Game Grumps Office Tour!

  • Published on Jul 18, 2017
  • Come on a magical tour through the office where we do grumpy stuff.
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  • GamingGaming

Comments • 12 319

  • Michael Penn
    Michael Penn Day ago

    LEGITIMATELY SUPER IMPRESSIVE! congratulations Arin and everyone!

  • PSI Seven
    PSI Seven Day ago

    I wonder what the 10 Minute Power Hour room was at this time.

  • The Sabster
    The Sabster 2 days ago +2

    I think it would be so cool to work at game grumps

  • Station
    Station 5 days ago

    This looks amazing! So interesting to see how far you’ve come Arin :)

  • TrueUnderDawgGaming
    TrueUnderDawgGaming 8 days ago +1

    Ross is a huge Evangelion fan...I feel a strong connection with him now

  • MaZ MacGyver
    MaZ MacGyver 8 days ago

    I want this job so bad

  • Jack XN Gaming
    Jack XN Gaming 10 days ago

    Why cant I work/GO here?!

  • Plumsuma
    Plumsuma 10 days ago


  • Alice Angel
    Alice Angel 11 days ago +3

    WOW! THIS IS SO COOL!...But also may be a high electric bill.

  • sandalssuck
    sandalssuck 12 days ago

    Seriously. Where did the money to build this come from? This a multi-multi-million dollar office! No way this is from TVclip.

  • sandalssuck
    sandalssuck 12 days ago

    Ok. Where the FUCK did they get all this money? This is TVclip!

  • Stephen Loechner
    Stephen Loechner 12 days ago

    So is arin a fan of tokusatsu

  • Ezequiel Wilcox
    Ezequiel Wilcox 12 days ago

    8:09 Ominous Arin staring in anger

  • Wade Stoothoff
    Wade Stoothoff 13 days ago

    I fuckin knew it arin is a toku fan

  • Doctor Tophat
    Doctor Tophat 13 days ago

    This looks like someone mashed all my dream houses together

  • Crazy_Cat_ 13
    Crazy_Cat_ 13 14 days ago

    It looks really awesome but just one question, im probably dumb for not knowing this, but where is the ten minute power hour setup at?

  • arpxl
    arpxl 14 days ago

    how did you do the touchscreen hdmi switcher i need to know

  • Kitchen Doctors
    Kitchen Doctors 14 days ago +1

    Arin if you read this just know, your a god damn boss! Love all you guys. Love from northern Ireland

  • can we hit 1 mill subs?


  • josh Mcguire
    josh Mcguire 15 days ago

    I want that girl chan poster

  • Squidward Tentacle
    Squidward Tentacle 17 days ago

    is nobody going to talk about those super sentai and kamen riders mask?

  • Louis Reynolds
    Louis Reynolds 17 days ago

    8:19 Here you can see a DSLR devolving into an iphone camera.

  • atochxirudo
    atochxirudo 17 days ago

    Do another office tour!!!

  • Kamui
    Kamui 17 days ago

    ONE door leads to all that

  • cerulean sparrow
    cerulean sparrow 18 days ago

    That would be the dopest job ever

  • Adrien Marie
    Adrien Marie 18 days ago

    I've never loved an office more!!!!

  • i am god
    i am god 19 days ago

    i know you like that kirby

  • Waffles
    Waffles 20 days ago +1

    hey its almost been two years, new tour??

    PRETZEL KING 20 days ago

    Barry and Arin's instant synchronized bit was awesome

  • heck
    heck 20 days ago +2

    Arin: "So these are the characters you will come to love pretty soon!"
    Ross: "...or hate, i mean.."


  • Jordzyi1
    Jordzyi1 20 days ago

    Welcome to MTV Game Grumps Cribs

  • ThePeopleOnTheCouch
    ThePeopleOnTheCouch 21 day ago

    Hey, remember when Game Grumps was just two TVcliprs making videos? I don't.

  • El Hookwood
    El Hookwood 21 day ago +4

    “This is where Matt and Ryan edit Game Grumps!”

  • Franksterdankster911 Hi

    Has that office ever been robbed because they have so much stuff

  • The Mighty Mushroom
    The Mighty Mushroom 22 days ago

    100 years from now, this'll/or should totally be a Game Grumps museum.

  • AustinTalks
    AustinTalks 23 days ago

    One day

  • kdkatrina
    kdkatrina 23 days ago

    update tour?

  • okegoms
    okegoms 24 days ago

    "Fennex" :(

  • Etho the Creative
    Etho the Creative 25 days ago

    I think I need a portal bathroom.

  • Gabriel Diaz
    Gabriel Diaz 26 days ago

    Odd how Arin told Barry to add the tag that says j.o. Lounge

  • Youtube Creatures united

    I wish their office was my home it's so cozy looking and homey

  • naruturd9000 uzukackiokulor

    5:39 "everyone favorite clown around duo"

  • Stephen Martinez
    Stephen Martinez 28 days ago

    Where do I apply for a job? 😻

  • Logan Blackwell
    Logan Blackwell Month ago

    God it's just a full building man cave

  • Lopp Bunno
    Lopp Bunno Month ago

    I feel like I'm in there with them...

  • Riku Rankonen
    Riku Rankonen Month ago

    Holy fuck I just figured out tjat Doodle Doods comes from Doodle Dudes holy shit

  • Satan is a computer

    *i wanna work there*

  • Moliminous
    Moliminous Month ago

    Literally goals.

  • Aidan Illsley
    Aidan Illsley Month ago

    Best bathroom I've ever seen!!

  • ElementalGaming
    ElementalGaming Month ago +1

    Its almost been two to three years, I eagerly await the update

    • ElementalGaming
      ElementalGaming Month ago

      bbvproductions oh no way! Thanks for the update, I’ve been out of the loop as of late so it’s cool to hear that they’re doing well :)

    • bbvproductions
      bbvproductions Month ago

      They're moving to a new office soon, actually! They need more room to house and ship merchandise. Crazy... Also crazy that they have to move all that awesome shit.

  • Exayevie
    Exayevie Month ago

    Gees, how much does your insurance cost?

  • Brandi Mullins
    Brandi Mullins Month ago

    Came back to watch this two years later cause I'm gonna miss this office T^T please take a lot of stuff with you, this was such an awesome space

  • Stroza Kid
    Stroza Kid Month ago

  • Es Trella's Vidyas
    Es Trella's Vidyas Month ago +1

    where do they do 10 minute power hours?

  • Extremegayman :D
    Extremegayman :D Month ago

    On this episode of Game Grumps: Arin introduces us to his dollhouse!

  • Hunter Huang
    Hunter Huang Month ago

    So sad they’re moving to a new one now

  • wynnebutt
    wynnebutt Month ago

    i dont care what job i’d have, i just wanna work in an office like this

  • _*H e l p*_ *_M e_*

    He said " hangin out maxin relaxin all cool" I'm dead

  • Benjamin Jones
    Benjamin Jones Month ago +1

    At 11:47 there s. Afucking europa universalis ad.

  • RachalwithanA
    RachalwithanA Month ago

    That touch screen in the grump room is dope as FUCK

    EGG BEN Month ago

    Arin’s office is the coolest office I’ve seen, I want

  • Zledgey
    Zledgey Month ago

    The fact that one of the three mics has a different mic protector than the others is triggering my ocd

  • The James Show
    The James Show Month ago +1

    Arin: I made game grumps...
    Me: co created Game Grumps with Jon

    • The James Show
      The James Show Month ago

      Nocturne22 true.....but in the co way

    • Nocturne22
      Nocturne22 Month ago +1

      His statement isn't false though. He made Game Grumps.

  • Hunter Romanski
    Hunter Romanski Month ago

    I want to work for you SO much! A 1 way ticket to California please!

  • Allen18728
    Allen18728 Month ago

    I recognised some of the "toy store" masks
    Some are Kamen rider masks

  • Morgana
    Morgana Month ago

    Ive imagined these two just in a normal House on a couch but boy i was wrong

  • Metrios Proteus
    Metrios Proteus Month ago +3

    Im so in love with the aesthetic, and how Arin presents it. My heart is racing as he walks through and waves his arms about like, "Yeah, this is the place."

  • chris beam
    chris beam Month ago

    i liked the uk version better

  • Puddrik
    Puddrik Month ago

    this video is my goal in life

  • Ben Schell
    Ben Schell Month ago

    nice :)

  • Zoe Garcia
    Zoe Garcia 2 months ago


  • Wyan
    Wyan 2 months ago +1

    very fancy basement

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young 2 months ago


  • Abuumdumsadd Granum
    Abuumdumsadd Granum 2 months ago

    What if I came to the grump office and just walked in? Because I would probably do that.

  • DiZy Wolfe
    DiZy Wolfe 2 months ago

    As soon as Brian sent that tweet my phone vibrated and I got a tweet from starbomb about the tryforce!

  • isabel jones
    isabel jones 2 months ago +1

    This makes me really want to work for game grumps

  • Lydia Holland
    Lydia Holland 2 months ago

    This is the fucking COOLEST SHIT IVE EVER SEEN

  • gaming maniac
    gaming maniac 2 months ago

    Man no wonder they need a lot of money

  • Jakob Genovese
    Jakob Genovese 2 months ago

    That's badass

  • Flamming Triangle
    Flamming Triangle 2 months ago

    11:00 Those pics kinda In the bottom right is that ban from nanatsu no taizai or in english the Seven deadly sins

  • Ship Time
    Ship Time 2 months ago +2

    that place is genuinely so cool wtf

  • Nickname
    Nickname 2 months ago

    Can't hide my envy, but hey! Congrats on having an amazing office for an amazing job!
    Now where's the hentai room, oh right, you only showed the "open office"

    HTC TWITCH 2 months ago +1

    They should call it a PORTAL potty…get it?

    Humour is the only thing I have since the divorce.

  • Joker ___
    Joker ___ 2 months ago

    Fam, I wanna work for gam grumps. Edit: Yall take summer internships?

  • Aka red
    Aka red 2 months ago

    the grump cave

  • Bacon Yum
    Bacon Yum 2 months ago

    This is the comment for liking the video

  • Paradise Valley
    Paradise Valley 2 months ago

    So cool!!!!


    cool office

  • Makenna Bolton
    Makenna Bolton 2 months ago

    can you do a house tour

  • Howlec
    Howlec 2 months ago

    Oh I want to be there so bad.

  • Ben Davis
    Ben Davis 2 months ago

    Watching the part of Barry’s office makes me really sad now

  • chim chimes
    chim chimes 2 months ago

    13:16 That's kinda fuckin cool. That's the 10 Minute Power Hour room now. It used to be so empty.

  • TugboatTim
    TugboatTim 2 months ago

    me before: probly just a small office
    me after: can i work at gamegrumps

  • Heyesy Dude
    Heyesy Dude 2 months ago

    God, what I wouldn't give to be the third comedian for Game Grumps... That would be an awesome job. I wouldn't even have to be paid! But all these guys on the staff are professionals at what they do, and they have separate big things that they're doing, so they all deserve to have the literal best job in the world, unlike me. So, keep it up. All of you.

  • Ollie Clason
    Ollie Clason 2 months ago

    Does Dan still not have a desk? lol

  • the big buff dwarf
    the big buff dwarf 2 months ago

    You know I actually stuck in the office during the night and used the portal gun to beam it into my back yard so now everybody THINKS its still there but in reality everyone is just working in a hole in the ground so now I am making the big dollar's. Lol

  • Phat Yoshi
    Phat Yoshi 2 months ago

    It’s been 2 years arin! Where’s the new office tour?!?

  • Amiah Wright
    Amiah Wright 2 months ago

    Super fuckin cool!! I love the Japanese-esque feel

  • A random dood's pet trap

    The Game Grumps office is just Willy Wonka's IKEA, change my mind.

  • Joe Manning
    Joe Manning 2 months ago