These Engineers Want to 3D Print an Entire Rocket in 60 Days

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • This team of engineers is using one of the world's largest 3D metal printers to build rockets, and it could shake up the space industry as we know it.
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    Aerospace startup making 3D-printed rockets now has a launch site at America’s busiest spaceport
    “America’s busiest spaceport in Cape Canaveral, Florida, is about to get a new tenant: a startup that shares SpaceX’s ambitious plans of turning humans into a multiplanetary species.”
    NASA Tests First 3-D Printed Rocket Engine Part Made with Two Different Alloys
    “Engineers at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, tested NASA's first 3-D printed rocket engine prototype part made of two different metal alloys through an innovative advanced manufacturing process. NASA has been making and evaluating durable 3-D printed rocket parts made of one metal, but the technique of 3-D printing, or additive manufacturing, with more than one metal is more difficult.”
    Relativity Space reveals its ambitions with big NASA deal
    “Relativity announced Wednesday that it has signed a 20-year partnership with NASA's Stennis Space Center for an exclusive lease of the 25-acre E4 Test Complex in Southern Mississippi. The four test stands on the site will allow Relativity to develop and test enough engines to build 36 rockets a year, and the agreement includes an option for the company to eventually expand its footprint at the site to 250 acres.”
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  • wowersdh1
    wowersdh1 Day ago

    Imagine Setup these assets in mars. Epic

  • Kevin Lane
    Kevin Lane 3 days ago

    What if it could print all of the components necessary for building an entire house?

  • Richard Cates
    Richard Cates 4 days ago

    This is why our younger generations will succeed in the future. They have incredible ideas and the environment to thrive. Let’s keep it that way!!

  • Josh Chavers
    Josh Chavers 4 days ago

    Anyone else notice their argon tanks are not 3d printed. This is a sham.

  • Josh Chavers
    Josh Chavers 4 days ago

    Completely leak proof.... lmao idiots.

  • Albie Rodriguez
    Albie Rodriguez 6 days ago

    I think 3D printing tech (especially 3D printed rockets) is (are) essential for colonization of the the solar system. Print a rocket on earth > travel to mars (or the moon) > print a base there > print a rocket on mars > travel to other planets and moons > print a base and rockets there and so on . Baby steps but eventually we would have a network of space taxis for exploration and resource mining that can eventually reach beyond the solar system.
    🌎 🚀 🌒

  • Nu Terra
    Nu Terra 7 days ago +1

    2020s is gonna be crazy decade when Crypto people start cash out and become millionaires and billionaires. Those people are gonna take engineering to the next level when they take the cash and put it into projects. Herd one kid that will become a Crypto-millionaire will make a space plane. These are the same people that hacked xbox, playstation, Netflix for fun, Imagine whats gonna happen when they all start getting a lot of money. One person I talked to, that has 70 Bitcoins, said he is gonna 3D print supercars. Another one said she was gonna make drones that pick up plastic in the ocean. I don't know about you but I can't wait till the 2020's, it's gonna be on a whole other level.

  • ali seyfi
    ali seyfi 8 days ago

    That’s nothing when biological printers come out 😏printing human body parts

  • GO N
    GO N 8 days ago +1

    Something tells me that this 3d printing capabilities are deliberately over exagerated.
    For all we know 3d printinting is can only form certain things or print only specific shapes and such. The rest is advertisement probaganda, made to look like it can do all sorts of things bullsh@#!!

  • Sailadun
    Sailadun 9 days ago

    0:12 omg there is the Protoss insignia

  • Marian Dan
    Marian Dan 10 days ago


  • Alberto Gonzales
    Alberto Gonzales 10 days ago

    You guys 3D printed a Coca-Cola can yeah it's cool

  • Alberto Gonzales
    Alberto Gonzales 10 days ago

    Cool 100%€£$

  • Karlos Khaos
    Karlos Khaos 10 days ago

    They are turning out rockets like sausages

    7X HARDER 11 days ago

    C&Q Red Alert is coming to life

  • jale soylugil
    jale soylugil 11 days ago

    1:03 the rocket does not have a shadow!

  • Ag Reddy
    Ag Reddy 14 days ago


  • Kevin Arnold
    Kevin Arnold 16 days ago

    Kaboom 💥

  • Oleg Fedorov
    Oleg Fedorov 17 days ago

    The main issue is welding in this case. I have touched robotic welding and 3d printing a little. The wire stuck will bring quality problems. Shall be high QA level. Wire gage must be thick enough cause this method calls for additional surface treatment. Hope you will do some test. But looks like level of importance calls for x-ray. Much easier to build these items by spinning Cnc machine. In this case result is more predictable. I hope investors are wealthy enough.

  • Christian H.
    Christian H. 22 days ago

    Printing? It’s welding.

  • Scott Cosma
    Scott Cosma 24 days ago

    When is everyone going to realize that rocket tech is not going to work for the future space. To much money and highly dangerous. Now most governments are even the USA have finally admitted to ufos. Think ya way past due for the private sector to understand how ufos can fly. Or does the us know and doesn’t want it out not bc if aliens but bc they didn’t use oil to get here and maybe this Propulsion system has a way to power up homes or anything u want. Now the would be huge since a lot of the USA is ran off big business.

  • velo cifero
    velo cifero 26 days ago

    3d printed ballistic missiles comes to mind...

  • Harsha Patil
    Harsha Patil Month ago

    This technology is going to Rule the World.

  • fredricful
    fredricful Month ago


  • Yasmin Parveen
    Yasmin Parveen Month ago

    How to make rocket with all things.

  • Zod Sinclair
    Zod Sinclair Month ago

    So our saying 3D Printers(Metal Sintering machines) are the New PIMPING Lathe's!
    The Ultimate tool that can make it self...almost!!!
    SO....If you had 1 on a spaceship & MOST of the space ship parts were made
    by a 3D Printer, you could make & replace parts in space......Niceness!!!

  • unlimit p
    unlimit p Month ago

    Why look like bucket or watertank

  • steve jessemey
    steve jessemey Month ago

    I absolutely love this. Advancements in new Technologies always excites me . Wishing you guys a fantastic future ahead.

  • Richard Rousseau
    Richard Rousseau Month ago

    Soon, you will be able to buy a flat pack rocket from Lego...

  • Hype Tutorials
    Hype Tutorials Month ago +1

    Rocket lab already on market.

  • Jezreel Frank Labro

    I love this job ,,, someday i want to be a mechanical engineer,, that design futuristic machines

  • DABO$$
    DABO$$ Month ago

    Why did they blur the nozzle

  • werewolf632
    werewolf632 Month ago

    Anytime you build a pressure vessel ... you want as few welds as possible. These guys are building the whole thing out of a cnc welder (3D metal printer is essentially a CNC welder). Once you print this pressure vessel the amount of NDTs you will have to do is going to be pretty extensive. It will be much practical to take conventional manufacturing techniques and refine it to cut cost and improve production time. 3D printed metal parts for rockets or aircrafts are just reckless.

  • Hare Krishna in the Movies

    Sounds like a stupid idea.

  • johnyjoe2k
    johnyjoe2k Month ago

    I feel as though the stress along the different axes in a 3D printed metal cylinder would be extremely different. Potentially a failure point, but I do not have the math/data to prove this and this is just speculation.

  • A Gregory
    A Gregory Month ago

    They should 3d print a ladder all the way to the moon

  • Nick Dicks
    Nick Dicks Month ago

    @5:15 protoss scum

  • Prince Uy
    Prince Uy Month ago

    Thats a bunch of expensive tech... howd they get the funding for that?

  • Marie JOSEE Pollock

    Next!!! thats 3D print with Atoms , make some super materials?

  • Christopher Sibert
    Christopher Sibert Month ago

    It's been 60 days since this video was posted, where is the rocket?

  • ggg ttt
    ggg ttt Month ago

    love the name Stargate,awesome

  • truth betold
    truth betold Month ago

    If everyone using the metric system died tomorrow the world would be a better place

  • AJ G
    AJ G Month ago

    Wow yall really went all out with the 3d printing fad...

  • Josh Hall
    Josh Hall Month ago

    Should they be responsible for all the potential "space junk" they're putting in orbit around the earth?

  • Jason Titley
    Jason Titley Month ago

    Wow now I've seen some things in my life my son is now 18 can you imagine what he will see in his life. This is literally history in the making.

  • Crimson Harp
    Crimson Harp Month ago

    Yay space traffic!

  • S Anderson
    S Anderson Month ago

    You guys are amazing. I have to say this is by far the biggest most advanced thing ever made too date. I wish when i was there age i would have has the best education to have provided skills self esteem Most of all the drive to work in this so so amasing.
    Have you ever said i was born sadly in a age that did not have the eqipment Most of all the advanced skills training.
    I was born in 71 my dreams were pushed aside dreams shattered from not society but Mother who was physically Beat the shot out me with Electric Power Cable that was removable this left me with huge horse shoe welts in my skin, She was not satisfied with her physical abuse she sent me to Catholic Elementary school in Cloverdale B.C. Canada
    The Catholic church had Nuns who were the teachers. The first 2 months of schooling was for me strange to see this. I was born Baptized Anglican this made the Nuns Angry. They did not like that i was this Religious standing. They got angry with me because i had to study the Catholic churches ways but never aloud me to except blessed wafers and wine.
    I felt let out and being realy young i acted out.
    They would take me down the hall to sports Room. Beat me with Leather Whips to my hands .
    This made me hate. I cant never will forgive the catholic church.
    They are Real fucked up teachings are evil. My name is in time capsule in the main church.
    They are all dead now to old age only peace for me is to know this and make dam sure they know this when i pray they will charge the catholic priest and priests who are there now.
    Hate them for the abuse and a life time of consoling. Burn in hell you scum bag Nuns.
    Take care all you who hit children may you burn in hell forever

  • H H
    H H Month ago

    The CEO looks like a lesbian LMAO

  • sa banu
    sa banu Month ago

    Is it over yet?

  • Albert De Castro
    Albert De Castro Month ago


  • A P Developments
    A P Developments Month ago

    Can I 3D print a fitter slimmer wife?

  • Stanislav Spon
    Stanislav Spon Month ago

    I didn't know Rockets were large Pepsi cans.

  • Rhys Rigley
    Rhys Rigley Month ago

    Ufo are build with 3D type printing

  • Ryan LeBlanc
    Ryan LeBlanc Month ago

    So A printer could print a printer and both machines could each print a printer and then the world is taken over by printers

  • j m
    j m Month ago

    Now put them on thingiverse.

  • Nation wide
    Nation wide Month ago

    Hey guys, with this and or elon musks rockets, we can get to mars and back. Just saying.

  • Ridha Merazka
    Ridha Merazka Month ago

    ممكن افكار اخرى

  • Mohammed Tamseel Kashimji

    Is it completed?

  • Vigilantes Desuper
    Vigilantes Desuper Month ago

    Absolutely fantastic! With nano technology a system of micro robots will be able to print faulty parts in our body and use or feed the defective parts into our system as proteins! A new era is awaiting mankind! Cant wait to be part of it!

  • Marzz Curro
    Marzz Curro Month ago

    how do they feed the machine with metals..