Terminator: Dark Fate - Movie Review

  • Published on Nov 3, 2019
  • Chris Stuckmann reviews Terminator: Dark Fate, starring Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta. Directed by Tim Miller.
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  • Ahegao TV
    Ahegao TV Day ago

    Now you know how Ghostbusters and Star Wars fans feel like. Feels good doesn’t it?

  • Siddharth Khirwar
    Siddharth Khirwar 2 days ago +1

    More people saw Stuckmann's interview than the film.

  • Gigit Jari
    Gigit Jari 2 days ago

    What bout female leader...
    In war women aura cant be seen..
    Y then women be leader in war...
    War involved more men or women?
    U think man will let women overpower than
    Especially in war...
    Cannot digest this idea of female leader

  • Richard Desmond
    Richard Desmond 3 days ago

    I thought Linda Hamilton was bad, she had this lack lustre vibe to her that said "I really don't want to be here". I get that John Is dead but that was years ago and she does have this drive now to kill all the terminators, but she feels like she couldn't give 2 shits....nowhere near as good as her acting was in T2.

  • 2many4U give!t2me
    2many4U give!t2me 3 days ago +1

    I don't buy this at all! Do you buy this?

    - he never needed a doctor
    - he never needed a dentist
    - he never was hungry and thirsty
    - he never put food and drink into his mouth
    - he never shut his eyes and go to sleep
    - he never needed to cough, burp, fart...
    - he never said aw that hurts
    - he never cryed
    wow his wife must be a terminator too then 😎
    and btw he never got opened a skull and manualy fliped the chip in his brain from read-only to write access

  • Christopher Barbour
    Christopher Barbour 3 days ago

    They should just go on do the whole humans vs machines movie a little like salvation but more and better.

  • Diane Fleming
    Diane Fleming 3 days ago

    I think it sucks they kill the first john conner dat didn't set right with me. They cant erase terminator 2 I give it a d.need more improvement

  • Pop
    Pop 3 days ago

    Is it me or are movies become cheep washed out remakes pushing a political message. Why can't art be art and not further a political agenda.

  • Awesome Alie
    Awesome Alie 4 days ago

    Whats the goal of Hollywood Movies in Trump presidency? Take all the nostalgic movies throughout, remake them and the kick is make it more political so we can change how people think and control how they view politics. Lets sacrifice Quality just for the sake of Liberal ideas. So long Star Wars, Captain Marvel, female Ghostbusters, and all these high budget movies that didnt make money. People need movies like Peanut buttter Falcon or Doctor Sleep. Creativity will not show if you focr feed your audience with political BS.

  • itatertot
    itatertot 4 days ago

    I think the movie I remember the most is the first one. I don’t remember all of it because I was too young. And I didn’t like the one with the girl and the chest part. I thought it was stupid-why add sexuality to everything!
    I saw this trailer and I thought it was awesome. It looked badass and I wanted to see it. Never seen it but I heard it tanked and I wanted to know why...
    But now that I see it wasn’t the main characters...it was the writing in general and I’m ok with that. Because most movies these days suck and yeah. Sticking to tv shows that doesn’t fushfjsjf everything up :)

  • Mr. SelfDestruct
    Mr. SelfDestruct 5 days ago

    Please tell me that the terminator hanging drapes was a joke !!!! Like I wonder what went through Arnold’s mind when he read the script??? Hahaha let me guess a woman wrote it !!!! Just like women fighting in the trenches in World War Two !!!! This shit is pathetic it’s all made for these sissy kids that can’t handle cold hard truth. Sorry I’m finished I’m gonna go back to playing my non gendered male type body character in this pussy ass woman made game that sucks but I’m playing cause that’s all I can get for now peace

  • Steve smith
    Steve smith 5 days ago

    I will now look at people named Carl and any drape installer in a different light. This is one movie I would not watch even if it was on free TV......just not interested.

  • YouTubsel
    YouTubsel 5 days ago

    I feel that's just where all current James Cameron movies were headed. No matter if he directed them himself or produced them. They look fantastic. The action is top notch. They dare to be rated R. They entertain for a single viewing. Yet the story ultimately leaves the viewer with that feeling of forgetful 'meh'. For me it's been like that since Prometheus.


    Don't ignore the political messages in this film:
    -America bring turned into Mexico
    - Mexican terminator that resembles Obama

  • VelkPwnsAll
    VelkPwnsAll 6 days ago +1

    One of the obvious issues with this story line and why it can not be consider as cannon as they say is that at the end of T2 they had to destroy every remaining piece of Terminator technology in order to erase the Skynet timeline. So technically there should be no Legion because that timeline can't be erased if Terminators are still in the past. Killing John Connor would not have erased Skynet alone. It would have rendered Skynet victorious. Personally I think Terminator Genisys had a better story line and would have rather seen that continue. Then again I actually enjoyed all the sequels up until now.
    After having read the story line for this movie if I do go see it I'd go out of respect for Arnold and Linda and everyone who worked hard on this film. I personally think this movie takes a big dump all over the previous ones. I particularly do not care about the way in which they used Edward Furlong. From what I understand they didn't even use his voice for the voice acting. I felt like he deserved a little more respect for doing such a great job on an iconic role then what they gave him.
    Not to mention the attitude that James Cameron has displayed in regards to this film and towards the fans I honestly lost all and now have zero respect for him anymore. He's just turned in to a really arrogant douche bag of dicks. Doubt I'd watch another film of his after this. That's if I can even be bothered to go see this one.
    I find my only motivation to go really is that this may very well be the last Terminator film in the franchise if not at the very least the last one we will ever see Arnold Schwarzenegger appear in. After all let be real and honest here he practically carried the entire series alone. So when he shows up in the film and we fans see that to use his own words. I'll be back. 😎
    If he ain't in the film then most of us will run in the other direction like we starred in The Running Man and we'll be back, but only in a rerun. Lmao!!!! 😎

  • StIwY
    StIwY 6 days ago

    Femminator. Dark Tanga

  • J C opinion
    J C opinion 6 days ago

    I do not understand why this guy talk so much garbage, he thinks he knows everything and his followers are ignorant, applauding whatever comes out of his mouth., always something negative about anything, I’m sure his movies are or will be the best, with no mistakes, best actors, qualities, best story etc etc

  • Mohanicus
    Mohanicus 7 days ago

    once you make a terminator funny... its fucked.... terminator 1 is still the best in the series to this day.

  • Jamal Hamid
    Jamal Hamid 7 days ago +1

    WTF is wrong with you, this movie was awesome.

  • SeFu2006
    SeFu2006 7 days ago

    They pulled an Alien 3 hahaha yeah they did

  • Walter Definis
    Walter Definis 7 days ago

    I liked it

  • Mateusz Milanowski
    Mateusz Milanowski 7 days ago +1

    This movie was perfect as it killed the reason the sequels failed, that being John conner. With the end of terminator 2, sky net was destroyed so it wasn’t for nothing as that was the mission the end. The remaining terminators during that time line were still programmed to kill him so when he was killed they no longer had a mission and therefore had no purpose. This way the movie can go into a new direction and a new threat can Arise. God bless Arnold and screw everyone who hates his films.

  • Pho8os
    Pho8os 7 days ago

    Chris I am not if you are totally ignorant to current event or your pretending they don’t exist because your livelihood depends on you it. But the reason why these current remakes or sequels are so bad is because the left is trying to rewrite history, they don’t care how they do it as long as they can cram their toxic ideologies down your throat. Your almost saying it but not quiet getting it, so you sound as if you living in a bubble.

  • Graham Houston
    Graham Houston 7 days ago

    Shocking movie .. total train wreck of leftists trash

  • Big guy 31601
    Big guy 31601 8 days ago

    Hollywood is unoriginal and they 💗 💳💲💰.

  • CloudAttack
    CloudAttack 8 days ago

    I need your bra, your tampons and your Twitter password...more realistic script like this would have got some traction...

  • Garrison Nichols
    Garrison Nichols 9 days ago

    I really wish it was better! I think your right when you said they were making a movie for a generation of people who didn't give a shit about the first two! Then why make this movie? CASH GRAB! Enough said! Also I think your right about old movies being better then this new POS! Hollywood sucks now! Also Anrold Schwarzenegger as the terminator SHOULD NEVER BE FUNNY! HE'S THE TERMINATOR!

  • auf auf auf
    auf auf auf 9 days ago

    XXI'st century film and movie industries became like wwf/wwe phenomena.
    More money than ever, more lucrative than ever, more entertaining than ever, crews bigger than ever, everything larger, bigger and more organized, but...
    All is fake, all is cringing, all is intelectually yawning, superficial, indifferent, worthing the buck, not the time.

  • Son of the Allfather

    ... but, did they bring back *Tach-Noir?*

  • Son of the Allfather

    Tim Miller, you had *ONE JOB!*

  • Charles Vickers
    Charles Vickers 9 days ago

    Thank you VERY MUCH, for, a balanced, unbiased review that was about the movie and why you liked it/didn't like it, and not about the perceived politics involved in it. I've heard that there has been a lot of pissing and moaning about the film having a "feminist agenda". (Let's face it, by modern standards, technically, the first "Terminator" had a "feminist agenda", yet, today's audiences don't seem to understand the difference between a film that preaches and a film that doesn't. I'm starting to think that people just don't like seeing women in movies, anymore. Or, anywhere else, for that matter.) I do agree that the franchise is pretty much over, as it is. Your points were better at explaining why, beyond the "The first two movies ruled, any other interpretation is shit" school of thought that seems to dog most franchises. People should lighten-the-fuck-up, at the end of the day, it's just a movie. Your attitude reflects that. Appreciate, ya!

  • D.I.O
    D.I.O 10 days ago

    Do feminists actually go to the movie theater to watch this crap?

  • 2-4-5 TRIOXIN
    2-4-5 TRIOXIN 11 days ago

    Anyone remember the four made for tv Robocop movies called Prime Directives ? There was a malevolent AI called Legion in those films. So im guessing thats where te writers of Dark Fate got the idea from.

  • Sub Fire
    Sub Fire 11 days ago +1

    Why is genesis a thing

  • ermonski
    ermonski 11 days ago +3

    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was decent.

  • KOS Listed
    KOS Listed 11 days ago

    Dark Fate made Terminator Genisys enjoyable....

  • maggie198333
    maggie198333 11 days ago

    I think the new terminator is mis-cast, and her character is unimpressive. Her relationship with the main actress just doesn’t connect with me.

  • Roborav
    Roborav 12 days ago

    Nobody cares about terminator Movies just like Rambo 5 this was a total flop. Arnold is a fool he keeps making flop after flop his best days are long behind him same goes for Stallone.

  • Obey Physics
    Obey Physics 12 days ago +1

    They did this movie like they did ghost busters. All female lead roles, changed John Conner to Danny a female. Lol stop forcing this sjw shit on out movies. If the writing is good it doesn’t matter who plays. But when you mess up a movie because you need to go with the times well guess what, it’s not woman watching this movie. It’s dudes man cmon

  • steven G
    steven G 12 days ago

    Arnies almost got more flops than hits!

  • Son of Ferg
    Son of Ferg 12 days ago

    Gotta say not the worst Terminator movie I’ve ever seen. Not good by any stretch but some parts were cool.

  • Fromzon
    Fromzon 12 days ago

    I really believed the scenarists of The Sarah Connor Chronicles (which was heavily Skynet-oriented) were brought onboard for the reason to give Skynet more storytime and even screentime.
    None of that happened. Skynet was killed off with 2 lines of dialogue. Wait, what?
    Am I the only person on the planed who saw Skynet as the main character of the terminator movies? Apparenty I was.

  • bearbbb12
    bearbbb12 12 days ago

    It just really confuses me because where did the T 800 that killed John come from? If Skynet was destroyed then how was he sent back and if he was sent back before skynet was destroyed then why did it take so long for him to find John??

  • Joel Friel
    Joel Friel 12 days ago


  • Tekla Vassie
    Tekla Vassie 13 days ago

    I completely respect your point of view, but I grew up with the Terminator movies and I absolutely loved Dark Fate. Just got back fro the theater! I get what you are saying with the Alien 3 effect- which I can totally see- but I felt like killing John was a more meta commentary on the actor who played him than anything- both bit the dust (at least career wise- I appreciated the irony of blowing him to bits) And I LOVED the female empowerment here! Instead of Dani just being a womb provider- she was the bad_ass! Im sorry , but I loved it- and Ive seen Terminator 2 so much I have the lines memorized. ( also, No disrespect, but I doubt they were serious for a photo- as I watch your videos and wouldn't recognize you in public)

  • The KING
    The KING 13 days ago

    Chris: Now when I watch Terminator 2, I don't care what happens to John, cause he's gonna die later on.
    DON'T LET THIS FILM RUIN TERMINATOR 2 FOR YOU CHRIS! This shitty movie is NOT CANON! The series ended with Terminator 2! Everything worked out in the end!

  • jw2399 C
    jw2399 C 13 days ago +1

    wasn't the point of these movies, to save John Connor?

    • david charles
      david charles 10 days ago

      The point was to make a profit, that is all....sadly

  • boneyard009
    boneyard009 13 days ago +1

    Correct me if im wrong but if i remember hearing about this as a kid. The sceen when john connor dies was made from T2 but was cut because then it would have been all for nothing. I think i remember hearing about this years ago in an interview. Possible.

  • juan echeverria
    juan echeverria 13 days ago

    It was awful!! As a movie mixing past and future. Should have watched Continium and Battle Star Galactica to get some good characters and cyborgs. ( same plot ) any ways.

  • GarthanSaal444
    GarthanSaal444 14 days ago

    The only plots that would've worked:
    1. Sarah in the nuclear wasteland, and the war started when it was supposed to.
    2. Old Sarah travel back to the past. Unable to stop the war, but at least ruining SKYNET's plan, postponing technological development by years, allowing the resistance to have time to get ready.
    3. Continue the TV show.

  • saifur rahman
    saifur rahman 14 days ago +1

    nowadays there are too much feminism in movies. way too much for a movie to handle.

    GNOME SAYIN' 15 days ago

    To be honest, I feel Eddie Furlong STILL has a chance to appear in at least 2 NEW Terminator films. If we were to take James Cameron's alternate ending of T2 as canon, then we could say that T2 IS the end of Skynet and the Terminator Franchise. What films that could be made are 1. A film on the 2029-John Connor that sent Kyle Reese to the '80s, so we can how the 2029-John Connor gets shaped into the leader of the resistance by his mother; this film could show his story from before he was born, all the way to the moment he sent kyle reese. 2. The second film could be of this same John Connor at the time when they capture, reprogram, and send to the '90s the Terminator known as Uncle Bob; then it could show the events after they do that and perhaps take down Skynet in this timeline and begin to rebuild civilization. Another thing is this: I understand as time passed and technology advanced, George Lucas updated/added things to his older films like Jabba the Hut the way he intended for him to look. If we took T2's alternate ending as canon, it could be re-shot as well as 2029-John Connor's appearance at the beginning of T2. Eddie Furlong is now an adult; This can be done and should be done in my opinion.

    GAMER APOCALYPSE 15 days ago

    And what happened with dani ?

  • The Red Russian Kinzer

    Ah i see you didn't watch the og movies

  • Joshua Hunt
    Joshua Hunt 16 days ago

    A horror terminator movie low budget that would work

  • Hilario Galang
    Hilario Galang 16 days ago

    A horror terminator movie couldve saved this franchise

  • CeeWorld
    CeeWorld 16 days ago +1

    I’d give this movie a B+ for SURE!!

  • CeeWorld
    CeeWorld 16 days ago +1

    Genesis was actually good, because it showed the FIRST movie from the perspective of skynet when they first sent the terminator back in 1984. That’s an AMAZING concept, it was really nice

  • HankDCFC
    HankDCFC 16 days ago

    As soon as I saw the trailer for the film I could smell the PC Bullsh$$ and knew I could never bring myself to watch it, even though I love the Terminator franchise.

  • XxKevGodxX
    XxKevGodxX 16 days ago

    This movie was so bad I swear the god. I fell asleep at the 30 minute mark I think. Then I watched it again and i wanted to leave the theater but my mom wouldn’t let me