Vet Stays in Freezing Dog House To Show What It's Like For a Dog | The Dodo


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  • The Dodo
    The Dodo  3 months ago +640

    If you see something like this please say something!! The Humane Society of the United States has guidelines for what to do if you see a dog tied up outside in the cold:
    1. Document everything. Write down the date, time and location of the animal and any other details that might be relevant.
    2. Take photos or videos to help paint the full picture.
    3. Take the evidence to your local animal control agency or sheriff's office. For your own reference, take note of whom you speak to, so that you can follow up with the complaint in a few days.
    4. Call the agency or the sheriff's office after you've issued your complaint for updates and to make sure they've followed up on the situation.

    • Raven Rott
      Raven Rott 15 days ago

      My country's animal cruelty laws suck.If I took it to the sheriff he would LAUGH at me!

    • Porcelain Pinup
      Porcelain Pinup Month ago

      Mike D neglect is a form of abuse, buddy.

    • Porcelain Pinup
      Porcelain Pinup Month ago

      Lily Rose Reddings steal the dog. Plain and simple.

    • Stacey Walker
      Stacey Walker 2 months ago

      LIly Rose Reddings >>> Its people like you......who actually care that makes the difference!! I like that you keep trying an have't given tape the dogs crying an if can freezing outside. Where I lived I tried to get people to give me their dogs too an they would not for anything. They never paid them any attention, ever! You have a huge heart, wish more were like you.....peace!

    • Дмитрий Кощей
      Дмитрий Кощей 2 months ago

  • Andruşca A-N-K
    Andruşca A-N-K 5 days ago

    I never understood people who would just leave their dog on the cold cement or wet ground to sleep. Whenever I asked, people said that dog are supposed to live like that and I never questioned it too much, even though I would have liked for the dogs to have a better made house, like... way bigger, since most I saw were also little, if they even had one at all, and some way to warm up. Or at least check up on them as often as possible. Or even take them inside if it gets too cold, for at least a few hours. I guess I should be lucky we have a relatively pretty okay climate, but still.

  • lickitysplit roberts

    I call animal control all the time on my neibors. They let there dogs freeze in -20. I have no problems with it. One person has even been fined because i called. Its up to good pet owners to look out for all animals. Because if you dont they will suffer

  • Desgil Danphi
    Desgil Danphi 7 days ago

    He sleep ON my bed and i don't think it my bed anymore

  • тнαт σηє gυу
    тнαт σηє gυу 11 days ago

    I mean a lot of dog experiences this it and its sad but its true. laying in a cold space and everytime the temprature begins to drop the dog shivers it's just sad

  • Sachiko Yume
    Sachiko Yume 12 days ago

    Awwww the Wolfie at the end

  • Sachiko Yume
    Sachiko Yume 12 days ago

    My dog sleeps on the bed, dogs should be kept warm and safe in a loving forever home.

  • Lola Thedog
    Lola Thedog 13 days ago

    I never think that a dog can survive in the cold because I never really believed that they're fur are not very that thick and I never really thought that it would be a good idea to leave a dog outside in the cold in dog house at night I just love to bring my dogs inside and giving them love that they need.

  • Omar Wolfheart
    Omar Wolfheart 13 days ago

    Im never getting my animals a dog house they will live in my house and will be allowed to sleep on my bed

  • Olivia Hendrickson
    Olivia Hendrickson 13 days ago

    But it depends where you live and what season it is. Still you should not do it but still.

  • Yesenia Yesy
    Yesenia Yesy 15 days ago

    Where i live at night during winter it will usually get to 45 farenheit degrees yet we literally coverd my dogs whole house with carpet and the floor she also has a pillow and blanket but when theres ice we have no snow or rain wind or dust we put her inside

  • Raven Rott
    Raven Rott 15 days ago

    Well,he can come OVER HERE and convince MY parents and grandparents to let my dog into the house.

  • Marley In LINE PLAY
    Marley In LINE PLAY 16 days ago

    I never understood how people could leave their dogs outside! I’ve lived with big and small dogs and I never ever let them sleep outside! I let them sleep in my garage and make sure they’re warm!

  • Soup Dish
    Soup Dish 17 days ago

    My cats are in the garage, which is warmer than my own living room!

  • DatAznKid 123
    DatAznKid 123 17 days ago

    I always leave my dog in the snow

    In minecraft ☺

  • Freya Duckling
    Freya Duckling 17 days ago

    My dogs like to sleep outside for some reason. Their dog flap is open all night. Idk why they sleep out there! I’ve called them in when it was cold, and they came in, then went straight back outside when I left the room! Their doghouse is fully insulated and there is hay, newspaper and blankets in there and the entrance is another dog flap. They just won’t sleep inside! Is that a bad thing? I don’t force them too, and I don’t know how to stop it cause if I lock them inside they whine and scratch at the back glass door. Should I do something?

  • Darkest_Gamer R
    Darkest_Gamer R 18 days ago

    I leave my puppies outside, nothing has happened and my other 3 adult dogs...nothing has happened lol

  • FerA
    FerA 18 days ago

    I have a electric warming mat soo it's warmer in the dog house

  • k bee
    k bee 18 days ago

    the only time my dogs "rough" it is when one of them kicks the other off onto the floor beside the bed

  • wolf master
    wolf master 18 days ago

    I agree that dogs should stay in but no my dad has to be a fricken jerk also u can't put a wolf dog out suddenly and think it will be alright and I have a German Shepherd with short hair so yay f u dad's everyone likes moms better

  • Trinity Peters
    Trinity Peters 18 days ago

    And this is why my dog sleeps inside. (Also I live in Canada and it's always either really cold or really hot so that was never an option)

  • tooth fairy
    tooth fairy 18 days ago

    Just wondering about other animals, cows, birds, etc. Why don’t they suffer with the cold?

  • Jack C
    Jack C 18 days ago

    Goes to show how blind “dog people” can be. Not one comment asking where this took place.

  • Theatric_Musician
    Theatric_Musician 19 days ago

    We have cats on campus that are wild but the director of the honors college gives them food and built them houses to shelter themselves from the snow. They're filled with thermal blankets and she feeds them daily. The sad thing about this is that the cats are completely wild and we couldn't get them inside if we tried.

  • aztec warrior
    aztec warrior 20 days ago

    It snow's where I live and my husky loves it she comes to the door when she wants back in it's usually never more than an hour though so get it

  • Blitzy Dragon
    Blitzy Dragon 20 days ago

    Do to my area of living, it frequents 60-80F at night, but i would never put an animal out under freezing, thats just stupid and horrible.

  • Amira L
    Amira L 21 day ago

    Yes some dogs can't be outside for long but what if you own a husky? I don't think its cruel to let it sleep outside.

  • Supreme Ovelord Spencer

    Is it okay if I have a dog or cat on a heating pad in a dog igloo with a tarp over it with wood clippings and blankets ?

  • alis49281
    alis49281 24 days ago

    Some dogs have such thin fur, that they will start to freeze very quickly even at higher temperatures as soon as rain falls.
    Almost all dogs will not be comfortable in the cold, because in their domestication they lost most of the adaptions they had to be comfortable outside.
    This doesn't apply to dog breeds who are meant to guard sheep (and these are not alone and sleep with the sheep) and dogs adapted to very cold climates who are used to these - but these dogs are NOT alone because they warm each other. Yes, none of them sleep alone outside in the cold. In fact: If in doubt, let the dog chose...

  • Ino ry
    Ino ry 24 days ago

    I remember my forst cat, she was outside while it was storming and thundering outside, cold and rainy. so i put on my jacket and warm shoes to go out looking for her. When she saw me she cam right for me and we went inside >< I would never leave my babypet outside when its weather like this or freezing temperatures, i mean wtf :(. my kittehs now live save and warm inside of my own own apartment, maybe a bit sad that they can't go outside but at least they are save and healthy.

  • Red_The_Bastard
    Red_The_Bastard 25 days ago

    This is why my dog sleeps in my bed every night and never spends time alone outside

  • HelloDarling!
    HelloDarling! 26 days ago

    I believe it might be just as bad in the summer. All the dogs we’ve had have been house pets. They are allowed outside (same with my cat) but if it’s too hot or cold or it’s raining they’re only out for a little bit.

  • Tory Knotts
    Tory Knotts 27 days ago

    Yikes I can tell when he is suffering from mild hypothermia (97° - 93°) : shivering,numb body parts, problems speaking.

  • Hayden Ho
    Hayden Ho 27 days ago

    My dog sleep in air-condition room everyday

  • Princesa estrella105
    Princesa estrella105 27 days ago +1

    Is it nice if you leave your pet outside at the day and go outside and play with him and at night bring your pet inside and sleep with it?

  • I dont know Anymore
    I dont know Anymore 28 days ago


  • Kelly Sanchez
    Kelly Sanchez 28 days ago

    when its winter where i love it isnt that cold

  • Saptadji Barata
    Saptadji Barata 28 days ago


  • Teddy • •
    Teddy • • 28 days ago

    Me and my dad made a house for my dog but we have a roof and a porch with the roof so no snow gets near our dog. We have a heater/air conditioner in his house so like rn it is cold. It is turned on as a heater. When it is summer if it isnt so hot he can be outside with the air conditioner but if it is sooo hot we take him inside

  • Crazy Cupcakes
    Crazy Cupcakes 29 days ago

    Jesus... I knew doghouses weren’t nice for dogs but I had no idea... as someone who is considering getting a dog this is good to know thank you Dodo!

  • Glide Prinsesanna
    Glide Prinsesanna Month ago

    we dont have dog house, we have our dogs inside all the time but we let her come with us when we leave

  • Amanda Fathiyah Din

    The 176 dislike is people that hate their dog/cat to be inside and thought this is fake because of the cold

  • ifluffyfox
    ifluffyfox Month ago

    We don’t have cold winters here, the lowest it gets is the 40s, but in summer it gets up 115 and that’s way too hot for any animal, so I would say something about it.

  • Elijah Park
    Elijah Park Month ago

    This is why I keep my dogs in the house

  • It'sBtsBisssh
    It'sBtsBisssh Month ago

    If I had a dog, I'd still buy it it's dog house but only for in the sunny days if it wants to lounge outside in the shade. But I wouldn't let it sleep outside, warm or not.

  • Pierce Chemical Veil Falling disco out Horizon

    My dad had my German shepherd in a dog house for the summer and winter, but he put a heater in it for her and a air conditioner depending on the season. He even had a radio for the little dog. My dad made her dog house to be huge and had a “door” I thing it was a semi thick blanket to cover the door way for the winter and nothing for summer. That dog lived inside but when we were outside as a family or if he wanted out we left are door open for her to come in when ever. She loved that house💕. R.I.P. Maddie

  • Doris Yang
    Doris Yang Month ago

    I put my dog in my house he has a dog bed
    Like if you agree

  • Christa the doggo
    Christa the doggo Month ago

  • Karen Robertson
    Karen Robertson Month ago

    My dog sleeps in side sooo

  • AeroCard
    AeroCard Month ago

    If I had a dog, they would sleep in the living room cause my room gets really cold. I have a very ghetto window, I have to light a candle in the morning to help warm up my room!

  • Studying Prem
    Studying Prem Month ago +1

    Luckily he has a coat.

  • Esme S.
    Esme S. Month ago

    What to do if see you sew someone constantly abusing an animal but animal control doesnt do anything and all shelters and animal grouos say call them we cant help. Now what.

  • Lulu
    Lulu Month ago

    My cats like the outside but the door is always open whenever they want to come in.

  • August Von Mackensen

    Nothing angers me more then people who get dogs, only to lock them in the back yard.
    Then they complain the dog has behavioural issues. Well of course it does, its a social animal and you dump it in the yard with no interaction with anyone.

  • Irish Jacobe
    Irish Jacobe Month ago

    But a husky can stand that cold cant they?

  • JanetFunkYeah
    JanetFunkYeah Month ago

    Sigh... It's 12018... Come on, it's time to start using celcius. We are one world.

    • Surgical
      Surgical 28 days ago

      JanetFunkYeah never!

  • Miawolf16
    Miawolf16 Month ago

    And then people go on to say leaving your dog in a crate indoors is cruel...smh.

  • Chloe Sanchez
    Chloe Sanchez Month ago

    I live in Long Beach and while I would never leave one of my dogs outside, the coldest it gets here is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 😂

  • crazy Harriet
    crazy Harriet Month ago

    Ice at 20 degrees !? That can't be right 20 degrees is insanely warm

  • Emen Bollim
    Emen Bollim Month ago

    didnt even know doghouses were something people legit put their dogs in

  • slug bear
    slug bear Month ago

    My cat is mostly indoors at night I try to keep him in but sometimes he won't

  • KerrianFrost
    KerrianFrost Month ago

    My doesn't like being outside for long in winter weather. Long enough to do his business and maybe romp on the porch before he's had enough and just want to go in for a nap. One of those dogs where all he's looking for is an easier way of life.

  • Fury killer 9000
    Fury killer 9000 Month ago

    If your considering leaveing your cat or dog outside


    Its a joke dont get mad plz

  • TheRandomGuy
    TheRandomGuy Month ago

    Huskys are adapted to live through that.....

  • MiloMakesMusicCovers
    MiloMakesMusicCovers Month ago +1

    This guy is probably not Canadian.....

    But he shows a good point!

  • ShadowDaisy The Cat

    I have a question, what about Huskies?

  • Evil Snail
    Evil Snail Month ago

    Chilling with my cocker spaniel in my electric blanket. She hates the cold so much, we have to put on sweaters for her!

  • romina ramezan
    romina ramezan Month ago

    dude i live in canada and i go out without a jacket and i am still warm wth is wrong with me😂😂 any other canadians know what i mean?

  • FireComic al
    FireComic al Month ago

    Our dog curls up on the bed, under the covers, and sleeps right next to my head 😂

  • Cynthia Walton
    Cynthia Walton Month ago

    My dog sleeps with me everynight. Never would I leave her outside

  • vixie cat
    vixie cat Month ago

    How about a dog house but inside

  • Lyndia Walden
    Lyndia Walden Month ago

    Devil's advocate here....... What do you think dogs did BEFORE we domesticated them. They lived outside in all kinds of weather. If anyone is at fault because dogs and cats have to be 'inside' animals or they suffer, then blame mankind for domesticating the cat and dog.

  • PaperBag
    PaperBag Month ago

    My dog is a husky mix so he stays outside because he loves the cold but he is never allowed outside during the night. He's never left outside to sleep, he's always inside the house. Sometimes, even during the day, it'll get so cold that everyone agrees to let him inside while my mom is cooking. I don't understand why people leave their dogs out during the winter.

  • TheCheeseBurger Meme

    My left leg went totally numb.

  • jenny duong
    jenny duong Month ago

    Skin I meant and also my dog sleeps with me

  • jenny duong
    jenny duong Month ago

    Dogs have black skint that's how they stand the cold...

  • Wolf Lover11
    Wolf Lover11 Month ago

    Couldn’t it be winter time?

  • Samantha Silva
    Samantha Silva Month ago

    My rotties house is insulated and full of hay, helps much!=)

  • bluqueen14/wolfet370 Msp/animaljam

    Its really cold at school and you there are to dogs that live in a house next to school and where I'm hanging out with my friend they just stay out there all day I'm wearing all this stuff that should keep me warm but I just so cold what should I do?

  • SuperSintaStic
    SuperSintaStic Month ago

    My dog is apart of my family I don't send my kids outside to sleep so why should my dog if you honestly do this your seriously a cruel person.

  • Tiffystar Studios
    Tiffystar Studios Month ago

    I know how you feel cause when I was little it was like 10 or under degrees and I was doing PE outside without a coat and I went really pale........

  • Becka Lives
    Becka Lives Month ago

    My dog considers 'cold' to be not sitting directly in front of the heater blocking all my heat.
    But seriously, thanks for sharing this because honestly this is despicable and always has been to me. Pets are trouble inside, yes. They can poop or pee or destroy things. But I've never seen anybody make their kid sleep outside for doing all of the above. Animals are family, not items. You are their parents, not their owners. Don't own a pet if you can't love them how they deserve to be loved.

  • zanatsuid 18
    zanatsuid 18 Month ago

    Three words. Heated dog houses.

  • Djinn Cookie
    Djinn Cookie Month ago

    Hey Dodo I seen an animal well two dogs near my school been outside for about a long time the people dont even let them in.

  • just an idiot cooking

    We bring are dog in at night does that make a difference?

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis Month ago

    What about dog houses that are raised up, insulated & kept out of the wind? Huskies live that way & still do their jobs & have fun. Day can be just as cold as night in places like Alaska & Canada so I don’t know what to think.
    We have 2 cats who’re always nice & warm inside... unless the boy escapes, he sleeps under the picnic table while he waits for someone to wake up & let him in. He has woken us up yowling to get in if it’s cold or raining on him so he’s ok. My sister’s dog used to sleep in her kennel but was allowed to sleep inside because she refused to use the dog house. Her parents gave up & when they went to bring her in, they were shocked by how cold it was. If they’d known, they would’ve kept her in automatically. Angel saved her own life with the power of stubborn yet adorable. Unless you get up to check the temperature every couple of hours, you can’t know what kind of cold your dog is suffering through.

  • Kim Ung
    Kim Ung 2 months ago

    But still do not leave them outside

  • Kim Ung
    Kim Ung 2 months ago

    There is a dog house where the temperature is perfect. It is really expensive. I have tried it before. Don't judge.

  • Kim Ung
    Kim Ung 2 months ago

    I am never leaving my dog outside

  • Kawaii Sylveon
    Kawaii Sylveon 2 months ago

    oh no my 36 dogs are all let outside but there is no winter and there is no doghouse only grass and trees!

  • Christina Garcia
    Christina Garcia 2 months ago

    My question is how did he fit in a dog house? 😐

  • Dark Fire
    Dark Fire 2 months ago

    The longest my dog was outside in freezing temperatures was no longer than 25 minutes. The reason is, it was snowing so heavily here in SC and my service animal had never experienced it; but he LOVED it! He loved just stomping and running through the snow so much, he left my side quite a few times. (He NEVER does that when we are outside our back or front yard.) I literally had to drag him back inside and smother him in blankets just so he wouldnt get sick or literally freeze to death. Such a big goof! Shame on you if you leave your dogs outside in the freezing cold for several hours!

    BILL CIPHER 2 months ago

    I leave my dogs and cats out,
    They hate being cooped up
    I even open my door at night
    To see if they want to come in
    And they just look at me and
    Walk away even the cat all they want is food or some water.

  • Angelina Merida
    Angelina Merida 2 months ago

    so sad😭

  • The only good wolf is a ALIVE wolf!

    What about if u have a wolfdog, gsd, husky, Alaskan Malamute, Akita or Samoyed? They love the cold!

  • Grapppilixious Ilse
    Grapppilixious Ilse 2 months ago

    My dog never ever in her life goes outside the house , and if she does it’s because either she needs to potty which is just like after she’s done , she’ll bark and we will bring her back inside , or we go on a road trip together in a car or we’re travelling to maybe a groomer ? So yeah, if she’s too cold , even inside my room , with tons of blankets , then we will usually set up a heater for her and she will sleep nearby there or if she’s too hot then i usually on the air conditioner for her

  • Dark Soul
    Dark Soul 2 months ago

    Please bring them in 😭😭

  • Eva Kuijl
    Eva Kuijl 2 months ago

    Isn't this person the same who sat in a hot car for 30 minutes? He's doing a great job I love this so much!

  • Alexis Best
    Alexis Best 2 months ago

    My dogs aren't just my pets. They're family. My brothers and my best friends. I have never and will never make my best friends sleep in the cold or unbearable heat. If you don't think of them as family, then maybe you shouldn't have them.

  • MountainGoaat
    MountainGoaat 2 months ago

    My working dog has to sleep outside. Even in the winter. But he has the body warmth of our goats, as well as an underground doghouse with a heatlamp and lots of straw.