We Took Shots of Bugs, Cat Food, and More! 🤮 GROSS BATTLESHIP CHALLENGE!

  • Published on Jan 20, 2018
  • Jon and Ben drink some nasty stuff in a gross game of Torpedo Shots.
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    Torpedo Shots is a drinking game inspired by the classic game Battleship. We kicked it up a notch and made it super gross by filling the shot glasses with disgusting things like vinegar, Vegemite, Ass Blaster hot sauce, Pickle Soda, worms, crickets, Cat Wine, Dog Beer, and more. Who will win the Gross Battleship Challenge?
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Comments • 7 026

  • Vat19
    Vat19  Year ago +1936

    Which shot do you think was the grossest? 🤢 Want to see other disgusting foods? Try this: bit.ly/2YDBuHD

  • Zarne Thamm
    Zarne Thamm 8 hours ago

    U put the go dam vegishite on toast

  • lola Ryan
    lola Ryan Day ago

    Leave ast alone

  • Hunter McIntosh
    Hunter McIntosh Day ago

    Australia's good

  • TheFrenchBoi Gaming
    TheFrenchBoi Gaming 4 days ago

    Them: why did you do this to us Australians?
    Australians: bloody hell mate what do you mean? We invented it, not made you do that!

  • Charlotte M
    Charlotte M 4 days ago

    Every gross challenge

    Jon: *Vomits at every gross challenge*
    Me : poor Jon don’t make him suffer from those gross challenges

  • Early Bird
    Early Bird 4 days ago

    " Why do people like hot chocolate ?"
    " W-w-wHaT, you just ate bUgs. "

  • Sid Heffler
    Sid Heffler 5 days ago

    My mom LOVE vigemite🤯

  • Favor Ayuketa
    Favor Ayuketa 5 days ago

    Ben: Why do people eat hot chocolate and pickles?
    Me: 1. Eww!!!
    2. How can you not like hot chocolate and pickles?
    3. How are you not phase by the fact that you ate Crickets, and FREAKIN'

  • Mr Monstah
    Mr Monstah 5 days ago +2

    We use vegemite, except we only don't chug it, we spread it on bread, ya drongos.
    -Me And Every Other Aussie

  • MAG Squad
    MAG Squad 5 days ago

    Your so rude to Australia

  • Shane McLean
    Shane McLean 5 days ago

    Because vegemite is tasty 😋

  • Delilah's Arts and Animations

    Why is there so much gacha people here

  • Jarrod White
    Jarrod White 6 days ago

    I so sorry but thats rude to all the australiens out there

  • WaterSheep
    WaterSheep 7 days ago

    eats worms and bugs says nothing
    drinks beer with coffee : eew gross

  • Rick Horne
    Rick Horne 8 days ago

    A1 is a steak sause not a hot sauce!

  • Pigwandoo
    Pigwandoo 9 days ago +2

    “Why do people eat pickles!?!?” Me: >:0 I AM COMING FOR YOU

  • Johnny Nerro
    Johnny Nerro 11 days ago

    Pls do a chocolate vs real

  • Joey The kangaroo
    Joey The kangaroo 11 days ago

    Shut up Jon and Ben!
    We do NOT put Vegemite in water in a SHOT GLASS! it’s for bread you idiots!

  • Thalia Armstrong
    Thalia Armstrong 11 days ago

    I'm offended because I L❤️VE Vegemite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Gamer 6000
    Alex Gamer 6000 11 days ago

    Me and Australia don’t drink vegemite in a cup

  • Alex Gamer 6000
    Alex Gamer 6000 11 days ago

    I live in Australia and vegemite is so good🤑🤑🤩🤩

  • Travis Thompson
    Travis Thompson 11 days ago

    How about buy it and get tost

  • Nikolai Cats
    Nikolai Cats 12 days ago +1


  • Sky Carey
    Sky Carey 12 days ago +1

    Why did I have to be drinking as I watched this
    Had to keep looking down to make sure the water was empty
    And no I’m not silly once I sucked up a fly with my straw which was in my water for no reason.
    Also there was a fly on my toothbrush so I brushed that into the cracks of my teeth. Mm delish.
    U guys probably skipped it but 😂
    Have a good day
    (Leave a like or the fly will be in your mouth)

  • Nick Smart
    Nick Smart 13 days ago

    *gets done with beating my meat
    "Wait a second that kind of meat"

  • Massimiliano Coceancig

    I’m Australian and hate Vegemite too

  • Emma Gaming
    Emma Gaming 14 days ago

    Im Australian I and I love vegimite with cheese whos from Australia here

  • Alby Bourk
    Alby Bourk 14 days ago

    That is offensive because I’m Australian

  • Sean HUtchinson
    Sean HUtchinson 14 days ago

    Your mantra to put it on bread Ellyia rose Hutchison

  • Sammi Pak
    Sammi Pak 14 days ago +1

    I’m Australian and I loooove Vegemite

    It’s sooooo goood

  • Bryan Lawrence
    Bryan Lawrence 14 days ago

    Hey check out lazerbeam has ate vegimite out of a spoon he cryed how much it burn. try it out

  • Madeline Cook
    Madeline Cook 15 days ago

    Australians don't really want to eat Vegemite, take it from a non-Australian.

  • McKenly Kaulback
    McKenly Kaulback 15 days ago

    "this sucks man!" 😂😂

  • MissingTexture
    MissingTexture 16 days ago +1

    2:45 i agree, but not about bugs
    3:28 i also agree

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 17 days ago


  • Bailen TRANTER
    Bailen TRANTER 17 days ago

    That’s really effective I’m not going to watch you for a month because I live in Australia

  • Bethany noel
    Bethany noel 17 days ago

    y'all should do another one with them filled with bean boozed jelly beans

  • The Cat
    The Cat 17 days ago

    Lemon juice is good tho

  • Makayla Roche
    Makayla Roche 18 days ago

    I thought the spicy beans were beans😂

  • Mythal Draco
    Mythal Draco 18 days ago

    John:I just vomited up everything I just ate

  • Bendy 2006
    Bendy 2006 18 days ago

    Eat it on toast.......and u might like it.

  • Bazaar Vlogs
    Bazaar Vlogs 18 days ago

    I live in aus

  • Croissant_crossing 101

    Part 2 please!!!

  • The Gam3r
    The Gam3r 19 days ago

    I'm ausie and I hate vegemite

  • Kevin Qiu
    Kevin Qiu 19 days ago +1

    Uhhhhh Australia didn’t tell you to do it

  • Sarah Pullen
    Sarah Pullen 19 days ago

    What the fuck did you just say to me you Little shit don’t like fucking say you don’t like pickles

  • It’s called yaoi, sis

    "Ugh, pickles are so nasty! How do people like pickles!?"
    *Me, a pickle lover:* \(;_;)/

  • Violet’s Vibes
    Violet’s Vibes 20 days ago

    Stop judging us Australians

  • Ash Whitty
    Ash Whitty 20 days ago +1

    I’m Aussie and I eat Vegemite every morning on my toast! IT’S SOOOOO GOOD!AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI!

  • paris lnjustice
    paris lnjustice 20 days ago

    U said vinegar

  • paris lnjustice
    paris lnjustice 20 days ago

    Dont swear

  • Lila Chaberka
    Lila Chaberka 21 day ago

    "Australia what are you doing!?"
    Me: I CoMe fROm a lAnD doWn uNdEr!! YoU bEtTeR rUN you BEtTer tAKe cOvER!!

  • Yu Yao Wang
    Yu Yao Wang 21 day ago

    If I’d tried vinegar I could die

  • Levi Martin
    Levi Martin 21 day ago

    We don’t even put a lot of vegemite on our bread

  • Annemarie Henry Thiem

    🦂🦂🦂🕷🕷🕷🍵 Finally! Enough Yum-Yum Crunchies for a bowl of Yum-Yum Soup! 😋

  • - nugget -
    - nugget - 21 day ago

    Lazarbeam (lannen) did a try not to laugh challenge but every time he laughed he had to eat a spoon full of vegemite, he called it the Vegeshite challenge

  • Alex Kyriakides
    Alex Kyriakides 22 days ago


  • Finn O'Connell
    Finn O'Connell 22 days ago


  • Finn O'Connell
    Finn O'Connell 22 days ago