NME vs ROBIN | Multiverse Beatbox Battle 2019 | 1st Round

  • Published on Aug 7, 2019
  • It is time for the first battle of the Multiverse Beatbox Battle which is part of the Florida Beatbox Festival, where 8 of the best loopers in the world from different parts of the galaxy battle against each other in an entire new battle format. As soon as more videos are uploaded you will understand the system for sure 😁 Now enjoy the first battle 🙏🏼
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    Thanks to Chezame for editing the videos!
    Thanks to Madox for the color grading!
    Thanks to Sinjo for mixing & mastering the audio!
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Comments • 496

  • iwa zbi
    iwa zbi 7 days ago

    Robin round was awesome, holy cow

  • Bruno Jimenez Postali

    Robin was made a masterpiece!

  • Hurnt
    Hurnt 13 days ago

    I wonder what the time signature for NME’s round is. I’m thinking 5/4

  • Dalton Kelly
    Dalton Kelly 14 days ago

    Robin is shitting on him and its so smooth its almost an insult to nme

  • kafa bihi
    kafa bihi 15 days ago

    Robin is look alike mb14 i think

  • Jake Matthew
    Jake Matthew 17 days ago

    Bro robins routine was probably one of the best ive ever heard. Fundamentally pefect...

  • za memmios
    za memmios 18 days ago

    Can’t believe nme was actually serious...

  • IR ArtWork
    IR ArtWork 19 days ago

    3:34 "Assalamu'alaikum?" :v

  • GunterYang
    GunterYang 23 days ago

    Robin is so good, man! He kilt that.

  • Jatt 45
    Jatt 45 23 days ago

    Look at NME face in the ending he was just staring bro can see how he feel

  • Daniel Wilkas
    Daniel Wilkas 23 days ago +2

    Makes me sad no one realizes what a good tune NME had here. And it was in 5/4 timing. Loved the Rhodes sound too. Both are great.

    MARTIN E. 24 days ago +2

    I love Robins track... Listen to it every day.

  • Calgar
    Calgar 24 days ago

    NME was the winner of musicality in GBB19 but f*ck Robin give him a musicality lesson it's impressive

  • anushka bandara
    anushka bandara 25 days ago

    Peaceful robin❤️ you heal me😍 👍

  • Juri Prekhon
    Juri Prekhon 25 days ago

    Omg,Robin was incredible 😲

  • Jorel Mendoza
    Jorel Mendoza 27 days ago +1

    OMG. Both were great. But just for a little, Robin won (for me).

  • Regio Munthe
    Regio Munthe 28 days ago

    Robin was on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎵

  • Rangga Fachriza
    Rangga Fachriza 29 days ago

    NME make a lo-fi song?

  • GianlucaMarino SH
    GianlucaMarino SH 29 days ago

    ROBIN IS A M O N S T E R .

  • Zielonka
    Zielonka 29 days ago

    This melody of Robin stuck in my head

  • Aidas Grubinskas
    Aidas Grubinskas Month ago

    NME agn with his same song😂👎

  • Polar Ryan
    Polar Ryan Month ago

    thas nice beat from Robin

  • Diallo
    Diallo Month ago +1

    Wow, Robin. That was white hot🔥 NME the first time I heard that set it blew me away. I cant wait until you have more time to create new sets, you are a genius

  • Qzynn 1807
    Qzynn 1807 Month ago

    I love you richess of trap ROBIN

  • Leo Gamer
    Leo Gamer Month ago +1

    Does anyone know the name of the song Robin played, or Aurm did it first?

  • L. J. Howell
    L. J. Howell Month ago

    Robin killed it.

  • Boomer
    Boomer Month ago

    is it only me or ROBIN's song was exactly like that song from Dark (the netflix serie)

  • Boomer
    Boomer Month ago

    is it only me or ROBIN's song was exactly like that song from Dark (the netflix serie)

  • Benjámin Lovász
    Benjámin Lovász Month ago

    i miss Rythmind.. :(

  • Yasmin Josiah
    Yasmin Josiah Month ago

    NME is that guuyy i mean thats so classic man🔥

  • **
    ** Month ago

    OMG Robin at his finest! Mind-blowing!

  • aidil affanz
    aidil affanz Month ago +1

    Robin FTW

  • user 14555
    user 14555 Month ago

    wow Robin.. the shiverz, such a great performance here

  • WolfEli2
    WolfEli2 Month ago

    3:35 the start of Robin’s masterpiece. Wish this was downloadable; would loop it all day
    NME, you were awesome too, bro! Keep it up!

    • WolfEli2
      WolfEli2 22 days ago

      @IlyasTV Awesome! Thanks! :D

    • IlyasTV
      IlyasTV 29 days ago +1

      WolfEli2 it’s downloadable now 😉

  • Agung Susilo
    Agung Susilo Month ago

    I Love Robin Style ,So Deep

  • Dimas Aprilliyandi
    Dimas Aprilliyandi Month ago +2

    Ffffkkkk.... I listen everytime Robin 😂

  • Yunda Ravirgo
    Yunda Ravirgo Month ago

    Nice musical for robin, that man so cool, thanks robin

  • coconutt
    coconutt Month ago

    3:36 repeat.

  • irrelevaNt
    irrelevaNt Month ago

    Tfw when I came here because of NME but he's still recycling the same old and boring song so I skipped him entirely but still wasn't totally disappointed cuz Robin is insane

  • Hieu Dang
    Hieu Dang Month ago +1

    Robin look like crazy science . He blends his soul into every sound he makes

  • Entity RR
    Entity RR Month ago +1

    Robin Menggila 😵😵

  • el ded falso
    el ded falso Month ago +1

    plis someone tell me who won??

  • Anna Maria Drzazga
    Anna Maria Drzazga Month ago


  • alone wolf
    alone wolf Month ago +1

    My favoriutte looper nme but this battle winner robin

  • Samih Aful-
    Samih Aful- Month ago

    Le set de Robin est juste génial. Super frais, avec ici un son bien meilleur qu'autrefois.

  • Gar Chomp
    Gar Chomp Month ago

    Glad Robin won that round, beautiful song. NME has a habit of reusing his songs. No originality.

    • The Toasted Turkey
      The Toasted Turkey Month ago

      @Gar Chomp
      I haven't seen an entirely new piece from Inkie yet in this competition. The first round was a mashup of Beat Attack and Crackerjack, and his second round was a repeat from GBB 2019. Maybe there's something new in a later round that just hasn't been uploaded.
      And yeah, NME did reuse Car Radio and Begin by Letting Go at GBB 19 (which I did find kinda disappointing), but all of his other rounds were brand new. As far as I know, those are the only two instances of him repeating a routine he used at a previous competition (aside from this competition, which was pretty much directly after the GBB)

    • Gar Chomp
      Gar Chomp Month ago

      @The Toasted Turkey Sure but Inkie brought new pieces despite competing and making it far himself in the GBB. But even in GBB 2019, NME was reusing his pieces. For the NME vs BREZ matchup in GBB 2019, NME's first round ('sit in silence' or whatever), was an old/unoriginal piece.

    • The Toasted Turkey
      The Toasted Turkey Month ago

      Well, this event did take place like a week after GBB, you can't really blame him for reusing some of his rounds

  • M Hilmy
    M Hilmy Month ago

    4:42 the camera movement!!! Just wow!!!

  • ErikBrawl
    ErikBrawl Month ago

    Robin sounds like mb14

  • ShiroKuroda
    ShiroKuroda Month ago


  • YouB 21
    YouB 21 Month ago +1

    NME 🤢🥵 Robin 😍

  • Zaia Skadoosh
    Zaia Skadoosh Month ago

    Put Robin into something more.He's unique

  • Mister Zombie - مستر زومبي

    BEST MICRFON BATTle Ever ~ sorryformyEnglish

  • Kevin Asael Lopez Coreas

    quien gano pues :v

  • Borsalino Kizaru
    Borsalino Kizaru Month ago +1

    hopefully Mb14 vs Brez vs Robin on beatbox 2019

  • Hiroki
    Hiroki Month ago +55

    What the hell man robins stuff actually underrated af it’s a masterpiece.

    • Dansein
      Dansein 17 days ago +2

      Every song that is make from Robin is a truly masterpiece.

  • Paloma Jesus Rocga
    Paloma Jesus Rocga Month ago

    Papai pai pai

  • Simon JULOU
    Simon JULOU Month ago

    Wowwwww Robin nous a pondu un son terrible ! La mélodie est juste géniale, quel artiste :)

  • Shreyas Desai
    Shreyas Desai Month ago +9

    0:04 8 different versions of earth - HALF of which is FRANCE

  • Ahmad FadhlanGamer160
    Ahmad FadhlanGamer160 Month ago +33

    Is it just me or Robin really look like MB14?

  • Skralde gang
    Skralde gang Month ago

    nme deserved waaaay better