Terminator: Dark Fate Review RANT

  • Published on Nov 6, 2019
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Comments • 357

    WOLFPACK LEADER 3 days ago

    Finally someone else acknowledged that Terminator tried the Halloween route with erasing sequels. Made my day.

  • Mohanicus
    Mohanicus 7 days ago

    hahahahaha... and now the terminator has been rian johnsoned

    DRAGOTH BELMONT 20 days ago

    well i'll spoiled for you guys, they FUCK IT UP they killed, murdered and discarded the Legend of JOHN CONNOR and we all got a fucking SHOTGUN BLAST in the heart same way that we the true old schools fans did
    but that is truly what it was wrong with this poser of a terminator movie
    this is not the same timeline that we grew up loving
    it may only work for the people who accept this is a different timeline
    i say fuck it i'll stick with my love for the original 1984 master piece of TERMINATOR 1,T2, T SALVATION & the new TECH-COM 2029 TERMINATOR game
    yeah Tech-com 2029 is truly what dark fate should have been
    look for it guys
    also T-DAWN OF FATE was another great under rated terminator game which it truly was very faithful to it's source

  • Scarecrove Croven Crovoux Killuminati2 MakKavX

    Another FRANCHISE direct to the bin trash... WHICH is next???

  • ViperChief117
    ViperChief117 21 day ago

    Anyone who uses Terminator Dark Shit as the name for this movie is cool in my book. :D

  • Chris Terry
    Chris Terry 21 day ago

    Really? I didn't think the movie was that bad? What do ppl wanna see? John Connor being protected by another Terminator like in T2? If you wanna see T2 go watch T2 🙄 Christ I'm convinced fans will never be satisfied no matter what

  • Intrinsiq Films
    Intrinsiq Films 23 days ago

    The Gay - 9 , i mean Rev-9 was the weakest i have seen in a while... not scary at all. Not powerful at all. He just got his ass kicked. Neaver feared him just a little. Bad choice

  • PlayStation Guy85
    PlayStation Guy85 23 days ago

    As a huge Terminator fan I was so let down with this if the next movie if they ever make one I doubt it but I'm pretty sure they will because Hollywood his money hungry if it's not James Cameron putting his heart and soul into a war movie bringing John Connor back I don't give a flying fuck!! Also the overuse of CGI just pisses me off especially when it's bad CGI that's pretty bad when still to this day Terminator 2 effects are better than today's effects😂😂

  • eazy14
    eazy14 24 days ago

    There should never be a terminator movie ever again never !!! They raped it so hard nobody can fix it

  • Jake Skywalker
    Jake Skywalker 24 days ago +1

    "Call to John. I know this hurts." Lol

  • john Zambrano
    john Zambrano 26 days ago

    I liked it but it wasnt the greatest

  • Jess Plays
    Jess Plays 26 days ago

    Feminism is really killing good movies.... And franchises omg

  • Paul Moss
    Paul Moss 27 days ago

    I seen it and it blew me and my 30yrs of watching this franchise this was a shit show all the way around and the timeline doesn’t match up with the first one🤷🏽‍♂️💯

  • Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson 27 days ago +3

    Terminated everything we knew about the franchise in the first 15 minutes.

    • Brian Wilson
      Brian Wilson 25 days ago

      Fellas, do yo guys have a Facebook page?

  • Gabberman9000 Films
    Gabberman9000 Films 29 days ago

    But will Terminator Dark Fate gross more at the box office than Halloween (2018)?

  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face Month ago

    This is the Halloween 2018 of the Terminator franchise just way worse

  • Robbie Anson
    Robbie Anson Month ago

    It would help of you actually go by the timeline of these movies by release order or you can just go by the timeline in a way that you know it should actually help if you actually did a video on it and turn it on don’t wanna swearing you want me as a viewer and a subscriber of yours you would curl with the God d word if you can do that then I will be more than happy to watch you but I happened to be someone that happened to be a Christian on a side but I am a biblical liberalist conservative
    If you turn it on the down with a cussing and swearing and then I’ll be more than happy to subscribe and I am calling you out on this

  • Haji Johnson
    Haji Johnson Month ago

    The Video Game :Dawn of Fate, is what's left that can save the movie franchise. Base the story between Coronal Perry, Kyle Reese, Luna, Resistance Og Leader John Connor, fighting the machines and also the lingering threat of the trader Stone & the Androi threat..

  • Mr. Plascencia
    Mr. Plascencia Month ago

    The casting sucks! Let's be honest here. I'm pissed about the whole movie. The acting on the Mexican girl was laughable big time!
    She sucks! How can she handle a shotgun with ease? Screw this movie! The whole ICE thing, the "woman" power shit, "no man is going to save us, it's you". This movie is full sjw. I'm Mexican and I dislike this movie big time.

  • Theodore Martin
    Theodore Martin Month ago +2

    Was there a more frustrating or disappointing movie this year 2019?

  • The BATMAN Fanboy
    The BATMAN Fanboy Month ago

    Why the fuck do I keep getting unsubbed from you guys?! No joke I’m constantly having to subscribe! 😩 anyway awesome review!

  • locdasmoke
    locdasmoke Month ago

    My Terminator movie timeline is 1, 2, 3 and Salvation. Genisys is a "what if" movie and Dark Fate is "You liked T1 and T2? Cool, now go choke on nuts cuz this movie doesn't give a fuck".

  • supertenor
    supertenor Month ago

    The Last Jedi, Terminator: Dark Fate... Creatively bankrupt Hollywood is all about cannibalizing classic franchises and, throwing White, Male heroes under the bus... to push Liberal politics. Hopefully, they lose enough $ to f*ck off with that sh*t...

  • outsiderkid93
    outsiderkid93 Month ago +1

    It really is a shame what they did to the franchise with this film. Hated that they killed a big character and also I was confused by what they were trying to do with Arnold. I wish he was the same Terminator as he was in T2

  • Chicken and Cheese Taquitos

    Terminator 10:
    Arnold kills Dani and opens a nail salon that does hair.....*hasta la vista, dandruff*

  • Adam Garnes
    Adam Garnes Month ago

    Stop crying Terminator Dark Fate wasn’t bad and it was clearly the best one since Judgment Day. Folks are wayyy overreacting IMO

  • Trippin_n_sippin28
    Trippin_n_sippin28 Month ago +1

    It was entertaining and I honestly enjoyed it and thought it was leaps and bounds better than Genisys.

    • Robert Moxley
      Robert Moxley Month ago

      It flipped so bad they already cancelled the sequels. Arnold and Linda said they are not coming back after the this one flopped big time!!

  • DragonArt1982
    DragonArt1982 Month ago +1


    So if John dies after T2 then he doesn’t go in to the future to meet Kyle reese (his dad) and send him back to the past(80s) to meet Sarah so he stays in the future and Sarah never gets pregnant with John, so terminator and terminator 2 never happened and dark fate could never happen because if John wasn’t born then he couldn’t be shot in the first place lol 😂

  • 4Kaiju
    4Kaiju Month ago +1

    I thought u guys were Jeremy Jahns and Chris Stuckman. Lol

  • Claudia Bronsteijn
    Claudia Bronsteijn Month ago +1

    Like this movie

  • xPanic attackx
    xPanic attackx Month ago +1

    Should try to do what Salvation did and focus on the war!

  • Matt Larch
    Matt Larch Month ago

    I liked it but it shows no one is interested in it but they love horror so maybe a more horror based terminator

    • Robert Moxley
      Robert Moxley Month ago

      What happened was it pissed off the major fans and flopped so bad that the sequels they was going to do was cancelled plus Arnold was not happy how fans reacted. Fans literally walked out of movie and asked for their money back.

  • David henline
    David henline Month ago

    100% Spot on assessment. Unfortunately 🙄

  • Marc Downs
    Marc Downs Month ago

    It's the worst.

  • Juan Tamez
    Juan Tamez Month ago +2

    Im agree, for me it was nice to see Linda Hamilton and Arnold together in the screen again, in my opinion this is a ok movie as best (T1 and T2 are the only great films in the franchise).

  • Joshua Pinkston
    Joshua Pinkston Month ago

    Where in T2 did they ever mention a few terminators were sent back to kill john connor?? That was confusing? Not to mention john connor was in it for like 5 seconds very disappointing T2 will be the best terminator in my opinion

  • rob davis
    rob davis Month ago

    That’s how good T2 was I keep going back to watch these shitty sequels.

  • DarkKnightFanBoy
    DarkKnightFanBoy Month ago +2

    I never been less excited for a movie.... I have no interest in seeing this pile of garbage! Great video though guys.... Cheers from California!

    • supertenor
      supertenor Month ago

      I'm less excited for The Rape of Skywalker.

  • Kelly Osgood
    Kelly Osgood Month ago +1

    This movie is the exact reasons why my hubby and i LOVE prcatical effects from the original Terminator movies. If it's too mvu CGI effects, they went cheap. Which sucks because, i was hoping this one would be good but im kinda not too happy about this movie dude.

  • thefatman69fude
    thefatman69fude Month ago

    Can you guys review I am a hero. Awesome Japanese zombie movie. I think you guys will like it alot.

  • thefatman69fude
    thefatman69fude Month ago +1

    Sadly I paid to go see it and I then left half way through and got a refund. Lol I was legit the only person in the theater to lol which was even more sad. The first 15 minutes felt like such a betrayal of the franchise.

  • Chanman 4eva
    Chanman 4eva Month ago

    Only 2 terminator movies. Period

  • MeatPie
    MeatPie Month ago +4

    I actually enjoyed Terminator: Dark Fate I think it was just good as T1 and T2 were IMO

    • MeatPie
      MeatPie Month ago

      No I dont like The Last Jedi and no I did not vote for Clinton

    • supertenor
      supertenor Month ago

      I'm guessing you also like The Last Jedi and voted for Clinton.

  • Shawn Ashley
    Shawn Ashley Month ago +2

    The true terminator story ended at T2. I was 15 when i saw terminator 3 in the theatres and i was so psyched and loved it. But i was a fanboy hypnotized by a long awaited sequel. But at 32, i now realize it should've ended at T2. My opinion of t3 has changed over the years. Salvation is total shit, and unfortunately, genisys sucked. I wanted it to be so good. I'll definitely watch dark fate. I'll never give up on terminator. But sadly, I have such a big feeling the true terminator story will end at T2.....unfortunately. 😔

  • Ken XIII
    Ken XIII Month ago

    To borrow a ranking from Cody Leach would you and J saw it's a see it on Netflix movie or is it a so bad it's worth going to see in the theater?

  • mr. Mad man swiss
    mr. Mad man swiss Month ago

    It's a good popcorn movie.

  • Russ Wenger
    Russ Wenger Month ago

    You kids need to put down the adderall!

  • saverio occhipinti
    saverio occhipinti Month ago

    Thank you for saying, scale it down and make it practical, more real, grounded and gritty. I could not agree more. This had marvel action scenes.
    Plus I also agree with the comment about “I hate it when people tell me that if I don’t like it then I’m this”. Fuck that shit.

  • Mike Fu
    Mike Fu Month ago

    Tim Miller can suck a fucking DICK.......if he doesn't, that makes him a homophobe!!!

  • Jo M
    Jo M Month ago

    This movie is good. Don't listen to negative people who want to see everything fail. It is entertaining, full of action. Get Down! More Action. Get Down again! Linda Hamilton is Bad Ass. The new protector does her thing. Arnold is backer than ever. Worth the price of admission. Now that's a review from someone who paid to see it. This channel is Dark S%#t.

  • Ruben
    Ruben Month ago +1

    The Force Awakens. That's all I say .

  • anthony cheesman
    anthony cheesman Month ago +1

    How come nobody was this mad when sarah connor died in T3 didnt even get to see her die lol. John connor was a damn terminator just a movie ago he hasn't been done right since 91 lol.

  • Manuel Perez
    Manuel Perez Month ago +1

    Honestly I want to see by doing an experiment my wife has never seen any of the Terminator movies so I'm going to show her the first one the second one then dark fade and see how she reacts...

  • Jason Hudson
    Jason Hudson Month ago

    The director said basically if you don’t like the film then you must be sexist and threatened by women lol here we go again

  • Savage Dameron
    Savage Dameron Month ago

    You guys are being nice. Lol this movie was dog shit. They went woke leftist which shit all over everything then to top it off they killed John Connor off to replace him with a Mexican girl who’s character is trash and her acting is shit lol. But good review guys

    • Savage Dameron
      Savage Dameron Month ago

      I’d rather have a terminator salvation marathon all day then see that shit show dark fate lol

  • Jonathan Child's
    Jonathan Child's Month ago +1

    I respect the movie for bringing back the old characters, but I feel that they completely wasted them. There was really no drama that centered Arnold or Linda Hamilton throughout the movie and they only seemed to just be there for the action sequences with some mediocre fan service.

  • Devin Harp
    Devin Harp Month ago

    Rise of the machines is officially the 3rd movie now there's terminator terminator 2 and terminator 3 rise of the machines FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE FUCK JAMES CAMERON AND FUCK TIM MILLER

  • Matt Faccenda
    Matt Faccenda Month ago +1

    Although I didn’t like the move that much, one thing I have to give the movie is the soundtrack was epic

  • glen mateosky
    glen mateosky Month ago +1

    The Terminator protecting the girl was the weakest Terminator out of all the movies. How many times do you have to shoot up to think straight 😂

  • Halloween fans#1
    Halloween fans#1 Month ago +2

    9:10 did Jay say hodgetwins power? - shout out hodgetwins lol