120mph Mega Crash! - Fifth Gear

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  • DisobeyToday
    DisobeyToday 10 hours ago

    Are you watching Noel Edmonds ?

  • knightrider1545
    knightrider1545 21 hour ago

    And people still will go faster than 120 even at seeing this.

  • Nathaniel Veno
    Nathaniel Veno Day ago

    I’m so scared to drive my pt cruser

    • Nathaniel Veno
      Nathaniel Veno 18 hours ago

      knightrider1545 ok but I’m not selling my car to you I’m not scared to drive anymore so please leave me alone

    • knightrider1545
      knightrider1545 19 hours ago

      Nathaniel Veno you just said you were scared, I guess you were being sarcastic...

    • Nathaniel Veno
      Nathaniel Veno 19 hours ago

      knightrider1545 no I love my car how bout you get a new car

    • knightrider1545
      knightrider1545 21 hour ago

      Nathaniel Veno can tou buy another car

  • Topman2123
    Topman2123 3 days ago

    Scarier than a horror film

  • AndyRips
    AndyRips 3 days ago

    And to think I went 122mph in my Camry

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 days ago

    The driver dabbed tide pods prior to getting behind the wheel...

  • Maan Mallak
    Maan Mallak 5 days ago


  • Ben Ward
    Ben Ward 5 days ago

    That was intense.

  • Ramazan İşbilen
    Ramazan İşbilen 7 days ago


  • david nimmo
    david nimmo 8 days ago

    That's so clickbait

  • XtremePolar
    XtremePolar 8 days ago

    Noooo poor focus

  • Miguel Ramos
    Miguel Ramos 9 days ago

    Selling my Camaro tomorrow.

  • Vaughn Gilley
    Vaughn Gilley 12 days ago

    Mythbusters went faster

  • Mr Tmey
    Mr Tmey 12 days ago

    Can you me 1 car😁😁

  • Charles Kirby
    Charles Kirby 14 days ago

    My dad is a police and when he's in a police chase he goes that fast now I know that if he messes up once then I'm only going to have a mom

  • NoLimited
    NoLimited 16 days ago


  • Knight Rider
    Knight Rider 16 days ago

    Nice hair Johhny

  • Bassy FS
    Bassy FS 18 days ago

    Guessing that's a write off

  • HypedDrama
    HypedDrama 18 days ago +1

    I hope this never happens to anyone!

  • Brandon Carty
    Brandon Carty 20 days ago

    Yo you guys are Savage subscribed to your chanle

  • R4VEN
    R4VEN 21 day ago +2

    Francis Ngannou>Ford Escort....sure dana rofl

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts 21 day ago

    Crash any car at 120 this is what your results are

  • Matthew Dawood Khaghani

    Should do it with Volvo 740, then laugh as the retarded FanBoys start writing crap. "The Volvo had no engine" "They attacked Volvo with grinder" "This is the Swedish steel!!!" etc etc, spastics.

  • Cedar Flags
    Cedar Flags 29 days ago

    if 2 cars crashed head on at 120mph than the force would be the equivalent to 240mph

  • Jacob Cook
    Jacob Cook 29 days ago

    necessity loose obtain never thirty bounce safe far ankle.

  • Marceline Ingot
    Marceline Ingot Month ago

    #1, glad I own bmw. #2 Thanks to this video I will no longer drive my car that fast on public road.

  • pc
    pc Month ago

    4:48 you good dude? Goodness me

  • VortexEdge Gaming
    VortexEdge Gaming Month ago

    Fifth gear is definitely not a copy of top gear

  • Luca Canaparo
    Luca Canaparo Month ago

    Ha più viewu il video di mine

  • Elwood 10
    Elwood 10 Month ago

    heh. the woman was driving. sorry for my english

  • Q Turn
    Q Turn Month ago

    Amazing work

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    у меня аж жопа вспотела, так я переживал за манекенов!

  • Ollie George
    Ollie George Month ago

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  • gtr mlg sub Louie
    gtr mlg sub Louie Month ago


    RAUSHAN KUMAR Month ago

    oh my god

  • Celalettin Türkoğlu

    i think this product is solution to accident

  • Zane Wong
    Zane Wong Month ago

    'It almost turned into a piece of modern art.' Poor modern art...

  • Wenca CZE
    Wenca CZE Month ago

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  • Vinodkumar Akepogu
    Vinodkumar Akepogu Month ago

    Crashing a car like that it is impossible means all should go in 100

  • Zi Yang
    Zi Yang Month ago

    modern art? you kidding.

  • king kong
    king kong Month ago


  • Arctic Wolf Official

    2:57 Lmfaoo I could just imagine sitting at a restaurant and seeing some random ass car hurdling towards a building

  • Malo Garcia
    Malo Garcia Month ago

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  • Ricky T Rock Climbing

    The Tony Pain guy should be a comedian, it’s almost a piece of modern art 😂

  • Ninon Gonzalez
    Ninon Gonzalez Month ago

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  • Anne Videojj
    Anne Videojj Month ago +108

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  • pussi destroyer
    pussi destroyer Month ago

    part out?

  • blastman8888
    blastman8888 Month ago

    That's about the same as a small airplane crash 120 mph into a mountain at least a 10+ crashes a year.

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed Month ago

      Although planes have no structural integrity at all against impact.

  • Barbara castaaneda l thank it is fun

    Like your videos

  • Juan Jeronimo Gonzalez Cardenas

    De que esta hecho el muro? ??

    W.P.H. STUDIO Month ago


  • Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan Month ago


  • Brandon Galloro
    Brandon Galloro Month ago

    It's "Let Jesus take the wheel" not Dale Earnhardt...

  • Rijesh Kumar
    Rijesh Kumar Month ago

    Is happened so only because of the pull connected to rear wheel

  • Val Velichkov
    Val Velichkov Month ago

    Yesterday when I was in the car me my mom and my sister saw 2 crashes! 4 cars all together crashed and 1 car flipped over I was like OMG that's so bad!

  • HolidayX TV
    HolidayX TV Month ago

    4:17 - And the car is slam dunked down onto (what used to be) its nose.

  • Danny Snitzky
    Danny Snitzky Month ago

    At least Nikki Catsouras didn't feel anything.

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter Month ago

    Snide Top Gear

  • nela gordon
    nela gordon Month ago

    Lol. That’s exactly what should have happened to the airplanes on 9/11.

  • Jaybuza
    Jaybuza Month ago

    Meh.still gonna speed.

  • Lyle rollings
    Lyle rollings Month ago

    the fastest i saw was on mythbusters. 120 mph test crash and then a car put on a rocket sled and slammed it into a wall at 646 mph!!!!

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed Month ago

      That's not really a crash test though is it?

  • Sinan Unal
    Sinan Unal 2 months ago

    4:49 kim osurdu

  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen 2 months ago

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  • Ethan gamer 3
    Ethan gamer 3 2 months ago

    Bugatti Veyron please please please please please please please please please please

  • LordDermal
    LordDermal 2 months ago

    Dude, America - 300+ mph is the fastest test crash I've seen soooo.... 120 isn't shit :/

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed 2 months ago

      300+mph isn't really a crash test but more like an experiment. It's not relevant as it's doesn't reflect what is possible with road cars.

  • yousef sayegh
    yousef sayegh 2 months ago

    Rip those rims

  • Emmy Muller
    Emmy Muller 2 months ago

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  • Steven Deng
    Steven Deng 2 months ago

    Why British using imperial units

  • OrangeDingus
    OrangeDingus 2 months ago

    Me in BeamNG.Drive.

  • Artis Akmentiņš
    Artis Akmentiņš 2 months ago

    Why always ford?

  • Hayden Baker
    Hayden Baker 2 months ago

    It’ll buff

  • Sir
    Sir 2 months ago

    BS, you will die in a smart car if you hit a piece of paper.

  • Wil Coxon
    Wil Coxon 2 months ago

    the only thing left that didn't break was the back window

  • Dan Skelton
    Dan Skelton 2 months ago

    Clearly hasn't watched Mythbusters.

  • Cormy SyStem
    Cormy SyStem 2 months ago

    But what's the point?

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 2 months ago

    "NO chance to survive"
    Hey guys...119mph is the limit!

  • Nick Brock
    Nick Brock 2 months ago

    The results are disturbing? No. I like watching people smash stuff. (go watch plainrock124)

  • kenelisha Elisha
    kenelisha Elisha 2 months ago

    Did the lady died?

  • Depp IAM
    Depp IAM 2 months ago

    India, Hyd, Metro Pillars.

  • Alie Robbins
    Alie Robbins 2 months ago


  • Czecher86
    Czecher86 2 months ago

    this guy is such pussy..

  • meangreen69Nova
    meangreen69Nova 2 months ago

    Gas tank ruptured open.

  • DogOfFire - Roblox and More!

    Fake top gear :D

    • DogOfFire - Roblox and More!
      DogOfFire - Roblox and More! 16 days ago

      Badly_Dubbed hmh thanks for the info

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed 2 months ago +1

      Both formats where released at the same time in 2002. Top Gear being an entertainment show with Fifth Gear being a factual motoring show.

  • Abeer Khokhar
    Abeer Khokhar 2 months ago

    I thought It will be clickbait but not

  • Ava Jaramillo
    Ava Jaramillo 2 months ago

    That's what suicidal people dreams are..

  • mike WIZZ
    mike WIZZ 2 months ago

    Think this is a rip off top gear

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed 2 months ago

      In what way exactly? Top Gear being a brutally mindless entertainments show for idiots and Fifth Gear being an actual car programme for car people. Hardly even comparable.

  • ronch550
    ronch550 2 months ago

    I think it's dead, Jim.

  • Jash Rajan Modi
    Jash Rajan Modi 2 months ago

    Today I drove a Ford Focus at 120mph .... in Real Racing 3

  • 5610winston
    5610winston 2 months ago +1

    4:50 "...piece of modern art..."

  • remi aziz rapper
    remi aziz rapper 2 months ago

    What happened with the doll

  • Heart2HeartBooks
    Heart2HeartBooks 2 months ago

    I have a 400 HP Car and I never go above 70 mph.

  • Carlos Rojas
    Carlos Rojas 2 months ago

    Well now I know when I lose control before hitting a building at high speed I should be below 100 mph.

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed 2 months ago

      You would still end up dead. The best you could hope for is that you don't hit it square on and at an angle so much of the energy can be dissipated via rotational forces.

  • Yay-yay
    Yay-yay 2 months ago

    3:42-when you try to run over Superman.

  • joyrider jetpack
    joyrider jetpack 2 months ago

    God, should not happen this to anyone. Amen

    MODY ZEUS 2 months ago

    TOP Gear is better .

  • Eric D.
    Eric D. 2 months ago

    Yeah, that's disturbing ... Usefull video !

  • JMchief93elite
    JMchief93elite 2 months ago

    I feel sorry for the dumies :(

  • likmahchoda
    likmahchoda 2 months ago

    1:45 plasti-vag?

  • xXR3DRAG0NXx
    xXR3DRAG0NXx 2 months ago

    The poor focus =(

  • Moroz Morozoff
    Moroz Morozoff 2 months ago

    Дисочки зачетные бляяя