Why Does Each US Air Force Pilot Helmet Cost $400,000?

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • Why does a helmet of a F-35 pilot cost $400,000? What actually is in one of these US Air Force helmets?
    Pilot helmets- long gone are the days when ace pilots took to the skies with just a pair of goggles and a leather helmet to protect from the cold. Nowadays pilots wear helmets that give them powers of perception from their perches high above the clouds- but what kind of technology is a pilot's helmet packing, and is it really worth the $400,000 price tag revealed for the F-35's helmet? Hello and welcome to another episode of The Infographics Show- today we're taking a look at what's inside a pilot's helmet.
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  9 months ago +1122

    That's one cool piece of equipment.
    Is it worth the price? Would you like to have any of its technology used in every day life?

  • Frizzフレディ
    Frizzフレディ 2 hours ago

    Sooo it a Microsoft Solos Smart Glasses

  • Unseased
    Unseased Day ago

    I fly this plane

    In my dreams


    The F-35 helmet costs from $300K to $400K, a Head Mounted Display (HMD), the shell is made of bulletproof materials - kevlar and carbon fibre cloth which is interlaced at 90-degree angles. The helmet works like a light bulb shining onto a polycarbonate visor. The "bumps" on the helmet are LED's. An audio ping in the left & right earpieces. This is proper fighter pilot Virtual Reality!✈️

  • Mike Fuller
    Mike Fuller Day ago

    Most definitely worth it

  • Diz Wut
    Diz Wut 2 days ago

    This reminds me of Titanfall pilot helmets

  • Boki Gaming
    Boki Gaming 5 days ago

    cause america

  • Michie fuk Yu
    Michie fuk Yu 5 days ago

    I dont see why they dont just put a robot in there

  • George Washington
    George Washington 6 days ago +1

    Because that's how Ace Combat works

  • Teddyballgame
    Teddyballgame 6 days ago

    The Striker II developed by BAE systems which costs £250k with similar technology.

  • itzlogiiccboi Figueroa

    Probably because the helmet syncs with the fighter jet and gives HUD when looking at the lenses of the helmet

  • The Noob
    The Noob 8 days ago

    Explain when laser guns will most likely be invented! Im curious!

  • Nazz sirlif
    Nazz sirlif 8 days ago

    China laughs..India creates one with Android OS.

  • Remy
    Remy 9 days ago

    Voodoo One, Viper's on station. Your journey ends here, pilot - the skies belong to me. Nowhere to run... nowhere to hide.

  • j0spa
    j0spa 9 days ago

    2:55 did i just read boiled chicken breast?

  • Leo
    Leo 10 days ago

    Apple as FRICK dude

  • Cj Williams
    Cj Williams 11 days ago

    Iron man helmet is now made

  • ginger ninja
    ginger ninja 12 days ago +2

    If that helmet doesn't have built in spotify then the military has failed.

  • ginger ninja
    ginger ninja 12 days ago +2

    Pilot mid dogfight with only one chance to make a shot: alexa launch missile.
    Alexa in helmet: I'm not sure about that.

  • IvanGaming101 v
    IvanGaming101 v 13 days ago

    2:55 Peter Griffin

  • emmanPC
    emmanPC 13 days ago

    Basically... Call of Duty irl?

  • duck
    duck 15 days ago

    Waste of money and a bad design. Making a helmet that only works for a specific pilot and which is crucial to the pilot being able to use the plane means that you will undoubtedly have more than one helmet for each pilot a minimum of 2 for each pilot but given the preference for double redundancy when it comes to critical areas I wouldn't be shocked if they had 3 for each pilot. So now you've invested 1.2 million in helmets for each pilot. A better system would have stuck been an evolution of the HUD that remains in the plane this is just an overly complicated system which will likely breakdown on a regular basis.

    • R W
      R W 12 days ago

      duck nothing in the system breaks down just like the engine it’s reliable

  • Aditya Jain
    Aditya Jain 18 days ago

    US taxpayers be like............

  • WattDrivefive
    WattDrivefive 18 days ago

    Question is, can you legally buy one?

  • Ravox
    Ravox 21 day ago +1

    *jetpack cod intensives*

  • tentimesful
    tentimesful 21 day ago +1

    It could fire back in war with Russia as you cant remove it....

  • DreamX
    DreamX 22 days ago +2

    A diamond helmet with: "Aimbot, Xray, Internet, Night vision, and a mute option?" This is a steal

  • RapidHmsta 6241
    RapidHmsta 6241 23 days ago

    When EA sells a limited time skin...

  • _Knome_
    _Knome_ 23 days ago

    What’s really in the helmet the oasis

    GAMING HOUNDS 24 days ago

    Aim assist

  • Tyson Nelson
    Tyson Nelson 24 days ago

    They just don’t want Area 51 invaders to get their hands on these.

  • life box
    life box 25 days ago

    It’s bulletproof heating and cooling its soft and looks cool

  • RaGe King
    RaGe King 25 days ago

    Thanks for posting these videos make me so happy thank you

  • Hitting Licks
    Hitting Licks 25 days ago

    So you spend 400,000 just to get shot down

    • R W
      R W 12 days ago

      Rzxpe Fn by?

  • salt cloudy
    salt cloudy 26 days ago

    So basically iron man.

  • Avisena Huda
    Avisena Huda 26 days ago +2

    Cuz they are made in USA. Made in China ones are just like $50.

  • Xd得到了他們
    Xd得到了他們 26 days ago +9

    US : 400k helmet
    Chineese guy who made it for 50$ : Oh hi Mark

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P 27 days ago

    3:48 JUST DO IT

  • TheUnconventionalDeal
    TheUnconventionalDeal 29 days ago

    Must be made by apple.

  • Riyo Tate
    Riyo Tate Month ago

    they seem so OP

  • Rexxidy
    Rexxidy Month ago

    2:49: when mig and F/a 18 hornet had a baby: f/a18 says its mig with american pilot..? (name isnt russian from my consent)

  • Y Gaming
    Y Gaming Month ago +8

    Dont worry about the price, china has already released a clone for 2$

  • MYnameIsLION
    MYnameIsLION Month ago

    This makes me want to get a vr and buy a cockpit of a fh 18 and play s combat flight sim

  • Allan Mercado
    Allan Mercado Month ago

    Alien tech.

  • Meme Squad 35
    Meme Squad 35 Month ago

    Bcuz they Capitalism

  • Noel Stephen
    Noel Stephen Month ago

    I don't think you slam your head. I mean why is there a seat belt.

  • zeroeightization
    zeroeightization Month ago +2

    That is where our tax payments go, very wise spending

  • JustANinja
    JustANinja Month ago

    imagine being rick rolled from this helmet

  • Menselot the dragonslayer

    Ok now i want one

  • Mobile Striker
    Mobile Striker Month ago

    the edith of the real world

  • Maria Olivares
    Maria Olivares Month ago +2

    So that government has a reason to take more money 💰 from the taxpayers Sherlock

  • gideon maina
    gideon maina Month ago

    Ok. What if manufacturing is outsourced to China

  • Lunnel Paloma
    Lunnel Paloma Month ago +1

    *Jarvis Are you There?*

  • Kaleb Miller
    Kaleb Miller Month ago

    Gen 1 iron man helmet

  • Bobocean342
    Bobocean342 Month ago

    It has WiFi

  • comcastjohn
    comcastjohn Month ago

    It is worth about half the price. These are made through a government contract and as always they gouge the government by overpricing, like they do with everything else like toilet seats, ammo and so on. Fantastic piece of tech though.

  • Himanshu Sangale
    Himanshu Sangale Month ago

    pause at 2:53

  • AdrenalNutria54
    AdrenalNutria54 Month ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s more than $1 million but okay

  • Military Otaku
    Military Otaku Month ago +1

    3:48 XD
    Take a shot yes/no
    DO IT! JUST DO IT!!!

    LAME PSR Month ago

    Because apple logo is printed on it.