Last to Talk Wins $10,000 - Challenge

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • This challenge was CRAZY...
    If you talk, you’re out. If you don’t speak for 24 hours you win $10,000.. Sounds easy right?
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  Month ago +6518

    This challenge was definitely taken too far and I apologize. Chanel’s boss actually watches my videos and I had messaged her before telling her what I was going to do and she was okay with it. I didn’t mention it in the video because I didn’t know it was gonna look as bad as it did. Chanel still has her job and her boss was totally fine with it. I can assure you guys I will not take a challenge this far ever again. I was in the wrong and I hope you can forgive me. I would never really risk losing anyone’s job for a stupid video. I promise that’s not like me and I hope you guys understand. Love you all.

  • Keolanui Keola
    Keolanui Keola 12 minutes ago

    If you didn’t Want them to laugh you should have said you can’t make any noise

  • Keolanui Keola
    Keolanui Keola 13 minutes ago

    Faze you stupid laughing isn’t talking

  • Tntgolf 4553
    Tntgolf 4553 32 minutes ago

    Your house is beautiful dang

  • Sal Tuiolemotu
    Sal Tuiolemotu Hour ago +1

    You went so far dude

  • Khurram Khan
    Khurram Khan Hour ago

    When you dont know what to do with your money

  • Karla Grijalva
    Karla Grijalva 2 hours ago


  • Maria Portillo
    Maria Portillo 3 hours ago

    brian you're not funny, that was rude a rude thing for chanel

  • Maria Portillo
    Maria Portillo 3 hours ago

    it wasn't funny at all, it was rude

  • Carson Falk
    Carson Falk 3 hours ago


  • Linda Kasper
    Linda Kasper 4 hours ago


  • Defend YT
    Defend YT 4 hours ago

    It says last to talk wins 10,000 dollars but it wasn’t that the title had to be don’t talk for 24 hours

  • The dig nugets Abril Ramón Carlos

    Your fucked up😡😡

  • Mario Alvarez
    Mario Alvarez 5 hours ago

    Bad content 🤮

  • Kill Shot
    Kill Shot 5 hours ago

    I feel bad for junior come on Brian really

  • Janeane Cordova
    Janeane Cordova 5 hours ago

    I hate when u do that to people like u did to chanel

    ITZ_ME THE PRO 5 hours ago

    I LIKED IT so please give me a shoutout

  • James Wade
    James Wade 5 hours ago +1


  • Ryan Waufle
    Ryan Waufle 6 hours ago

    This was taken way to far and it was pretty mean

  • Samuel Walters//LIL POP

    7:41 you said ow before she hit you. No hard feelings.

  • Majestic_ fire
    Majestic_ fire 11 hours ago

    What made me laugh is when he said THIS NOTE BOOK?

  • Enkenio Esefan
    Enkenio Esefan 11 hours ago

    who cries over homework

  • Henry Scalpcane
    Henry Scalpcane 14 hours ago +1

    11:39 me in the morning

  • xXAmeliaXx
    xXAmeliaXx 14 hours ago +4

    Tell him I won’t him back...

    CoNnEcT me*

  • The Aula
    The Aula 15 hours ago

    The Anthony one 😭💀💀💀💀💀

  • Angela Eng
    Angela Eng 15 hours ago +6

    I felt so bad for Chanel!
    She was so worried but she is still keeping quiet for the video! Anyways enjoy your new job!
    Actually I feel bad for everyone.. but I know it’s for content

  • Dominik Green
    Dominik Green 16 hours ago

    No one

  • Me hate Haters
    Me hate Haters 17 hours ago

    ReEEEEeEeeeEeEeeee idk why I said that :P

  • Cool dude Young
    Cool dude Young 18 hours ago +1


  • itsJustJai
    itsJustJai 18 hours ago

    Anthony said “listen”

  • Nadine Barrera
    Nadine Barrera 19 hours ago


  • Assassin_Mon
    Assassin_Mon 19 hours ago

    Nigga you went to far fuck you

  • Kahdeem Lamb
    Kahdeem Lamb 20 hours ago

    U was wrong for that Poor Chanel

  • V4 Accerr
    V4 Accerr 20 hours ago +1

    you are so mean

  • Israel Castillo
    Israel Castillo 21 hour ago


  • Jillz World
    Jillz World 22 hours ago +1

    Brian: are you guys all mad at me
    Comments: why would they not be mad at you

  • Ucs ll -_-
    Ucs ll -_- 22 hours ago


  • de ballla
    de ballla 22 hours ago

    I was thinking Chanel was gonna in but Chanel talked within the first 3 minutes

  • Elianys Plays
    Elianys Plays 22 hours ago

    Faze rug you are horrible

  • Chaelisa BLACKPINK
    Chaelisa BLACKPINK 23 hours ago

    Faze u Took it too far now

  • golden lyiahhh
    golden lyiahhh 23 hours ago

    he said “chole “

  • Carter Fred
    Carter Fred 23 hours ago

    Brian: (takes notebook out of bag)

    Brian (later): no I promise I didn’t touch it

  • Ghost
    Ghost Day ago

    Jokes on them i know sign language XD

  • YT Skinless syed

    I have never laughed like that ever before.🤣🤣

  • JawZz
    JawZz Day ago +1

    14:07😂😂😂😂😂😂 Brian's reaction when she said she wants him back

  • XxXautumnkittyXxX killer

    What happend if they talk in TVclip of commenting. Is it count ? But you shouldn’t do it with the ouijji board

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez Day ago

    Why couldn’t Chanel text her

  • JawZz
    JawZz Day ago +2

    14:28 "connect me"
    Dammmmn she thiesty

  • Em H
    Em H Day ago

    Don’t fuck with a girl in her hw especially if she’s in college😭 you don’t even go to college... that was cruel

  • Alan Reyes
    Alan Reyes Day ago

    They said unless he wants to talk
    Junior: talks
    Brian and his dad : throw him in the pool

  • galexywolf space

    I thought that was a dog

  • Bradley Reding
    Bradley Reding Day ago

    Do more

  • galexywolf space

    U did calculus

  • sangeeta's life
    sangeeta's life Day ago +1

    The way rug said "she said she wants you back " 🤣

  • Alexa Campos
    Alexa Campos Day ago +1

    i love this video so much!

    ALISA JOHN Day ago


  • lucy hunter
    lucy hunter Day ago

    *lost a subscriber*

  • jacob rodrigues
    jacob rodrigues Day ago

    @faze rug your a fucking bastard for almost getting her fired

  • Staggering 2
    Staggering 2 Day ago

    7:38 said owwww before he got hit like if you saw that

  • MusicMaker 095
    MusicMaker 095 Day ago

    2:15 CHANEL!!

  • Edwin Perez
    Edwin Perez Day ago +1

    He is such a bitch

  • Ali Abdullah Zaghmoot

    That was too far with her rug

  • Dr-DeathGamer
    Dr-DeathGamer Day ago

    Nah i mean you can talk right now 1:34 his cousin lol

  • Jeffrey James
    Jeffrey James Day ago


  • Dee Huncho
    Dee Huncho Day ago

    Y’all chill out y’all think it’s bad but it’s just a video for fun and entertaining y’all chill out 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Cole Stowers
    Cole Stowers Day ago

    Are we going to get over the fact that she is eating cereal off of a plate

  • Luis Vazquez
    Luis Vazquez Day ago

    Anthony watches porn

  • Keshi H
    Keshi H Day ago

    This was kinda fucked up video what an asshole to do stupid shit like that I would be embarrassed to be your fucking cousin

  • Mason Holden
    Mason Holden Day ago

    0:26 he has a San Diego Chargers sweatshirt on. No more San Diego Chargers.😢☹️

  • pr0DigY
    pr0DigY Day ago

    Your such a dick rug.

  • Dannyyy Snipezzz

    “yOu MeAn ThIs NoTeBoOk”🤣

  • Bailey.
    Bailey. Day ago

    Dang every time he did one of these I wanted to slap him in the face for messing with their personal lives; a job....pushing someone into a pool.....calling their exes.....pretending to tear her homework that’s so messed up man like 1 like = 1 prayer that this doesn’t happen again💘🙈

  • Patrick McKiernan
    Patrick McKiernan Day ago +4

    8 ads in 20 minutes I might as well go back to watching TV

  • ツKoolSk8erbro
    ツKoolSk8erbro Day ago

    Rug is doing to much for views

  • ツKoolSk8erbro
    ツKoolSk8erbro Day ago

    Damn getting her fired or almost getting her fired, damn that shits fucked up

  • Sandbox Slime
    Sandbox Slime Day ago

    I thought family comes first

  • Lala_ paga
    Lala_ paga Day ago

    Who else got hella fucking pissed when he did that to shanel I don't know how to spell her name but I would ligit be hella mad at you but it was kinda funny not reallu

  • Dan Hamblin
    Dan Hamblin Day ago +1

    Why would you do that really! Homework! Why?

  • Robert Sherman
    Robert Sherman Day ago

    Its like this isn't even your show

  • Kristina Worley
    Kristina Worley Day ago

    That was messed up callin his ex

  • Sehrish Zeeshan
    Sehrish Zeeshan Day ago

    Brian: Anythony wants you back.
    Cloey: ooOOOOoOOOOOoo I want him back too ;)
    Thanks Brian

  • AbeOzzy Amundson

    He yells ow before he hits him

  • AILI
    AILI 2 days ago

    Brian you fucked up with chanel

  • HungryBeaver
    HungryBeaver 2 days ago

    half way through the video you see the time and its 7:24 now 5 hours later its 7:52 lol

  • ben Ringrose
    ben Ringrose 2 days ago

    This would be mega hard for me

    SORIYA PADILLA 2 days ago


  • Lolita Magana
    Lolita Magana 2 days ago


  • Tina Aganye
    Tina Aganye 2 days ago +1

    i want chanel to win

  • Marius Nechita
    Marius Nechita 2 days ago


  • Gretchen Dunlap
    Gretchen Dunlap 2 days ago

    That was so mean

  • Martina Cruz
    Martina Cruz 2 days ago

    Pretty fucked no gonna lie 😂

  • Justin Reyes
    Justin Reyes 2 days ago

    U suck rug

  • Kratos_jaded507
    Kratos_jaded507 2 days ago

    19:17 so funny😂

  • MasterEd Gamer
    MasterEd Gamer 2 days ago


  • Rhett klemen
    Rhett klemen 2 days ago

    Anyone else just want to punch that guy with the chargers sweater in the face

  • Elena Gonzalez
    Elena Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Wheres everyones links in the description:(

  • Said Mohamed
    Said Mohamed 2 days ago

    Who won

  • Reachny And that’s all

    After this I’m afraid to talk..

  • Toby Woodfield
    Toby Woodfield 2 days ago

    does anthony know you can message hehe