The Best Of Eagle Attacks 2018 - Most Amazing Moments Of Wild Animal Fights! Wild Discovery Animals

  • Published on Apr 14, 2018
  • The Best Of Eagle Attacks 2018 - Most Amazing Moments Of Wild Animal Fights! Wild Discovery Animals
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  • Chanrei Horam
    Chanrei Horam 3 hours ago +1

    And that's the reason why God doesn't give human a wing.

  • alex Kern
    alex Kern 14 hours ago

    Not gonna lie it was sorta satisfying seeing that goat get thrown off the cliff

  • Tofik Malik
    Tofik Malik Day ago

    Bhai music ka naam btao

  • Gashaw Lemma
    Gashaw Lemma Day ago


  • Patzy Sanchez
    Patzy Sanchez Day ago

    Imagen it took the goat 3 days to stop falling

  • saurabh tyagi
    saurabh tyagi 3 days ago

    More dangerous then any other animal..

  • Debbie Cotton
    Debbie Cotton 4 days ago +1

    Falcon dive!🦅

  • Michael Marquez
    Michael Marquez 5 days ago +1

    Eagle1452 Eliminated Goat1462 With a Great Fall (58 meters)

  • Vanneza Llamas
    Vanneza Llamas 7 days ago

    Your fake u just want money I know

  • Jamerson Wesson
    Jamerson Wesson 7 days ago


  • Wolf 302
    Wolf 302 9 days ago


  • Ipan Bontang
    Ipan Bontang 10 days ago

    Lion= King of Land
    Dolphin= King of Ocean
    Eagle= King of Air

  • Monika Singh
    Monika Singh 10 days ago

    I DIDNT SEE A CROCODILE(jk they weigh 3000 pounds)

  • Dante Ezekiel Serena
    Dante Ezekiel Serena 10 days ago

    0:00 that's a hawk

  • Peter Budd
    Peter Budd 12 days ago

    I feel bad for goat

  • Crystal Harvok
    Crystal Harvok 12 days ago


  • Dragon Fight Spinners
    Dragon Fight Spinners 12 days ago

    This video is funny and epic. But
    What song is in the ending

  • Helen Petlin
    Helen Petlin 13 days ago

    Eagles are amazing birds!Phenomenal brave and extraordinary talent of huntering! Powerful and relentless!Great video.Thanks.

  • Kristin Brendel
    Kristin Brendel 13 days ago


  • Francisco Mariño
    Francisco Mariño 15 days ago

    _I can show the world..._

  • Michael Kramer SaW
    Michael Kramer SaW 19 days ago

    1:27 name of the song pls

  • Purple
    Purple 19 days ago +2

    This is very sad 😢

  • 5thDawg
    5thDawg 20 days ago

    Thie woule be a perfect training exercise to do with snipers

  • Ray Boy_theguy
    Ray Boy_theguy 20 days ago

    That shit surprised me when it knowingly flung the goat of the cliff, these birds are smart asf, true descendants of “raptors” no prey to small or big.

  • Rah L.
    Rah L. 20 days ago +2

    Who else thought the Goat was gonna get up? 😂

    • dar
      dar 18 days ago


  • Hema20000 Subba2000
    Hema20000 Subba2000 21 day ago

    l like so much eagle

  • Lulu Stylez
    Lulu Stylez 22 days ago +1

    Best video Ive seen in my life

  • Namnam04
    Namnam04 22 days ago

    the music always ruin the video

  • Roy Bernard Kozlov
    Roy Bernard Kozlov 22 days ago

    The other thumbnail shows it's a sheep.

  • Bryan Lopez
    Bryan Lopez 23 days ago +1

    that first goat needed commando pro.. smh

  • Aron Loewen
    Aron Loewen 28 days ago +1

    Anyone else thinking holyshit

  • Old Gold
    Old Gold 29 days ago +1

    One gangsta eagle flying the friendly skies throwing goats and things off the cliff. 0:35. Run my likes before I send it your way.

  • Mir Shabir
    Mir Shabir Month ago

    Living missile the fighting Falcons, couldn't stop myself loving them. Such great creation of Allah Almighty

  • Waseem
    Waseem Month ago +1

    hai che himu trat wasan be chenis creators thuk paen katrinas khapni seet.

  • Johnny Campell
    Johnny Campell Month ago

    1:18 his face looks like a turtle.

  • водкадимир Пу́тин


  • Thisguyagain
    Thisguyagain Month ago

    Dang the bald eagle is strong

  • Kinaryo Hadi
    Kinaryo Hadi Month ago


  • Hưng Duy
    Hưng Duy Month ago +1


  • Usaini Mohd Albarkawa
    Usaini Mohd Albarkawa Month ago +6

    very wonderful bird,eagle

  • Dan Jav
    Dan Jav Month ago

    Pretty fucking brutal

  • Kirbylore Eh?
    Kirbylore Eh? Month ago +8

    "Raptors" not "Eagles". Great Grey, Peregrine, and Osprey aren't eagles, they're their own groups. Also, "Venomous" not "Poisonous"

  • Fanny Perez
    Fanny Perez Month ago

    That eagle at the end in the water wth did he catch????

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller Month ago

    And somehow after an hour of watching the recommended videos I end up on best eagle attacks of 2018

  • shahrazade26
    shahrazade26 Month ago

    Clickbait. I saw this for the avatar. There was no eagle carrying a crocodile.

  • Dee Pee
    Dee Pee Month ago

    You should've ducked, goose.

  • BearPapa1990
    BearPapa1990 Month ago

    There’s a reason the bald eagle is America’s bird wether it be land, water or air they will find you and kill you

  • The Monkey Family
    The Monkey Family Month ago

    This's good to see them. really love wildlife

  • Uninspired Rambler
    Uninspired Rambler Month ago

    Wait did that bald eagle just butterfly stroke a goose to shore? Like it couldn't lift it out of the water so it just fucking swam it to a cozy spot to eat? I never knew birds could swim with their wings until now.

  • Anaya Javvad
    Anaya Javvad Month ago

    2:57 oh no you didn’t

  • _xSkully Crush
    _xSkully Crush Month ago

    When you're friend impulses you off a cliff 0:31

  • KrillVidLife 2nd
    KrillVidLife 2nd Month ago +1

    Imagine fried eagle wings and eagle drumsticks😍😍😍😍😍 thats on my bucket list.

  • Ainemreh Nipac
    Ainemreh Nipac Month ago

    My favorite eagle

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  • Ужасный гибрид мыши и крысы[]}

    Интересно орел из моей жопы может говно вытащить.

  • Ochette Kami Shashan

    Animals=literally any other piece of land

  • Nicholas Selk
    Nicholas Selk Month ago

    I voice commanded "ego" and ended up here

  • Jimpsonseed
    Jimpsonseed Month ago

    If reincarnation is a thing, I wanna come back as a bird of prey and not a goat. How in the heck did they get these videos? Seriously? The owl/mouse did the camera person know that the owl was going to get that particular mouse, and how did he/she get the video of the mouse under the snow? What a great video though!

  • Yamaha the Ultra Saiyan

    Seeing birds attack other birds for food feels so weird

  • KryDyUs
    KryDyUs Month ago

    What a cool chicken!

  • Gggg Gggg
    Gggg Gggg Month ago

    6:36 three in one go

  • Shinix :D
    Shinix :D Month ago

    Thats a big chicken

  • The very good Bird
    The very good Bird Month ago

    Hello there 3:36

  • Michelle Welch
    Michelle Welch Month ago


  • jammeh singbeh
    jammeh singbeh Month ago +1

    I learned how calculative the eagle is despite the horribilities of these videos.

  • Apindra Hikaka
    Apindra Hikaka Month ago

    Eagale good lock

  • Igor Kroshkin
    Igor Kroshkin Month ago

    Cool! Published on my site

  • Luonghoangkimdu
    Luonghoangkimdu Month ago

    Please like and subscribe my channel thank you very much

  • Kylien Gatt
    Kylien Gatt Month ago

    I hate the firs bird it’s evoke 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Poor gout 😖

  • Basudeb Halder
    Basudeb Halder Month ago


  • Edmar John Mariñas

    First eagle like these thing cant fly let me drop em from above then

  • no one
    no one Month ago +1


  • Artem The GOAT
    Artem The GOAT Month ago +2

    Khabib Nurmagamedov brought me here

  • teddytac253
    teddytac253 Month ago +1

    Shoulda named it 'Birds of Prey' attacks. I was lookin specifically for the eagles for my school project and now im gonna be late :'(

  • AtDesk
    AtDesk Month ago

    The quality made the peregrine falcon glow as it dove

  • chiram nyage
    chiram nyage Month ago

    Who else came here by searching for the 70s band The Eagles but got end up here.

  • Serdar Yıldırım
    Serdar Yıldırım Month ago

    English Audio Tales
    Written by: Serdar Yıldırım

    Explorer Şehmuz And The Poor King
    English Audio Tales
    Written by: Serdar Yıldırım

  • hazmat
    hazmat Month ago

    Those are some pretty wild chickens

  • Brythonic
    Brythonic Month ago

    2:57 - that Harpy eagle is cute af

  • LM Elementalist
    LM Elementalist Month ago


  • 2 subs whitout videos

    0:42 fuck this shit im aout

  • Jincun shiitake
    Jincun shiitake Month ago

    Thus is AWESOME!! 🤣


    2:58 yeeeh
    i see you

  • Derringer Bow
    Derringer Bow Month ago

    Owls sure look terrifying. Like a big creepy face with wings swooping in to eat you alive. Nature is cool

  • Jon H
    Jon H Month ago

    What’s with the Russian techno

  • *BiG nIgGa*
    *BiG nIgGa* Month ago

    Goat simulator 2 is looking great !

  • Kristoffer R
    Kristoffer R Month ago

    Eagles are some badass people!

  • Evelyn nnn
    Evelyn nnn Month ago

    I feel bad for other birds trying to escape :c

  • Jovanna Beasley
    Jovanna Beasley Month ago +1

    There is nothing more beautiful and more terrifying then birds of prey

  • Christina Al shaer
    Christina Al shaer 2 months ago

    Who ever thinks that’s funny needs to gooo to HELL Idiots

  • Christina Al shaer
    Christina Al shaer 2 months ago


  • hi
    hi 2 months ago

    Get freedom'd BIATCH

  • Dave Everest
    Dave Everest 2 months ago

    Poor little mouse he looked scared

  • Dave Everest
    Dave Everest 2 months ago

    They can fly fast

  • M CR
    M CR 2 months ago

    Air filters world onembar one but best sagusd humens

  • Lukson
    Lukson 2 months ago

    Wow those eagles are really intelligent but, poor goats/deers how they fall ;-;

  • Naif Mohammad Sharif
    Naif Mohammad Sharif 2 months ago +9

    Fish🐟 : i can fly
    Eagle 🦅: iam afraid not for too long

  • Arfie
    Arfie 2 months ago +2

    I Feel Sorry For The Animals, Yet I Know Animals Need To Eat.

  • Nuanima
    Nuanima 2 months ago

    Trứng kiến hấp lá bầu ngon khó cưỡng