• Published on Sep 21, 2017
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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel! Today's video will all be about the fuel jettison procedure, or better known as "FUEL DUMPING". Why do pilots dump costly fuel overboard, after you´ve just paid for it as a passenger? And what a terrible pollution of the environment! So pilots have to have a good enough reason why they do that?
    As jets began flying with US airlines in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the FAA rule in effect at the time mandated that if the ratio between an aircraft's maximum structural takeoff weight and its maximum structural landing weight was greater than 105%, the aircraft had to have a fuel dump system installed. Aircraft such as the Boeing 707 and 727 and the Douglas DC-8 had fuel dump systems. Any of those aircraft needing to return to a takeoff airport above the maximum landing weight would jettison an amount of fuel sufficient to reduce the aircraft's weight below that maximum landing weight limit and then land.
    And in our case, we have a medical emergency just beyond the coast of Scottland which forces us to land at the next suitable airport, which is Dublin. Then we´ll do the math on how much fuel we actually have to dump in order to safely land at Dublin airport below the maximum landing weight to not damage the airplane.
    We´ll quickly go over the fuel dumping panel and the actual fuel dumping hose of the Boeing 747.
    I hope you enjoy this basic explanation video on the fuel dumping procedure.
    BIG THANK YOU to my fellow subscribers who sent in the subtitles in their language, really appreciate your work!!!
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    Thanks for watching, all the best your "Captain" Joe
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  • Doterte Buster
    Doterte Buster 2 hours ago

    look a video content about airplane and the video length on the thumbnail is 9:11!!!

  • The Egocentric Predicament

    Lol the subtitles 0:05

  • zach trensey
    zach trensey 7 hours ago

    Weak argument

  • louis
    louis 12 hours ago

    Learned something

  • maanvol
    maanvol 21 hour ago

    Of course, 'fuel dumping' is sheer criminal behaviour! Each airport ought to have fuel-collecting planes that would go up to collect superfluous fuel when needed! But, polluting the environment is a lot less expensive!

  • jilo kizito
    jilo kizito Day ago

    I think in the future, this is one thing our great great grand kids will be thinking of how wasteful we are now that we waste what we is really costly.

  • jilo kizito
    jilo kizito Day ago

    Where does the dumping fuel land? On our heads?

    • A2DJP
      A2DJP 14 hours ago

      It generally vaporizes in the atmosphere.

  • Da IBM
    Da IBM Day ago

    The aviation industry can't find a better way to dump the extra useless weight in 2019? Ummm...

  • Jakob Selman
    Jakob Selman Day ago +1

    This plane dump fuel på Boeing dump passengers

  • Benjamin Powell
    Benjamin Powell Day ago

    I dumped 90k lbs in one go. It felt dirty.

  • aboelsof alabed
    aboelsof alabed Day ago

    None since with all do respect. Since they calculate everything why they don't calculate the weight of the airplane the speed the wind and whatever else. Since we have sensors for everything. How about don't be lazy and use your brain dumping fuel should be for to minimize a bad situation could happen if you have no choices at all. But if you do have a Time to anticipate the situation you shouldn't have any problem with the weight of the airplane

    • A2DJP
      A2DJP 14 hours ago

      Fuel dumping is an emergency procedure. No one intentionally does it, as it costs any airline a lot.
      So if an aircraft is dumping fuel, then it is the most imminent option available

  • Nemo D123
    Nemo D123 2 days ago

    does any one has statistics of how much fuel all air companies dump in a year in total? Why they not design removable fuel canisters, so they can dumb with parachutes and save fuel.

    • A2DJP
      A2DJP 14 hours ago

      Not practical. It will increase costs and weight. And this weight will increase fuel burn rate. So it'll offset any fuel saved by the mechanism when needed.

  • -MčČłôškêr-
    -MčČłôškêr- 2 days ago

    The video is 9 minutes and 11 seconds long wtf

  • Siddhartha
    Siddhartha 2 days ago +3

    How many tons of gallons of aviation fuel have been supposedly dumped over the world? How much of an impact has that caused to our environment?
    It that the persecution they would rather be at fault than revealing the actual technology used now a days?

  • William Allen
    William Allen 2 days ago +1

    It’sfucking Chemtrail do your research you stupid idiot they poisoning us wake up 9/11 was a inside job and the earth is flat and we never landed on the moon

  • Sit Pat
    Sit Pat 2 days ago

    Is that pee

  • Argeny Sandoval
    Argeny Sandoval 2 days ago +1

    ¿Why do pilots chemtrail over cities during regular altitude trips?

  • The King
    The King 3 days ago

    They dump human waste also

  • Funcheon Mc Truncheon
    Funcheon Mc Truncheon 3 days ago +2

    Ryanair charge extra for fuel dumping.. Or they just throw sone passengers out the door..

  • allah 1234 allah 123456

    Very good Capt. JoeThis is very informative video for everyone and especially for those who interested about flight and flight problems.

  • t.gonzales
    t.gonzales 3 days ago

    i understood nothing

  • Demonking2323
    Demonking2323 3 days ago

    Geoengineering. Chemtrails.

  • fqn 3
    fqn 3 3 days ago +1

    So practice landing softer. A harsh landing with low fuel could also cause damage. Years from now we would facepalm this practice.

  • 907 250r
    907 250r 3 days ago

    This video make anyone else thirsty?

  • Frank Collins
    Frank Collins 4 days ago

    Still a fucking waste of fuel and money, absolutely stupid procedure and just a waste

  • Blaine Webster
    Blaine Webster 4 days ago +1

    The same reason I dump...to feel much lighter .

  • JDKeeling
    JDKeeling 4 days ago

    What happens to the fuel once it has been dumped?

  • Tamian San
    Tamian San 4 days ago


  • T P
    T P 4 days ago +1

    Instead of dumping fuel they should have an unfueling plane fly above/below the plane when they're circling the airport and link up and extract the excess fuel and save that fuel, somehow.

    • A2DJP
      A2DJP 14 hours ago

      Firstly its too ill practical.
      And second, the unfuelling plane is also using its own fuel, so there is hardly any savings.

    • T P
      T P 3 days ago

      +iLLzWiLLz Watu'z yeah, you'd figure they'd be doing that, trying to save money and gas.

    • iLLzWiLLz Watu'z
      iLLzWiLLz Watu'z 3 days ago

      That's what drones are for

  • Donald Zorniger
    Donald Zorniger 4 days ago

    When they get ready to CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Ransom
    Daniel Ransom 4 days ago

    hahahaha wat a dumbass......u mean the chem trails coming outa planes.........he said the take off wait doesnt matter its the landing weight .that matters.....hahhahahahhaha......sure wat ever dude........

  • GreenBoy at GA Farms
    GreenBoy at GA Farms 4 days ago +1

    So what's EPA doing about fuel dumping here in the usa. I guess when we can't grow food for everyone to eat do to pollution from fuel dumping you could always just drink a bunch of jet fuel

  • Vas Yan
    Vas Yan 4 days ago +1

    Lol it's easy. Pilots dump fuel because they dont get paid enough and their working conditions are bad because of pressure of airline companies, so this is a way to get back at em 😇

  • Pipi Papa
    Pipi Papa 4 days ago

    Dump fuel only when require emergency landing.

  • O9r Geronimo
    O9r Geronimo 5 days ago +1

    Should only be done in extreme emergency..it is environmental crime

  • Night NDay
    Night NDay 5 days ago +13

    One damn sec there cowboy..... conspiracy theorists have been saying its chemtrails for YEARS!! Now were just gonna call it “dumping” even though EVERYONE called us crazy and it was suppose to be just “water vapor.” Im done!!!

    • Cory Brown
      Cory Brown Hour ago

      +AyeRaxX420 did you miss the point where the news, scientists and everyone always said "its just water vapor" but then clearly its not, and you even just said it wasn't yourself, so obviously there was a huge lie whether you believe in chem trails or not.

    • AyeRaxX420
      AyeRaxX420 3 days ago

      Way to create your own narrative. Smh contrails arent the same. Please educate yourself with true proven information, not bullshit youtube theories.

    • YousefPoosef
      YousefPoosef 3 days ago +1

      Night NDay dumping fuel is different from contrails at high altitudes due to low temperatures XD

  • I'm sofa king hungry!
    I'm sofa king hungry! 5 days ago +30

    If I dump gas I get a hefty fine. I guess if you have enough money the EPA looks the other way.

    • Nemo D123
      Nemo D123 2 days ago

      Car users pay for all this pollution. Like congestion charges in towns, co2 charge and so on. Easy cash cow.

  • Mr. Potato
    Mr. Potato 5 days ago +2

    Video is 9:11 long // twin Towerrrrr

  • Joshman601
    Joshman601 5 days ago

    This is why our plane tickets cost so much. You guy's need to loose some weight and bring lighter luggage. Then they won't have to waste as much fuel. 😎

  • Kpizzle Price
    Kpizzle Price 5 days ago +1

    Dose this have a long term effect on the air we are breathing? 🤔

    • panzer waffen
      panzer waffen 5 days ago

      Of course... Check videos about chemtrail and ways Illuminati are reducing world population ...

  • life form
    life form 5 days ago

    They dumped the fuel in the hood.

  • Olivia Noe Gonzalez
    Olivia Noe Gonzalez 5 days ago

    So they dump fuel no wonder why gas prices are sky rocketing dam planes are wasting all our fuel. Dam america started a war to take fuel just to dump that shit

  • Luis V.
    Luis V. 5 days ago

    My brain is confused to much math

  • sugajoans 420
    sugajoans 420 5 days ago

    I dont get it they know the weight of the plane,and plus how many people go on the plane, so then they should know how much feul to put in. wtf they really think were some stupid human beins dont they.😠😡😤

  • none of your concern
    none of your concern 5 days ago +1

    They fuel dump to poison everyone

  • Allan Ali
    Allan Ali 6 days ago

    Funny this video is 9 min 11 secs

  • Riff Raff
    Riff Raff 6 days ago +2

    This is why the water in Las Vegas is poisonous. Lake Mead is our only water source and it's a man made puddle just minutes from McCarran airport

  • Dominik Knapik
    Dominik Knapik 6 days ago

    Have less passengers and stop polluting the air.Whatever excuse you make in the video for it does not justify doing this to the environment.Have a nice day

  • No help Arrow
    No help Arrow 6 days ago +1

    So dats wut it is

  • Niroshan Wijethunga
    Niroshan Wijethunga 6 days ago

    Dumping fuels... Oh god what a waste 🙄

  • warlock 4342 From Australia

    Shit shit...

  • Charles Simpson
    Charles Simpson 6 days ago +2

    This video is 9:11 minutes long. Coincidence?

    • O Devious
      O Devious 4 days ago

      +XamoT 5.7 Charles the kind of dude to start shit over nothing lol

    • XamoT 5.7
      XamoT 5.7 4 days ago +1

      +O Devious 😂😂😂😂

    • O Devious
      O Devious 4 days ago +1


  • Kase_one 1
    Kase_one 1 6 days ago

    It's chemtrails not fuel don't lie

    • abdul wakeel
      abdul wakeel 5 days ago +1

      So they put chemtrails in the air wouldn't that be dangerous for them also?

  • Bill Witler
    Bill Witler 7 days ago

    Bru that's chem trail

  • wurtzi1221
    wurtzi1221 7 days ago

    Good video. But please stop the annoying background music.

  • Kevin Berry
    Kevin Berry 7 days ago +3

    Some conspiracy theorists say it is government cloud seeding

  • kris ali
    kris ali 7 days ago

    Shouldnt everything be already calculated before takeoff...if so dumping makes no sense...there's something else going on they're not telling us.

    • Kraken
      Kraken 6 days ago

      Are u dumb. Emergency landings.

  • Bob Carrillo
    Bob Carrillo 7 days ago +3

    Of course a plane video would be 9:11 minutes long, makes perfect sense

  • Manu Bhaskar
    Manu Bhaskar 7 days ago

    Capt. Joe can you do a video on DC-3.

  • Archer Cillian
    Archer Cillian 7 days ago +1

    SJWs would prefer you dump white males instead.

  • Indra Fernandez
    Indra Fernandez 8 days ago

    Well, that will freak the conspiracy theorist...

  • Kareem Almond
    Kareem Almond 8 days ago +1

    2 years later they were flying this exact plane trying to dump the fuel but weren’t paying attention and the auto pilot failed and the plane crashed no one survived...
    Yes search it up

  • SightLine
    SightLine 8 days ago +43

    They're dumping fuel and I can barely afford to fill up my vehicle.

    • Jerrypapi
      Jerrypapi 4 days ago +1


    • Richie F
      Richie F 4 days ago +5


  • SkitZ GaminG
    SkitZ GaminG 8 days ago

    wow this is insanly complicated

  • Kevin Ayala
    Kevin Ayala 8 days ago +1

    That's what they want u to think when they really chemtrails to lower the population

  • Kevin Ayala
    Kevin Ayala 8 days ago +23

    That's what they want u to think when they really chemtrails to lower the population

  • JonGameable
    JonGameable 8 days ago

    So that's where rain comes from

  • Rohit Dumawat
    Rohit Dumawat 9 days ago


  • Tunetul Gaming
    Tunetul Gaming 9 days ago

    Real explanation:That is some deodorant to make the air smell nicer

  • Brandon Bonaccorso
    Brandon Bonaccorso 9 days ago

    Chem trails people!

  • [Mr.][Asian][Guy] [Plays][Video][Games]

    I will look at pilots n flying the same ever again

  • Zaghum Sarwar
    Zaghum Sarwar 9 days ago +12

    oh so no one’s gonna talk about how long this video is? 🤭

  • Ahmed Faidi
    Ahmed Faidi 9 days ago

    The Arabic subtitles are so funny 😂😂

  • Ibnu Zandra BACHTIAR

    Because it's too heavy for landing

  • Brian Reed
    Brian Reed 10 days ago

    So they are dumping 8-10 thousand gallons of fuel...
    If you had to dump 77,000lbs of fuel. Give or take depending on the exact weight of a gallon of kerosene.

  • lds251
    lds251 10 days ago

    What if you're in the middle of Kansas or someplace without an ocean and have to dump fuel? Do they dump it on people's houses? (Obviously, I'm not a pilot.) And what if it happens right after takeoff, do they dump then? I've heard a lot of atc's where the pilot says they have to come right back to the airport for some reason.

  • Michael Sabrosky
    Michael Sabrosky 10 days ago

    Nobody talking about the video being 9:11 long?

  • Pabro
    Pabro 10 days ago

    I would never dump that much fuel for a stupid fat person having a heart attack. The fuel is worth more than their life.

  • JCResonator
    JCResonator 10 days ago +2

    And there is nothing dangerous about this? Dumping chemicals on top of fresh crops, or on us?

  • Oby-1
    Oby-1 11 days ago

    Napalm by civilians.

  • Rise Of The Valkrye
    Rise Of The Valkrye 11 days ago

    That passenger will die in that plane 35 minutes until the plane is ready to land plus time to reach the airport that's about 45 - 5o minutes before the passenger who suffered a heart attack can be given proper medical treatment and be transported to the nearest hospital.

  • Michael Cmar
    Michael Cmar 12 days ago +2

    You know I really hope he doesn't get fired for this

  • [D4rk-Esports] autistic

    But if the man had a heart attack and it take 45min to Dublin he might be dead then

  • mari millennium
    mari millennium 12 days ago


  • Natalia Molina
    Natalia Molina 14 days ago

    Excellent 👏👏👏👏❤❤❤

  • DJ ATM
    DJ ATM 14 days ago

    Brilliant man....much love from Kenya

  • Rebecca Jimenez
    Rebecca Jimenez 14 days ago

    ....then stop loading our planes with so many people. Less people you get to keep your fuel and not waste my God the wasteing here...remove a few people is up to 500 or more pounds lost. Fuel isnt that heavy. Heavy but not that much

    • THS11382
      THS11382 12 days ago

      just a really rough mental calculation yeah? say you're flying from san fran to LA. about an hour and 38 minutes at 12 tons p/h and the fuel price is $81 per bbl, (7.33 barrels to a ton) you're using roughly 18 and a bit tons for that flight right. its about $10687 in fuel for that flight. you can carry up to 215 people and its about 135$ per person. you have 6 or so crew members excluding the pilots to pay. this kinda speaks for its self, net amount of money from this flight is 29025$

  • Iron Oxide
    Iron Oxide 14 days ago

    To avoid a hard landing. And avoid hot breaks. Both can be serious issues.

  • 썬데이조
    썬데이조 14 days ago +1

    Good information

  • Wolfgang Mozart
    Wolfgang Mozart 15 days ago +1

    Not dumping fuel! It's a thing called chemtrail... Oh Crap the FBI!

  • Pilot Ulli
    Pilot Ulli 15 days ago

    Hello Joe. Is it possible to ignite the leaking kerosene, as John McClane did in "The Hard 2"? I think not, because of the needed high ignition temperature.

  • shonit bolar
    shonit bolar 15 days ago

    A plane has to pee just like everyone does lol

  • Emily Attfield
    Emily Attfield 17 days ago

    Notice this video is 9:11 seconds long...

  • Isaac Santana
    Isaac Santana 17 days ago


  • AYBIN. V. K
    AYBIN. V. K 17 days ago


  • Lucy Stammer
    Lucy Stammer 18 days ago

    There’s so much maths with better by a pilot 🤯

  • abmo32
    abmo32 18 days ago

    wait.... fuel burned per hr = 12 tonnes??? holy camoly, and I thought my car burned a lot..

  • Andrej Smiljic
    Andrej Smiljic 18 days ago

    My life now have a point

  • Arjun Kapoor
    Arjun Kapoor 18 days ago

    Very good explanation with the water bottle totally explained it perfectly

  • Degaule Teye
    Degaule Teye 19 days ago

    Ok this is question considering higher fuel rate in most of our economy why can't the manufacturers of aircrafts consider in future a mechanism that can save those quantum waste of fuel in air instead of wasting and polluting our global environment ? pls Pilot Joe kindly answer me ok.Good job though thanx