Game Grumps Office Tour!

  • Published on Jul 18, 2017
  • Come on a magical tour through the office where we do grumpy stuff.
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Comments • 12 739

  • ImpulsiveBee8
    ImpulsiveBee8 12 hours ago +1

    Man that Pokémon emerald cave music made me so happy idk why

  • DelfinoLuigi
    DelfinoLuigi 17 hours ago

    Two things:
    1.) What is the audio recording software?
    2.) What touch screen video switcher is he using? Tell me please! I think it's the Elgato Stream deck but I doubt it.

  • C C
    C C 19 hours ago

    Arin is like, the youngest CEO in existance... in mind and soul.

  • Peyton Stevens
    Peyton Stevens 20 hours ago +1

    I just found Yo-kai Watch at 5:03 that means they know about it! Jibanyan and Shogunyan specifically. I'd love to see Arin and Dan play some Yo-kai Watch on Grumps when Yo-kai Watch 4 comes out on the Switch!!

  • Trying my best
    Trying my best Day ago +2

    Their electrical bill must be *REALLY* high

  • Sourus
    Sourus Day ago

    Please do an updated one!! Would love to see an updated version

  • Orion Pax
    Orion Pax 2 days ago

    Fourze elec states, Ex-Aid, Specter, Mach, and Drive. I see you’re a man of culture as well...
    Do you have any of the drivers or other transformation devices (I saw Starninger and Zhyuo [spelling?] Red)?

  • Ty Sorensen
    Ty Sorensen 2 days ago

    Did they actually play skylanders?

  • Lenny Mustache
    Lenny Mustache 3 days ago

    I love you too arin QwQ

  • sexy cheese ball x
    sexy cheese ball x 3 days ago

    This is nice

  • UItraVice
    UItraVice 3 days ago

    What is the system they used for switching game consoles on a tablet? Is there a name for that setup or system?

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 3 days ago

    I miss doodle doods :(

  • OppaiPoison
    OppaiPoison 4 days ago

    Your electric bill most be fucking crazy...

  • Spamstream Kimbler
    Spamstream Kimbler 4 days ago

    This is one of my favorite office tour videos

  • Lilly Baby
    Lilly Baby 4 days ago

    this is actually a heaven it’s so cool!!

  • The common Skrublord


  • Roarsch
    Roarsch 6 days ago

    Fuckin weebs

  • Jambudgaming
    Jambudgaming 7 days ago

    This is all that the kid version of yourself wanted to work on as an adult, mad respect for you Arin.

  • Epixdude342
    Epixdude342 7 days ago

    jumping jehosephat i dont care about the mtv cribs level office i just want the recording room setup

  • _ Maza _
    _ Maza _ 8 days ago

    Weird how much Arin and Dan both seem to like Street Fighter but they've never played it on the show?

  • Webbxthree
    Webbxthree 8 days ago +1

    RIP Brian doesn’t run the twitter anymore.

  • Webbxthree
    Webbxthree 8 days ago +1

    N E W
    O F F I C E
    T O U R
    P L E A S E

  • Hri7566
    Hri7566 10 days ago

    Ross needs a smaller office

  • daniisaurushax
    daniisaurushax 11 days ago

    I’m here trying to figure out where ten minute power hour is recorded

  • shyguy 01
    shyguy 01 12 days ago +1

    I ejaculated 10 times in that video

  • xfinafire
    xfinafire 12 days ago

    This office is FUCKING AWESOME!

  • William Gonzalez
    William Gonzalez 12 days ago

    Pokémon emerald never came out....

  • The Average SuperSayin

    Where's JonTron?

  • E RA
    E RA 12 days ago

    he made this at 4am. It's the grump way.

  • novanppp
    novanppp 13 days ago

    You guys hiring?

  • Septic Doodles
    Septic Doodles 13 days ago

    Arin is so goddamn lucky. I hope that I can work as hard as he did and keep that motivation some day. While motivation is running low at the moment, these dudes help keep me going. Love you guys♥️♥️

  • The Last Chozo
    The Last Chozo 13 days ago

    I'm a tech guy and I would like to see how all this works

  • Chris Perez
    Chris Perez 13 days ago


  • kelly olchawa
    kelly olchawa 14 days ago

    We paid them with our views

  • Limp
    Limp 14 days ago

    The fact Game Grumps just started as two dudes playing video games on a couch in his house to a multi million dollar company with an unbelievably awesome office is crazy. Just shows how amazing Arin’s drive and determination is. Plus he made two amazing albums with a third one coming. Bravo Arin. You’re an inspiration to us all.

  • wink wonk
    wink wonk 15 days ago +1

    i’m putting “shit in gamegrump’s portal themed bathroom” on the bucket list.

  • Cam Vilar
    Cam Vilar 15 days ago

    I'll sleep in a cupboard and work for peanuts. Also, I'm a musician. Just in case you need a small inconvenience

  •  15 days ago

    i want to fucking work there

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 16 days ago

    4:10 Zach?!?!?


  • Boss
    Boss 16 days ago

    I have those Sailor Moon figuarts too. Hell yeah grown up children!

  • BLUE-BOYS 24
    BLUE-BOYS 24 17 days ago

    R.I.P. Doodle Dudes

  • doctor kreger
    doctor kreger 17 days ago

    How am I just now seeing this? This office is quite literally something out of a dream for me. How does one become a grump?

  • HusbandoAndWaifu
    HusbandoAndWaifu 18 days ago

    Disgusting. I love it.

  • zeldafreak888
    zeldafreak888 19 days ago

    Where’s the ten minute power hour area tho?

  • Taaamas
    Taaamas 19 days ago +1

    Seeing the office in VRChat is also cool, its like almost an exact replica, well done ross.

  • Ben Marcher
    Ben Marcher 21 day ago

    I will now detest any and all offices I work in.

  • Dooblé Shrökt
    Dooblé Shrökt 21 day ago

    What I wouldn’t give to work there as my first job

  • Titus Weikal
    Titus Weikal 21 day ago +1

    I love how htey edited this to make arin seem super awkward and creepy.

  • HyperCube
    HyperCube 22 days ago +1

    What about the power hour place?

  • Akratus
    Akratus 22 days ago

    Danny is wearing a dark crystal shirt
    I like that.

  • Big Drip 🌊😩
    Big Drip 🌊😩 22 days ago

    Man I wish that were me

  • Tea with Kylee C.
    Tea with Kylee C. 23 days ago

    I love the fact I can hear music from the old Pokémon games in the background of the GG playing room lol

  • ConnyArt
    ConnyArt 23 days ago

    Aw me and Ross both have the same Rei (neon genesis) figure. This makes us best friends.

  • Mario Gardin
    Mario Gardin 23 days ago

    can i get a job 3 years later

  • Skyler Bagwell
    Skyler Bagwell 24 days ago

    Fucking Brian exsplaining Twitter XD

  • Justice Beaver
    Justice Beaver 24 days ago

    Not hating,but why is it so chinese themed?

  • Wils The Limit
    Wils The Limit 24 days ago

    I gargled blood after seeing all those Transformers

  • Mary Makironi
    Mary Makironi 25 days ago

    I bet he didn’t picture this when he started TVclip

  • MoonShadowWolfe
    MoonShadowWolfe 25 days ago

    But where do they film 10 Minute Power Hour? Did we go over that and I missed it?

  • Ross the Boss
    Ross the Boss 26 days ago

    They could do their own mini series of the office in the grump office

  • Breakfast Hydra
    Breakfast Hydra 27 days ago

    Get sequelitus on this

  • Comics Abomonation
    Comics Abomonation 27 days ago

    Huh. I guess heaven is real.

  • Psycho Path
    Psycho Path 27 days ago

    I wanna know how they set it up in the engineering room and grump room, I wanna do something a little similar with the console switching thingy

    • Psycho Path
      Psycho Path 27 days ago

      14:37 and around this time zone...

  • loathe clouds
    loathe clouds 27 days ago

    10:44 is that a big-ass wacom tablet i see bc ouch i love it sm

  • Dillan Jones
    Dillan Jones 28 days ago

    I need that door

  • Evan S
    Evan S 28 days ago

    If this doesn’t inspire you to work hard I don’t know what will

  • JobyWonKonoby
    JobyWonKonoby 28 days ago

    Ross ever gonna tell us bout that show

  • Sugarcat
    Sugarcat 28 days ago

    I gotta admit, if you wanted to inspire this smallish TVclipr to aspire to greater things you’ve succeeded.

  • JacobGunner
    JacobGunner 28 days ago

    It is absolutely killing me trying to figure out what's running the system selector in the Grump room. I HAVE to know. If it's a custom build I will learn it.

  • Adventures of Joe
    Adventures of Joe 28 days ago

    If anything, you guys inspire me to work hard.

  • Suckmydictionary
    Suckmydictionary Month ago

    Watching this has made me realize that Arin really fucking needs Danny to be entertaining.

  • Hoppy
    Hoppy Month ago

    Do they still do doodledoods

  • Claire_ Doodlez
    Claire_ Doodlez Month ago

    Dang they are rich...
    I just had to point that out sooo ye

  • theleftnut
    theleftnut Month ago

    This is neat

  • It's Leftovers11
    It's Leftovers11 Month ago

    I wanna work there!!!!

  • Jordyn Mcdermid
    Jordyn Mcdermid Month ago

    holy crap one room is worth more then my house

  • damanom !
    damanom ! Month ago

    You guys probably won’t see this, but I just wanted y’all to know that seeing this inspired me. I’m a nsfw pinup artist who draws a bunch of characters from video games, anime, cartoons, etc. and while typing this I’m currently sitting here in my little office (that also has a bunch of toys and other collectibles) drawing up another pinup piece, just trying to get noticed and get better so that I can one day have the type of space you guys have. It’s a frustrating process but I hope one day I can make something respectable out of it like I’ve seen so many other artists do. Thanks for the inspiration guys.

  • Omega TranceYT
    Omega TranceYT Month ago

    What is Ross gay

  • mochafrappey
    mochafrappey Month ago +2

    i miss barry...

  • Acgold
    Acgold Month ago

    The grump cave😎

  • Melissa of Mordor
    Melissa of Mordor Month ago

    can we get an updated one? im assuming the monster hunter bathroom area is more complete now? who knows, i just want more game grumps vlog stuff heh.

  • Colin Burleigh
    Colin Burleigh Month ago

    do a sweepstakes to spend a night with you and danny and then record a guest grumps episode. i’d pay all the money to do that.

  • Idk meh
    Idk meh Month ago

    this is prob the dankest office ive ever seen

  • Kaitlyn Clemen
    Kaitlyn Clemen Month ago

    love you too Ryan

  • Shelli Blossom
    Shelli Blossom Month ago

    yayayayayayayaya grump room

  • Aydan Sheppard
    Aydan Sheppard Month ago

    Those masks are on the wall are from Super Sentai and Kamen Rider

  • red face
    red face Month ago

    Was this a hidden joke about mtv

  • Da Wack Gaming
    Da Wack Gaming Month ago

    I hope that we can have a facility like this one day

  • Amandia Conley
    Amandia Conley Month ago

    It's almost been two years sirs and ladies.

  • memes have short life spams

    how does on join game grumps lol wtf

  • Bonzi/Someguy6986
    Bonzi/Someguy6986 Month ago

    12:42 fire hazard

  • Teaowai Paenga
    Teaowai Paenga Month ago

    Cool set ups and ideas. All though I do have some concerns on Your Guy's safety and electrical bill.

  • Tuan Murphy
    Tuan Murphy Month ago +1

    Dude the office looks so Cool
    A secret door
    Loads Of Amibos
    Shit tons of games
    And the lighting is awesome too!

  • Tuan Murphy
    Tuan Murphy Month ago +2


  • Eri
    Eri Month ago

    A nerds literal dream *_* Also I can't fathom wtf the electricity must cost.

  • KobiCool
    KobiCool Month ago

    My dream job

  • Belladraws
    Belladraws Month ago

    What's Ross's show called?

  • CandiB Dudley
    CandiB Dudley Month ago

    Awesome place but one ques... How can I be down? Lol

  • Greg Jones
    Greg Jones Month ago

    I love you guys, I love all the content you make, I've loved every video I've ever watched, including Egoraptr videos.
    But I hate every square inch of space I saw in this video, lol. It's not for everyone, I know, and I'm not the one that has to work in it. I dunno, I just... really don't like it, haha! But as long as the people who actually work in it enjoy it, that's the only thing that counts.

  • Juhani _
    Juhani _ Month ago

    If this is what jealously feels like, then i have never been jealous to anyone except gamegrumps.xd