Inside Zedd's $16 Million Mansion That Has a Skittles Machine | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • Published on Mar 29, 2018
  • In this episode of Open Door, Grammy-winning record producer and DJ Zedd gives an in-depth tour of his $16 million mansion in Benedict Canyon, an area of Los Angeles that's near Sherman Oaks and northwest of Beverly Hills. Zedd's self-decorated home is 9,500 square feet with views of the canyon and tons of full-length glass windows.

    See photos and read the full interview here:
    The house is structured into three sections: work, living, and sleep. The work section has Zedd's recording studio and an unfinished gym.

    The driveway leads into the front entrance, which crosses a moat.

    A huge wall with cubbies holds art, awards, and silly memorabilia. For instance, Zedd's Grammy sits next to a poop emoji.

    At the end of a corridor, before going outside, guests can pick their favorite flavor of the rainbow from the Skittles machine.

    Zedd also has a server room and a "Costco Room" that contains just about anything he would need if he weren't able to leave the house for a long time.

    The bathrooms feature automated blinds that can sometimes surprise the person taking the shower early in the morning.

    The remote-controlled curtains in Zedd's bedroom make him the happiest of any feature in the house.

    Outside, the pool has a hidden jacuzzi / hot tub that's revealed when the pool's water level drops.

    The kitchen has four built-in hibachi grills, a pot filler above the stovetop (which Zedd says is the reason he bought the house), and built-in vacuums.
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    Inside Zedd's $16 Million Mansion That Has a Skittles Machine | Open Door | Architectural Digest
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  • Proccesable
    Proccesable 25 minutes ago

    ‘I’ll take you on a little tour’


  • Proccesable
    Proccesable 26 minutes ago

    ‘Sleeps in poor’

  • See Horse
    See Horse 56 minutes ago

    Jack septic eye been ballin

  • 032213 RN
    032213 RN Hour ago

    He is one year older than me.
    I'm gonna go to my closet and cry
    Oh wait! I dont fit in my closet
    I'll cry on my bed

  • Luke Finley
    Luke Finley Hour ago

    Not gonna lie I didn't know him but he had a skittle machine so I was all go from that point on.

  • Rosalyn G
    Rosalyn G 2 hours ago

    This house is so big, that is takes 9 minutes to show it. EXCLUSIVE the walking to every room. for me it takes like 2 minutes explaining

  • niharika dhingra
    niharika dhingra 3 hours ago

    Oh god the shoe hits me now as one of reasons to earn money ...and that pool

  • Ghoul 8
    Ghoul 8 4 hours ago +1

    For me house shouldn’t be that big it should be not too big not too small a medium seize but this 16 million house oof I would if I had big family

  • Dingo ate My baby
    Dingo ate My baby 4 hours ago

    I can build a house like that in minecraft ;)

  • Zara Lubberts
    Zara Lubberts 5 hours ago

    I wish someone would build this house in the Sims 4😂

  • Isy Mabel
    Isy Mabel 5 hours ago

    can't wait when i'm rich

  • DragonPhobia
    DragonPhobia 6 hours ago

    For some reason, he really likes ceilings, he talks about it in almost all of his rooms!

  • dagirlindadesert
    dagirlindadesert 6 hours ago

    His small door is too big for me! 😏

  • Bitter Boy
    Bitter Boy 6 hours ago

    Mr extra

  • The Bloopers
    The Bloopers 7 hours ago

    Now I wonder why did Selena left him?

  • VampDash Anims
    VampDash Anims 8 hours ago

    Someone could get lost in there..

  • zenon spar
    zenon spar 8 hours ago

    What happens when it rains ??

  • Mal R
    Mal R 8 hours ago

    Man...I would feel alone in there😂

  • Rayan M
    Rayan M 9 hours ago

    I have bigger house than that

  • Ghaith Albalooshi
    Ghaith Albalooshi 9 hours ago

    well what happens when it rains?..
    tv's, chairs??

  • Ammara Aman
    Ammara Aman 10 hours ago

    I wanted him n Selena to really work out x

  • shreya r
    shreya r 11 hours ago +1

    suddenly i know now why girls chase rich guys

  • Shirhan Danial
    Shirhan Danial 13 hours ago

    Lol, your living room is the size of my house

  • Shantia Football-live
    Shantia Football-live 13 hours ago

    I would get depressed in that straight up!

  • Jacob Muller
    Jacob Muller 14 hours ago +1

    I know I am poor you don't have to rub it in

  • AidanXDyolobolo
    AidanXDyolobolo 15 hours ago


    ISMET PLEH 15 hours ago

    Huge house but personality of a sock puppet! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • Talan Canatsey
    Talan Canatsey 16 hours ago

    But the real question is doesn't he get BORed

  • Archer 777
    Archer 777 16 hours ago +1

    2:12 zedd “would you like some?” Me: “HELL YA!!!” 😂

  • Bruno Oliveira
    Bruno Oliveira 16 hours ago

    if zedd has this, martin garrix must have 100 million dollar house!!!

  • عدنان باشيخ
    عدنان باشيخ 17 hours ago

    I love it.

  • It’s KG
    It’s KG 17 hours ago +1

    I would be happy if I had a house like that in Sims lol

  • Pink Person
    Pink Person 18 hours ago

    "would you like some?"

  • fumble fumble
    fumble fumble 18 hours ago

    Thatd be so easy to rob

  • B Dog
    B Dog 19 hours ago

    "We have to dig 5 feet down, because you have to have a certain height to face a good sounding studio." What in the hell does that mean

  • Sniper Gaming
    Sniper Gaming 21 hour ago

    Bro I swear imagine a party in this place

  • Superlinkalpha
    Superlinkalpha 22 hours ago

    I only care about the skittles

  • Miguel Curiel
    Miguel Curiel 22 hours ago

    Bruh ill get lost in the house like in 10 minuites

  • DomAurPlayZ
    DomAurPlayZ 23 hours ago

    This was the day I turned 8 years old now
    I’m have 8

  • Lorraine Oliech
    Lorraine Oliech Day ago

    That's the house from the movie called geek charming

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight Day ago

    If I had a skittle machine it would be empty within 1 week!

  • Abdulrahman Jalal

    Who else clicked cuz they read "skittles machine" 😂

  • 玫瑰Mel
    玫瑰Mel Day ago

    Please I want to be your daughter😭😭😭

  • BreaderHoods
    BreaderHoods Day ago

    You are poor if you like this.

  • Legend
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    he just deserved it...

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    Akid Muzaffar Day ago

    He looks like Jacksepticeye from afar

  • Vxnnie _
    Vxnnie _ Day ago

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  • Charles  Tecan
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    Ruby Rezecer Day ago

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    “Can I bring my friend?”
    “How about 2 more?”
    “How bout my friends’ friends?”
    “Sure,why not?”
    “Can I bring all homeless people?”
    “Ur not kidding?”
    “o. k.

  • Faruk Fajkovic
    Faruk Fajkovic Day ago

    Not his house

  • Ebson Ebby
    Ebson Ebby Day ago

    You are rich when you have beer in the fridge outside and don,t even know about it

  • BoDa CR
    BoDa CR Day ago

    My home is his gym 🐨

  • Khaleesib A
    Khaleesib A Day ago

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    Oliver Donat Day ago

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    MLG_Jabishere Day ago

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  • Parallel xCacHz Yeah Yeah

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  • Ewan
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    "And then that will be where the guest house and bowling alley will be."

  • dank _ donut
    dank _ donut Day ago

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  • Beechball
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  • Anne-Gabrielle Berthaud

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  • Non-toxic Poison

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    Bob DaKing Day ago

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    There is a reason I didn’t specify

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    Isnt this house on another TVclip channel?!? The bookshelves are so familiar

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  • Rafaella Lopes
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  • Rewansz 10
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    I wish luck with cleaning this house...

  • SvettyLana Msp
    SvettyLana Msp Day ago

    Hello! I would like to say that I’m honestly so disappointed.
    There are thousands of poor people and they are grieving on the streets as he is enjoying a mansion. My point is that people can have mansions but I think that there should be at least more than 10 people there. I don’t think it’s right for only 1 person to live in a house as big as this.

  • ka bob
    ka bob Day ago

    By the time you get to the private gym you would no longer need to workout

  • Prem EG
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    My computer broke and I cant afford to fix it, i have nothing to eat and $1 in my wallet. Yay life

  • gio_playz !
    gio_playz ! Day ago

    I cant tell if he has an accent Edit: nvm

    DEMOLITION 21 Day ago

    How does he get this money???

  • Gacha Minnie& ROBLOX


  • SilentTart
    SilentTart Day ago

    3:50 When your house is too big you don’t even know it.

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  • Mia A. Mystica
    Mia A. Mystica 2 days ago

    3:50 when you have so many rooms, you dont know wich is wich

  • Mia A. Mystica
    Mia A. Mystica 2 days ago

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    Me: Wtf, what is my door then!?! Microscopique????

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