• Published on Sep 21, 2017
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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel! Today's video will all be about the fuel jettison procedure, or better known as "FUEL DUMPING". Why do pilots dump costly fuel overboard, after you´ve just paid for it as a passenger? And what a terrible pollution of the environment! So pilots have to have a good enough reason why they do that?
    As jets began flying with US airlines in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the FAA rule in effect at the time mandated that if the ratio between an aircraft's maximum structural takeoff weight and its maximum structural landing weight was greater than 105%, the aircraft had to have a fuel dump system installed. Aircraft such as the Boeing 707 and 727 and the Douglas DC-8 had fuel dump systems. Any of those aircraft needing to return to a takeoff airport above the maximum landing weight would jettison an amount of fuel sufficient to reduce the aircraft's weight below that maximum landing weight limit and then land.
    And in our case, we have a medical emergency just beyond the coast of Scottland which forces us to land at the next suitable airport, which is Dublin. Then we´ll do the math on how much fuel we actually have to dump in order to safely land at Dublin airport below the maximum landing weight to not damage the airplane.
    We´ll quickly go over the fuel dumping panel and the actual fuel dumping hose of the Boeing 747.
    I hope you enjoy this basic explanation video on the fuel dumping procedure.
    BIG THANK YOU to my fellow subscribers who sent in the subtitles in their language, really appreciate your work!!!
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    Thanks for watching, all the best your "Captain" Joe
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  • 3IkhsanOfficial
    3IkhsanOfficial Day ago

    Captain Joe isn't a real Captain....

  • Ginnie M
    Ginnie M Day ago

    I didn't know being a flight captain requires much math and physics.

  • nextFauzindo
    nextFauzindo 2 days ago

    Ryanair: Better drop the passenger and cargo

  • Brunello Jaimes
    Brunello Jaimes 2 days ago

    Where did you study?

  • Blade
    Blade 2 days ago


  • Cristian Micu
    Cristian Micu 3 days ago

    then how this matches up with another video on you tube explaining how much fuel planes can save while flying from new york to london thanks to the JET STREAM air across the Atlantic?
    that video explained how as much as 5000$ on a trip can be saved
    but i didnt know then that you can also dump 55 tons of fuel on a whim LOL
    i guess the pilot that can proceed overweight landing can receive a bonus for the evening equal to lets say 10 tons of aircraft fuel. i wonder how much a bonus that is

  • Viktor Bjé
    Viktor Bjé 3 days ago

    Doesent the airplane have to be able to jettison the fuel in 15 minutes? Im pretty sure it says so in the Operationa Procedures subject

  • Joss Garrison
    Joss Garrison 3 days ago

    Dumping fuel you say shill?? 😂🤣
    It's called geoengineering!! This idiot is not even an airplane pilot I bet.

  • harshal shelke
    harshal shelke 3 days ago

    Cap joe can i do pilot trainning after completion of pharmacy

  • MadClanPC
    MadClanPC 4 days ago

    Chemtrails confirmed.

  • xc5647321 xc5647321
    xc5647321 xc5647321 5 days ago

    Funny all of my life though, people thought airliners and other aircraft were "dumping fuel" when it fact it was just wing vortices.

  • kevin villagomez
    kevin villagomez 5 days ago

    Too much math.

  • Anthony
    Anthony 6 days ago


  • Juan qwerty
    Juan qwerty 6 days ago

    Captain Joe how much you save a Boeing 747 F 8 cargo with full layered, removing 220462 Lbs at takeoff.

  • eiderglast
    eiderglast 6 days ago

    Why do airlines equip us with inflatables, but never parachutes? It's not like we'd all do a D.B. Cooper at a moments notice.

  • Joshua David Newmark

    I've got friends that swear pilots push a button that release chemicals to protect the ozone layer. You just gave me the answer to the rumors. I knew it wasn't true but now I can prove it.

    VICTORIA VIC 7 days ago +1

    Just because of ONE PASSENGER who need to be hospitalised asap !!!!!
    Airplane technology is so advanced.....can technology design much smaller shuttle plane landing on top of main plane WHILE STILL IN MID AIR to transfer sick passenger upward by A HATCH OPENING from one plane to another ???? JUST AN IDEA....FAR FETCH ????
    This idea can also saved passengers from a doomed plane while IN MID AIR !!!!!

    • Rui Zhu
      Rui Zhu 5 days ago

      Because who needs a heart attack when you got a mid air collision?

    • Kl Sushmit
      Kl Sushmit 6 days ago

      So instead of dumping the fuel , TO SAVE the cost.u suggest to deploy a seperate SHUTTLE for that purpose. Not to mention its fuel requirements and maintenance costs...😂😂...wow...how do u get this shitty ideas...

    • Ian Mannix
      Ian Mannix 6 days ago +2

      That is unequivocally the stupidest idea I've ever had the displeasure of reading in my life

  • STDrepository
    STDrepository 7 days ago

    The comma is wrong in your whiteboard explanation. In German and French that is right but you are writing in English which uses a decimal point not a comma.

  • 범 범
    범 범 8 days ago

    It was very interesting! Thank you.

  • CR C
    CR C 8 days ago

    Let me guess so they don’t explode when making an emergency landing

  • korelly
    korelly 8 days ago

    What I don't understand in it, is with the long-time experience of aeronautic engineers, why haven't they developped yet a solution better than wasting fuel? For example, why couldn't they invent a better shock-absorption system on the landing wheels?

  • Artur Desperski
    Artur Desperski 9 days ago

    Thank you for the polish subtitles kurwa mać. :)

    GOT SOMETHING 9 days ago

    Captain has 4 stripes on the shoulder; RIGHT...?

  • Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA

    What would cause military pilots to fly a penis shaped holding pattern?...

  • Derdre Schildzer
    Derdre Schildzer 10 days ago

    Je préfère l'allemand comme langue.

  • Atheist Tank
    Atheist Tank 10 days ago

    Great video! Man, anything requiring even a small amount of thinking brings out the idiots in the comment section. Very entertaining though!! Chemtrails... :/ SMH FML

  • Azeez Khan
    Azeez Khan 11 days ago

    Why overweight the plane in the first place? (MoneyRules)... Reduce the cargo and shit.

  • Gordon Sjöström
    Gordon Sjöström 11 days ago

    But duz not the full hurt the nature??#LOVENATURE

  • Zeeshan Imtiaz
    Zeeshan Imtiaz 12 days ago

    It’s because the fuel was cheating on the plane!

  • gansung21 freedom
    gansung21 freedom 12 days ago

    플라이위드수지 보다 좀 더 심도있는 동영상이네요... 그 분도 빨리 항공사 취직이 되어야 할텐데...

  • theNikotezi
    theNikotezi 13 days ago

    That "RyanAir" landing though, lol. 2:52

  • Ed Evans
    Ed Evans 15 days ago

    Cpt Joe is a MS Joystick Console Wiz. He rents his shirt from Fast Suits in NY. He owns a train set and his favorite engine is Gordon. He drinks lots of fruity slushies and love a sausage fest on Sundays. He's the man.

  • Stratoleft
    Stratoleft 15 days ago

    Don't assume to calculate weights to me you no talent hack. You have a license to do this stuff!!??? You nitwits don't know how to make an approach and landing when you're heavy? I do that all the time and learn to feel the difference in landing on an aircraft carrier WITH THE DROP TANK LOADED. Just because I'm uncomfortable landing with such an uncomfortable sink rate and compensating with airspeed, I try and teach myself the feel, which tells me that I'm already better at landing than you are. Better than you and all your punk pilot buddies put together. Don't try and blow around the issue of your failure of fuel management or other alternatives that could be done, such as alternate airports to land, if you can't handle the weight of the aircraft and sink rate. That way you would have the decency to extract fuel by the trucks and take off later. You could also alternate some of those passengers onto regional jets, if they're in some kinda hurry.

  • pingpongpung
    pingpongpung 15 days ago

    Disliked for having the title and description in Dutch, but the video in English.

  • Desert life
    Desert life 15 days ago

    Best teacher ever

  • Stratoleft
    Stratoleft 16 days ago

    LoL. What a flippin' card. This guy starts out this crock of a video sitting in the right seat of a cockpit. How nice. Really makes the guy look like an authority on the subject, doesn't it?

  • Stratoleft
    Stratoleft 16 days ago

    Because you didn't properly plan your fuel to begin with?

  • Marlhon Joseph Lim
    Marlhon Joseph Lim 16 days ago

    How about, don't put overweight passengers on board, so as not to waste any fossil fuels!! 😂 😂😂 just kidding!!! Lol

  • Philippe Hieronimus
    Philippe Hieronimus 17 days ago

    What a pollution

  • saysomethingsmart comeonentertainme

    You earn yourself a new subscriber. Thank for rekindling my love for planes.

  • Cat Lover Gamer Roblox Lover

    Thanks For Mentioning Australia :)

    J ALPHA 17 days ago

    Who te hell translated this to spanish, it is so cringy

  • Sebastian Nielsen
    Sebastian Nielsen 17 days ago

    I wonder, isn't it possible to do a softer landing instead? Basically, land on the glidescope of 3 red, 1 White on the papi, which gives a slower descent rate and the touchdown becomes much less severe, thus the landing inpact doesn't become as high as a "normal" landing, provided theres no obstructions in the pathway. Maybe thats how a overweight landing is done?

  • Me Too
    Me Too 17 days ago

    "Why do pilots dump fuel"

    Because the planes bladder is full

  • Carlo Gabriel
    Carlo Gabriel 17 days ago

    Wow I didn't know that fuel dumping was a thing

  • jayanth guna
    jayanth guna 17 days ago

    why dont we have 5 or 6 tons of space to not to make these incidents .sorry i dont know clear english if any grammatical mistake forgive me.

  • Zaki Hassan
    Zaki Hassan 17 days ago

    Why do commercial planes have no parachute

  • Aparna Panicker
    Aparna Panicker 18 days ago

    Hi Captain ,
    Can you please provide with your mail id , just to ask some queries I have

    • FILNAT2011
      FILNAT2011 9 days ago

      Captain Joe@notonyourbloodylife.com

  • Sirius Black
    Sirius Black 19 days ago +4

    0:40 that same white spray happens to me but from my front.

  • Cave z
    Cave z 19 days ago +2

    CHEM TRAILS!!!!!

  • Gravel Muncher
    Gravel Muncher 19 days ago

    I don’t think they realised the time of the video

  • Itz Dusty
    Itz Dusty 19 days ago

    Shouldn’t the fuel be included in the dry operating weight because a plane can’t operate without fuel

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis 19 days ago

    Reduce Altitude , Put a Parachute on the Patient[ Heat Attack], Open the Cargo Door ,Kick his /her sorry Ass out. Continue on to your destination. You lighten the Plane, save Fuel, and now, there is an extra Dinner on board.

  • Ottoman Gaming
    Ottoman Gaming 19 days ago

    2:04 That aircraft is now in the Turkish Republic!

  • Randomthingz2show Randomthingz2show

    What simulator was that?

  • eye
    eye 20 days ago

    Jet plane using compressed air as main fuel. It does not need more fuel.

    • Danny R.
      Danny R. 18 days ago

      Ur so fucking dumb the plane doesn't use compressed air it just flaps the wings so it can fly that's why they're called wings

  • Pushkar Joshi
    Pushkar Joshi 20 days ago

    Why waste such costly fossil fuel ?

  • James Cowan
    James Cowan 20 days ago

    Very nice presentation and thank you! I retired from aviation maintenance after 44 years and it's still the most fascinating thing which I never tire of! I appreciate your mentioning the smaller airliners like the 737's which was the type and class of commercial jets I was most involved with. Most of our routes were short to medium range, and the way we planned, burning off excess fuel wasn't usually too much of a problem for us. Hard landings were more of concern for me than overweight. Fortunately, it was a rare thing.

  • abuaseel01
    abuaseel01 20 days ago +1

    I thought it was because in case the engine explodes or there is a fire somewhere on board or they need to make an emergency landing, dumping the fuel would guarantee that the explosion or fire afterwards is less lethal.

    • Danny R.
      Danny R. 18 days ago

      Technically correct. If the plane is over the Max. Landing weight that might happen

  • Bradyy
    Bradyy 20 days ago

    6:30 understand this bit, however, what if for example the closest route would be to near to not allow enough time for fuel dumping? eg, 35 mins needed to dump fuel in order to reach an airport 25 minutes away. Would you resolve this problem by just going to a different airport which is slightly further away?

    • Danny R.
      Danny R. 18 days ago

      Most likely would loop around for a while

  • Mj Mj
    Mj Mj 20 days ago

    How about the environment? What rules is followed to reduce pollution

    • Danny R.
      Danny R. 18 days ago

      You know the gas disappears before it hits the ground right? It's done extremely rarely too.

  • Hulls Colby
    Hulls Colby 20 days ago

    **puts tin foil hat**
    Those are chem trails.

  • Gaby Conscious
    Gaby Conscious 21 day ago

    I Want To Be A Pilot
    Anyone to guide me please

    C.A.L.A AGENCY 21 day ago

    Thumbnail 9:11
    Video 9:10

  • uncle ted L
    uncle ted L 21 day ago

    All's I'm gonna say is,,,,,,,
    Flat Earth

  • Aleatha Vogel
    Aleatha Vogel 22 days ago

    6:48 - "...that the dumping operations have to be coordinated with ATC." Unless you're a screenwriter for Hollywood. In the movie _Flight_ the pilot played by Denzel Washington dumps the fuel at 22,000ft without asking ATC. A few seconds later he calls ATC and *_tells_* them he's dumping fuel, he doesn't ask them. Of course I realize there are plenty of other technical issues wrong with that movie. ;)

    DASH CAMERA RO 22 days ago

    is angry with his colleague as flying under him, or he has made too much fuel economy, or he is angry at the company that works...i just kidding...sure i know why 😀 ✈

  • Greg O Brian
    Greg O Brian 22 days ago

    This is non sense.

  • kamathln
    kamathln 23 days ago

    Pump them into huge balloons fitted with parachutes and jettison them. The balloons can be fitted with AI powered paramotors to guide them safely to airports or drop them in oceans or unpopulated areas. Of course, GPS tracked to fetch them later..

    • kamathln
      kamathln 18 days ago

      +Danny R. Yes. But balloons can deflate for storage.

    • Danny R.
      Danny R. 18 days ago +1

      Lol those would have to be some giant ass balloons

  • Samantha Peters
    Samantha Peters 23 days ago

    By the time I do the maths, there will be no fuel left.

  • Schmoo
    Schmoo 23 days ago +1

    So THESE are the famous chemtrails I hear about all the time ? What, no ? Oh man I've been lied to again ! DAMN YOU ILLUMUNATHINGS!
    On a more serious note, I discovered your channel yesterday, and frankly love your content ! Very informative, entertaining, good rythm, you're a great video cook !

    • Pluto :
      Pluto : 2 days ago

      +Schmoo you just watched a video of them spraying carcinogens into the air. How is this trolling. You are trolling.
      If an oil pipeline leaked oil into a river and people got cancer, is this just conspiracy theories?

    • Schmoo
      Schmoo 2 days ago

      +Pluto : Heh, this formulation shows you're either trolling or have no argument. Have a good day :D

    • Pluto :
      Pluto : 3 days ago

      +Schmoo its no secret the chemicals in jet fuel like benzene are carcinogenic.

    • Schmoo
      Schmoo 3 days ago

      +Pluto : Please provide elements that tends to prove this claim, I'm interested

    • Pluto :
      Pluto : 3 days ago

      Jet fuel is cancerous. And they are spraying it into the air

  • Attual Rai Chand
    Attual Rai Chand 23 days ago

    This problem can be designed out of plane design.

  • mjberndt76
    mjberndt76 23 days ago

    Why can't the fuel be pumped into some sort of container and let the container parachute to the ground to be picked up and reused?

    • mjberndt76
      mjberndt76 18 days ago

      Guess you don't know what a parachute is

    • Danny R.
      Danny R. 18 days ago

      Imagine a plane releasing a massive 100 ton gas tank on someone's house.

    • Danny R.
      Danny R. 18 days ago

      Doesn't sound like a great idea to to drop a tank of gas just anywhere

  • Extreme Yumnam
    Extreme Yumnam 24 days ago

    Explaining how to take shit in morning.,😂

  • Brendon Moore
    Brendon Moore 24 days ago

    Why don’t they put the fuel in a canister that can be collected later.
    So instead of dumping the fuel into the atmosphere the move the over supplies fuel into the canister and jettison that Instead.

  • kan petyim
    kan petyim 24 days ago


  • Aminata Becion
    Aminata Becion 25 days ago

    Ok very interesting, now I endestant those line of airplanes high in the sky is dumping fuel. Hopefully the pilots will not make a mistake by calculating the amount of fuel to dump. 👏🤗

  • John Smith
    John Smith 25 days ago

    Great for the environment

  • Jin Kyu Chang
    Jin Kyu Chang 25 days ago

    Thanks for Korean subtitle.

  • christian b
    christian b 25 days ago

    Are you guy trying to make people believe that all the strips on the sky is dumped fuel?

  • u comment
    u comment 25 days ago

    isn't that dangerous for the environment?

  • harami Jaiswal
    harami Jaiswal 26 days ago

    What would be preser of fule dump?

  • Mario Cendo
    Mario Cendo 26 days ago

    What's that chemtrail button for ???

  • doubt s
    doubt s 26 days ago


    • A2DJP
      A2DJP 24 days ago

      The aircraft is sealed and pressurized. You can't really throw anything that high up except fuel.

  • kishore ahmed
    kishore ahmed 26 days ago

    Finally I understood why the swiss air pilots gave importance to dumping the fuel even there is a fire in cockpit.

  • hidden75
    hidden75 27 days ago

    Great, now the poor victim will be billed for both an ambulance ride and 77 TONS of fuel when they land!

  • weasel945
    weasel945 27 days ago

    Person on the ground below: lights a cigarette and is immediately engulfed in a fireball.

    • Danny R.
      Danny R. 18 days ago

      Smoking drops to 0% after Boeing drops all fuel over america

  • Meesie Gamer
    Meesie Gamer 27 days ago

    Thats why in some video’s i see netherlands undertitle

  • cristopher william ramos linares

    Waaaao so thats the reason why we do see lines after the passing of an airplane 👀

    • Danny R.
      Danny R. 18 days ago

      Most likely it's from the sewage system or just water vapor

  • D Jugaszek
    D Jugaszek 27 days ago

    They should calculate this before take off to avoid waste.

  • D Jugaszek
    D Jugaszek 27 days ago

    Jet fuel is expensive. Airlines usually want to save and be as efficient as possible. Very questionable.

    • Danny R.
      Danny R. 18 days ago

      What's better? Dump fuel to do emergency landing OR fucking explode when you hit the ground

  • haradanam
    haradanam 27 days ago

    Thanks for the informative video.
    12 tons/hour actually calculates to 0.5 tons/min. Not 0.2.

  • 280zjammer
    280zjammer 28 days ago

    And that's what chemtrails really are. Fuel added to the condensation.

  • SdH76zhEU
    SdH76zhEU 28 days ago

    What happens if it has to go really quick, no time for half an hour, like the case of swissair111? Could they risk landing with all the fuel on, i mean they almost should have tried, if they had known..?!!

    • Danny R.
      Danny R. 18 days ago

      If they can't dump it in time they have to do a heavy landing procedure

  • ID Movies
    ID Movies 29 days ago +1

    Blog on fuel dumping visit: phantomplane.blogspot.com

  • Mircea T
    Mircea T 29 days ago +1

    you nazi piece of shit

  • Arnold Sinyangwe
    Arnold Sinyangwe 29 days ago

    May some one calculate number of words spoken by the pilot per minute.

  • Adaja Palmer
    Adaja Palmer 29 days ago

    Why don't any plane fly over Antarctica

  • hj M
    hj M 29 days ago

    und sank you for flying Lufthansa !

  • justice korea
    justice korea Month ago

    캠트레일 비행기로 상공에서 화학물질뿌리는거임. 빌게이츠가 거짓말했죠? 캠트래일은 기후조절하기위해 뿌리는거라고 ~! 프랑스 기후협약은 캠트레일을 얼마든지 기후조절핑계로 뿌릴려고 하는 협약일뿐 트럼프는 기후협략 탈퇴했죠?? 그리고 자국민에게 그랬다죠 캠트래일 화학물질 뿌리지못하게 막을거라고~! 응원합니다~!!!빌게이츠는 악명높은 유전자조작식품 GMO재배판매하는 기업 몬산토 투자자죠 요즘 바이엘이 인수한걸로 아는데 ??
    빌게이츠의 부인과 함께 만든 재단 맬린다재단인가그 재단도 악명높죠 좋은일하는것처럼 포장하고는 예방접종약 자궁암예방접종 부작용 심해서 일본인가는 중지시켰죠?? 미국 항공우주국 나사는 태양을 여러개 띄울수있는기술력을 갖고있답니다 그리고 씨아이에이도 유엔도 절대 믿어선 안됩니다 다 돈의 협력꾼들입니다 아프리카 짐바브웨?인가 거기 식량부족으로 고민중인데 유엔에서 유전자조작Gmo옥수수를 지원해주겠다고했죠?? 그랬더니 그 아프리카대통령이 우리는 굶어죽더라도 독을 먹을순없다고했다면서요?? 세계가 독성강한 GMO와 캠트레일에 감시와 금지법을 만드는중입니다 캐나다는 캠트레일금지법만들었다고하네요