Wearing A 50 FT Wig For The Day!

  • Published on Feb 4, 2019
  • 10 Minute Dollar Store DIY Challenge!
    Edible Items Prank! www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yJTu...
    Welcome to Totally Trendy! Today, I am doing something ridiculous, assembling and wearing a *50* ft wig, and putting it through a couple of tests! How long do you think you could wear this wig for?
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 711

  • Rockin' Song
    Rockin' Song 18 hours ago

    Why do you sound like Rapunzel?

  • Bhumika Salhotra

    okay but like, woods being scared of Sam falling from the roof is friendship goals.

  • Bhumika Salhotra

    forget rapunzel, Queen Of dragons, is that you???

  • Olivia Maurer
    Olivia Maurer 6 days ago

    Repunzel Repunzel let down your weave

  • Galaxy_ Animations
    Galaxy_ Animations 6 days ago +1



  • Dulce Mates
    Dulce Mates 7 days ago

    I thought that you were Veronica Merrell in the thumbnail 😂😂

  • Zia Val
    Zia Val 7 days ago

    Why does she kinda look like the merrell twins

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 7 days ago

    My friend has SOOO long of hair and its natural hair

  • Emma F
    Emma F 7 days ago

    Rapunzel had 70 feet of hair. No hate, just stating.

  • Lillianna Friday
    Lillianna Friday 8 days ago

    I love the wig but it got me but I kinda guessed after the first guy wore it but it still got me when tanner came out of the bathhroomXD “oh gosh I thought that Sam her skinny body’s falling from the roof tops”XD I’m dieing

  • Angela Neighbors
    Angela Neighbors 8 days ago

    You need to sell it

  • Art Crew
    Art Crew 10 days ago

    This video is so boring even at 2× speed

  • IHateUsername s
    IHateUsername s 11 days ago +1

    The running part was halarious

  • Steven Gadia
    Steven Gadia 12 days ago

    You could’ve made your life harder because rapunzal’s hair is 70 feet.

  • Magun Thresher
    Magun Thresher 12 days ago

    This channel needs a better mic....I have max volume and can barely hear 😭

    • Ella Spratling
      Ella Spratling 10 days ago

      Magun Thresher I guess that’s your device it’s fine for me

  • TKS v Silent
    TKS v Silent 12 days ago

    7:51 7:52

  • kate 12
    kate 12 12 days ago

    You’re so cool I love your hacks and crafts

  • Hailey Medeiros
    Hailey Medeiros 13 days ago

    Not gonna lie Sam kinda looked like woods for a second

  • Madison Owens
    Madison Owens 13 days ago

    Well there is the lady with 55ft Dreads

  • ❷❺ㄥ匚モ 乃モ丹尺

    I want to see Michael wear that

  • FluffyPlays
    FluffyPlays 14 days ago

    I know I’m super late but there is a TVclip theory if you say the TVcliprs channel name 3 times, they will pin and like your comment
    Totally Trendy
    Totally Trendy
    Totally Trendy
    Okay now is time to wait and see :D

  • Turkey Boy21
    Turkey Boy21 15 days ago


  • Ish _ DIYs
    Ish _ DIYs 15 days ago

    Love Rapunzel. Hence the account on games as brynpunzel

  • Ish _ DIYs
    Ish _ DIYs 15 days ago

    You lost a lot of length to the connections and 20 wigs of 26 inches is only 43.333333... feet. So......

  • Ish _ DIYs
    Ish _ DIYs 15 days ago

    Love it when everyone was wearing wigs. Also 20 $10 wigs. You spent $200 dollars on wigs that you are going to ruin!!!

  • 9 tails of silver
    9 tails of silver 16 days ago

    Tanner looks rather ok with that much hair almost fitting

  • TheInnocentPotato
    TheInnocentPotato 16 days ago

    *If i Shower with that i would just give up...*

  • Alaska Gamer
    Alaska Gamer 16 days ago

    I had no idea dope or nope guy was here XD yes I know its tanner ;-;

  • Nirrrina
    Nirrrina 16 days ago

    I had my hair down to three feet. Getting stuff out of the oven required tying it back. I also wore it down one day & accidentally flipped it into the face of the lady behind me on the bus. Best part though was that I didn't need anything to put it into a bun. It just wrapped around itself.

  • Jamie Vee
    Jamie Vee 17 days ago

    That everyone wearing wigs bit was hilarious that cracked me up

  • Tatum Donovan
    Tatum Donovan 17 days ago

    For Luna’s b day you guys should dress up like princess for her

  • W Bartley
    W Bartley 18 days ago

    keep your hands still girl!

  • Francie Cutie
    Francie Cutie 18 days ago

    Cj looks good with that wig😂

  • OverUnity7734
    OverUnity7734 18 days ago

    That sequence was great, reminded me of "Being John Malchovich" .

  • belle Rose
    belle Rose 22 days ago


  • AL Briones
    AL Briones 23 days ago

    Great wigs everybody! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Gwen The Bean
    Gwen The Bean 23 days ago

    You should do a giveaway with all those wigs 😂

  • The Artic Ninja Fox
    The Artic Ninja Fox 24 days ago

    Tanner actually looks good with the blonde wig and I also love how every one is Wearing a wig .
    Edit : RAPUNZEL WHO?

  • The Crystal Channel 101

    You look good with blonde hair

  • toh ping Tiang
    toh ping Tiang 29 days ago

    She live in a tower and never move around remember?

  • frequent
    frequent 29 days ago

    Tanner no joke rocked the wig😂😂

  • July Maxwell Harrington

    f you had that much hair you would break your neck

  • Polly C.
    Polly C. Month ago

    CJ has some SERIOUS drag queen game! 😂

  • Wilting Røze Draws

    I loved that wig bit!!!! IT WAS HILARIOUS

  • Monica Salgado
    Monica Salgado Month ago

    Plus I liked and subscribe to all y'all's videos that y'all up load like I said I love y'all all even team edge and hi5 studios and dope or nope and battle universe and poulgg and get good gaming Matthias woods and rose and you to Sam I like every single video y'all up load and I like and subscribe to all your videos I love you and have a nice day by

  • Monica Salgado
    Monica Salgado Month ago

    You actually look like ripunsel all you need is the clothes and the tower I mean in top of the ruff if a building but it just needs the form of ripunsel and you need the Prince with the horse and your mom and you need the stile of the hair like ripunsel and the window next to the thing to lower tour hair and you need to be in the the place that looks like the woods not in the city and one more thing I am so sorry if I spellt the princes ripunsel wrong plus send me your works phone number because I subscribe to all the videos y'all upload and I will like to speak to all of y'all winever y'all can I want to meat you all from red base , blue base and orange base just like the team edge base please because I want to meat you all thank you and have a nice day tank you bie

    • Monica Salgado
      Monica Salgado Month ago

      Sorry I did not mean to say die I meant to say by like I said I am so so sorry to say die I did not really meant to said by please still like me please I did not mean it I meant to say by not die ok sorry but still please still like me please tank you like I said sorry please forgive me please I did not mean to say it tank you I love you and tell every one to call me or text me on youtube and tell every one that I said I love them by

  • Ren gulvas
    Ren gulvas Month ago

    i see tanner but where is matt

  • Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil

    is this wigCeption 😂🔮💜👌🏽

  • olivia gleason
    olivia gleason Month ago

    U have terrible audio

  • Mystic Derps
    Mystic Derps Month ago

    Y'all looking gorgeous

  • Meowicle
    Meowicle Month ago

    The wigs are contagious lol XD

  • TheWeirdOne 7
    TheWeirdOne 7 Month ago

    Is it bad that my first thought in seeing cj in a wig was that he ROCKED it? Then I thought oh he looks like legolas a little

  • Softball Gamer
    Softball Gamer Month ago +1

    It is only 16 Yards and 2 Feet I think

  • Phoenix Wings
    Phoenix Wings Month ago

    who else thinks SAM could rock the Rapunzel look

  • nathuff3
    nathuff3 Month ago

    Tanner looked confused

  • Blue Lightning Sky
    Blue Lightning Sky Month ago

    Everyone is wearing a wig 😂 Did you plan this or did they just all take one?

  • Kawaii Stars
    Kawaii Stars Month ago

    *Wig* *SNATCHED*

  • Kawaii Stars
    Kawaii Stars Month ago


  • candi 1152
    candi 1152 Month ago

    OMG when u ran and it fell apart. Lol

  • ally coomans
    ally coomans Month ago

    I got an add for hair watching this video

  • Lauren Ashdown
    Lauren Ashdown Month ago

    my natural hair goes down to my ankles and i am 5"8 and it is really heavy and takes me 3 hours to wash it, it does get in the way so much but i dont wanna cut it it also takes me and hour to plat my hair...

  • da smol potato 101
    da smol potato 101 Month ago

    are you in the hi5 studio

  • da smol potato 101
    da smol potato 101 Month ago

    Wait a minute are you from team edge

  • Evey S
    Evey S Month ago

    I’m getting glasses

  • Avinash Vyas
    Avinash Vyas Month ago

    Sam, : tip : Don act so dead inside.Nice content!!

  • xXredninjaXx does art

    Wait.....everyone turning into a blond hair?!! ( or wig ) I hope i don't wanna see tanner with blo- *tanner walk out of a bathroom* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Cute Is Equal
    Cute Is Equal Month ago

    They are all wearing wigs LOL

  • Twinner gabby
    Twinner gabby Month ago +1

    Whats the link for that wig?????

  • gabriela barbora
    gabriela barbora Month ago

    I like that everyone is wearing a wig

  • Summer Bradford
    Summer Bradford Month ago

    When he thought Sam jumped off i was drinking sprite and i choked from his reaction

  • Summer Bradford
    Summer Bradford Month ago

    Tanner kind of looked like thor

  • Dolllover10 Forever

    I kinda wish that I saw Mathias and Luna were wearing wigs

  • Kaymen Dunn
    Kaymen Dunn Month ago

    You look good with blonde hair

  • thumbtak
    thumbtak Month ago

    Put the hair in a backpack.

  • Dragon Rooks
    Dragon Rooks Month ago

    Why audio so quiet

  • Gacha Lizzie
    Gacha Lizzie Month ago

    I am pretty sure its a khaleesi wig actually she is from Game of Thrones

  • Michael Castillo
    Michael Castillo Month ago

    What is her instagram handle? I love totally trendy ❤️

  • Eugene Dread
    Eugene Dread Month ago

    Rapunsel rapunsel let down your weave

  • Siddharth Parmar
    Siddharth Parmar Month ago

    You and woods are the best couple ever

  • sarah escalante
    sarah escalante Month ago

    0:15 actually I've never thought about that once 😂

  • mischievous cat
    mischievous cat Month ago

    I loved how everyone was wearing a wig

  • CST Maintenance
    CST Maintenance Month ago

    Sam is pregnant... am I the only one that sees it.

  • Beth Adkisson
    Beth Adkisson Month ago

    I love how Gunner flipped his hair and was like " hey"

  • I love Why Dont We
    I love Why Dont We Month ago

    I was here last night and she had 140k now she has 141k congrats sammm!!!!!

  • lovelyreptiles
    lovelyreptiles Month ago

    Ok though I'm thinking the first wig looked like Legolas.... Like damn tho

    Awwwwwwwww I wanted to see Gunner with a wig lol

  • Allen Smith
    Allen Smith Month ago

    Lol she ROCKED that bit where everyone had the hair. 👍🏼

  • Rubiks Gaming CGZ/Grave


  • Cheyenne Aversano
    Cheyenne Aversano Month ago

    They had the wigs lol

  • AmericanaExotica 2913

    That moment when everyone had those wigs on and everyone is so good at acting that they didn't even act like its strange.

  • Mihai Asaftei
    Mihai Asaftei Month ago

    3:26 what am i doing with my life ... ? lol :D

  • Nnenna Mbachu
    Nnenna Mbachu Month ago

    She's just ignoring the fact that everyone is wearing a wig.

  • Kelly Maholland
    Kelly Maholland Month ago

    I love your channel so much but woods are better

  • Axe_master_7
    Axe_master_7 Month ago

    When you realize she spent $200 dollars on wigs 😅

  • RaePlays
    RaePlays Month ago

    For the future, you should just get extensions

  • XxKittengamerXX_YT
    XxKittengamerXX_YT Month ago

    (okay so I'm 3 wigs short, my bad)

  • XxKittengamerXX_YT
    XxKittengamerXX_YT Month ago

    its nice now everyone is wearing wigs.. how and y did the ppl want to do this...

  • Avery Cooper
    Avery Cooper 2 months ago +1

    Sam WOW is all I have to say about your videos lately.They have been so good and I really enjoy watching them.They make me laugh and give me something to do when I’m bored

  • Kristen Brandt
    Kristen Brandt 2 months ago +1

    I thought wigs were super expensive

  • Dakota Noe
    Dakota Noe 2 months ago


  • Dakota Noe
    Dakota Noe 2 months ago