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  • Sian Dancy
    Sian Dancy 13 hours ago

    What's the second boys full name

  • Edie Babe
    Edie Babe 14 hours ago

    So what happened then did the boy get the girl?

  • Rose lopez
    Rose lopez Day ago

    LOVE it

  • Ameesha Kumar
    Ameesha Kumar 2 days ago

    The girl judge nearly started crying for the one who was trying to ask a girl out

  • xiu shine
    xiu shine 4 days ago

    what's the first song?

  • Juan Tya
    Juan Tya 4 days ago


  • Patrick McGrath
    Patrick McGrath 6 days ago

    The 3rd guy was at the eurovision for ireland

  • Qusairi afraa
    Qusairi afraa 6 days ago

    report magnus

  • Hamza Nadir
    Hamza Nadir 6 days ago

    5:19 That's A Mother 😭😍😚

  • ThelikeaEmma
    ThelikeaEmma 7 days ago

    henry gallagher 💕

  • M's world
    M's world 7 days ago

    After watching this video i have a crush on henry, love Reuben,want more from ryan, and need some more songs are at least this song on spotify from Hollywood Anderson

  • Abdul Wahid Syarifudin

    Gareth bale - 12 years old🤣

  • Harley Swift
    Harley Swift 8 days ago

    Where can I meet a guy like this?

  • Kaarem Perawiti
    Kaarem Perawiti 8 days ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love 💗 the first song💗💗💗

    ADRIAN JENKINS 9 days ago

    Great singer hope there goes far and become famous singers

  • Daryl Tan
    Daryl Tan 9 days ago

    Whats the first song??? Omg someone tell me please

  • Equinox_Shocka
    Equinox_Shocka 9 days ago

    what a great young man his parents look very proud of him.. god bless

  • wheeping willow2 4U
    wheeping willow2 4U 10 days ago

    lol IS THAT BABS AT 10:04 LOL

  • Mr. Łøŵ
    Mr. Łøŵ 10 days ago

    Very nice💞💘

  • TheOnlyUno
    TheOnlyUno 10 days ago


  • Fiona Östlund
    Fiona Östlund 10 days ago

    The last one made me cry, SO talanted

  • Brock Adams
    Brock Adams 11 days ago

    First kid looks like a 12 year old version of Harry Kane.

  • Michael Self
    Michael Self 12 days ago

    Very precocious.

  • Cleveland brown
    Cleveland brown 12 days ago

    First kid was British Jacob sartorius please no he can somewhat sing and the lyrics weren’t really in a good flow

  • Stevana Peterson
    Stevana Peterson 12 days ago

    the first kid song is so catchy i definitely listen to that

    now i cant get it out of my head

  • shadow 13
    shadow 13 13 days ago

    Yo i don't know what y'all are talkin about, but the last guy...WOOOO

  • Cyrptocookie1698
    Cyrptocookie1698 13 days ago

    I’m dead pause it at 8:03 Xd

  • kim belo
    kim belo 15 days ago

    i really liked hollywood

  • anonimos gggm
    anonimos gggm 16 days ago

    throw me a lifeline ppl and tell me that Reuben Gray (2nd guy) is de best

  • PaiPai TN
    PaiPai TN 16 days ago

    I wonder what all his bullies thought after they seen this. (If he had any)

  • หล่อแต่ ไม่หล่อเลยครับ

    เด็กคนแรกกุนึกว่า มายเมทเนท

  • Victoria Pagan
    Victoria Pagan 19 days ago

    Third act gave me john mayor vibes. so good.

  • Meredithe Juliano
    Meredithe Juliano 20 days ago

    THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Especially Reuben!!!!

  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez 20 days ago

    I can’t even get a text back

  • Quinten Harrison
    Quinten Harrison 21 day ago +2

    This whole video all I could think about was my girlfriend and hoping she won't break-up with me

  • Cidra Hamidaddin
    Cidra Hamidaddin 21 day ago

    the first one is an original and true and it is so cute it makes me want to cry

  • Sunny Rai
    Sunny Rai 22 days ago

    Baby.. I miss💔💔💔

  • Lacson Cruz
    Lacson Cruz 23 days ago


  • Gabrielle Stewart
    Gabrielle Stewart 23 days ago

    *Guy starts singing a song about being in love with his best friend*
    J.Lo: "I want to record that song so much, can I have that song?"
    Bitch you've been married three times

  • Pradeep Singh
    Pradeep Singh 24 days ago

    Last one made me cry....

  • Ann Vaflor
    Ann Vaflor 24 days ago


  • Lost Figure
    Lost Figure 25 days ago

    The first kid did a really great performance

  • Brandon Uwanawich
    Brandon Uwanawich 27 days ago

    Drowning in a sea full of Cheese LmfaO

    JWNGMA BASUMATARY 27 days ago


  • Angel Estrada
    Angel Estrada 28 days ago

    No one is saying it, but the last one. 😭😭

  • Enam Clinton
    Enam Clinton 29 days ago

    American Idol audition... The fat guy is way perfect.

  • Jwolfe137
    Jwolfe137 Month ago

    Was the first kid Mraz' son or something?

  • sumaiyah hussain
    sumaiyah hussain Month ago

    I respect Reuben Gray. And I honestly think that he was the best. I mean I play piano myself and he has just put me to shame. v.v

  • Dom Schooner
    Dom Schooner Month ago

    I wish I could sing again

  • ethan reynhout
    ethan reynhout Month ago

    1st 2 auditions are my favorite👍

  • Theodore Wardzinski

    That made me cry. Inspiring

  • Octo twig1234 yt
    Octo twig1234 yt Month ago

    so much talent, i love all these auditions

  • Dyn4mic Universe
    Dyn4mic Universe Month ago

    If you pause at 8:02 to go get a snack, you will come back with a middle finger from Simon

  • Princess Tacazon
    Princess Tacazon Month ago


  • Bradley Billegas
    Bradley Billegas Month ago

    That was amazing

  • capthuskie 007
    capthuskie 007 Month ago +8

    Ryan performing No Name? Amazing.

  • jayduc
    jayduc Month ago

    The next Disney singer star

  • Momo Badet
    Momo Badet Month ago

    The first kid is your average minecraft kid

  • Hati Gamers
    Hati Gamers Month ago

    What Song no:1

  • Albi
    Albi Month ago

    Wait till the younger kids hit puberty cant hit those high notes like they used to

  • Hati Gamers
    Hati Gamers Month ago

    What Song In No1

  • Zahra Ahmed
    Zahra Ahmed Month ago

    The last one was my favorite. They all were so good!!!

  • Justine Miller
    Justine Miller Month ago


  • Helmi aslam
    Helmi aslam Month ago

    why does the first boy look like harry kane

  • Tanguy Cossoul
    Tanguy Cossoul Month ago

    whos the first one?

  • dark angel
    dark angel Month ago +1

    The second one is my favorite

  • Swag Neji
    Swag Neji Month ago

    The first boy really got me the vibe. I can watch him for all day long

  • Александр Терентьев


  • Krazede
    Krazede Month ago

    Beautiful Apology Reuben !

  • Call me Julz
    Call me Julz Month ago

    the first clip is so awesome. the stage presence was heart warming

  • Ten K Music
    Ten K Music Month ago

    did anyone else see Simon lowkey flip him off at 8:01

  • Bebby Ndoen
    Bebby Ndoen Month ago

    I LAVVVVVVVV IT !!!!!!

  • YouTube Tasin
    YouTube Tasin Month ago

    what name this love song , please answer me

  • Alpha Frappucino
    Alpha Frappucino Month ago

    Henry's voice it's like if he has auto tune that's how good it is

  • Midnight Mystery
    Midnight Mystery Month ago

    Am I the only one who noticed (even slight) similarities to "somebody to you" by the vamps in the first one? Still great though.

  • Cambria Sipprell
    Cambria Sipprell Month ago

    Drowning in a sea full of cheese wow these caption are on point

  • Cambria Sipprell
    Cambria Sipprell Month ago +8

    Reuben gray is amazing and he should’ve won the damn thing lol

  • Kimberly Diaz
    Kimberly Diaz Month ago

    Was chopping some onions 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • jane Ezpeleta
    jane Ezpeleta Month ago

    Title of the first song please ❤️

  • Onyenemere Genevieve

    I love love

  • Onyenemere Genevieve

    I love that guy singing for his ex......why can't I find a guy like this??.... Its really cute,I swear..
    If I was here, I will forgive you

  • NDNDJ Hdhjd
    NDNDJ Hdhjd Month ago

    It got me😭😭😭😭

  • NDNDJ Hdhjd
    NDNDJ Hdhjd Month ago

    Im cryin for first time crying so emotional rlly 😭😭 only lile bit tear

  • NDNDJ Hdhjd
    NDNDJ Hdhjd Month ago

    The sec one got ke first that made me cry

  • NDNDJ Hdhjd
    NDNDJ Hdhjd Month ago

    Some videa in America got talent is really emotional very touching but never made ne cry

  • Lucky Michael
    Lucky Michael Month ago

    No name

  • الحاج بوخاطر

    Waw waw

  • rodel magmonte
    rodel magmonte Month ago

    Just WOW...

  • kaka jay kenya
    kaka jay kenya Month ago

    So amazing
    Don't forget to subscribe to my Chanel at kaka Kenya and IG @kakamkalij

  • aplea squshys
    aplea squshys Month ago


  • James Bay
    James Bay Month ago

    Is it weird that during the second song I felt uncomfortable?

  • Levy vdv
    Levy vdv Month ago

    love the last guy....he touched my heart

  • mira marie
    mira marie Month ago

    Those guys that writes song for their girls really got me crying 😭 Those girls are surely lucky 😭

  • Fashionista B
    Fashionista B Month ago +4

    The first one is so adorable. Writing and performing a song he made for his crush.

  • Kevin jones
    Kevin jones Month ago +2

    I love how J Lo says she’d love to record “Hollywood’s” song even though she can’t freak sing without the help of Auto-tune! So overrated she is!

  • Unknownymous P
    Unknownymous P Month ago

    I need the list of the songs. Don't ask; I'm needy :/ :)

  • Phillip Linker
    Phillip Linker Month ago

    I like Rueben Gray written song, wish I was capable of doing that & got to admit he luck to have a cute gf like her

  • Zarni Thomas
    Zarni Thomas Month ago


  • jasmine seymour
    jasmine seymour Month ago +1

    i lost it when the subtitles said "so good baby food is so good"

  • Vince V
    Vince V 2 months ago

    The last guy - Bestfriend. Nice song and amazing voice!