I Asked My Mom 11 Intimate Questions Before It's Too Late

  • Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • I have no idea what to expect.
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  • Michaela Mia
    Michaela Mia 2 hours ago

    This made me cry...literally. From the beginning it was fine but then I started to cry.

  • Valerie Corpus
    Valerie Corpus 3 hours ago


  • XsparklesMaster Snowden

    You and your mom need to make a TVclip channel named Kane and Mom

    P.S. from what your parents have been threw they know how to show that in a non negative way and it is really inspiring!

  • The Smug Doge
    The Smug Doge 3 hours ago

    Waiiiiit... your mom is vietnamese but she speaks Cantonese Chinese at 3:48?

  • usmcreyes40
    usmcreyes40 3 hours ago

    I have never loved someone else’s mom as much as I love yours. I hope that she gets to travel to China soon.

  • I Am Commander Shepard

    I love her energy! She is just adorable! And your parents are just perfect

  • Jez Jezabell
    Jez Jezabell 3 hours ago

    Very honest interview, however, I found it strange that he didn't know his mom has never been to China? Being so close with his mom.

  • Olivia Tavera
    Olivia Tavera 4 hours ago

    This video makes me understand his obsession with fame and money.....

  • Laura Oliveira Vieira
    Laura Oliveira Vieira 4 hours ago

    This is so emotional and amazing

  • Babbz Trujillo
    Babbz Trujillo 4 hours ago

    Your mom made me cry. My grandmother raised me up and all I could think was how much she sacrificed an still sacrifices for three of us. Tell your mom I love her. ❤️

  • slcj butler
    slcj butler 4 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, I teared up big time watching this.

  • jason nguyen
    jason nguyen 4 hours ago

    Is she from North or South Vietnam? I couldn’t really understand her Vietnamese.

  • Jassily Morales
    Jassily Morales 4 hours ago

    I hope you make her dreams come true. If you ever take her to Japan or China I would love to see her reaction

  • Matabang Princesa
    Matabang Princesa 5 hours ago

    I cried 😭

  • Wahj Pheonix
    Wahj Pheonix 5 hours ago

    What an amazing woman: Happy everywhere!

  • Shirley V.
    Shirley V. 5 hours ago

    This was really relatable for me because my parents are also Chinese born in Vietnam and left because of the war and my family situation is almost the same. I've always known that they had to give up a lot for me and my brother but never thought about it very much. While watching this video, it made me imagine my parents in that situation and that was just heartbreaking since they are also getting older and their work has also started taking it's toll on them.
    All in all, this made me think about all of this a lot more and on a deeper level so thank you for making this video.

  • Miss-Tessa Randall
    Miss-Tessa Randall 5 hours ago

    Your mom is so sweet and is so deserving of love. 💕

  • Audrey Martin
    Audrey Martin 5 hours ago

    Wonderful to have a a choice to come to America and be able to keep your culture.....take your mom and Dad. to China 🇨🇳 that would be great

  • Mathias Meiner
    Mathias Meiner 6 hours ago

    get that sweet girl to china!

  • Essam S
    Essam S 6 hours ago

    This made me go through some photos with my grandma from Honduras, and I also read my moms old swedish dairy with her :)

  • Kayleigh Donnelly
    Kayleigh Donnelly 6 hours ago

    Hate to say it but I never had that kind of relationship with my mum. She was on drugs(still is) and didn’t sacrifice anything for us. Not that I expect it. I was mostly raised by my granny and she did her best and I’m super thankful that have had her.
    But I’m so messed up over my parents that when I see a “normal” family with a clean house and food in the fridge and stuff It seems weird to me. Like I don’t see that as normal. And before I have kids I hope I get out of that mindset or my kids will be as messed up as me.

  • Alice A
    Alice A 6 hours ago

    I'm literally in tears, that was so powerful and moving, thank you for this

  • Aleksandra Laksa
    Aleksandra Laksa 6 hours ago

    Your mum makes me want to be a better person, appreciate life and work harder. She is just an inspiration. Thank you so much for the wideo.

  • holodeck87
    holodeck87 7 hours ago

    I needed this video today. I found out a lot of not fun stuff about my own mother and it made me worry about my future as a potential parent. Hearing your mom talk about looking forward and working hard has given me some hope that I can rise from this a better, stronger person.
    Thank you Mama Kane. xo

  • calvin chew
    calvin chew 7 hours ago

    OMG, your mother's ideas about happiness and life in general is as original, creative and inspirational as Gaur Gopal Das or any great philosophers of our modern life. Do appreciate her.

  • Nina
    Nina 7 hours ago

    Hahahaha "on christmas everyone makes love together" i died

  • Nina
    Nina 7 hours ago

    Hahaha cute

  • Potato lyl
    Potato lyl 7 hours ago

    Is his mom Cantonese or Vietnamese , she is from Vietnam but she speaks Cantonese

  • crimsonkinda
    crimsonkinda 7 hours ago

    kanes mom omg this woman is just everything she radiates so much happiness and positivity, literally fell in love with her personality and her perspective of life and how she views it.

  • Maimai Gaming
    Maimai Gaming 8 hours ago

    I was so scared, I thought something was about to happen to her-

  • Trinity Cao
    Trinity Cao 8 hours ago

    What language are they speaking? I’m Vietnamese and speak it, but I can’t understand what they’re saying.

  • trishatheninja
    trishatheninja 8 hours ago

    She spoke with broken english, YET it was the most easiest thing for me to understand. Her wisdom is so special. Kane and family, thank you for sharing

  • Sisam Shrestha
    Sisam Shrestha 8 hours ago

    Your mom is so sweet. I am truly glad to have watched this video.☺☺☺❤❤❤❤❤

  • Niña Pura
    Niña Pura 8 hours ago

  • Emon sta
    Emon sta 9 hours ago

    i full on cried like a baby, this was the sweetest thing i’ve ever watched

  • thatGEntGuy
    thatGEntGuy 9 hours ago

    im vietnamese and i couldnt understand his mom.

  • Zainah Kashif
    Zainah Kashif 9 hours ago

    ur moms amazing!! She is sod deserving!!

  • Good Bye
    Good Bye 9 hours ago +1

    I cried

  • Zahriah
    Zahriah 9 hours ago

    This was such a beautiful video. It made me cry. She has such a wonderful soul. Such a beautiful woman. I admire her and wish to be as grateful and positive as she it. 💖💖

  • Noel Amador
    Noel Amador 9 hours ago

    I’m balling my eyes out 😭

  • Terrible
    Terrible 9 hours ago

    Man! People don't know how good they got it in america..

  • Yarney Liag
    Yarney Liag 9 hours ago

    Wow inspiration

  • Jasmin Russell
    Jasmin Russell 10 hours ago

    Honestly just bawled my eyes out watching your mum talk because it reminded my of my own mother who took such an enormous risk moving to another country to give her kids a better life and suffered for many years before she got where she is today. And she'd still say despite everything, she's never regretted the decision to move because it meant she could see her children happy and healthy.

  • アルボスクリジア

    Your mom is such a beautiful person. I wish I grow old with such wisdom and positive outlook in life.
    Anyway, I'm hoping buzzfeed sponsors your mom's China trip. Probably through a video about it. Would love to see her rock China with her bright energy! :))

  • Rayven Bowman
    Rayven Bowman 11 hours ago

    00:29 the only thing I saw was jungkook

  • MCR forever
    MCR forever 11 hours ago

    Has his tattoo alwAys been there.... lol

  • Léa Tillier
    Léa Tillier 11 hours ago

    who else tryin to start a go fund me so his parents can retire they deserve it

  • I remember you
    I remember you 11 hours ago

    Aw that was so heart warming and heart breaking😫❤️

  • Jaxx Elizabeth
    Jaxx Elizabeth 11 hours ago

    Lol why am I crying. Lol I totally love his mom. Hahaha her life philosophies makes so much sense.

  • Elizabeth Cordill
    Elizabeth Cordill 11 hours ago

    when she said 'we made love'😭😭

  • Meg Que
    Meg Que 11 hours ago

    And then you posted it online to get money and attention.
    How transparent.

  • Lemorn Cutt
    Lemorn Cutt 11 hours ago

    Omg this had me in tears ! Ur mumma reminds me so much of my mum ! ❤️ she’s soo lovely and cheerful! It’s the littlest things to make them happy 😌

  • ava grace
    ava grace 12 hours ago

    his parents are absolutely the most precious couple EVER

  • Ashley Tavarez
    Ashley Tavarez 12 hours ago

    kane's mom is a Goddess i love this woman with all my heart. we need more people like her.

  • Bex
    Bex 12 hours ago +1

    I've not cried in months... this... by the end of the video I'm sobbing 😣

  • leo.
    leo. 12 hours ago

    2:02 Bill Murray???

  • Rebeca Lin
    Rebeca Lin 12 hours ago

    Whoever dislike this video doesn't have a heart, I think this video is really important you don't know how long your parents family are going to live and doing this will make you sad of course with parents because they have done everything for you for you to grow better and have a better life. Spend more time with your loved ones cherish that time you get to talk to them face to face ❤️

  • Crafty Ellen
    Crafty Ellen 12 hours ago

    my mom was from Vietnam and speak chinese like u catonesse

  • Crafty Ellen
    Crafty Ellen 12 hours ago

    same my mom was in the war

  • malo714
    malo714 12 hours ago

    Damn, that last part was straight wisdom. Her soul is one in a few..
    #GoFundMe for mom trip!!

  • Andrew Chen
    Andrew Chen 12 hours ago

    Wait are they speaking Vietnamese or Cantonese WTF?

  • LoveMe,com
    LoveMe,com 12 hours ago +20

    You are so blessed to have the most powerful, generous, beautiful and amazing mom in the world. I’m out for words to describe your mom. I salute to all of her experiences in life. I just hope it’s not too late for her to experience the things she really wanted to do like travel.

  • Jobelle Collie
    Jobelle Collie 12 hours ago

    Great interview. You are so blessed to have your parents. I lost my parents as a child and I missed out on so much. I have two adult children and I hope I read enough parenting books to do a good job rearing them. Since I was able to send both to Medical and Law school, I think I gave them all the tools to have a good life. I just know that I loved them very much and I tell them I love them every chance I get.

  • Kaitlyn Yee
    Kaitlyn Yee 12 hours ago +1

    Hearing that she loves going to college seriously inspires me sm

  • Kaitlyn Yee
    Kaitlyn Yee 13 hours ago +1


  • brittany_ kaaay
    brittany_ kaaay 13 hours ago

    This made me cry. One of the most beautiful things I've seen on Buzzfeed, hands down. Coming from an Asian family, I can relate to the hardships your mom and family went through and it's just beautiful to see such radiance and happiness coming from a woman who has seen the hardest things in life. I am amazed to see how easily she can find beauty in life and smile even after all she's been through. Your whole family is amazing and I wish you all nothing but the best, Kane. Hopefully all your mom's dreams and wishes come true. She definitely is beyond deserving.

  • thaisondng
    thaisondng 13 hours ago

    Definitely can relate, this video make me tear up because it reminds me of my family. #VietnameseandChinese

  • Nicole Ramos
    Nicole Ramos 13 hours ago

    I’m crying

  • chris dung
    chris dung 13 hours ago

    Canto sqaud

  • Vika B
    Vika B 13 hours ago

    Your mum is such a beautiful person! Thank you for sharing this!

  • boab dunkink
    boab dunkink 13 hours ago

    i was born in the philippines, but i’m not growing up there. my dad has gone through so much; he’s worked since he was eight and couldn’t finish a law degree because he didn’t have enough money. my mom has sacrificed so much for our family, and is the one who works hours on end with no complaint.
    the stories they tell are so hard to imagine. visiting my home country makes me realize how much i have here and it honestly breaks my heart.

  • Tiffany Zuniga
    Tiffany Zuniga 13 hours ago

    I love this lady
    Her advice so pure so wise it really touches your heart ❤❤❤❤

  • jennifer tam
    jennifer tam 13 hours ago

    ur mom is viet but she can speak chinese?

  • M J
    M J 14 hours ago

    God bless her!!! ❤️

  • Obey Susanoo
    Obey Susanoo 14 hours ago

    Buzzfeed take her to China!!!

  • __sn0ww
    __sn0ww 14 hours ago

    She speaks the biggest truth!!!!!!

  • Adam A.
    Adam A. 14 hours ago

    I wish my mother and father were like this... damn

  • Magical Star
    Magical Star 14 hours ago

    Thank you kindly for sharing. You are all wonderful beautiful people and such an inspiration to appreciate and love what we have😇👍💕

    CINDY ZOU 14 hours ago

    PLEASE tell me that the next video will be about you taking her to travel! that´ll be an amazing experience for your mom. If not, make more videos featuring her

  • Shapeless Journeys
    Shapeless Journeys 14 hours ago

    So next vlog should be travelvlog to China!!!!

  • Hilary Rampey
    Hilary Rampey 14 hours ago

    Wow okay I’m sobbing

  • TheGreenRocket
    TheGreenRocket 14 hours ago +1

    Goddamn, this video really hit me hard.... and for once I'll be honestly saying this, thank you Buzzfeed (lmao),
    but thank you to Kane and his mother even more so for this truly inspiring video.
    :) Thanks, I loved it

  • Mya Love
    Mya Love 14 hours ago

    Omg why did this make me cry....she sacrificed so much for her kids 😭😭😭uhhh she said everything around her makes her happy ....she’s such a beautiful person 😭😭

  • Victoria Chin
    Victoria Chin 14 hours ago

    Kane's mom is a literal angel she deserves all the happiness in the world! Her advice is so wise and i love her advice so much

  • LaBerry02
    LaBerry02 14 hours ago

    Aw she’s so wise and has a positive outlook on life.

  • Victoria Chin
    Victoria Chin 14 hours ago


  • Natalie Hui
    Natalie Hui 14 hours ago

    wait... Kane speak cantonese....?

    • Natalie Hui
      Natalie Hui 14 hours ago

      I just realised he did speak cantonese in the video, but with super heavy acent that i cant regonize lol

  • Cornelius White
    Cornelius White 15 hours ago

    She is adorable!!

  • michelle cornejo
    michelle cornejo 15 hours ago

    This is absolutely beautiful

  • Jaylene Banaag
    Jaylene Banaag 15 hours ago

    She really highlights the struggles that some parents faced to bring happiness their future children and grandchildren. I have so much respect for these people who were able to do all of this for their families and always stay strong!

  • Celeste Alana
    Celeste Alana 15 hours ago


  • Katie Kelfer-Taylor
    Katie Kelfer-Taylor 15 hours ago +1

    Your mother and your father are gifts. I have already lost my wonderful parents and you are right, take them on trips and if you can, give them grand babies. Please hug here from me. She reminds me of my mom, who I lost in 2010. My dad died when I was 28 and he was 66. It was something I will never recover from.

  • Alliah Young
    Alliah Young 15 hours ago

    Beautiful soul ❤️

  • Alexis Duran
    Alexis Duran 15 hours ago

    They are so cute

  • Lil Hebo
    Lil Hebo 15 hours ago +1

    “ I maka luv wit ur Fada”

  • Kurly Kaye
    Kurly Kaye 15 hours ago

    I took so many lessons from this ♥️

  • Lee Poe
    Lee Poe 15 hours ago

    Im not used to saying “I love you” to my parents because growing up I never really heard it and I also don’t call my dad dad because I’ve barely called that him that in my life because my life is weird and sad

  • Jillian Habeepti
    Jillian Habeepti 15 hours ago

    She is such a beautiful and amazing person.

  • Tianna
    Tianna 15 hours ago

    Well I knew I was adopted and i always ask them if I had siblings I didn't know about besides the ones that I live with. They always avoided the question. Then finally I asked them and they said yes but they were aborted so...

  • Kinsey Vest
    Kinsey Vest 16 hours ago

    this is so beautiful!