• Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • Hey everyone! Today, I rated Maddie's HOTTEST outfits 1-10. Comment down below which outfit was your favorite. :) All of the items in this video are from Fashion Nova. Click the link below to shop!
    Maddie and Elijah
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  • Maddie and Elijah
    Maddie and Elijah  8 months ago +601

    He rated my BIKINIS: 💖💖

    • Badass Katie Queen
      Badass Katie Queen Month ago

      Maddie and Elijah you look good Maddie and Elijah you look good too I love y’all y’all the cutest couple ever if y’all have any haters I help change their minds about how they feel about y’all because y’all too nice to not get treated right

    • selma arapovic
      selma arapovic 2 months ago

      Maddie where is your pearl tote from?? I need a link lol its so cute!

    • Helena Barcenas
      Helena Barcenas 3 months ago

      I am new to your channel and I already love you both 🥰😘 btw i'm from the Philippines❤❤❤

    • Sophia’s World
      Sophia’s World 3 months ago +1

      Omg!!! Elijah is sooo cute!!!

    • yasmina El ghoul
      yasmina El ghoul 4 months ago

      You guys should be models

  • tlm0308
    tlm0308 2 days ago

    You know whats funny is that half of it was 9 and the other half was all 10s. 😂 Good Job Maddie and Elijah with your outfits!! 🤣

  • Zedee Love
    Zedee Love 15 days ago


  • Harriet Butler-walker
    Harriet Butler-walker 19 days ago

    Ive subscribed and my notifications are on 😆😆😍

  • Jessika Caush
    Jessika Caush 21 day ago

    The pink one is my favorite!!!!

  • Ram Ram
    Ram Ram 22 days ago

    Wow, I actually agree with Elijahs ratings

  • Haley Vaden
    Haley Vaden 24 days ago

    They are actually the cutest couple. Love you guys

  • M J
    M J 28 days ago

    I can’t they’re so cute and Maddie’s so beautiful and Elijah is the kind of bf we all deserve 😭

  • Aud_Lextime Maytime
    Aud_Lextime Maytime Month ago +1

    Elijah is so sweet!
    Elijah: if you like it, I like it.
    Maddie: aw that's so sweet! I do like it...

  • Teena Perera
    Teena Perera Month ago

    Girlllll your damn lucky to have him😍😍, stay blessed😘

  • ilsia molina
    ilsia molina Month ago

    i loved the sporty one best

  • Badass Katie Queen
    Badass Katie Queen Month ago

    Elijah you keep her close to your heart never let her go and keep her happy 😊

  • Chloe Rain
    Chloe Rain Month ago

    U look so good Maddie
    U to Elijah 💛💛❤❤

  • Kate Martina
    Kate Martina Month ago

    Weirdest six I’ve ever seen😂🥴

  • Ayush Chandel
    Ayush Chandel Month ago

    I know you like the coffee but do you drink coffee a lot?? You feel tired because of that.. If yes you need to give yourself a brake from coffee..

  • Zainab Awan
    Zainab Awan Month ago

    i am addicted to you guys 😍😍love u

  • Sharon Mahn
    Sharon Mahn Month ago

    I love your dress its so cute

  • potatoes are cool
    potatoes are cool Month ago

    They are so cute together 9:20

  • Golden Depression
    Golden Depression Month ago

    I love the white tank and he black ans red pants. Soo cute

  • Krisella Nayoan
    Krisella Nayoan Month ago

    Im obssesed you guys tryna catch up w your old vidoes❤

  • Ngoruh Maria
    Ngoruh Maria Month ago

    Everything u wears looks great on u..... Loved it😘😘😘😘😘

  • Squatinus
    Squatinus 2 months ago

    somehow this couple dont make cringe couplevideos

  • Stephanie Rose
    Stephanie Rose 2 months ago

    Where do I find an Elijah??

  • Halldóra Lillý Jóhannsdóttir

    maddie:has 10 outfits elijah:has 3

  • Halldóra Lillý Jóhannsdóttir

    Elijah:okay work 4:36 that made my day

  • Ananya
    Ananya 2 months ago

    Maddie is so fit

  • Ananya
    Ananya 2 months ago

    The way she covers her boob area in second outfit and then i see Danielle cohn 😂

  • Teresa Maurício
    Teresa Maurício 2 months ago

    You dont need to have smaller boobs to wear the snake dress, just dont use that push up bra or dont put your boobs closer

  • Mila Jensen
    Mila Jensen 2 months ago

    he seems fairly gay

  • Kristina Morris
    Kristina Morris 2 months ago

    Maddie be looking like a barbie doll on the purple shiny outfit lol

  • Aritheswagsgirl The Llama
    Aritheswagsgirl The Llama 2 months ago +1

    You just have the perfect body gurrrl!! I love you guys so much keep smiling you two cuties xxx

  • Sadiya Shamim
    Sadiya Shamim 2 months ago

    Elijah your choice and my choice matches

  • Xx Lia
    Xx Lia 2 months ago +1

    Can you subscribe to my channel please💜

  • KARA
    KARA 2 months ago

    Aww they’re so cute!!

  • Leah Scholberg
    Leah Scholberg 2 months ago

    I just want to tie your hair up for you.

  • its mee
    its mee 2 months ago +2

    I think the way Elijah covers his eyes until Maddie tells him to look is the purest thing ever

  • Ashland Brooke
    Ashland Brooke 2 months ago

    "I'm a 10 outta 10" 👏😍😂

  • Michelle Hill
    Michelle Hill 2 months ago


  • megha singh
    megha singh 2 months ago

    hey maddie .. i love ur pendent .. frm where did u get tht cn tellme ?? i want to hav customized wd my name

  • Kassidy Kuehn
    Kassidy Kuehn 2 months ago

    Is maddie a model yet

  • Matheny.08_dias dias
    Matheny.08_dias dias 2 months ago +1

    Notification on and subscribed DONE! I love you guys so much you are both so cute together! 💕💕💕

  • soph milkshake
    soph milkshake 2 months ago

    Maddie an elijah you guys are my fav youtuber

  • Is_me _daniela
    Is_me _daniela 2 months ago

    The boy kinda looks like cole sprouse

  • Jay anne tayasan
    Jay anne tayasan 2 months ago

    Ang cute nio tignan new subbie po from philippines

  • Christina Andy
    Christina Andy 2 months ago +3

    Elijah:first of all "Wow"
    Elijah:second of all "Wow"
    That killed me😍😍

  • Cynesha Mason
    Cynesha Mason 2 months ago

    I legit love your channel

  • Charmarie Macflor
    Charmarie Macflor 2 months ago

    Hey dear Mads you're too sexy 😉

  • ayk ktk
    ayk ktk 2 months ago


  • Paige Daniels
    Paige Daniels 2 months ago

    Awesome Elijah n maddie

  • Lummi Awungshi
    Lummi Awungshi 2 months ago

    Awwww.... u guys r so cute n I cant stop watching n liking ur videos 😍anyway new subscriber here ❤️

  • SinuTube
    SinuTube 2 months ago

    Can anyone please send me the link of the coat in 7:00? Have been looking for it for ages :D

  • Essie Cardoza
    Essie Cardoza 2 months ago

    A love an overly confident Maddie’s thatWERKS

  • penelope garcia
    penelope garcia 2 months ago

    I'm loving that purple glittery number so cute you can rock that one I love the blue lace so sexy for that special occasion with the boyfriend 🙂😃

  • Sakinaa. Peti
    Sakinaa. Peti 2 months ago

    Hahahahha small boobs. Like you have the😂😂😂 sorry not sorry

  • Jasi Oh
    Jasi Oh 2 months ago

    Elijah is thirsty as fuck

  • Katharina Schmer
    Katharina Schmer 2 months ago

    Elijah thougts "i will take you right here and right now"

  • XxJaylaxX CutieClub
    XxJaylaxX CutieClub 2 months ago

    4:31 I’m dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kikay
    Kikay 3 months ago

    Maddie is so cuuuutee see 4:40

  • Zeba Rezak
    Zeba Rezak 3 months ago

    I have my notifications on... love you guys so much... you guys are my favorite you tubers

  • Get Fit With Courtney
    Get Fit With Courtney 3 months ago

    His enthusiasm is so cute 😸😸