Stephen A. suggests an unlikely landing spot for Tom Brady | First Take

  • Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discuss where Tom Brady should play next season if the veteran quarterback leaves the New England Patriots.
    #FirstTake #NFL
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Comments • 80

  • Stephonn Branch
    Stephonn Branch Month ago

    Derrick Henry is a free agent this off-season...

  • DaleE988
    DaleE988 Month ago

    Tom Brady playing with the Patriots: He’s gonna fall off a cliff in short notice
    Tom Brady after the 2019 season going into free agency: The most prolific free agent since Peyton Manning

  • nancy garcia
    nancy garcia Month ago

    Brady gave him 6 rings come on

  • Richard Janvrin
    Richard Janvrin Month ago +1

    “Needs to re-sign Derrick Henry in a year or so”
    *is headed for free agency now*

  • Noah Edwards
    Noah Edwards Month ago +1

    I think Brady will have an awful year no matter where he plays.

  • taggle waggle
    taggle waggle Month ago +1

    Both Max & Molly have lost their marbles talking about Ryan Tannehill, a career .500 qb that finally had one great run with a monster running back DH carrying the offense, he only had to throw for 72 yards against the Patriots.... Tom Brady went 12-4 with very limited offensive weapons. 42 year old Tom Brady wakes up EVERY SINGLE DAY better than Tannehill … respect lost for their opinions

  • Joe Gallagher
    Joe Gallagher Month ago

    Naa bro send him to the colts

  • iJosh
    iJosh Month ago

    Duck sucks, Brady's done. Rivers to the Cowboys... and then draft Herbert or Eason to learn behind him.

  • Double Aught
    Double Aught Month ago

    Why does espn still exist with these political putz's...
    I block and I block and here these yahhoa are again...go kneel and suck

  • Carlos Mendoza
    Carlos Mendoza Month ago

    Molly needs to stop... what has Tannehil done lmao

  • Dan Nelson
    Dan Nelson Month ago

    NFL = WWE

  • R M
    R M Month ago

    Tom Brady won’t leave Belichick. He can’t win without him.

  • Jonas Larsen
    Jonas Larsen Month ago

    Shhhh molly you are ruining the show

  • usmcsgt purple heart

    He is going to the Raiders just watch no one will pay him the money he deserves but the Raiders

  • William Van Parys
    William Van Parys Month ago

    Chargers or Raiders the, ONLY choices as far as I'm concerned...

  • T0nyMc716
    T0nyMc716 Month ago

    Why is she talking...

  • Geno Sciacca
    Geno Sciacca Month ago

    Send Brady to the Astros and Bill can get Lance Armstrong for quarterback.

  • Adam LaTour
    Adam LaTour Month ago +1

    Tb in Nashville would be the smart move.

  • Kenneth Kim
    Kenneth Kim Month ago

    I hope he goes to the Chargers... we need fans.. I’m the only fan right now

  • Juggling Taxi Famous

    Juggling Taxi 🚖Tom Brady going to the Las Vegas Raiders .

  • Antoine Margerit
    Antoine Margerit Month ago

    Wild bet: Drew Brees Retires and Brady signs with the Saints

  • Qamar Mood
    Qamar Mood Month ago

    Rivers so trash he getting replaced by a 44 year old lol

  • Todd Donaldson
    Todd Donaldson Month ago +1

    Brady will do well with any team that has a good offensive line. Give him time and he'll pick you apart.

  • John Doherty
    John Doherty Month ago

    I want to see #12 suit up for Chicago next season, it 's time for Mitch to try the XFL

  • Brandon Visioneri
    Brandon Visioneri Month ago

    Can they replace molly 🥴😒

  • Brandon Visioneri
    Brandon Visioneri Month ago

    Bro the chargers Lmaoo stop it

  • Damon Brown
    Damon Brown Month ago

    I love tell Max kellum phrased it. "whatever team is getting Tom Brady is not getting Tom Brady there getting the remains of Tom Brady". (I think that's what he said).

  • Samuel Bane
    Samuel Bane Month ago

    CURRENTLY...RIGHT NOW...AS I TYPE.....a younger Rivers is better than an older Brady!!!!

  • John Sierra
    John Sierra Month ago

    I’m sorry I just can’t see him in anything but a pats jersey

  • G Flo
    G Flo Month ago

    He better not fuk up his legacy by joining another team..if it’s over in NE please jus retire Tom

  • Courtland Griffith
    Courtland Griffith Month ago

    He should go to Cincinatti where they have weapons. And also, he should mentor Joe Burrows for 2 years.

  • tyrannosaurus mex
    tyrannosaurus mex Month ago

    Tom brady to ey he xfl 🤯

  • Rory Smith
    Rory Smith Month ago

    I’d love to see him stay in division and go to Tennessee and allow Mariota to just get better. My other option is for Tampa Bay to let go of Winston already and bring him in as a bridge until they find their next guy. I understand why Max would say the Chargers though, has logic.

    • Rory Smith
      Rory Smith Month ago

      Chad Justice oh, and why do you say Mariota won’t be back? You think they rid him this offseason?

    • Rory Smith
      Rory Smith Month ago

      Chad Justice yeah, I meant conference so that he can still end up facing the Pats with a rush heavy team with strong talent at tight end and their top wideout, which for all that, Tennessee is an option and we don’t know if he’s staying yet.
      Brady has been trolling the whole Boston fan base about him staying, but it’s just so highly unlikely because he could still probably get, if not the 30, close to $30 million for next year still depending on the team. I wouldn’t rule the Pats out, they’re an option, but he wouldn’t go through everything of voiding his contract and leaving it all open ended still about going into free agency if he was so certain he was just voiding the contract for extra money because if it was that, he would’ve just re-signed with NE for that higher price or at least agreed to it.
      But you’re correct about messing up about them being in the same division, that’s my bad.

    • Chad Justice
      Chad Justice Month ago

      The pats and Titans are not in the same division. Mariota will not be back with the Titans. He is not leaving new England

  • Ronaldo Puente
    Ronaldo Puente Month ago

    Molly show

  • Shane O'Mack
    Shane O'Mack Month ago

    Tom isn’t leaving the pats... y’all need to stop... Bill will get him some weapons this off season

  • chicagokod
    chicagokod Month ago

    I think he’s gonna land on deez nutz 🥜. He’s going to the Raiders

  • James G
    James G Month ago

    Max kellerman SHAVE!!! HIS CHIN
    IS ANNOYING!!!!!

  • Double A Al Anderson

    If we're keeping it 100, Kellerman should stick to boxing.

  • mjstarr23
    mjstarr23 Month ago

    Trade Easton Stick to New England if Brady goes to the Chargers.. With Josh McDaniel as the New Coach of the Chargers.. or keep Stick to play as back up.. behind Brady..

  • Okay Curt
    Okay Curt Month ago

    1. Tom Brady is going to the Arizona Cardinals. (Kyler Murray)*
    2. Tom Brady is going to the Atlanta Falcons. (Matt Ryan)
    3. Tom Brady is going to the Baltimore Ravens. (Lamar Jackson)
    4. Tom Brady is going to the Buffalo Bills. (Josh Allen)
    5. Tom Brady is going to the Carolina Panthers. (Kyle Allen/Cam Newton)*
    6. Tom Brady is going to the Chicago Bears. (Mitch Trubisky)*
    7. Tom Brady is going to the Cincinnati Bengals. (Andy Dalton)*
    8. Tom Brady is going to the Cleveland Browns. (Baker Mayfield)*
    9. Tom Brady is going to the Dallas Cowboys. (Dak Prescott)
    10. Tom Brady is going to the Denver Broncos. (Drew Lock)*
    11. Tom Brady is going to the Detroit Lions. (Matthew Stafford or David Blough)*
    12. Tom Brady is going to the Green Bay Packers. (Aaron Rodgers)
    13. Tom Brady is going to the Houston Texans. (Deshaun Watson)
    14. Tom Brady is going to the Indianapolis Colts. (Jacoby Brissett)*
    15. Tom Brady is going to the Jacksonville Jaguars. (Gardner Minshew or Nick Foles)*
    16. Tom Brady is going to the Kansas City Chiefs. (Patrick Mahomes)
    17. Tom Brady is going to the Los Angeles Chargers. (Philip Rivers)*
    18. Tom Brady is going to the Los Angeles Rams. (Jared Goff)*
    19. Tom Brady is going to the Miami Dolphins. (Ryan Fitzpatrick)*
    20. Tom Brady is going to the Minnesota Vikings. (Kirk Cousins)*
    21. Tom Brady is staying with the New England Patriots. (Tom Brady)*
    22. Tom Brady is going to the New Orleans Saints. (Drew Brees)
    23. Tom Brady is going to the New York Giants. (Daniel Jones)*
    24. Tom Brady is going to the New York Jets. (Sam Darnold)*
    25. Tom Brady is going to the Oakland Raiders. (Derek Carr)*
    26. Tom Brady is going to the Philadelphia Eagles. (Carson Wentz)*
    27. Tom Brady is going to the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Ben Roethlisberger)*
    28. Tom Brady is going to the San Francisco 49ers. (Jimmy Garoppolo)*
    29. Tom Brady is going to the Seattle Seahawks. (Russell Wilson)
    30 Tom Brady is going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Jameis Winston)*
    31. Tom Brady is going to the Tennessee Titans. (Ryan Tannehill/Marcus Mariota)*
    32. Tom Brady is going to the Washington Redskins (Case Keenum/Dwayne Haskins/Alex Smith)*
    33. Tom Brady will retire. *
    I put an asterisk by the possibilities that I believe are at least somewhat feasible, even if there probability is 1 or 2 percent.
    I think the team people are sleeping on are the New York Giants. I can see Tom Brady going there. Don't forget Eli Manning has beaten Tom Brady in two Super Bowls. Also, I would like to see Tom go to Cincinnati and mentor Joe Burrow for a year or two. I see a lot of similarities in these two.
    Tennessee is an interesting choice too, but remember just because a team isn't built to win right now, doesn't mean Tom Brady wouldn't be interested in going there. The QBs aren't the only players entering free agency, and not to mention a draft coming up. Some teams can make some moves, and Tom would attract some talent to wherever he goes. Can you imagine Gronk coming out of retirement to join Tom in Cincinnati, with a young Joe Burrow on the bench soaking up all that knowledge?
    I don't know. I could talk about this all night and run through 1,000 more scenarios.

  • Kim Meyers
    Kim Meyers Month ago

    Max SHUT UP

  • Anthony Desanto
    Anthony Desanto Month ago

    Max needs be fired

  • Tim Eaton
    Tim Eaton Month ago

    Really I see at least 8 teams could go to

  • George Dedaj
    George Dedaj Month ago

    Tom Brady out of the U of MICHIGAN ,to the lions where Matt Patricia coached the pats defense and was scouted by bob quinn in college, rob gronkowski will come out of retirement and join the lions

    • Chad Justice
      Chad Justice Month ago

      Sorry he would still be under contract with the pats

  • Pedro William
    Pedro William 2 months ago

    he's taking his talents to south beach 🤭

  • Killer on the Road
    Killer on the Road 2 months ago


  • Dann G
    Dann G 2 months ago

    No he is going to bring back the MLB team that drafted him... THE BELOVED MONTREAL EXPOS! And have Belichick stealing catcher

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones 2 months ago +5

    "The remains of Tom Brady"??? did he die???

  • Richard Steiner
    Richard Steiner 2 months ago

    He should be a Viking. With that running game, defense, and Thielen/Diggs, he could make it to the big one.

  • Tar heels 215
    Tar heels 215 2 months ago

    Brady is done....he can only throws screen is over....age waits for no one

  • Jaccobtw
    Jaccobtw 2 months ago

    Vikings trade Cousins for Brady

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B 2 months ago

    Brady doesn’t have anything more to prove to anyone.

  • Orane Darby
    Orane Darby 2 months ago

    As a Patriots fan I'm just gonna leave this here...People needs to look at Bill B record as a head coach before, while and after Tom Brady in order to truly answer the question of who is better but either way the numbers go I'm taking Brady over Bill every single time

  • Seraph J. Shadowrage
    Seraph J. Shadowrage 2 months ago

    IF NE DON'T resign him here's his options,TB, Detroit, Oak, Mia,(You KNOW he'd Love to get back at Belicheck IF they don't resign him), Indy, Cincy, NO(if Brees retires),Den(like Peyton), tell me your opinion guy's

  • Jonathan Baumler
    Jonathan Baumler 2 months ago +2

    It’s almost as if Bill is sabotaging Tom... this past year it was incredibly obvious... he literally took away everyone for Brady to throw to... Brady can’t throw to himself unfortunately...

    • Hay 123
      Hay 123 Month ago

      Jonathan Baumler If he threw the ball to himself and dropped it, Giselle would blame someone else.

  • John Steadman
    John Steadman 2 months ago

    Max=Brady hater

  • Spencer Rbrt
    Spencer Rbrt 2 months ago +5

    Tom has already threw a great last second td for the titans he belongs there

  • Nate Davison
    Nate Davison 2 months ago

    If the browns could some how swing it and got a good coach that would be interesting

  • Reese Center
    Reese Center 2 months ago

    Tom Brady sign with another team, your going to relealise bellichek is the goat, your just a product of the system, Lamar Jackson, Sam darnold, mahomes, the list goes on, you don't think they would win a sb

  • Sir_Valion
    Sir_Valion 2 months ago

    Max is truly a moron.

  • Dominik Doljac
    Dominik Doljac 2 months ago

    Bill belicek is the goat

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant 2 months ago

    Bruh he needs to retire

  • Lonnie Edwards
    Lonnie Edwards 2 months ago

    How about the Jaguars or the Rams, of course the Jaguars that have to get more Talent at receiver but it could work

  • killerbvato
    killerbvato 2 months ago

    Take him to the cowboys

  • Real Rap Tv
    Real Rap Tv 2 months ago

    Here’s a tip cam going too the patriots at least he talking about it that’s all I gotta say...

  • Empire Breeding Co.
    Empire Breeding Co. 2 months ago

    Brady going to the Bills. That would be the best TV ratings twice a year when they play the Patriots. Josh Allen needs to sit for a year to learn from the goat.

  • Jacob Kaicles
    Jacob Kaicles 2 months ago

    A world where Kobe hasn’t passed away yet....

  • frank sanders
    frank sanders 2 months ago

    Titans is actually a good call. Chargers would be a terrible move. Me personally; Vikings!!!

  • Grant GA
    Grant GA 2 months ago +1

    Honestly now that I’m listening to this. Tennessee is really good. But chargers is still better due to the proximity to his mother.

  • Quincee 33
    Quincee 33 2 months ago

    Chargers are such a bad luck franchise . Brady goes there and Week 1 Keenan Allen will go down ...Week 5 Bosa goes out. I certainly don't wish injuries on anyone but man they are snake bitten franchise like Max said .

  • Travis Beaver
    Travis Beaver 2 months ago

    Yeah but I don’t want to see Tom Brady pull a Brett Favre I want him to retire for the team he’s played with his whole career. Also Tennessee wouldn’t get away from Tannehill. chances are he’ll be their future

  • Forever Know Forever
    Forever Know Forever 2 months ago

    Titans duh

  • Khari Lane
    Khari Lane 2 months ago

    Stephan A saying the Titans don't know if they gonna resign Tannahill because they need cap space to resign Henry and others. Does Stephen A really think that Brady is gonna be cheaper than Tanny? SMH!!!

  • sevenrats
    sevenrats 2 months ago

    Instead of criticizing Tom Brady let us do a little scorecard of his receivers. Seriously there are a teams that none of these guys could make.

    Edelman, great slot guy with great hands and strength for his size, injured in week 3 and played with 3 injuries, was clearly in pain all season and requires surgery in off season. This was his best receiver.

    Phillip Dorsett 5'10" guy with good speed. Decent #3 or maybe #2 guy. Brady heavily relied on him.

    Josh Gordon, substance abuse issues, missed meetings, got cut.

    Antonio Brown, impossible.

    Ben Watson, 39 years old.

    N'keal Harry, rookie missed almost half the season and then was unreliable and struggled to get open.

    Jakobi Meyers, rookie

    Muhammed Sanu, past his prime, struggled to get separation and dumped by the Falcons.

  • sevenrats
    sevenrats 2 months ago

    If Ryan Tannehill had played for the Patriots last season the Patriots would've won 8 games. Max and others dancing on Tom Brady's grave are a bit premature. Tom Brady is still a top 10 QB maybe almost top 5 with the right guys around him. The receivers change the margin for error. Last season, Tom Brady had zero margin for error.

  • Walker Bonham
    Walker Bonham 2 months ago

    what about captions in deaf i can't here like wth

  • Ron C
    Ron C 2 months ago

    Tom Brady should go to the Las Vegas Raiders. That would be interesting....

  • Bwest
    Bwest 2 months ago

    Tannehill was okay saying he’s better than Brady is ridiculous

  • Carl Freeman
    Carl Freeman 2 months ago

    Tannehill is not better.. Kidding me? Nobody in the NFL fears tannehill.. Kellerman is stupid

  • homie87
    homie87 2 months ago

    He would make bank going to the raiders, gambling, shows and watching Brady play.