opportunely or evil spirits will remain behind to haunt the operator.
    12- Never utilize the Ouija when you are ill or in a debilitated condition since this may make you vulnerably susceptible to possession.
    13- The spirit of the Ouija board creates “wins” for the utilizer, causing him to become more and more dependent on the board. This is called “progressive entrapment”.
    14- Evil spirits contacted through the Ouija board will endeavor to win your confidence with mendacious flattery and prevaricates.
    15- Always be obeisant and never upset the spirits.
    16- Never utilize the Ouija in a graveyard or place where a terrible death has occurred or you will bring forth malevolent entities.
    17- The very first Ouija boards were made from the wood of coffins. A coffin nail in the center of the planchette window accommodated as the pointer.
    18- Sometimes an evil spirit can sempiternally “inhabit” a board. When this transpires, no other spirits will be able to utilize it.
    19- Ouija boards that are disposed of improperly, come back to haunt the owner.
    20- A Ouija Board will scream if you try to burn it. People who hear the scream have less than thirty-six hours to live.
    21- There is only one proper way to dispose of it: break the board into seven pieces, sprinkle it with Holy Water then bury it.
    22- Arrange the letters and numbers, into a circle so whatever is trapped within that circle can’t escape.
    23- If you place a pristine silver coin on the board, no evil spirits will be able to come through.
    24- NEVER leave the planchette on the board if you aren’t utilizing it.
    25- Three things never to ask a Ouija board: Never ask about God, Never ask when you are going to die, Never ask where the gold is buried

  • Daisy Guerra
    Daisy Guerra Year ago

    Ricegum is a little bitch

  • Minal Miah
    Minal Miah Year ago +3

    Is that ricegum

  • Lieutenant Warhogg

    FaZe house? You mean clout house

  • Viviana Raygozaduron

    Faze Banks called lizzy and she said that lance was missing

  • Cyienna's Angels Alvarado

    Holly shit***

  • alondra silva
    alondra silva Year ago


  • Brandie Peterson
    Brandie Peterson Year ago

    I got a dig brick

    You read that it wrong

  • switchingRobin 23


  • Shelsy Orozco
    Shelsy Orozco Year ago +1

    Lance why don't you do 210 headphones 🎧

  • Chantz Naquin
    Chantz Naquin Year ago

    Lance play the elevator game

  • Bob Brown
    Bob Brown Year ago

    Go see a sleep doctor

  • Goodstitch5
    Goodstitch5 Year ago

    XD I’m dray

  • Angel Rodriguez and Carlos channel

    It's the clout house

  • Dizzy_
    Dizzy_ Year ago

    wat is dis klik bate

  • MCKimmie
    MCKimmie Year ago

    That's one of the rules is to not force anyone to play against their own will

  • Shirley Tripp
    Shirley Tripp Year ago +1

    stop copying faze rug

  • Doug McLaughlin
    Doug McLaughlin Year ago

    Lance ur the best

  • Kaleb Wants a Friend

    lance where is your neck

  • Jesus is the Only Way to the Father in Heaven

    Stop being stupid you are playing with Fallen angels they are nothing to fuck with stop playing with fucking Fallen angels wtf is wrong with you.. you will burn in hell for this

  • •Exodus_Gaming•

    Even after your workout you still look like a constapaited potato

  • The Vlogers
    The Vlogers Year ago

    I am a new member

  • Jake Toth
    Jake Toth Year ago

    Making beer. Can you do that? That was gold.

  • Anthony Sileno
    Anthony Sileno Year ago +2

    mine i burned one i threw away in my basement the board opened up for me and my brother to play and his friend to play

  • Teautahi tuhaka-ensing

    Wtf you fucking idiot I mean don't mess with the demons!!

  • Shannon Nelson
    Shannon Nelson Year ago

    Your friend is cute the one who's your dog puked on shoes lol

  • Sandra Gutierrez
    Sandra Gutierrez Year ago

    Lance you know that boy with a white shirt I love his move be somebody

  • Jayden Mendoza
    Jayden Mendoza Year ago

    do you

  • MoxiXoxo
    MoxiXoxo Year ago


  • B1azed Panda
    B1azed Panda Year ago

    Not the faze house

  • Lilgmoney
    Lilgmoney Year ago

    Who are they to force you to play that?!

  • Tay Marques
    Tay Marques Year ago

    my cat sometimes randamly starts digging the floor

  • Franklin Mendez
    Franklin Mendez Year ago


  • Juan Montero
    Juan Montero Year ago

    nick nd dwarf mamba should box

  • Kathleen Hughes
    Kathleen Hughes Year ago

    why does Lance look like s thumb

  • Maggie Clark
    Maggie Clark Year ago


  • Julian Eitel
    Julian Eitel Year ago

    When are u going back to New Jersey and what are u gonna do about ur R8

  • Matthew Kane
    Matthew Kane Year ago

    Lance: new Tattoo coming soon
    Me: oh cool let's check me out
    ($59.99) 😵

  • Queen_ Ash
    Queen_ Ash Year ago

    Faze Banks,Faze apexs,Rice gum

  • Joshua Guthrie
    Joshua Guthrie Year ago

    Where fagit fox

  • Leonardo Domingues
    Leonardo Domingues Year ago +2

    Lance if they forced you to play the ouija board, call the police!!!

    • UnicornSara 3
      UnicornSara 3 Year ago

      Leonardo Domingues you stupid it's only force you stupid the cops wont do anything you stupid 🙄😒
      And they are friends like I wont do it if my friends forced me if you do that to one of your friends you'll have literally 0 friends the next day no one wants to hang out with people like that

  • DOGE are noobs
    DOGE are noobs Year ago


  • Killer 0325
    Killer 0325 Year ago

    Theo is so cute❤️❤️😬😬

  • Keiran Boyko
    Keiran Boyko Year ago

    I just put notifications on today.

  • david92305
    david92305 Year ago

    I have sleep apnea I fell that every morning

  • melissa penner
    melissa penner Year ago

    u a stupid ho

  • Aces Xnation
    Aces Xnation Year ago

    Lance doesn't look right with them 😂😂

  • anna taylor
    anna taylor Year ago

    when he wakes up tired it means he's dehydrated