2 Women Detail Their Alleged Abusive Relationships With R. Kelly | Megyn Kelly TODAY

  • Published on May 8, 2018
  • Megyn Kelly TODAY welcomes Asante McGee, who says she dated R. Kelly from 2014 to 2016 and lived in his home for a month, and Kitti James, who says she spent two years in Kelly’s Atlanta home. James tells Megyn she had to ask permission to go the bathroom and lost weight because Kelly was controlling her food. “We were required to call him ‘Daddy,’” McGee says.
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    2 Women Detail Their Alleged Abusive Relationships With R. Kelly | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Comments • 3 304

  • Kunal Pathak
    Kunal Pathak Day ago

    Golddigger's whose digging revealed something nasty

  • Kenneth Weis
    Kenneth Weis Day ago

    If these girls had real Father's this wouldn't happen or R KELLY WOULD HAVE MARRIED THEM, OR BE DEAD

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 2 days ago

    They deserve to financially gain off this scum bag

  • harry has beard
    harry has beard 2 days ago

    How are you supposed to take the girl in the pink pants seriously when she's smiling the whole time , at the end so I'm turning the book into a movie...

  • Million Dollar Menace

    They lying all day these females are ugly lyers R Kelly the GOAT

  • Malakizadak Yisarah-Al
    Malakizadak Yisarah-Al 3 days ago +1

    She's cute and attractive

  • Bobbi Bolton
    Bobbi Bolton 4 days ago

    I hope y’all get on the stand!! U will really help his case!! 💯

  • Bobbi Bolton
    Bobbi Bolton 4 days ago

    They’re jealous of Joycelyn & Ariel...

  • Bobbi Bolton
    Bobbi Bolton 4 days ago


  • Bobbi Bolton
    Bobbi Bolton 4 days ago

    They’re saying he didn’t even go with either of them...Kitty worked for him & stole $85k and Asante went with a member of his entourage...WHY DIDN’T YALL INVESTIGATE ANY OF THIS BEFORE PUTTING IT OUT?! Y’all didn’t even do a POLYGRAPH?!

  • Cool b Jay
    Cool b Jay 4 days ago

    Phases the next level link Asantee McGee ex husband

  • Mountain Dew
    Mountain Dew 4 days ago

    r kelly goes to jail and gets a lecture from bill cosby 🤣

  • teesha foster
    teesha foster 5 days ago

    they are crazy-who moves in with a dude in a few weeks or a few months-love? no way and these girls are not attractive at all

  • Jennifer Taylor
    Jennifer Taylor 6 days ago

    These chicks are in their 30’s . Stop it

  • lang1031
    lang1031 6 days ago

    R Kelly abused them. They sadly are abusing English.

  • lang1031
    lang1031 6 days ago

    At the 50 seond mark, "I had confronted him about a video tape I had saw." Great English hope someone proofread your book.

  • Maria Kelly sworn to be free

    I would like to believe that he didnt do anything with a minor
    No man on this earth should EVER EVER touch a young child EVER!!!!
    I dont care R.Kelly what you did to women of appropiate age but i dont like if you did control them but PLEASE I HOPE MAN YOU DID NOT TOUCH MINORS PLEASE!!!

  • Joyce Bryant
    Joyce Bryant 6 days ago

    If he was not who he has a celebrity would they have came for

  • C_ Farther
    C_ Farther 7 days ago

    Within 3 weeks this woman endured physical abuse...move out, that's her fault after 2 years of this sub-human.

  • Mark Levers
    Mark Levers 7 days ago

    Nighers gonna nigh (:

  • malika FamilyDailyLife

    I don't know if I believe these two

  • Ricky Johnson
    Ricky Johnson 19 days ago

    First of all what she doing morning in . She knew that he was going g to Get that and then later on in life she's trying to call him A Dirty Monster

  • Evette Scott
    Evette Scott 19 days ago

    She trying to get her comeupper. Women please stop your bs

  • Ryan Elliott
    Ryan Elliott 20 days ago

    Question? Why does she have a book making money while court still pending. Am I wrong for asking?

  • Lady One
    Lady One 24 days ago

    Come on...these ladies are grown...and they wanted to be with R.Kelly. They have the right to "free will" which means stay or go...but they were there because they wanted to be..

  • Audrey Byrne
    Audrey Byrne 25 days ago

    He is such a predator he is twisted

  • Miyshoi Collins
    Miyshoi Collins 29 days ago

    I 'll have to leave.

  • Mrs. Advanced
    Mrs. Advanced Month ago

    So, these girls and woman are not that smart.

  • Leah May
    Leah May Month ago +1

    The way the opportunist on the left promotes her film and book makes this sound like #Extortion 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana Month ago

    the host woman on the book deal "it is an important story" and the (lying) girl "thank you" says it all...even the host was shocked. these 2 are lying. the real victims made no book deal and nothing

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana Month ago

    the left girl said in a radio interview they were 3 girls at the house and here she says they were 3 of them ... so she cant remember that? I think these 2 are lying!!! not all of them but these 2 99%

  • Stella Samson
    Stella Samson Month ago

    If you believe these women you just got scammed......

  • Stella Samson
    Stella Samson Month ago +1

    These women are narcissistic sociopaths they can not tell the truth. Everything they are saying is a lie. They just want money, fame and power and foolish but well meaning people are giving them this without questioning anything. This is the cursed age of believing all women are honest. This is not empowerment its stupidity.

  • blumando7 7
    blumando7 7 Month ago

    He needs help and I hope he gets that help behind bars for life.

  • Ray Bolden
    Ray Bolden Month ago

    Why y'all people thinks these girls lying story are the same I don't believe all these girls are lying

  • superiorwoman2
    superiorwoman2 Month ago

    two liars

  • Eartf Fang
    Eartf Fang Month ago

    This is what gonna happen to your if you sign contract with the DEVIL....😊😊😊

  • Frazier
    Frazier Month ago

    I bet if the women accusing R.Kelly were white ....or even bi-racial...the same black people who are being sympathetic towards the black women who were allegedly abused by him would be throwing the white or bi-racial woman under the bus.
    You know I'm telling the truth!

  • absconditus sed secretum

    See is clearly lying. Her eyes keep rolling right (which is the visual part of the brain that helps us imagine things). If you try to remember stuff you tend to look left more often. But we already knew she was lying when you've heard she wrote a book about it...

  • Reggie Givens
    Reggie Givens Month ago

    I like to 69 wit asante

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee Month ago

    She had only been with him 3 weeks and stayed 2 years??? No police report then comes Assante in 2013 Come on!! Make this make sense. How did she see the tape in 2011 when he was cleared in 2008. This girl is just a wicked liar! You know these people just want to believe no matter how ridiculous their stories sound! Even the interviewer finds her story incredulous! It does not make sense because this is a load of bollocks!

  • Dorothy
    Dorothy Month ago

    I hate when megyn Kelly cuts them off while their talking. Smh. 😭

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe Month ago

    He needs to be killed in the most horrid way now now now

  • Laisse moi te dire...

    Désolée mais la première intervenante ne me convainq pas.

  • Rx Mc
    Rx Mc Month ago


  • Paulette Little
    Paulette Little Month ago

    she mad cause r Kelly didn't want 2 marry her ! they all wanted his money or they would have left a long time ago! give me a break!!!!

  • Alice Hood
    Alice Hood 2 months ago

    ..the book??? Money..getting rich qiick....

  • Alice Hood
    Alice Hood 2 months ago

    Flying back and forth 2 years??? 3 days in a hotel by yourself...Lord..

  • Alice Hood
    Alice Hood 2 months ago

    170. 130.. Over weight???exactly...dieting....yes

  • Alice Hood
    Alice Hood 2 months ago

    So u had a phone???

  • Alice Hood
    Alice Hood 2 months ago

    The savages?????

  • Joel Moore
    Joel Moore 2 months ago +1


  • fitzroy thompson
    fitzroy thompson 2 months ago


  • Demetrius Houser
    Demetrius Houser 2 months ago


  • Twitter Legend
    Twitter Legend 2 months ago

    i dont ggeel bad for these gold diggers they deserve it

  • Charlotte Quinnn
    Charlotte Quinnn 2 months ago

    She is lying

  • Urban Sofisticate
    Urban Sofisticate 2 months ago

    I don’t know about r Kelly, but I was in an abusive relationship and they sound legit. It’s mind games, breaking of self esteem, control and physical abuse...you don’t just arrive in an abusive relationship it’s like boiling a frog...the water gradually gets hot and when you realize the trouble you’re in, you’re already cooked.

  • Conner Brandon
    Conner Brandon 2 months ago +1

    They are trying to get r Kelly in trouble the only thing they want is money. The girl on the left is the biggest liar

  • Gggg
    Gggg 2 months ago +1

    The First Lady seems fishy..... she looks like she’s constantly smiling ...... and why make a book out of it.... if she’s really shocked about this how can she be smiling.... she’s clearly money driven and is so happy that she got money for making her book a movie....

  • S H
    S H 2 months ago +1

    THESE little LYING girls have been caught TELLING lies since they were ON THAT tv show, just a bunch OF jealous scorned women angry because HE chose the two beautiful girls, THA Ashanti McGhee daughter said THAT she came home when ever she wanted TO with lots of money and fine clothes, Ashanti McGhee said herself that ALL OF the girls had their own rooms they never went hungry or slept in a bath room,

  • K Nation
    K Nation 2 months ago

    7:23 when your girl telling her part of the story and you know she lying😭

  • Clay Molti
    Clay Molti 2 months ago

    Bruh how u a hostage with a phone?

  • Tonya Hardison
    Tonya Hardison 2 months ago

    So everyone don't see those white spots on Asanta's nose,

  • Tamara lovett
    Tamara lovett 2 months ago

    my Shante McGee wasn't never dating R Kelly she was dating his worker that's why she was with him

  • RusLaw S
    RusLaw S 2 months ago

    “That’s bull crap.” 👏

  • Mone’t Capri
    Mone’t Capri 2 months ago

    Her story ...... girl stfu

  • Nicholas Royer
    Nicholas Royer 2 months ago

    Thats what pimps do. Persuade you to get rid of this drop that use up every outside resource. Move in then BOOM!! completely dependent. A wolf in sheeps clothing

  • Tea A
    Tea A 2 months ago

    She tryna sell that boook ! Not saying it didn't happen but she's definitely trying to cash in cant blame the girl she gotta get her life back

  • Punni Senpai
    Punni Senpai 2 months ago

    Why didn’t she let her finish about her story?! Screw the tweet

  • Nicole Taylor
    Nicole Taylor 2 months ago

    Terrible interview questions, and didn’t even wait for full answers.