Vet Stays in Freezing Dog House To Show What It's Like For a Dog | The Dodo

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  • The Dodo
    The Dodo  9 days ago +488

    If you see something like this please say something!! The Humane Society of the United States has guidelines for what to do if you see a dog tied up outside in the cold:
    1. Document everything. Write down the date, time and location of the animal and any other details that might be relevant.
    2. Take photos or videos to help paint the full picture.
    3. Take the evidence to your local animal control agency or sheriff's office. For your own reference, take note of whom you speak to, so that you can follow up with the complaint in a few days.
    4. Call the agency or the sheriff's office after you've issued your complaint for updates and to make sure they've followed up on the situation.

    • Ronda Hodgden
      Ronda Hodgden 20 hours ago

      Anni Burgoyne <<<<<<<

    • Ronda Hodgden
      Ronda Hodgden 20 hours ago

      Ags please do before the dog dies because it won't take long!

    • Ronda Hodgden
      Ronda Hodgden 20 hours ago

      Noon Kelso no I won't deal with it, dogs are better than humans beings in so many ways, it's sad YOU don't know that!

    • Ronda Hodgden
      Ronda Hodgden 20 hours ago

      BIGBOSSWHATITDO 420 reread what the guy wrote, his dog is INSIDE the house!

    • Ronda Hodgden
      Ronda Hodgden 20 hours ago

      BIGBOSSWHATITDO 420 can you leave race out of this, not cool dude not cool at all. Stay on topic, yes the passion is good but race does not have a place, because humans of all color are responsible for some of the most egregious animal cruelty EVER!

  • Ella Stallbaum
    Ella Stallbaum 8 hours ago

    This is y my dog sleeps inside

  • Baha Lastname
    Baha Lastname 16 hours ago

    that's crap. dogs are not humans. same thing we can say about polar bears! howcome they can stand those temperatures? in siberia dogs live outside and sleep at -50 celcius. no dog died of it. how can you make statements like that without having any idea about animals physiology?

  • Ronda Hodgden
    Ronda Hodgden 20 hours ago

    The really sad part is exactly how many states DO NOT HAVE LAWS against this! I personally have signed 10 petitions for 10 different states to put laws on the books for this very issue! Written so they are clear and specific! 85 degrees or over, 40 and under, means the animals can only be out for 15 mins at a time, NOT TETHERED, and must be brought inside. These should be common sense practices. Livestock I get, but your dogs or cats, NO EXCUSE EVER!! And if you don't want an animal in the house, surrender them to a local shelter and do not get another one!

  • Jodie Smith
    Jodie Smith Day ago

    at 50 i bring my dog in.

  • JoAnne Klein
    JoAnne Klein Day ago

    A powerful and enlightening message for those who are ignorant to listen to and care for the animal(s) in their possession. This should be required reading for every school age child, as well as for people attempting to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue PRIOR to taking their pet/animal home.

  • Yumikochan1001
    Yumikochan1001 Day ago

    People who do not meet the minimum requirement should not keep pets even if they like animals.

    LK WOODRUFF Day ago

    Federal and state laws must exist to protect all animals, who are thinking, feeling beings.
    Contact your legislators to learn how best to accomplish this. Do it for the poor, freezing, suffering animals.
    I wasn't allowed to have a dog until I was 10 yrs old and relatives intervened on my behalf.
    Even as a young child, years ago, I knew my father was wrong to keep my new dog outside...and fought it. Hard.
    The dog went from staying alone in his workshop, to the back door area inside, to inside the house.....
    Unfortunately, that process didn't move as quickly as I hoped:(
    My father did come to love the dog over the 13 years of it's life and wept when it had to be put down due to massive cancer.
    Ignorance can be overcome and cold hearts can become unfrozen (Dad had a very rough childhood).
    And I have continued to advocate for animals all of my life...because to my mind, they are the angels.
    Sent here to make life better for us all. They deserve what they give: love and constant caring.

  • L Phillips
    L Phillips Day ago

    This is not taking into account the different breeds! No some dogs shouldn't be left outside when its cold but some are genetically made to survive winter in extreme temps! If not explain how sled dogs survive the temps of Alaska, Siberia, etc...? Don't get me wrong I'm a dog lover and when I lived in the far north my dogs lived outside in (extreme to outsiders) winter (fyi they wanted to didnt like being inside) but when I moved south they became inside dogs due to the heat! They could handle the cold of the arctic circle but not the high temps or humidity of the south. So its best to know your pet!

  • Julio Cesar
    Julio Cesar 2 days ago

    Send them all to Florida

  • Brainfreeze NJW
    Brainfreeze NJW 2 days ago

    screw calling he police. Steal the animal. chain the owner to a tree outside.

    LYLATXSYSTEM 3 days ago

    Thank you kind sir for doing this. I WILL watch for not just dogs, but all animals outside/doghouse in the cold/or heat! JESUS your face man... 😭

  • suzarraelizabeth
    suzarraelizabeth 4 days ago

    Thank you so much for making this video! I have sent it to a few people that live in Oklahoma and they are now bring there dogs in doors. And providing hay around there doghouse to keep the wind out during the day. Again Thank you!

  • LovelyDinosaur 47
    LovelyDinosaur 47 4 days ago +1

    You know what’s even more sad, there are homeless people that are freezing to death too and you were still freezing with coats on

    I’m not saying “Bring your pet inside” or “keep them outside” but I’m saying that there are also humans freezing too... JUST HELP WHOEVER IS COLD

  • Dragon Heart
    Dragon Heart 4 days ago

    I agree no dog should be left in the cold however husky and Saint Bernards might be able to handle it but I could be wrong

  • grai
    grai 4 days ago

    do people **Really** need this explained to them? what are they cretins? and if they are cretins they are not capable of looking after a dog
    It's a culyural thing - in the UK we don't keep dogs outside and it doesn't get anything like as cold here as it does in America
    that dumb culture needs updating

  • Dave Rutherford
    Dave Rutherford 4 days ago

    Tell my Great Pyrenees it’s cold.

  • Scatteredstorm
    Scatteredstorm 4 days ago

    "Bring your animals in" *shows an animal shivering outside in the cold

  • kailey barri
    kailey barri 5 days ago

    thank u...someone had to do this to show people that are so stubborn and ignorant that still believe dogs are made to be outdoors...

  • Jade Hunter
    Jade Hunter 5 days ago

    Thankyou for doing this, I hope people will listen, protect their animals. Plesse.

  • Peregrin Took
    Peregrin Took 5 days ago

    My dog is meant to be in the cold but even if have a really good heat lamp for him for when he does choose to sleep outside.

  • babybookworm003
    babybookworm003 5 days ago

    Gibbs sleeps inside the outside is his toilet

  • RufescentEAGLE
    RufescentEAGLE 5 days ago

    I at least put a heat lamp out there

  • Quinlan McLemore
    Quinlan McLemore 5 days ago

    My dog has a house with a heater that's always set at 75 degrees f

  • Making my world one inspiration at a time

    Grab bails of hay in larger house... growing up with a Saint Bernard... 4ft x 4ft frame with proper roof... my dog would push the hay in front of the entrance and was toasty... this was NOT store bought but built with love... his house was also off the ground but framed to protect from wind... but ... if one of these storms we just had would have occurred back then for sure we would have brought him in

  • Fernando Salazar
    Fernando Salazar 6 days ago

    I hate gringos like this guy they are just so ridiculous and stupid, no doubt their systems are obsolete and defective, they make themselves believe so much bs, they worry for dogs while conspiring to kill man kind in secrecy from their systems, is more like dogs were made intentional as a distraction and is all just bs acting

  • Silvean óÓÒò
    Silvean óÓÒò 6 days ago +1

    There's a dog by my grand parents house and we've call the non emergency number many times bc there is a white fluffy dog who we call Cloud and his owner leaves Cloud ALWAYS outside we have never seen Cloud in side, we have seen him in -15 degrees weather and in 90 degree wether, he is NEVER inside
    1 like = 1 prayer for poor Cloud

  • Moki Me
    Moki Me 6 days ago

    Oh my gosh I'm crying!

  • It'sMaeMae
    It'sMaeMae 6 days ago

    I would never EVER leave my pup outside overnight, I hope other people start to understand that you are basically torturing your dog if you do this! Let them curl up on your bed and crush you with their weight 😂 that’s what I do

  • Max Lastra
    Max Lastra 6 days ago

    It gets to about 10 to 0 degrees up here in the mountain in Tennessee and yet everyone except my family let’s all their dogs big and small stay outside at all hours, day and night. So messed up

  • Radical Sans
    Radical Sans 6 days ago

    I make sure all of my animals are inside at night. I couldn't stand the thought of my cats or dog shivering in the cold. (The cats are indoor-outdoor and the dog goes outside with me only. If I think it's too cold I won't let my cats out.)

  • Summer Winter
    Summer Winter 6 days ago

    animals were on earth before man was, and they survived before you made them a pet

  • Luka Petrovic
    Luka Petrovic 7 days ago

    This is completely untrue. He is a human and not a dog. Dogs have different ways of tolerating cold. Small indoor eases excluded. In a dry dog house with enough to eat and drink, no dog is cold.

  • Y_L_L_O_N_A **
    Y_L_L_O_N_A ** 7 days ago

    My dad made a very warm dog house for my dog❤ i was inside :)))

  • Critterkeeper 64
    Critterkeeper 64 7 days ago

    This breaks my heart.I spend a LOT of time maintaining my fur baby’s foot health with Paw lotion, Mushers Wax, and dog boots designed for cold climates. If she outside in the cold I am right their with he! If I see just one paw lift up, inside we go! Then I hold and rub each paw till she feels warm again. Some people may think I’m a little obsessive and in a way it’s true. She gives my all her love, and spirit so how can I do any less.
    Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go nurse and unhealthy level of attachment to my dog.😍😂

  • music unicorns
    music unicorns 7 days ago

    I keep my dog inside at night so he's warm

  • The Pet Owner
    The Pet Owner 7 days ago

    Could it work if you had a heated dog house? I'm just curious, my dogs sleep inside on my bed with me, we don't even have a dog house. Was just wondering if maybe heated blankets and an actual heater inside of it would help others

  • Kragthor
    Kragthor 7 days ago

    If people feel the need to keep their dog or cat outside they should all know there are heated animal houses for them. I have an outside cat but she has a heated home and even so I still bring her own when it drops below freezing.

  • Keep calm and be Savage

    My dog sleeps with me and she has her own pillows and a blanky (or blanket whatever)

  • Ehh Ehhh
    Ehh Ehhh 7 days ago +1

    I have a slovakian wolf and he refuses to sleep in his house he is always laying in the yard at night

  • Edie Koller
    Edie Koller 7 days ago

    I only have birds now but I use to have small dogs and they NEVER HAD TO SLEEP OUTSIDE. Heck I have a cockatiel who ..if it was his choice he would sleep on my shoulder the rest of his life. LOL. He is so spoiled.

  • The Great Papyrus
    The Great Papyrus 7 days ago

    I always have my dogs inside. They're just the sweetest little things and I never even considered to put them outside, it's just normal to me to have them inside.

  • WinterFrost Stables
    WinterFrost Stables 7 days ago

    Our dogs are outdoor dogs. They stay outside no matter how cold/hot. They each have a separate dog house under our porch out of the wind with around 2 inches of cedar chips in the bottom. They have each other, but have two dog houses because they both can’t fit in one. They are both large dogs with thick coats. Not only do they have the dog houses, but they have a heated and cooled shop with another dog house big enough for both of them in it. Again a HEATED shop with a dog house with two inches of cedar chips. Completely out of the wind. The temperature in there without heat is about 20 degrees warmer. By all means if you see a dog chained to a tree with an empty dog house I can see being upset. They both do perfectly fine, get fresh water hourly. The dog only suffers if the owners don’t care for it. Also, the vet had no cedar chips or Insulation in the dog house. He had blankets which don’t do much good if you can’t bury in them. I don’t agree with having large dogs inside. Indoor dogs barely ever spend hours outside which is what they need. Dogs need raw AND fresh meat, not grocery store meat, and large dogs should be outside providing they have the right conditions

  • Talking Things TV
    Talking Things TV 7 days ago +1

    My dog sleeps in his own king size bed in the garage. He's family so you should give your buddy the same living conditions.

  • Animals Are Our Angels

    I have called the SPCA on many different occasions and due to the extremely poor and weak protection laws for animals, there is nothing they can do. Yes, it has water, even though the water is frozen. And although their shelter isn’t humane or adequate, it is still a dog house that provides shelter! , their is nothing they can do! I cry so hard for these precious Souls. Please fight for stricter laws! It is the only way this is going to change. A man that I worked for does not allow his dog in the house. And it has been -40c every day for the last month with extreme high winds from the North. He does not feed the dog because he wants it to hunt for his own food. I told him that his dog will get sick,cold or could freeze to death and he answered me by’s just a dog. I called the Humane Society on him and they said they could do nothing...This is the answer that I get all of the time. This is so very very sad.
    However, I have called the police and a few times the dog was surrendered by the family! My dogs are my children. I would never leave them alone. They sleep with me and go with me almost everywhere I go. I love them much more than myself and I even cook for them on a daily basis! This is just so cruel and is heartbreaking and must stop. Look too at all the dogs that die in hot cars! The laws need to change or this will continue I am afraid

  • Meeshie Meesh
    Meeshie Meesh 7 days ago

    Who are the turds that disliked this video? Oh wait, the same turds that keep their pets outside when it’s too cold or too hot.

  • Kelly B
    Kelly B 7 days ago

    Yes. My Alaskan Malamutes (with double coats that insulate them from the cold) don't even like being outside in very cold weather for more than a few hours.

  • Star Destination
    Star Destination 7 days ago

    My dog will destroy everything if left alone at night in the house so I just let him sleep with me in the bed even though my bed is too small for him XD

  • Amanda Schafle
    Amanda Schafle 7 days ago

    My doggos curl up under my think comforter, by my feet, on my bed, in my heated home. Right where they belong. Don't get animals if you're not ready to care for them properly. (of course the can sleep in there own beds but my feet would get cold)

  • Squartos Doggos
    Squartos Doggos 7 days ago

    We have a outside cage with an door opening for in the barn

  • Anni Burgoyne
    Anni Burgoyne 7 days ago +2

    And another thing, dogs have been living outside for centuries, mostly on Their Own. Noone else but themselves. They are meant to be able to handle that kind of cold. Humans are not, that's why we don't have fur and we may try to suppliment coats but dogs are better at keeping themselves warm.

  • Anni Burgoyne
    Anni Burgoyne 7 days ago +2

    But dogs and cats have fur, usually in two coats, a thin coat and a thick coat. Most of them like Huskies can handle cold more cold than this.

  • Jayla White
    Jayla White 7 days ago

    My dogs sleep in my bed at night, if anything I’m the one that’s cold because they steal my blankets 😂

  • LovelyDinosaur 47
    LovelyDinosaur 47 7 days ago +1

    How is my dog still living? 😂

  • Gabbycat17
    Gabbycat17 7 days ago

    I don't have a dog.I have a cat,his name is Jake.I used to let him stay outside for a while as I supervise him.But when it becomes really cold I wouldn't let him out.I know its not the same as keeping him out all day but I could never!I live in a apartment complex and mine just happens to be right by the road, there's other cats and he's quite territorial especially when it comes to other toms and will attack them,there's geese wich he attempts to attack but I fear the will get injured,he'll just start meowing and scratching the door because he doesn't feel safe when im. Not supervising him so he wants to go back inside, HE SCARED OF PEOPLE (He wont go outside unless there's nobody out),ANNNNDDD he's my child!! I would never leave my baby outside all day and night!!
    But like I said I live in an apartment complex and there are OTHER cats.Most of those cats are pets of the people who also live in my complex.Although some people like my friend keeps her kitties inside ALMOST EVERYONE WHO HAS A CAT LEAVES THEM OUTSIDE! Not like a day thing like outside for an entire MONTH! Usally they end up crawling into the woods.Sometimes even a whole YEAR cats are out DAY/NIGHT BURNING/FREEZING not even being fed!! And there's even more cats suffering because the flipping owners don't spade and neutor their cats! So we have kittens running all about and when they grow up they have kittens!! One time it was a thunder storm and I saw a little kitten climb into the TRASH CAN FOR SHELTER! Poor thing it was pouring out and thundering! So I had to sneak out into the rain to give the kitten some of my cats food rapped in a paper towel.When the rain and thunder stopped the little thing climbed out,ate the food,and ran off into the woods.Its vary sad how these people cant even take care of there pets.Sometimes kind people would even feed someone elses cat because they were practically starving.Some cats were left in the hot summer sun and drank from dirty puddles that were left after a rain shower.Some cats had to seek shelter under people's bike covers.It is so hard and sad to watch.. You might say call the animal shelter.Well.. many people have and the owners just covered it up and got away with it.People don't even bother now because they know the owner is just going to make up some lie to keep their cat.why though? I mean its not like you even taking care of it.Might as well give it to someone else who will actually provide food,shelter,and affection towards it.

  • Rome Alexander
    Rome Alexander 7 days ago

    I never understood the point of getting a dog or cat and making them stay outside...just why? If they prefer to venture outdoors that's one thing, but what's the point of getting them in the first place if you don't want them in the house all the time?

  • Susan Fendler
    Susan Fendler 7 days ago

    But our dog house has a heater

  • Amethyst Malfoy
    Amethyst Malfoy 7 days ago

    My dad has two outside dogs, and when it's 20 degrees outside you can reach in their box and it feels about 80! We made them really nice wood boxes and stock it full of hay. They're both dogs that have fur for the cold.

  • TimeGirl XD
    TimeGirl XD 7 days ago

    When I was little my parents told me that in Mexico dogs roam the place. No matter what weather it is they are still outside. It hurts me.

  • King Of Tacos
    King Of Tacos 7 days ago

    If your dog is not meant for cold weather don’t put them out side but if you have a dog like a Saint Bernard (like I do) or some other dog meant for cold weather it’s ok but either way I don’t put my dog out side.

  • Alice Awesome
    Alice Awesome 7 days ago

    Well my dog sleeps

    In my bed😏😏😏😏

  • Toriel Dreemurr
    Toriel Dreemurr 7 days ago

    I feel more bad for the cats, I don't like dogs. My dogs are absolute idiot's, but at night they come inside with us and we also have crates with blankets in them.

  • XXmatrixflamesXX
    XXmatrixflamesXX 7 days ago

    Come on guys post this on Twitter,insta everywhere we need to spred the word so there would be less animals that would be suffering as we speak. Please spred awareness

  • CuppRamenn
    CuppRamenn 7 days ago


  • - MaTom -
    - MaTom - 7 days ago

    What about a huskey, with a blanket?

  • Nancy Vykera
    Nancy Vykera 7 days ago

    I hope this video creates an awareness among pet owners and they don't leave their dog outside in the cold but instead take them into their home .

  • Diana BBC
    Diana BBC 7 days ago

    I live in Texas and the lowest it can get is 20 or thirty. I have two dogs and I have my dog house on my porch with two big pillows in front of the door and when ever it's night time they go inside and sometimes I'll stick my hand in to see how warm it is it it feels like the inside of my house. Then in the morning to feed them breakfast they are perfectly fine and happy.

  • Guillermo Guzman
    Guillermo Guzman 7 days ago

    My respects to this guy

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow 7 days ago

    i got a expensive doghouse that has a doggy door big enough for him that blocks out wind and the outside is also hooked up to the heating source inside my house. making the temp inside the doghouse 50-60 degrees F. i would like to keep him inside, but i have a roommate that sleeps in my house overnight and dosent like dogs. i have something inside the doghouse that will notify me if the tempeture gets below 45 degrees.

  • tanner box
    tanner box 7 days ago +1

    My dogs house has ac and heat a light to and a door

  • Hayley Williams
    Hayley Williams 7 days ago

    Animals are my family, I don't understand why anyone would make theirs stay outside exposed to dangers. The majority of deaths are caused by exposure to extreme weather, both hot and cold😔
    I know people who always keep their dogs outside because they make a mess... If you don't like mess or can't be bothered to clean then don't get an animal.
    Their needs come first, it's not all about what suits you.

  • Andy Pegg
    Andy Pegg 7 days ago

    I think huskies & malamutes would survive the cold 😂. Yet no way would I put a dog in a dog house. Part of the family. Inside the house 🙂

  • Julie Vose
    Julie Vose 7 days ago

    Bless him

  • Cookie_kitti
    Cookie_kitti 7 days ago

    Bless this guy

  • E. G.
    E. G. 7 days ago

    Thank you so much for doing this....people need to see how bad this is....even for the ones that dont care....need to real lize why they are going to jail....animals lifes matter.

  • Stephanie Gomez
    Stephanie Gomez 7 days ago

    Okay that’s a big dog house and second, only cruel people leave their poor dog outside

  • Matthew Niedbala
    Matthew Niedbala 7 days ago

    Malamutes sleep in the snow dude

  • GlitchedforLife
    GlitchedforLife 7 days ago

    Most dogs are smaller than humans and they don’t have any form of warmth even their fur which is so little it doesn’t do anything for those temperatures.

  • Greene the intruder
    Greene the intruder 7 days ago

    20 21 degrees? Cuz that is really warm here

  • Acyr Vieira
    Acyr Vieira 7 days ago

    Well done sir!

  • u mother pancit!
    u mother pancit! 7 days ago

    Thats why my baby is inside with me. He has a nice dark kennel with a memory foam bed and blankets to keep his spoiled ass warm

  • Supreme Pluto
    Supreme Pluto 7 days ago +1

    I have a husky. I also have a dog door and the majority of the time my dog is outside in the middle of the snow.

  • Helen Blatsky
    Helen Blatsky 7 days ago

    Oh my god I am so glad we don't do this for our dogs. We do have a cat house for our cat that isn't actually ours but nobody actually owns, but there's a heated pad for him at least.

    • Helen Blatsky
      Helen Blatsky 7 days ago

      Ummm........ I'm on my tablet. When I'm not in the replies part this comment just shows up as [D]

  • nordonna
    nordonna 7 days ago

    Our animal shelter doesn’t care. As long as there is a doghouse that’s all they require. And a few years ago i called in about a beautiful doberman left chained outside if freezing rain no shelter. They did nothing when they first arrived. After an hour passed the owner took him in until the pound left. The dog died a month later. I don’t think anyone cares about animals in my area as far as police or humane society are concerned. People have changed in the last 15 years.

  • liifesaverr
    liifesaverr 8 days ago

    I feel guilty leaving my dog with his bed and a thick blanket INSIDE the home, at night when I go out. I worry he'll be cold and won't be there to help tuck him under the blanket. I can't imagine how cruel and heartless you have to be to think outside is ever ok.

  • brn2wld
    brn2wld 8 days ago

    If you have pets they need to be inside. Period. Summer can be miserably hot as well as Winter Bitterly cold. All pets need to be inside period.

  • B uppy
    B uppy 8 days ago

    We used to add straw to the dog house when we had an outside dog. It was very warm for the dog. There was a raised wooden floor. The man prolly is suffering in part due to his poor posture. He is always filming on his one side. That would definitely make me have numbness problems.

  • Ash Gibbs20
    Ash Gibbs20 8 days ago

    Dogs are designed to live outside why do you think so many people let there dogs live outside

  • i cry myself to sleep

    This is really stupid lol, Dogs and Cats have much thicker coats and fur than us humans. Cause of their thick coats they are easily protected from the cold. Besides, My dog never had any problems sleeping outside. Infact she loves it lmao.

  • 109367
    109367 8 days ago

    A dog froze to death here last week, doesn't normally get this cold here and Animal Control had already been called because the dog was left out in temps well below freezing but the cops said there was nothing they could do, the dog froze to death. Idiot owner.

  • Unused_0245 4
    Unused_0245 4 8 days ago

    Here's my question. What if you have an outdoor dog that has a 20 foot line and a heavily insulated doghouse? Sometimes in the winter we bring her in if it gets too cold but otherwise it's fine in there, it stays really toasty. She has a heated bed and a heated water bowl and there is a door on the entrance that she can push open and closes by itself. Is there something else she needs?

  • Sapphire Otaku
    Sapphire Otaku 8 days ago

    Dogs are not the same as people. That much is obvious. An Alaskan Malamute will not be comfortable on your 70 degree house, but may be comfortable in a 20 degree dog house. My Alaskan Husky/Akita mix has a doghouse full of straw, she has a dog door. She never chooses to stay in the house, always goes outside in her doghouse at night. She comes in during the day to play, but soon goes right back outside. Yet, in the summer she always wants to be inside in the tile, while I'd be comfortable in the 80 degree sun. Dogs and people are very different, that much is obvious. Get straw for bedding, a heater if you'd like, a good dog house, and a northern breed will be happier there than in your hot house.

    JAUN MOVIE SCENES 8 days ago

    My dog is smart,I don't know how he does this but he crawls under his blanket and when you call his name,it looks like a snake slithering under the blanket until he comes out

  • KEY 420
    KEY 420 8 days ago

    I'm glad to see others with the same respect and kindness towards our family and companions!

  • Angelica SIordia
    Angelica SIordia 8 days ago

    Wait i don't understand one thing. How in the hell did animals live before energy was invented?
    We are making animals useless to their survival too. My god people!

  • Sans the Skeleton
    Sans the Skeleton 8 days ago

    I put my puppy in a cage with a dog bed,two stuff toys,3 layers of small blankets....

    The cage is also inside the house...

    Poor dogs who gets left in the dog house and its very cold..

  • WissEast
    WissEast 8 days ago

    While I do understand this message although it’s false there are very few dog breeds that are not capable of coping with cold weather when shelter and strong are provided the area I live in Alaska every single dog team drivers & breeder I have ever seen leave their animals which are quite expensive and loved athletes out temperatures well below 0°F
    All winter ever winter
    Stupid statements and ploys like this is why The vast majority of people look at most
    “”animal activist”” being not much more than lonely misinformed sad cases that cannot figure out anything more productive to do in there life’s besides creating reasons like this to feel better and create attention for themselves

    • whoopsydaizy
      whoopsydaizy 8 days ago

      WissEast No no, you've got it backwards.
      There's very few breeds that can handle such cold, most breeds CAN'T.

  • DeenanTheKemon I
    DeenanTheKemon I 8 days ago

    If I see your dog outside in the cold im cutting his/her chain and youll never see em again. Ive done it before. The animal will be fine, but you will Never know it and youll always wonder what happened. Dont let me see it cause itll be gone from you forever.

  • lilian rose
    lilian rose 8 days ago

    Typhus is my nieghbors dogs all damn day I swear it pisses me off there always whining and there's no space for them to move around he's old and had 2 dogs a girl and boy had puppies he was feeding them real milk and they died he even had a all black German shepherd he sold the girl dog and has 2 boy dogs but 1 dog house I'm telling you it's frustrating the backyard is like about 3-5 yards big and about half a foot in width it's not big at all and it's narrow

  • Zsa Zsa Umbra
    Zsa Zsa Umbra 8 days ago

    Thank you so much for doing this!