MSI Prestige 14 - Every Inch Matters

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • My review of the MSI Prestige 14. A VERY portable 6-core laptop with a GTX 1650 max-q for gaming and creative work.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  21 day ago +790

    This would have been a perfect laptop for a lot of people but the single fan is disappointing

    • the ghost
      the ghost 4 days ago

      Do you think liquid metal will make a difference ?! Do a video about it 🙂🙃

    • Kicksnarehat
      Kicksnarehat 11 days ago

      Hi Dave! Love your vids! You have a very professional but friendly disposition! 2 quick questions sir! Would liquid metal cooling help the heat problems and would this play cod mw and similar games as well as vr? Thanks so much and keep up the great work!!

    • Royal zip
      Royal zip 12 days ago

      But can it spin on your finger?

    • nichrome
      nichrome 19 days ago

      Hi, how did you undervolt this laptop?

    • Nightwing_x02
      Nightwing_x02 19 days ago

      Silly question but do you need to UNDERVOLT this for gaming? You mentioned the performance only throttles when it comes to video rendering... uploads etc basically the creator aspects.
      But for gaming is it fine with stock settings?

  • Elias T
    Elias T 16 hours ago

    Hey Dave and others, I am looking for a laptop for a 3 year business marketing course with some light video/photo editing along with it, can integrated graphics work for those needs? Looking at this and Asus Zenbook 14, do I need an mx50 or can an Asus Zenbook i5 with integrated graphics meet my needs. Thanks

  • Tomi Mähönen
    Tomi Mähönen Day ago

    Im between Lenovo Y540 RTX 2060, i7 and MSI Prestige 15, I need light and easy laptop for college with great battery life, BUT I like to game alot, I can sacrifice graphics but I want still smooth playing experience like in BFV, CSGO, Destiny 2 etc. Damn, decisions, any help is welcome!

  • hitardo
    hitardo Day ago

    3:09 "I undervolted the CPU, I undervolted the GPU - like I said - to a lower clock".
    Undervolting is reducing the voltage, but maintaining the same clock.

    Dave, I know it was a simple mistake.
    But it is this kind of things that mislead people when talking about undervolting.

    Nevertheless, I loved your tutorial on undervolting, and I congratulate you on that.

  • Noel Wade
    Noel Wade 2 days ago

    ARGH - so close to a perfect product for me, this is super-frustrating! I want something that's slightly more-capable than a ZenBook 13/14 for light content creation and occasional mid-tier gaming, preferably with a MicroSD card (as I deal with a lot of devices that utilize MicroSD, on a regular basis). The thermal issue is just a huge disappointment! I don't want to pay a price premium for this device and yet not get the full potential out of the high-spec components... The Stealth 13 (FHD version) is now down to $1300, but uses an older CPU and has fewer ports... Gah! :-(

  • Irene Hsiao
    Irene Hsiao 2 days ago

    Can you show how much you undervolt? Thanks.

  • Alex
    Alex 3 days ago

    Thank you! Brilliant video, exactly the comparison I needed (vs Razer Blade S)

  • Adrian Manzano
    Adrian Manzano 4 days ago

    how much does msi pay you

  • جرناس جرناس

    which one is good , MSI Prestige 14 OR Dell XPS 13 ??? can you make Compere ?

  • LitAzzSims
    LitAzzSims 5 days ago

    Alienware M17 rtx 2070 max q or omen 2019 rtx 2060

  • Rushikesh Gaikwad
    Rushikesh Gaikwad 6 days ago

    Can you send me it if you are not using it 😅

  • Freddie Green
    Freddie Green 8 days ago

    Intro is a hilarious meme

  • Sandeep Rao
    Sandeep Rao 8 days ago

    Nice to see mainstream reviewers like you review laptops from manufacturers other than Apple. Getting sick of how much macbook is covered compared to others, while 85% of the world uses Windows!!!

  • DanTe
    DanTe 9 days ago

    Dave, when will you do the thorough review of the Zenbook Pro duo? especially the 14 inch

  • EFL 77
    EFL 77 9 days ago

    What about prestige 15 dave? Give us the review and update thaanks :)

  • Beso Basil
    Beso Basil 10 days ago

    Do a msi GL65 9sdk review please

  • Izen Ghauri
    Izen Ghauri 11 days ago

    It's thin, it's light, it's everything nice.

  • TxN Music
    TxN Music 11 days ago

    compare it to the 15 inch

  • itz Ghost
    itz Ghost 11 days ago

    Can someone suggest me a good gaming laptop that has good thermals and especially good battery? My budget is $1200

  • Naveed Afzal
    Naveed Afzal 11 days ago +1

    Hi Dave, I am not a video creator but a light gamer. I play games like leauge of legends and fifa, would you recommend this laptop for student and a light gamer?

  • Arshia Attari
    Arshia Attari 11 days ago

    Please check out the 15’ inch too. Does the 15’ inch have the cable’s play issues?!

  • moderatingmoderation
    moderatingmoderation 12 days ago

    Laptop= content creation device? No shit

  • Andres Pacheco
    Andres Pacheco 12 days ago

    I am looking up to buying a MSI Prestige laptop. My main concern is costumer support, and quality and durability of MSI's products. Having lost almost 800 bucks on an Acer laptop that died a little more than a year later, and not getting any kind of costumer support, I do value durability over price.
    Is MSI worth the risk? This is, by far, the best laptop under 1100 bucks that is both portable and light, and gaming capable. Is there a better choice?

  • Baris Unsal
    Baris Unsal 12 days ago

    Can this support 128gb ram. I know says 64, but can you test it?

  • Muhammad Annas
    Muhammad Annas 12 days ago

    Dave, how about RAM upgrade option
    Is it available??

  • Prashant Joshi
    Prashant Joshi 12 days ago

    Can we talk about the MSI GL65 ?

  • son T
    son T 13 days ago

    Please review the Vaio Z2 or Z3 from 2012 . One of the first laptop with eGPU. I'm still using it with windows 10.

  • Sergiu Sprintar
    Sergiu Sprintar 14 days ago

    I don't like that smartphones are getting bigger and bigger and bigger
    while gaming laptops are getting smaller and smaller and smaller
    16-17 inch waaaay better

  • Case Sheep
    Case Sheep 15 days ago

    Thats what she said

  • Michel Nezarrio
    Michel Nezarrio 15 days ago

    Every inch.... Matters! 😂

  • Alan Tam
    Alan Tam 15 days ago

    Love your channel, my best friend is hunting for a new gaming laptop for Black Friday, I hope you do a video of the best deals or something similar because I've been finding it hard to do research

  • Making Tech Friendly
    Making Tech Friendly 15 days ago +1

    Dave Lee: I undervolted it.
    Marquees: I have been using it for a week.

  • staerlor
    staerlor 15 days ago

    Is the 4K screen HDR?

  • seonwoo choi
    seonwoo choi 16 days ago

    Um... whats the best 13-14inch laptop for video editing? Xps 13(not six cores cause they are not available in my country) 7390 or xps 13 9380 or hp spectre x360 13 or msi prestige 14(six core option is available)..? I know i have to give up something but portability is so important for me and im not a professional so... what would be the best choice?

    • BarrettKillz
      BarrettKillz 15 days ago

      sunwoo choi Go for the hexacore Prestige 14. You can use different presets in the Creator Center and undervolt the CPU, while allowing the GPU to run at max tilt. That’s what I did and the performance is just astonishing.

  • Eliezer Marte
    Eliezer Marte 16 days ago

    How does this compare to 15 inch XPS ?

  • worth
    worth 16 days ago

    im almost crazy enough to say that you might be as good as linus. 🔥
    comment family take a minute to see my hip hop beats 🙏

  • Maximiliaan Vermeulen
    Maximiliaan Vermeulen 16 days ago +1

    Worst intro ever! sorry:)

  • j0ery
    j0ery 16 days ago

    your review are really the best

  • Jayden Kim
    Jayden Kim 17 days ago +1

    Is the white version of this look better because I don't know which one to get. Black or white?

  • Hoody♤
    Hoody♤ 17 days ago

    Would you recommend the base model 4-core version Dave?

  • Jason Wilson
    Jason Wilson 17 days ago

    please review the 15

  • wenxin wang
    wenxin wang 17 days ago

    the read and write speed is faster than the 15 model ???????

  • Pascal Barreiro
    Pascal Barreiro 17 days ago

    Will you review the 15' version ?
    Apart the "classical" (but at the same time not so classical...) 2 fans, It has a lot of good features on paper for a "modern" laptop : 1.6 Kg (I'm French ;-) ) 2 ssd slots, 2 RAM slots up to 64 GB.
    Very few people talk about the 32 or 64 GB RAM but if you buy today a laptop for +/- 5 years, this feature is very important IMHO as you say in your country :-)

  • Joshua Concha
    Joshua Concha 17 days ago

    Hi Dave? any test with an eGpu?

  • Sarbesh Mallick
    Sarbesh Mallick 17 days ago

    *Cover* *Prestige* *15* *ASAP*

  • Insufferable Bonk
    Insufferable Bonk 17 days ago

    Anyone know what the difference between the modern 14 and prestige 14 is? Aside from the gpu/cpu differences, are they the same?

    • BarrettKillz
      BarrettKillz 15 days ago

      Insufferable Bonk There are big differences in build quality.

  • Sahar Salim Kazi
    Sahar Salim Kazi 18 days ago

    *Reads Title*
    Michael Scott: THATS WHAT SHE SAID

  • Alfred Nutile
    Alfred Nutile 18 days ago

    What amounts did Dave underclock the cpu and gpu?

  • PJ
    PJ 18 days ago

    disappointed... he only shares how this laptop looks like when opened for ~20 seconds in this 6 min video.

  • Андрей Назаренко

    How does it compare to MSI PS42 Modern 8RC with GTX 1050 in performance,noise, battery life etc?

  • kd sreng
    kd sreng 18 days ago

    I see Dave Lee is man of culture.
    Whenever I see Kurzgesagt, i click Like.

  • Youzofa
    Youzofa 18 days ago

    You look so tired, take care of yourself and thanks for the video! :) I have the older MSI prestige PS42, not really for gaming since I got the i5 8th gen version without graphics card, but definitely enough for work and very portable.

  • Ajay Khalsa
    Ajay Khalsa 18 days ago +1

    That's what she said

  • Ata Turkoglu
    Ata Turkoglu 18 days ago

    Laptops that don't have the separated numeric keys on the right side unfortunately don't serve 3D designers because they can't use many important shortcuts. But for anyone else it looks like a great laptop. Thanks for the video, as always you have very well explained.

  • David Chung
    David Chung 18 days ago

    6 hours is short battery life now...*Struggles to get 2 hours on my 15 inch*

  • App ai tutorial
    App ai tutorial 18 days ago

    Please review for acer swift 3 and acer aspire 5s for Budget

  • Fredric Yon
    Fredric Yon 18 days ago

    Hey guys, need some help here. Dell XPS 15 (9575) or Asus Zenbook 15 (UX534FT)?

  • Alex Grover
    Alex Grover 18 days ago

    How about the fact that it has a single stick of DDR3 2133MHz? Is that a big deal?

    • BarrettKillz
      BarrettKillz 15 days ago

      Alex Grover It does not. The RAM is soldered and it’s LPDDR3, not DDR3, there’s a big difference. Also it runs in dual channel so performance is not really an issue.

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy 18 days ago

    MSI is supposed to be known for great cooling and performance at stand out pricing. I’m glad that it’s designed to fight and undercut the razer blade stealth but the hard ware compromises are infuriating.

  • Kushal Jirawla
    Kushal Jirawla 19 days ago

    16 inch MacBook Pro full review?