Top 10 Greatest Modern Horror Movie Endings

  • Published on Apr 8, 2019
  • These modern horror movies terrified us right to the end! The scariest horror movies chill us, thrill us, and leave us sleeping with the lights on with a brilliant finale. And that’s just what happened when we watched “Saw” (2004), “The Witch” (2015), “The Mist” (2007), “It Follows” (2015), and the other nightmare-fuel films in our list! What horror movie ending most left you afraid of the dark? Let us know in the comments!
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    Special thanks to our user liam_schell for suggesting this idea!
    List rank and entries:
    10) “It Follows” (2015)
    9) “REC” (2007)
    8) “The Mist” (2007)
    7) “Drag Me to Hell” (2009)
    6) “The Others” (2001)
    5) “The Witch” (2015)
    4) “Saw” (2004)
    3, 2 & 1: ?
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Comments • 843

  • Vincen
    Vincen Day ago

    If " The Mist" isnt first,
    ill dislike ..

  • Joshua Tortogo
    Joshua Tortogo 8 days ago

    Is seems like the movie REC has the same story with Quarantine. Coincidence? 🤣

    • Captain Drama
      Captain Drama 7 days ago

      Quarantine is an American remake of REC

  • Just_epic Inc.
    Just_epic Inc. 10 days ago

    Wait I thought the host of watchmojo was a disembodied voice

  • Danny Myers
    Danny Myers 11 days ago +1

    Hereditary ending was wicked. The Mist was the most twisted ending ever

  • 100% Elon musk
    100% Elon musk 13 days ago

    It follows: Goddamn stds

  • Farith Falcon
    Farith Falcon 13 days ago +3

    What about "mother!" , the neon demon and the killing of a secred deer

  • Awesome
    Awesome 13 days ago

    Us should be No.1

  • Arthur Morgan RDR2 f
    Arthur Morgan RDR2 f 13 days ago


  • Fernando Perez
    Fernando Perez 13 days ago +1


  • Mkaloyui M
    Mkaloyui M 14 days ago +1

    6:30 heading into
    you get it?

  • Harshal Abhyankar
    Harshal Abhyankar 14 days ago +1

    Your voice is so cool

  • Tyler Woolvett
    Tyler Woolvett 15 days ago

    All shitty or ripped off

  • iaxivers
    iaxivers 15 days ago

    What about sleepaway camp?

  • Oreo Dragon
    Oreo Dragon 15 days ago

    Lol "It Follows" was just an awful movie😂 This one was really disappointing

    • Oreo Dragon
      Oreo Dragon 14 days ago

      @Kyle Conner lmao

    • a stranger
      a stranger 14 days ago

      Woah calm down

    • Kyle Conner
      Kyle Conner 15 days ago

      Well, thanks for clearing up the fact that you have no taste.

  • Offset Mack
    Offset Mack 15 days ago

    Freddy vs Jason? Freddy winking number one?

  • gabe Resendez
    gabe Resendez 15 days ago

    really get out? 😂😂 movie wasn’t even that good yet alone the ending smh

  • Eric Thornhill
    Eric Thornhill 15 days ago +4

    I'm glad house of the devil got a honurable mention .super underrated

  • King Buse
    King Buse 15 days ago

    Cabin in the woods was not great, Saw was much better than all of these

  • King Buse
    King Buse 15 days ago

    Us was a good movie, don’t get me wrong, but wasn’t it slightly overrated???

  • Get Low
    Get Low 16 days ago +1

    1:04 I want a girl to ride me like that

  • 윤채은
    윤채은 16 days ago +2

    The ending of "Us" made me speechless.

  • Vince Agbay
    Vince Agbay 16 days ago

    Is it "rec" i thought the title was quarantine

    • Kyle Conner
      Kyle Conner 15 days ago +1

      Quarantine is the American remake of "Rec", which is from Spain.

  • blind foldme
    blind foldme 16 days ago +5

    The others twist left my mouth wide open

  • Xander Pord
    Xander Pord 16 days ago

    Really? Us is one of the most dumb, propaganda oozing garbage in a minute

  • Justine Harper
    Justine Harper 16 days ago

    Joss Whedon is a god

  • ben ray
    ben ray 16 days ago

    Half of those movies sucked.

  • Andy Mckay
    Andy Mckay 17 days ago +5

    Eden Lake should be on this list. Also The Descent.

    • Andy Mckay
      Andy Mckay 10 days ago

      @MrMuttly55 Really? That's interesting. I loved the ending. It was bleak and depressing. I don't really like happy endings in horror films though lol

    • MrMuttly55
      MrMuttly55 10 days ago

      I hated the end of Eden Lake. Made me feel like I wasted my time watching it.

  • Diana Carrier
    Diana Carrier 17 days ago +1

    If you are reading this I hope you have a good life and everything you want to happen in your life happens and don’t give up on anything we are all amazing people

  • Doofy
    Doofy 17 days ago +1

    The end of the mist really pissed me off.. but remember the descent when you think she got out of the cave but she’s still down that made feel feel claustrophobic

  • Young Colgate
    Young Colgate 17 days ago +1

    Ma had a pretty good ending

  • Caitlin Moffatt
    Caitlin Moffatt 17 days ago +1

    Its awesome that Cabin In the Woods gets some recognition cause it's an awesome and well written horror movie.

  • AL3X !S K!NG
    AL3X !S K!NG 17 days ago +1

    Us is actually sad at the end... Totally unfair on the real one

  • The Ancient Lantern
    The Ancient Lantern 17 days ago

    I was honestly really disappointed with It Follows. It seemed like a great idea but it just didn’t seem truly scary to me; it just had a few jump scares.

  • Gryphon Ketchabaw
    Gryphon Ketchabaw 18 days ago +1

    The end of saw was messed up. At the beginning of saw Adam wakes up in a tub pulled the drain and the key went down. And in the end the killer told Adam that the key was in the bathtub. Then Adam got stuck in the room forever and died. But it was a good ending

  • Harv Takano
    Harv Takano 18 days ago

    why is there get out with no get out?

  • Michael Duran
    Michael Duran 18 days ago

    I would've blasted marty

  • Dark Ninja
    Dark Ninja 18 days ago

    The ending of "us" was kind of ok but the movie itself was boring and the music was disturbing like it was composed by a psychopath.

  • V eesel
    V eesel 18 days ago +3

    The babadook would’ve been perfect HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THAT OBNOXIOUS ASS CHILD

    • Andy Mckay
      Andy Mckay 10 days ago

      Why does nobody like him?😂 I thought it added to the unsettling nature of the film and he got a nice arc when his Mum decided to give him attention at the end and that made his condition better.

  • Edraejosh Baja
    Edraejosh Baja 19 days ago

    Rec. Is a very good movie!

  • Manyamz
    Manyamz 19 days ago

    Cabin in the woods was the last entertaining "scary" movie I've seen. I really enjoyed it.

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 19 days ago

    Half of these are early 2000s; that isn't "modern". And Hereditary's ending was just cheesy and it simplified the complexity of the movie. It made it less scary and basically just copied The Witch

  • jayk wrlck
    jayk wrlck 19 days ago

    Us is a COMEDY, really SUCKS as an Horror Movie, laughably moments, stupid story, dumbest acting, even a 10 years old kid was laughing when watching the movie, FFS is just GARBAGE, i dont understand how this kind of movies are still making and the worst of all, people gives good notes, all the hype buy them, DONT WASTE UR TIME WATCHING IT.

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 21 day ago

    I find the ending of "The Mist" rather sad

  • Jayden Clake
    Jayden Clake 21 day ago +1

    Honestly why is the Mist this low

  • Damarlo36
    Damarlo36 21 day ago

    Had no idea the movie quarantine was just a REC remake. Nice!

  • Likkle Biggs
    Likkle Biggs 21 day ago

    I knewh the mist would be on here

  • Elizabeth Martin
    Elizabeth Martin 22 days ago

    Why the hell would you put Us in the thumbnail but not even give it an honorable mention?!

  • Emil Simms
    Emil Simms 23 days ago +1

    So thats, what Miss. Mojo looks like... :O

  • Chara Cipher
    Chara Cipher 23 days ago +1

    The ending of The Mist is depressing as fuck

  • pancakes
    pancakes 23 days ago

    You should’ve added house of wax

  • Alexander Paz
    Alexander Paz 24 days ago +1

    I love how she does it shes really good at it!!

  • shelley Hadley
    shelley Hadley 24 days ago +2

    I feel like the thing should’ve been on here

  • StazyStaz UwU
    StazyStaz UwU 24 days ago +1

    Tf? The Mist's ending was bad. He killed his own family then help came??????

    • Captain Drama
      Captain Drama 13 days ago

      @StazyStaz UwU
      Oh, ok. I understand now

    • StazyStaz UwU
      StazyStaz UwU 14 days ago

      @Captain Drama oh trust me I am, I just thought that it was too obvious. I saw it coming. It's fine if you liked the ending, I won't judge. Usually I like dark things

    • Captain Drama
      Captain Drama 14 days ago

      You must not be into dark and depressing endings

  • Henry Reinoso
    Henry Reinoso 25 days ago +2

    Bullshit Saw should be #1

  • Lil Draven
    Lil Draven 25 days ago +1

    *No IT remake??*

  • Carter Hughes
    Carter Hughes 25 days ago

    The Cabin in the Woods’ characters were really inconsiderate and selfishwith their final decision.

  • Carter Hughes
    Carter Hughes 25 days ago +1

    “Greatest” endings? Then why’d you include The Mist, goddamn it?

  • KR/Legos
    KR/Legos 25 days ago

    #1. Saw

  • LegalAssassin
    LegalAssassin 26 days ago +13

    #8 Even Steven King thought that it was a better ending than his original story.

  • Archit Dutta
    Archit Dutta 26 days ago

    How is Insidious not on this list?

  • bigraviolees
    bigraviolees 26 days ago

    It follows is complete shit, its like the bible belt made a movie to say be married and holy or else. The witch is also retarded, the real evil was men labeling women so they could kill them anything else is just vomit in the face of injustice . Woman who speaks her mind? Witch, burn her... burn that movie

  • md menar
    md menar 28 days ago +2

    At last i was looking at you .You are very beautiful

  • Unknown Knight
    Unknown Knight 28 days ago +32

    I think the 2010 Korean horror thriller ‘I Saw the Devil’ had an ending that was pretty great

    • Unknown Knight
      Unknown Knight 15 days ago +1

      Lenny Leonard There’s too many underrated movies that are overlooked for their American counterparts and I think it’s sad, like there’s so many good Korean movies but people like the Americanized versions

    • Lenny Leonard
      Lenny Leonard 15 days ago +2

      If they added Korean movies the whole list would be korean

    • Unknown Knight
      Unknown Knight 16 days ago

      Sam Nowland I agree

    • Sam Nowland
      Sam Nowland 17 days ago

      The whole thing was pretty great

  • Benny Cobain
    Benny Cobain Month ago

    Drag me to hell was trash! Let it go mojo lol. You have this movie on every horror's list, and it wasn't even scary, and more of a comedy. There are so many other flicks that had more of an impact than this lame ass movie. Dead silence, 1st paranormal activity, woman in black, insidious,,, you must be trolling smh

  • Nyi Zaw
    Nyi Zaw Month ago

    ohh hey finally got to see who's behind that voice...... BOOP!!!!! :P

  • Amanda Mullins
    Amanda Mullins Month ago +11

    Am I the only one who hates the ending of The Mist?
    I mean...if he'd only waited five minutes! >:(

    • StazyStaz UwU
      StazyStaz UwU 13 days ago

      @Amanda Mullins maybe. I agree with you. That's exactly what made me mad and I totally saw it coming.

    • Amanda Mullins
      Amanda Mullins 13 days ago

      @StazyStaz UwU Well, it's natural to want everything to come out all right for families in horror movies. I love horror movies, but The Mist's ending just made me angry, because all the dad had to do was wait. I'm not sure what "dark things" they're talking about, though? Maybe their definition of "dark" is different from ours.

    • Bitti YT
      Bitti YT 13 days ago

      Yeah I hated the ending

    • StazyStaz UwU
      StazyStaz UwU 14 days ago

      Yes thank you! Someone said I must not like dark things just because I don't like the ending. Like is that a problem?

    • missangelinaadams
      missangelinaadams 19 days ago

      Amanda Mullins Thank you! It would have been better if they’d stuck with the book ending. The movie ending was purely for shock value. When I saw it, there was an audible groan in the theater at the end. The entire audience was confused, pissed, and/or disappointed.

  • AgeofAeon
    AgeofAeon Month ago

    Us is one of the worst movies ever made. 2 out of 10. Not even as good as sharknado which was horrible.

  • Mi-Mi Canterbury
    Mi-Mi Canterbury Month ago +1

    US was NOT good in my opinion
    The Rest I agree with 👍🏽

  • takeru91
    takeru91 Month ago

    I hate Drag Me To Hell because the main character didn’t do anything wrong. She was just doing her job and everything was out of her control.

  • Abdi shakurr999
    Abdi shakurr999 Month ago

    Who new that : “ get out” would be nr #1 or #2

  • Sans Yeux
    Sans Yeux Month ago +9

    Oh my god wachmojo lady is just like her voice, beautiful :)

  • Mere bear
    Mere bear Month ago

    The mothman prophecies and the ring ending still scare me as an adult. The irony I'm actually the same age as daveigh chase( samora). Still when the little boy says." What about the people who watch it, what's going to happen to them? "

  • Sam Argent
    Sam Argent Month ago

    That sucked

  • Oancea Adrian
    Oancea Adrian Month ago

    5:34 time to get my stuff to hunt em down 😈😈😈

  • Sydney Bishop
    Sydney Bishop Month ago

    Us was a thriller, *not* a horror.

  • Sarfnic Productions

    These spoopy tales

  • steph anie
    steph anie Month ago

    I've said it once and will say it again, Hereditary was shit!!

  • adriana walkes
    adriana walkes Month ago +2

    Cabin in the woods!!! For sure ... 👊

  • WWD Universe
    WWD Universe Month ago +2

    Um... sinister

  • DivaGirl10
    DivaGirl10 Month ago

    I think Jordan Peele needs to keep making movies

  • TooMuchCornNutz
    TooMuchCornNutz Month ago

    Does anyone else get annoyed when she pronounces foreign names? It just bugs me lol

  • K G
    K G Month ago

    The CABIN IN THE WOODS???? It's one of the dumbest, most ludicrous and idiotic endings to one of the most overrated movies I've ever seen.

  • Esoterick Soul
    Esoterick Soul Month ago

    Haven't finished the video yet but if US and Get out arent 1 and 2're wrong

  • Arcovon Vendetta
    Arcovon Vendetta Month ago

    i love her

  • djmcconnell
    djmcconnell Month ago +1

    The witch messed me up.

  • Rambaldichick 43
    Rambaldichick 43 Month ago

    Am I the only person who didn't like It Follows. I thought it was boring and not really scary at all.

  • A Random Mango
    A Random Mango Month ago +3

    REC Ending Scared Me 100 Times More Than The JAWS First Death Scene.
    And Hereditary, That Scene Where That Thing Was Crawling On The Ceiling, That Scared Me To Death.

  • Isaiah Flores
    Isaiah Flores Month ago

    Dear rebecca from watchmojo: marry me

  • tyler gnosis
    tyler gnosis Month ago +1

    The majority of these movies sucked

  • theproindavg
    theproindavg Month ago

    I'm TS motherfukin' A, we handle shit.

  • Zach S
    Zach S Month ago +1

    I wish people would stop sucking Jordan peeles dick so hard hi movies are ok at best

  • boombapboom
    boombapboom Month ago

    So that’s what she looks like

  • dannielle Henry
    dannielle Henry Month ago +3

    When they revealed the honorable mentionas and i saw "Paranormal Activity" I threw my Ipad on the floor and took my earbuds out before the jumpscare could happen!!!🤣🤣🤣

    • dannielle Henry
      dannielle Henry Month ago +1

      @Lisa Simpson they are, but they just scare the living heck out of me!😂

    • Lisa Simpson
      Lisa Simpson Month ago

      dannielle Henry for me the jump scares are the good parts of the movie

  • Gary Benjamin Holt Jr.

    All of these are amazing picks

  • topKaedence Lapinid
    topKaedence Lapinid Month ago +1

    when i was in theathers i watched the curse of la liorna it was so scary it`s even based on a true story
    i even sneak mochi crunch in my moms perse but it was her idea and your not postu sneak snacks in the
    theathers but we did for fun this is what my face looked like 😕😕😕😕😕😕 +😁😁😁😁😁😁 i know
    i was scared i thought they was going to call the cops on us butt they never beacause they could `nt
    see us ( laughs evily )

  • xZerPenT
    xZerPenT Month ago

    1:51 I am hearing Chris Evans laughing here

  • RedHoodAssassin
    RedHoodAssassin Month ago

    Anyone else laugh their ass off in Hereditary when the possessed mom kept banging her head on the ceiling? Or was that just me?

  • MrCrackerJacks
    MrCrackerJacks Month ago

    Next do top ten modern game ending if u haven’t already

  • Caius of Glantri
    Caius of Glantri Month ago

    REC looks great here, but that female lead was so annoying that I was relieved to see her die at the end.

  • Re-cut Trailers by DD
    Re-cut Trailers by DD Month ago +2

    Some other cool horror endings are from The Pact and The Orphanage. I also think Devil had a good ending