Continuing coverage of Vermilion Parish teacher arrest- KATC

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018
  • Continuing coverage of Vermilion Parish teacher arrest- KATC

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  • Wilson Solt
    Wilson Solt 3 months ago

    There is nothing more corrupt or cowardly than a school board. They want cash, but don't want any responsibility. That is why we have zero tolerance. They are cowards.

  • Pete Kevin
    Pete Kevin 4 months ago

    What kind of society are we in where a raise depends on "what everybody else is making", instead of actual performance? I guess that's what regan meant when he called it "trickle down economics!" I call it, "Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining!"

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 5 months ago

    Thank God the teacher wasn't black and the cop white..

  • atestring100
    atestring100 9 months ago

    Fire the Rent A Cop!!

  • Andrew Layton
    Andrew Layton 9 months ago

    You, Mr. Superintendent CAN have a raise... AFTER THE TEACHERS GET ONE!

  • Pamela Beimers
    Pamela Beimers 9 months ago

    Know the diff between a teacher and a large pizza? A large pizza can feed a family of four.
    The sad decline of our primary educational system...a mystery, really.

  • Edward Woods
    Edward Woods 9 months ago

    Get rid of him. Then see how he feels about the money he was making. Everyone that cares knows the more kids that fail the more government money the school board gets

  • Deep South
    Deep South 9 months ago

    perfect time for the PEOPLE to rise against that stupid cop and stop his UNCONSTITUTIONAL actions. that fucking black cop is the one that should have been removed and in jail

  • Rich D
    Rich D 9 months ago

    I would love to be a fly on the wall for about a month to see how much "work" this superintendent actually does

  • SUPER NPC#32114
    SUPER NPC#32114 9 months ago +1

    *I can read a script too.*

  • Rumple Stiltskin
    Rumple Stiltskin 9 months ago

    Are you sure this is the right 'V". I thought I was reading something from Venezuela. Oh wait, same leftist bullshit, same actions. How does it feel to be communists. Freaking dolts.

  • Maki Jahja
    Maki Jahja 9 months ago


  • jakemda
    jakemda 9 months ago

    no one is above the law, judgment should be passed upon the officer and anyone ordering the arrest.

  • Amy L Beam
    Amy L Beam 9 months ago

    oh big deal, the School Board won't charge the teacher. I certainly hope SHE BRINGS CHARGES AGAINST BOTH POLICE AND BOARD MEMBERS! This is a national disgrace. Whether the salary is justified or not is NOT the issue. The issue here is that a teacher was intimidated, knocked down, handcuffed and arrested for questioning the raise after she had been acknowledged to speak.

  • Keith Purdue
    Keith Purdue 9 months ago

    This lady will be very rich. The officer, school board pukes, and police dept will pay out the butt. Suits, ACLU, class-action coming down on the board.

  • joespappa
    joespappa 9 months ago

    100 percent together? Screw thursday.. WALK YOUR BUTTS OUT AND STAY OUT is what needs to be done.

  • Karen Ross
    Karen Ross 9 months ago

    Ass , the teachers did that not the super

  • Gilbert Gonzalez
    Gilbert Gonzalez 9 months ago

    LoL!! She did not follow the rules. She got sent to the office. She got punished. Oh well, too bad. Sock it to her !!

  • Todd Woodworth
    Todd Woodworth 9 months ago

    superintendant scum .

  • Aracely Rea
    Aracely Rea 9 months ago

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  • Radnally
    Radnally 9 months ago

    Public school Superintendents are way overpaid across the whole country. Instead of a $30k bump for this clown, they could've given 30 teachers $1000/year raise. Typical corrupt upper management.

  • Sayaam
    Sayaam 9 months ago

    And now the fake news... What a bunch of clowns! Stop watching their news and tell anyone in your town who ads with them no business From you. Hit these clowns where it hurts.. communist pigs!

  • bugsz1
    bugsz1 9 months ago

    Since when is it an officers job to violate the law? Just doing his job? More like violating his oath.

  • Pat Beaudry
    Pat Beaudry 9 months ago

    Petty personal attack. How Fucking stupid are the board of vermilion .about as smart as a cockroach

  • Pat Beaudry
    Pat Beaudry 9 months ago

    But the super is not an educator. He is an administrator. Not a teacher

  • Pat Beaudry
    Pat Beaudry 9 months ago

    What charges . she broke no laws.

  • Keaton Terrell
    Keaton Terrell 9 months ago

    I’m curious about the comment from the board member in this video. He said that teachers haven’t gotten raises in ten years. To my knowledge, teachers get raises every year. Their pay is based on years of service.

  • Crazy Moose
    Crazy Moose 9 months ago

    I think I'm going to home school now.

  • Chipwhitley274
    Chipwhitley274 9 months ago

    Damn Acadia... you have even lower teacher salaries ranked 59... but the superintendent is ranked THREE? At a $237,490 annual salary?!!! Nearly 100 THOUSAND Dollars more than the price objection of the Vermilion superintendent Salary.

  • James McCutchan
    James McCutchan 9 months ago

    was she cussing and screaming? no.was she recognized to speak? why was she arrested ?

  • vital instinct88
    vital instinct88 9 months ago

    The teacher should have just walked down the hall, I hate when people bash police, and ignore the fact that the perp didn’t follow orders.

  • Brad Kirsch
    Brad Kirsch 9 months ago

    Get used to it boys and girls. If you don't bow to authority, you will get crushed. This is the new normal in the Fascist States of America.

  • G-Man
    G-Man 9 months ago +1

    Those back wood community's can literally get away with murder ...

  • Brandon Caldwell
    Brandon Caldwell 9 months ago

    What's mixed about this. A person was expressing their right. So much for democracy.

  • Aseem
    Aseem 9 months ago

    Get another job bitch or just transfer somewhere that pays more.

  • djinvinceable
    djinvinceable 9 months ago

    How the hell are there “mixed opinions”??!?

  • Officer Mahoney
    Officer Mahoney 9 months ago

    All superintendents and school boards across the NATION should be looked into, judging by the comments on how much they get make.

  • Balls Mcgee
    Balls Mcgee 9 months ago


  • Cassie Buchanan
    Cassie Buchanan 9 months ago

    that cop needs to be shot

  • Cristina Perugina
    Cristina Perugina 9 months ago +2

    I miss the 80's and 90's already. Times were a lot more happier.

  • NorEasterMike
    NorEasterMike 9 months ago

    These clowns all make way too much money to just sit in an office and do nothing. That money should go into the schools budget so the teachers do not have to spend their own money for supplies. when was the last time a teacher received a $2500.00 a month raise? How does that other superintendent get $235,000 a year? My god, I am in the wrong line of work!

  • Gregory Muncey
    Gregory Muncey 9 months ago

    The teacher was over-emotional, over-reactive and disruptive. Though her inquiry may have had merit, her actions were not professional at all. Here’s another take of the video ->

  • Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 9 months ago

    Teachers always say they care about kids but they seem to care more about cash.Why don't you just say its about money !!!

  • Arie Fraiser
    Arie Fraiser 9 months ago

    The super justifies his salary increase by pointing out improved metrics for the school system. Did this guy do it by himself? A good leader would have ensured his people got rewarded first before looking out for himself.

  • 8mark9
    8mark9 9 months ago

    This cop is a criminal!

  • mrekbass
    mrekbass 9 months ago

    The Superintendent views it as "a personal attack on him." He said that exactly! Typical fucking bully, blame the victim!

  • mrekbass
    mrekbass 9 months ago +1

    Fontana is to education as Wes Arpiao is to law enforcement... ignorant and corrupt!
    Fire Puyau! Fire Fontana! He is entirely responsible for what happens at meetings he over sees. He allowed a woman to be beaten down by a pig he pays! Shame!

  • Texanna Stephens
    Texanna Stephens 9 months ago

    Wow what a pos superintendent,

  • Aaron H
    Aaron H 9 months ago

    The raise is irrelevant to the story. A person of authority silenced someone when they were vocalizing a concern and then that person was needlessly man handled and arrested. Puyau and the resource officer should be fired immediately.

  • TheLordAtreyus
    TheLordAtreyus 9 months ago

    Welcome to Trump's America.

  • Georgia Fain
    Georgia Fain 9 months ago

    Get rid of all those arrogant entitled men on the school board. Been there too long thing it’s there own personal monarchy.Including the one that just took the place of the one who recently died. His appointment looked corrupt.

  • PATRICK DeCambra
    PATRICK DeCambra 9 months ago

    He was only doing his job where have I heard this before

  • Erleen Miller
    Erleen Miller 9 months ago

    They didn't want to listen or understand the teacher because they had already mind their minds up about about giving the superintendent the pay anyway. That's why they let the officer take her out and arrested her. That is so wrong on how they handle this situation with a teacher," who wasn't violent at all just needed questions answered.

  • kidfrom1981
    kidfrom1981 9 months ago

    Mixed opinions? So far, all ive seen are posts backing up this teacher. The ones who are smiling and laughing at how the teacher was treated are being silent, because theyre cowards.

  • Hannibal's Diner
    Hannibal's Diner 9 months ago

    For the teacher.... I am normally not a fan of government teachers. However, Thank you for your bravery! Shame on everyone who fail you BEFORE you walked out of the meeting, before you had to speak up a second time! More should have seconded your thoughts. Shame on that Officer! I am a retired LEO. Threatening the public with arrest for speaking their mind is for ANY other country, NOT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! More than one person there should seek employment somewhere else in a different profession with less need to stand the weather apposing opinion. I know you didn't ask for or expect this, but it happened. NOT because you did anything wrong, but because those in authority did. On several levels, authority felt challenged and therefore the NEED TO FLEX THEIR MUSCLE. Can you imagine how threatened they would have felt if a male teacher had spoken out? He may not have fared as well as you in those initial moments or now even. Lets not forget the young men in your class who now who should see you as brave for speaking and as an example of what to do, and their potential view of the Officers example of what is OK to do! There was nothing OK with how this was handled. Respectfully Yours, Retired LEO.

  • PBG
    PBG 9 months ago

    Fuck you you fascist pigs

  • Andy Saenz
    Andy Saenz 9 months ago

    Teachers are the ones who are preparing future generations of engineers, doctors, architects, etc. They are obscenely under-paid! And in this case, they haven't gotten a pay raise in nearly 10 years.
    They are the ones who need a pay raise! This superintendent is already making six figures annually! 😡

  • Andy Saenz
    Andy Saenz 9 months ago

    She exposed their corruption and they were embarrassed, that's why they arrested her. Damn cowards.

  • Andy Saenz
    Andy Saenz 9 months ago

    Both the school board and police officers violated her First Amendment freedom of speech! If I were her, I would sue the hell out of all of them!
    This is the USA, not fucking North Korea!
    This crap will not stop until We the People clog up the court system nationwide with civil-rights lawsuits.

  • tgclark2
    tgclark2 9 months ago

    I will bet the superintendent regrets accepting the raise now. What an idiot.

  • Patty Lopez
    Patty Lopez 9 months ago

    Yes. Her rights were violated.

  • toferj
    toferj 9 months ago

    Shameful, that the super intendant got a raise before the teachers under him. $110,000.00/year is a damn good salary. Who cares how it compares to other super intendants in other districts. That is IRRELEVANT. $110,000.00/year is plenty of money to live on. He's asking his teachers to live on far, far less.

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    Louisiana is a shit hole. Next in line after Mississippi and Florida for worst state.

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    Good. She should _sue_ anyways.
    Fuck these corrupt pieces of shit and their lapdog pigs.

  • Ladywood2
    Ladywood2 9 months ago

    The superintendent was shedding crocodile tears on the news saying he should’ve stood up for her and let her be heard. He’s so fake!! He wasn’t crying for her, he was crying to make it seem like he felt bad. He’s afraid of losing his job. He should have said something at the meeting. Her rights were violated. Point blank! He should be fired and she should sue the school system for illegal arrest, defamation and violation of her constitutional rights.

  • Travis Whatley
    Travis Whatley 9 months ago

    Deyshia Hargrave should run for superintendent now.

  • Travis Whatley
    Travis Whatley 9 months ago

    Why would there be any mixed opinions on this?

  • unloneranger
    unloneranger 9 months ago

    That officer should be fired

  • Nick DeBusk
    Nick DeBusk 9 months ago

    The top needs more money... Duh... SMH... Fucking scum.
    When I brought in a document showing average wages to my boss and explained that I needed $16k more a year. Logic.

  • meacomefeyou
    meacomefeyou 9 months ago

    4:45 the only threat is he way This crap is being normalised in to a police state , dictatorship tyranny. Know your constitutional rights THIS IS AN ATTACK YO FREEDOMS AND LIBERTIES

  • Bronze Goddess 813
    Bronze Goddess 813 9 months ago

    Stick together for our freedoms.

  • Sam Griffendore
    Sam Griffendore 9 months ago

    This school board is absolutely nothing but trash, and that women didn't deserve any form of public injustice. I know my opinion means less then nothing over a TVclip comment, but this is complete bull. Down with that school board. And down with our crappy unjust economy.

  • Ralph Rose
    Ralph Rose 9 months ago

    The officer was doing the bidding of one of the members of the board. That is all it was. The officer and the board member need arrested by the FBI or US Marshalls for violating the teachers right of free speech. They both were in their official duties and can be held individually financially liable for violating the teacher's right of free speech. How would the board members that voted yes for the raise like to lose their jobs and be behind bars for a few years for being corrupt politicians. You can take my comment however you good ole boys want and send whomever you want to my front door. They will come back to arrest you for your actions.

  • EatyourfaceThomas
    EatyourfaceThomas 9 months ago

    The superintendent here in Milwaukee for MPS is doing the same thing, giving administrators a $100,000 raise while teachers got a few cents added to their paychecks.

  • Nicholas Pharris
    Nicholas Pharris 9 months ago

    If the teachers don't get a raise neither should board members or supers.

  • Nicholas Pharris
    Nicholas Pharris 9 months ago

    I don't think the opinion is mixed. Everyone who has seen the video is outraged that this teachers rights we're violated by the stupid superintendent.

  • mastermooky
    mastermooky 9 months ago

    that cop may not have been acting as a city employee (?), but, none the less, he arrested, and handcuffed this woman "under color of law" !!!

  • mastermooky
    mastermooky 9 months ago

    lawsuit of certain!!

  • mastermooky
    mastermooky 9 months ago

    blatant disegard for Rights of another, bunch of hillbillies !

  • Mike Tank Brown ll
    Mike Tank Brown ll 9 months ago

    The superintendent acted like he was the one responsible for the better test scores. Maybe he tutors the kids after school lol....give these teachers a raise, My goodness. Smh.

  • Johnny Johnny
    Johnny Johnny 9 months ago

    fucking idiots/ moron takes out their phone and record, instead of helping...shameful and disturbing..disgusting as well...

  • Hmoob Xwb
    Hmoob Xwb 9 months ago

    I hope the teacher is suing the school board and the cop..

  • Isosceles
    Isosceles 9 months ago

    30,000 dollar a year raise did i just hear?? Wow thats more then alot of ppls annual income all together geez.

  • Lisa Landry-Quebedeaux
    Lisa Landry-Quebedeaux 9 months ago

    Superintendent has not had a raise in 5 years and teachers had not had a raise in 10 years. What is wrong with that picture. I'm from Louisiana and this is an embarrassment the way the school board and deputy acted. But once again that's how it is in America, the CEO's, superintendents, the higher up gets more than the person working for them. $38,000.and the working people get no raise or very little which usually wipes out after the insurance goes up.

  • Hurricane Society
    Hurricane Society 9 months ago

    Well...i don't really care that much...ppl to dramatic

  • carsmasher
    carsmasher 9 months ago

    She had the right to question and she did. She told the truth and the administration could not handle the truth. This is what is wrong with our schools today.

  • Keith Johnson
    Keith Johnson 9 months ago

    For what his pay raise was they could hire another teacher and lower class size.

  • Big Kaos
    Big Kaos 9 months ago

    That pig needs to be fired. That’s one racist fucking asshole. African Americans are too fucking racist.

  • Dan Allcott
    Dan Allcott 9 months ago

    The School Board President needs to resign now. Comparing a teacher, speaking at an open meeting, to a misbehaving student is exactly what is wrong with our society. This is not about the superintendent's salary, it is about arresting someone who speaks truth in the face of power.

  • Tony V
    Tony V 9 months ago

    This is part of what's wrong with this country. All the executives get together and decide what they get paid. Once one gets a raise they all point and say "I need a raise because he or she got one." Administration goes along saying something about "retaining talent." Happens is both the public and private sector.

  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson 9 months ago

    YEA,YEA,lets have another meeting so we can be arrested and beaten up by OUT OF CONTROL POLICE GANGS,and other government officials,YOU PEOPLE should READ THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION,if any of you are smart enought to be able to read,THEY VIOLATED THE TEACHERS FREEDOM OF SPEECH,THE HIGHEST VALUE RIGHT YOU HAVE,that is TREASON,the police gangs and entire school hoard ,from top to bottom should be EXECUTED FOR TREASON...or maybe you'd like living in a slave labor camp........

  • Steven D
    Steven D 9 months ago

    198 dislikes? Someone who disliked this video, please explain your reasoning?

  • Tim Murski
    Tim Murski 9 months ago


  • Dr.Leonard Church
    Dr.Leonard Church 9 months ago

    A cop abuses his power on black teenagers: subject to debate
    A cop abuses his power on a white lady: the entire country is up in arms

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 9 months ago

    That is such bullshit, she got arrested all because she was standing up for what's right!!!

  • Onazzz808
    Onazzz808 9 months ago

    Ridiculous how they try to justify Puyaus pay by ranking!! WTF?! Give the TEACHERS THE RAISES!!

  • RC-SkunkWorX
    RC-SkunkWorX 9 months ago

    The Police Officer has no right to violate someone's right to freedom of speech... the teacher was not acting in a hostile manner, unlike the officers actions. pretty sure the teacher has a Criminal lawsuit against the police officer/town if she so chooses

  • Chill_Girl
    Chill_Girl 9 months ago

    No one should get raises if they aren't meeting standards.

  • Nicholas R.M.
    Nicholas R.M. 9 months ago

    I think it's time to re-varnish that chair!

  • Branford
    Branford 9 months ago

    funny how the 5 people who voted for his raise are middleage+ white males and the people who voted against it are made up of 2 women and a black guy.
    Looks like a rigged system to me.