We Took Shots of Bugs, Cat Food, and More! 🤮 GROSS BATTLESHIP CHALLENGE!

  • Published on Jan 20, 2018
  • Jon and Ben drink some nasty stuff in a gross game of Torpedo Shots.
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    Torpedo Shots is a drinking game inspired by the classic game Battleship. We kicked it up a notch and made it super gross by filling the shot glasses with disgusting things like vinegar, Vegemite, Ass Blaster hot sauce, Pickle Soda, worms, crickets, Cat Wine, Dog Beer, and more. Who will win the Gross Battleship Challenge?
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Comments • 5 929

  • Vat19
    Vat19  Year ago +1554

    Which shot do you think was the grossest? 🤢

  • Brxce
    Brxce 46 minutes ago

    It’s like these guys think we shove vegemite up our asses or something??

  • Bendy 2006
    Bendy 2006 5 hours ago

    You are a post to eat veggiemight with toast no by itself

  • Leafsfan #34
    Leafsfan #34 15 hours ago

    1:02-1:11 when you find out your crush likes someone else

  • Skyla Botha
    Skyla Botha 20 hours ago

    More Gross Battleship Challenge

  • Noshy Weera
    Noshy Weera 20 hours ago

    1:13 you eat 2 grams of it on bread not 5 grams plain!

  • will Paul
    will Paul Day ago

    Australia is the best place in Vegemite the best thing

  • Charlotte Marsh
    Charlotte Marsh Day ago

    Hey us Aussie are proud

    CONGY CRINGY Day ago

    you put vegemite on toast u bitch

  • Mimi Shaw
    Mimi Shaw Day ago

    Not being mean but John was being a bit dramatic about the hot sauce and jelly beans

  • Elwyn Mollart
    Elwyn Mollart 2 days ago

    That guy talking about the poop ship he toatally gave it away by pointing

  • Evan Brown
    Evan Brown 2 days ago

    Once when I was sick my dad made me drink vinegar water and I literally barfed everything out of my stomach.

  • Im Blue
    Im Blue 3 days ago

    Cause here in fucking Australia we don't drink Vegemite you fucking cockheads

  • B3nji XD
    B3nji XD 3 days ago

    Why did Jon point at his ship so (I think his name is Ben) can see

  • Jake Playz Gamez
    Jake Playz Gamez 3 days ago

    I’m Australian and u don’t take a spoon full of vegimite u only eat it on bread and u put a lot of butter and the tinnest bit of vegimite. U don’t eat it like peanut butter or something. Stupid Americans ur eating it wrong dumb Americans

  • Cadel Hooper
    Cadel Hooper 3 days ago

    We don't drink it we put small amounts on toast

  • xXCorgiLoverXx :3
    xXCorgiLoverXx :3 3 days ago


  • Muhammad Rezekyrulah

    Vat 19 : Australia what are you doing. Why are you doing to us?
    Australia 🇦🇺 : W0t m8 you got a problem wif us m8 . Dont make me throw more Vegemite to ur face.

  • Ella The Cat Lover
    Ella The Cat Lover 4 days ago

    okay... so they just chugged Vegemite. You are supposed to eat it in SMALL quantities.

  • Thu Trang Le
    Thu Trang Le 4 days ago

    …and I am from Australia

  • Thu Trang Le
    Thu Trang Le 4 days ago

    Why u don’t like vegemite I 😍 vegemite

  • The unknown man YT
    The unknown man YT 4 days ago

    It’s a hit. Vine Gar

  • Olivia That one
    Olivia That one 4 days ago

    I was drinking water and now that water is all over my bed from hearing the word poop water

  • GD :] Tzevaot
    GD :] Tzevaot 4 days ago

    5:34 Please song name?

  • Kieren Adamson
    Kieren Adamson 4 days ago

    He not my fault we did it #Cricky

  • Taco cat!
    Taco cat! 4 days ago

    Vat 19 ur crap vegie mite is the best I’m half Australian and half Italian

  • Kevin the smart Le
    Kevin the smart Le 4 days ago

    Australia made from lazarbeam

  • A Weeb
    A Weeb 4 days ago

    *takes a shot of vinegar*
    Ben: Do YoU lIkE It Or NoT LeT Us KnoW

  • Hugo lkjh
    Hugo lkjh 4 days ago

    Instead of the poop ship u should called it da poop deck

  • Corey Munch
    Corey Munch 5 days ago

    Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwmwwwwwwwwwwwwwww did you see the m

  • Max DoesInternet
    Max DoesInternet 5 days ago

    Wow damn people in America don’t know how to eat vegemite

  • EmiliousGirl
    EmiliousGirl 5 days ago

    As an Australian, I’m offended.

  • Sky Faggot
    Sky Faggot 5 days ago


  • Tom's Automotive
    Tom's Automotive 5 days ago

    I say that vinegar

  • Sweet! Candy!
    Sweet! Candy! 5 days ago

    I don’t know how to play battle ship..

  • gachaluna playz
    gachaluna playz 5 days ago

    Da vegemute

  • Moo Moo man
    Moo Moo man 5 days ago

    My mom made me drink vinegar when I said damn, but it was not as bad as this mans reaction was.
    I also had to drink a whole cup of it.

  • andreas lol
    andreas lol 5 days ago

    Thats a lot of damage?

  • IBerty _12
    IBerty _12 6 days ago +1

    Australians are offended when they spit out and say that vegimite is disgusting 😑😂

  • Chad and yancy.
    Chad and yancy. 6 days ago

    We it a litte bot of ot its not hazel nut and coco

  • Firendsters Army
    Firendsters Army 6 days ago

    Vat19 I’m a fan but you guys offended me by say “ Australia what are you doing” “why are you eating this stuff” “ why are you doing this to us “ at 1:14 I don’t like it ether ik it bad ok but next time don’t be so rude

  • Twinkie Cat.
    Twinkie Cat. 6 days ago

    “While Jon has an outer-body experience” cracked me up.

  • Tas G
    Tas G 6 days ago


  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 6 days ago

    C4 hit
    Oh shoot C4 GET DOWN

  • Kashveen Is Unicorn
    Kashveen Is Unicorn 6 days ago +1

    Omg. Love pickles if u do like

  • Interscope Musi
    Interscope Musi 6 days ago +1

    The poop deck

  • Rex Chain
    Rex Chain 6 days ago

    Idk why Australia did that I’m in Australia but I haven’t tried vegimite

  • Dakota Freeman
    Dakota Freeman 6 days ago

    I love hot choclet I had 30 year old hot choclet

  • 500 subs please
    500 subs please 6 days ago +1

    Hit or miss I guess they mostly miss huh?

    *changed it a bit*

    SAMURAI QUEEN 6 days ago

    I’m Asian and I drank vegemite for no reason 🤢

  • Alex Scodigor
    Alex Scodigor 6 days ago

    "I love sour stuff."

    Even pure citric acid?

  • Eunice Vlogs
    Eunice Vlogs 6 days ago

    My cousin drinks vinegar like juice

  • Matt Dillon Sevilla
    Matt Dillon Sevilla 7 days ago

    John: yeah-eh-eh-eh

  • Butter Cats
    Butter Cats 7 days ago

    the Vegemite I hate most mate Aussie Aussie

  • Jose Godinez
    Jose Godinez 7 days ago

    Z. . Z, Kiosk

  • ultimate players OMG

    ur ment to eat a little of Vegemite

  • Deadgamer 1208
    Deadgamer 1208 7 days ago

    It’s also part yeast

  • Deadgamer 1208
    Deadgamer 1208 7 days ago

    You put it on bread

  • robert ah sam
    robert ah sam 7 days ago


  • Danh Mai
    Danh Mai 7 days ago

    Vinegar more like vi nigger

  • Danh Mai
    Danh Mai 7 days ago

    Hit or miss


  • nw372005
    nw372005 7 days ago

    Cause I can eat pickles 👹

  • Jacob seed
    Jacob seed 7 days ago

    Like and i will scream c4 tonight pinky promise

  • Isaiah Forden
    Isaiah Forden 7 days ago

    Vegemite should be on bread and a little bit

  • cho z bagel
    cho z bagel 8 days ago

    I live in Aus and your right Vegemite is bad

  • Kimmi Asia
    Kimmi Asia 8 days ago


  • Larah Turnbull
    Larah Turnbull 8 days ago +1

    I will tell you what we in Australia are doing!

  • Larah Turnbull
    Larah Turnbull 8 days ago +1

    Of course it is salty it is vegemite......

  • Charlie F
    Charlie F 8 days ago

    You are eating vegimite wrong

  • Aldo Vazquez
    Aldo Vazquez 8 days ago


  • Dot Burney
    Dot Burney 8 days ago

    Do more! Pls

  • ElissaDaNeko :3
    ElissaDaNeko :3 8 days ago

    Love the vids

  • Gacha T
    Gacha T 8 days ago


  • Gigi Lamington
    Gigi Lamington 9 days ago +2

    First of all we don’t turn it into a liquid and we don’t take shots of if. We speed it on toast very lightly we about 3 pounds of butter and it’s a delicacy.

  • Jack Got roasted
    Jack Got roasted 9 days ago

    Melbourne in Australia

  • Jack Got roasted
    Jack Got roasted 9 days ago

    I hate veggie might and I'm Australian I love that 19 you should come to

  • CharliesWorld 123
    CharliesWorld 123 9 days ago +1

    What are you doing america you put a tiny bit of Vegemite on the bread with alot of butter DELICIOUS!

  • Egg Plays/vlogs
    Egg Plays/vlogs 9 days ago

    I’m Australian and it’s actually really good on toast with butter vegemite is another name for vegeshite

  • Scrubby
    Scrubby 9 days ago

    By the way no Australian has vegemite plain you have to spread it lightly on a piece of toast. (God Americans are dumb

  • Santiago Perez
    Santiago Perez 9 days ago

    The board in the middle is so small you can see over it

  • low budget spiderman

    I love vinegar especialy apple cider

  • Daniel Tranter
    Daniel Tranter 9 days ago

    Australia laxido language by teaser

  • Summer and Sophia
    Summer and Sophia 10 days ago +3

    I was here drinking a glass of milk and I wish I could pass it to him when John had the hot sauce lol xx

  • Kerry Kaplick
    Kerry Kaplick 10 days ago

    Well then fuck America

    SEASON F 10 days ago

    So many questions unanswered

  • Ferny Jimenez
    Ferny Jimenez 10 days ago

    I don’t live in Australia but they only put a little bit on toast or other food while they are eating a lot all by itself
    Any Australians tell me if it’s true

  • 5678coolgu y
    5678coolgu y 10 days ago +1

    Why do people eat hot chocolate?
    Why do people eat pickles?

    Me:why do people eat veggies

  • Nayan Arcade
    Nayan Arcade 10 days ago +1

    The grossest was ....................... you

  • I’m the noob pls Lsksksksskskskdkd

    I was watching this while my tongue is bleeding

  • Keegan Gorle
    Keegan Gorle 10 days ago

    Nice lil desert to my poop ship three seconds later: YA SUNK MY POOP SHIP

  • yeet! Love
    yeet! Love 10 days ago


  • amanda vojak
    amanda vojak 10 days ago


  • Kawaii Watermelone 133

    you add Vegemite to a pecie of toast as A SPREAD! You're not meant to eat it with WATER!

  • Samuel Bocchi
    Samuel Bocchi 11 days ago


  • ransomes22
    ransomes22 11 days ago


  • Halah Abusulieman
    Halah Abusulieman 11 days ago


  • Rin - Chan
    Rin - Chan 11 days ago


  • Aasiyah Fuqaha
    Aasiyah Fuqaha 11 days ago

    You guys are racist