Avengers: Infinity War - Trailer 2 Review

  • Published on Mar 17, 2018
  • A new trailer for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR has hit TVclip. Let's talk about it!
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Comments • 2 262

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 23 hours ago

    Gosh the Captain America shot sums up America now coming back from the shit

  • David Taggart
    David Taggart 11 days ago

    It is really funny how he doesn’t consider the fact that thanos would actually win

  • N3XiST
    N3XiST Month ago

    Jeremy : someone needs to die
    me : oh boy !

  • Bayán Haseem
    Bayán Haseem Month ago +1

    “Someone needs to die”

    *Half the universe has left the chat*

  • Christopher Lazar
    Christopher Lazar 4 months ago

    “Someone needs to die”

  • Lucy Gu
    Lucy Gu 5 months ago

    And no that's not wakanda tech Tony was genius enough to make his own thing!

  • Lucy Gu
    Lucy Gu 5 months ago

    Guess what, Thanos got his hand on all the stones and HALF OF THE UNIVERSE WAS WIPED OUT HOLY SHIT AND HE BROKE LOKI'S NECK DAMN
    I'll never get over this will we.

  • Charles Rob
    Charles Rob 7 months ago +1

    Watching this after infinity war 'someone needs to die'....yep someone died....alot of someones 😰😰

  • Shams Omair
    Shams Omair 8 months ago

    Seeing this now shows how unpredictable marvel is!!

  • TrIpE _09
    TrIpE _09 8 months ago

    Funny how he predicted someone getting their neck broken. Rip Loki.

  • Johnny Calliber
    Johnny Calliber 9 months ago

    Hawkeye wasnt the one who gets his neck broke bu thanks I'm the beginning of the movie

    PURGE JMI 10 months ago

    This movies gona be awesome! can't wait for it to come out! :D

  • Rudraksha Kalia
    Rudraksha Kalia 10 months ago +2

    Remember when Jeremy said that thanks probably don't get all the stones?..... FOOL.

  • Yaas2.0
    Yaas2.0 10 months ago

    Now when you watched the movie Jer...

  • eXquisite Gaming
    eXquisite Gaming 11 months ago

    Well...that was unexpected...

  • Coolcat_tom
    Coolcat_tom 11 months ago +2

    “Someone needs to die” oh Jeremy, we were all so naive

  • Jorge Ordorica
    Jorge Ordorica Year ago +9

    "Which means we'll never see Thanos get all the Infinity Stones, 'cause then it'll be over..."

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    film was so so

  • Darien Alsup
    Darien Alsup Year ago

    Hulk a bitch!!!

  • ZimXLR8
    ZimXLR8 Year ago

    0.56 The dragon scroll from Kung Fu Panda.

  • Romy Bobby Arana
    Romy Bobby Arana Year ago

    Captain America And Iron Man die I am calling it now.

  • Jodie Cooper
    Jodie Cooper Year ago

    The only thing I'm looking forward to about Avengers: Infinity War other than Avengers: Infinity War is Jeremy's review of Avengers: Infinity War

  • Paul Steven Conyngham

    ok, yup, I do.

  • pARx
    pARx Year ago

    I don't necessarily want it to happen, but I think the boldest move Marvel could make right now is if they killed off Captain America in this movie. It would shock everybody. Some people, a lot of people would probably hate Marvel for doing it, but I just feel like somebody big in the MCU needs to go down to remind everyone just how much a threat Thanos really is.

  • OMGTheyKilledKenny

    Rule 34

    QUEENDOM Year ago +1

    This movie needs to hurry up and come out.

  • shocker 609
    shocker 609 Year ago

    They are all going to die in the first movie.

  • Rocket & Groot
    Rocket & Groot Year ago


  • Cristopher Lim
    Cristopher Lim Year ago

    Just the trailer, im rating the trailer “awesometacular”.

  • Arlo Pear
    Arlo Pear Year ago

    People are so obsessed with who is going to die that it seems like whether or not the movie is actually any good is a distant second! I'd LOVE for the MCU to punk everybody and have nobody die & watch the fandom lose their shit a la The Last Jedi! Doubtful considering that those involved in the movie are saying that its going to happen but its taking up way too much of the conversation to the point where it seems like that's all that matters!

  • Ed
    Ed Year ago

    if it is done right, this movie will be very dark and nearly everyone will die

  • Ole Markus Engmo
    Ole Markus Engmo Year ago

    I like this guy, this guy's fun.

  • leyenda61
    leyenda61 Year ago

    How mind would you be blown if Jackman's Wolverine pops into frame at the last second just to give Thanos a death blow

  • Luke M
    Luke M Year ago

    The obsessing everyone has for these movies is so sad. It's like watching Twitards (Twilight fans for you ADD people) making videos in reaction to the big wedding scene in the trailer.... These movies are that shallow and pointless. And now, the effects are really starting to show. I mean, look at the end of Black Panther. It looked like we were back on Naboo watching the Gunguns fight the droids

  • LizPlays
    LizPlays Year ago

    I think Loki, Cap, and possibly Tony will die. Though it'd also be a tragic thing for Tony to be the survivor when he's been working since Avengers 1 to avoid this scenario.

  • Shannon dobson
    Shannon dobson Year ago

    alright few questions i’d love if someone could clear up. every site i look on says that black panthers takes places after thor, but thor directly continues onto avengers because of the end credit scene with thanos ship? and thor said avenger age of ultranationalist happened two years ago? but on the planet hulk is on they same time works differently, so would banner have been hulk for like 10 years because that’s the same as 2 normal years(not exact time just a example)?

  • Beyond Reality Universe

    I hope Jeremy gives it an awesometacular!

  • Jahmilla Vanilla
    Jahmilla Vanilla Year ago

    I'M EXCITED AND TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!! Oh, yeah Jeremy, I'm loving the facial hair, very snazzy

  • Devil C Wesker
    Devil C Wesker Year ago

    but iron man created that suit to confront any threat and shuri is a noob compared to him

  • Mq
    Mq Year ago

    A guy is posting gay comments complaining plot holes in marvel cinematic universe, fuck u

  • Jack Owens
    Jack Owens Year ago

    its like thanos is all those social justice warriors and america is cap

  • Paul Ma
    Paul Ma Year ago

    Captain America dies...

  • Dr. Cinema
    Dr. Cinema Year ago

    Ah, that's cute. You think only ONE hero is going to die. There is going to be more than one death in INFINITY WAR and a whole lot more before the end of AVENGERS 4

  • sarah Dyer
    sarah Dyer Year ago +1

    Listen to the Avengers Infinity War trailers music. And then imagine The Last Of Us theme song on piano mixed in.

  • Everythingguy 2000

    2 Attack of the Clones references in one video....nice

  • zeusboltes
    zeusboltes Year ago +1

    No u know nothing iron man has his own tech and u don't know who the guy is torturing dr.strange

  • Himanshu Kumar
    Himanshu Kumar Year ago

    Bhai baaghi 2 ka review karo

  • Exe Lior
    Exe Lior Year ago

    So... If Thanos wins like many people are speculating, and the they use time travel to undo it like others... They could then use that to introduce all the characters they just got from Fox? Ya know, Fantastic four and mutants? Cause honestly if they get added after half the main characters are dead I'm gonna feel like I'm missing out on something lol

  • TheCringyGamer _
    TheCringyGamer _ Year ago

    My favorite Avenger will always be Captain America. He was the very first. He was just a humble young man looking to serve his country in times of war. I always respect that.

  • Jon Cheshire
    Jon Cheshire Year ago

    Jeremy Jahns review for Avengers: Infinity War will be AWESOMETACULAR!

    QUEENDOM Year ago +1

    Also I don’t want to spoil anything but skrulls and galactus are still out there. Probably. Can’t kill too many heavy hitters.

    QUEENDOM Year ago +1

    Loki is going to die.

  • Slice0083
    Slice0083 Year ago

    They officially retired HawkGuy(thanks for that D.P. lol) in the Infinity War pre comic. He got out The Raft and worked out a deal to be back with his wife and kids. Don’t think Cap will pull him out of retirement again. Man needs to be with his fam if the world is at risk if ending ya know.

  • Nasus The Curator Of Sands

    If he does get all the stones, then the only way i can see them winning is by outsmarting him. It would be cool thought if it ends with *THE SNAP*
    HOWEVER, the way they do take the gauntlet off of Thanos's hand in the following. One of the heroes is distracting Thanos by letting him monologue about how he has won and fullfilled his purpose, and then BAM, Hawkeye shoots an arrow with tiny Ant man on it barely missing the gauntlet, then Ant Man jumps off the arrow just in time, places his arm within the gauntlet and then he grows in size as the gauntlet gets taken from Thanos's hand and goes into Antman's! AND THEN ANT MAN IS THE SUPREME DICTATOR OF THE UNIVERSE!

  • Snazzy Spiderman
    Snazzy Spiderman Year ago

    That voldemort looking guy is Ebony Maw, one of the generals of the Black Order

  • Choda Bikarbona
    Choda Bikarbona Year ago

    Avengers needs to talk to Thanos. Just let us live.. when he snaps his fingers, just destroy the other part of the universe. Leave us alone and we will give you the stones

  • Shaggy Jon
    Shaggy Jon Year ago +1

    I think it's called a review because it's a look back on the trailer. A "re" view

  • Adnan Kabir
    Adnan Kabir Year ago

    waiting for that next Thor Cap team up fight

  • PepePupas
    PepePupas Year ago

    Porn! Only and just The Porn. :D
    See?, it's that kind of candor that makes Jeremy AWESOMETACULAR!
    Love you man. :D

  • Eddie Anderson
    Eddie Anderson Year ago

    This is a message that will be for Grace Randolph, Chris Stuckman, and Jeremy Jahns (cut and pasted of course for all three since it's FOR all three of you guys.... (look to ur most recent reviews of Avengers Infinity war trailers for it, or u may already be here since you're reading this)...
    Basically I'm a fan of movies and started watching Jeremy Jahns movie reviews a couple years ago and love how his videos breakdown what he thinks of the movies he watches. I love his final ratings of it, his charismatic style and how he punches me every time he's done lol.
    I watched Grace and although at first thought at times thought she was too analytical... the more I watched her reviews the more I started appreciating her insights and interpretations of how she felt about movies and started watching her breakdowns even more. I love when she laughs showing her smile of perfect teeth too. Adorable.
    Chris Stuckman is more of a direct, tell it like it is, and breaks down movies more straight forward, less biased, and doesn't get overly taken in too much for instance from hype or fanhood about the movie he's reviewing and that's cool too so I appreciate his point of views too.
    I just want to thank all three of you for putting up your videos and giving people ur insights cause I not only value ur opinions... but LOVE what you guys have to say about the movies you all watch.
    I appreciate all you three do and admire all your efforts in bringing your reviews for all to watch. Keep up the great work you three.
    And thanks again...
    Avid movie fan,
    Eddie Anderson :)

  • Włodzimierz Szyc

    They totally wasted the snapping his fingers thing .Funny that in the comics that was basically the beginning and here it may be the end...

  • Charlie Solis
    Charlie Solis Year ago

    The guy going against strange is ebony maw

  • Zenith
    Zenith Year ago +1

    The guy going up against Doctor Strange is Ebony Maw

      #KEVIN FEIGE Year ago

      Zenith It's Jar Jar Bink shushing Strange

  • Eruanne
    Eruanne Year ago

    Just a short info Jeremy: when he said "I hope they remember you"... its plural... in german he says "euch"... that is plural you. or you guys if you want to.

  • Fly-Orion
    Fly-Orion Year ago

    Iron man is using the bleed ing edge that was teased in the new comics that tony was making and is made of nano bots

  • Christian Camacho

    (Thanos starts monologging ) deadpool does a backflip over him grabs gauntlet and says SHUT THE FUCK UP CABLE

  • r modric
    r modric Year ago

    Captain America is now what superman cinematically should be.

  • Brooke
    Brooke Year ago

    What are your thoughts on not seeing Ant-Man, Hawkeye, or Nick Furry, in really any marketing?

  • Brandon Watson
    Brandon Watson Year ago

    This guy is fuckin hilarious to me

      #KEVIN FEIGE Year ago

      Brandon Watson I recommend you watching *Ecomog Media Group* Funniest TVcliprs ever.

    • Brandon Watson
      Brandon Watson Year ago +1

      KEVIN FEIGE P.G.A. I've been watching him for a couple months but yea fairly new

      #KEVIN FEIGE Year ago

      Brandon Watson Are u new to Jeremy Jahns

  • Michael M.
    Michael M. Year ago

    that would be mr ebony maw another sorcerer and magic user of the black order very very cool bad guy just like corvus glaive

  • chriscos123
    chriscos123 Year ago

    Dude, Thanos is definitely snapping his fingers...

  • Mao Salgado
    Mao Salgado Year ago

    There's an old joke that goes along the lines of if suddenly all porn from the internet was cancelled or deemed ilegal and erased, the whole internet would marge into a single giant forum thread titeled "We want our porn back!!!"

  • Lora Ririe
    Lora Ririe Year ago

    Loki's definitely going to die for real this time. He's going to try and "win" himself to Thanos' side by offering the Tesseract in exchange for his life. He's going to help fight against Thanos, get caught, and Thor is going to be forced to watch his execution.
    Either Steve Rogers or Tony Stark is going to die.
    Based on the Ant-man and Wasp trailer, I doubt Thanos will succeed in retrieving all the stones. I think he'll gather all or nearly all the stones except the currently unknown whereabouts of the soul stone. Thanos will retreat in search for the last stone and Avengers 4 will be a race throughout time to find WHEN the last infinity stone is.

  • Jordan Jackson
    Jordan Jackson Year ago

    I recon ironman dies! And thus begins my depression

  • A
    A Year ago

    I love pornography

  • TheFilmPunk
    TheFilmPunk Year ago

    Why is there no Ant-Man??????????

  • Dirk Walker
    Dirk Walker Year ago

    I'll never understand why people want these characters to die. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor etc. have been around for decades without actually dying in the comics. Why does the movies have to kill them off? Why take away our favorite most beloved characters? The whole point of a cinematic universe is to see these characters together and interacting. It simply doesn't work if you kill them off. It kills the possibility of so many great story lines and interactions. And for what? Just because some fans can't suspend their disbelief and believe there are stakes? In movies featuring talking racoons and walking trees thats the part they have a hard time believing?

  • locke2517
    locke2517 Year ago

    Nice ewan McGregor impression

  • Matt Hemming
    Matt Hemming Year ago

    Why on earth do you talk so fast?

  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem Year ago

    One of them will die (maybe Captain America or Tony) and by Avengers 4, the team pull off a DBZ resurrection with the soul stone.

  • Mihajlo Müller
    Mihajlo Müller Year ago

    Just calling it right now: Hawkeye is totally absent everywhere 'cause his is the secret mission to locate/awaken/find a way and bring "back" into the fold Captain Marvel. Heck, maybe even Ant-Man and the Wasp are helping him. Just might be the last shot of THEIR movie, him coming up to them: "I need your help with a super-ultra-top secret mission. So secret, either both of you come once I reveal the details or I'll have to shoot the one who decides to bail on it afterwards."

  • greenbeancom38
    greenbeancom38 Year ago

    Black panther is in two movies that made a billion dollars this should be three

  • ScorchrDoesMinecraft

    I want this to be like the end of RWBY volume 3, a slaughter fest of the most heartbreaking degree with time between each major death to really let it hit, and fake out deaths and crippling defeat for the characters left to pick up the pieces, like when Yang lost her arm or something

  • stephen skramstad

    Okay but even then while i watch this I'll be thinking: Where's Daredevil, Jessica jones, Luke cage, and iron fist. Bc even if they're small time what about them fightimg thanos's guys in New York

  • torkuma gbaa
    torkuma gbaa Year ago

    C'mon Jeremy. If anyone does die they'll bring them back with the time stone because who would want to kill a franchise? If anyone does die that isn't brought back it'll be someone from wakanda. (Drops mike) Remember me in the tales from the comments section.

  • Kennia Adams
    Kennia Adams Year ago

    Ok I just thought about this if vision on the side of humanity and he has one of the infinity stones but thanos takes it wouldnt that mean the stone is against thanos because vision is essentially the mind stone and the mind stone is on the side of humanity and thanos wants to destroy the universe which is against humanity I think that may happen in infinity war or some shit like that.

  • Tyler Williamson
    Tyler Williamson Year ago

    I feel like capt america should be the one to die. it makes the most sense with his character

  • Robot Gamer Plays

    as bad its sound
    iron man well die

  • Sir Ronvid of the Small Marsh

    remember when cap slightly stirred thors hammer back in age of ultron.
    ...wow that sounds odd:D Anyway he is the chosen one! hope he kicks some Thanos ass!

    RED SHIRTS Year ago

    They should kill of two meh Avengers in like the first hour, then in like the last 30 min, kill off Tony or Cap.

  • Vince Varkey
    Vince Varkey Year ago

    Jeremy, where did you get that bad-ass Spidey t-shirt?

  • Casey Coolican
    Casey Coolican Year ago

    Actually, in the Infinity Gauntlet comic, it started with Thanos WINNING; he had all the Stones. If this ends like the comic…
    Nebula will save everyone.

  • UndeadMarksmanX
    UndeadMarksmanX Year ago

    Whoever has the shortest movie contract is dying in Infinity Wars, most likely :)

  • Robert Goodwin
    Robert Goodwin Year ago

    My theory is that Cap will be the one to die, and he will die at the moment that thanos tries to kill tony, but cap intervenes and saves tony but dies in his stead. I will not like this if it happens because cap is one of my top faves. But i will accept it as i agree with Jeremy that someone needs to die here.

  • Dill's Geek Channel
    Dill's Geek Channel Year ago +1

    just fyi, the guy giving Dr. Strange acupuncture is Ebony Maw, one of the 4 members of the Black Order who are Thanos' henchmen

  • Anthony Jordan
    Anthony Jordan Year ago +3

    Will Infinity War answer a huge question that was left unanswered in Civil War? Who did leave coffee grounds in Tony Stark's sink?

  • Justin Cross
    Justin Cross Year ago

    Bring you're daughter to the apocalypse day. The funniest thing I've heard all week 😂😂😂

  • I know me Who are you?

    Was the run straight on a dis for Valerian

  • Dillon Collins
    Dillon Collins Year ago

    And also the wolf creek movies

  • Dillon Collins
    Dillon Collins Year ago

    I commented on that batman review I also agree with you that and batman forever are the worst batman in the batman franchises
    And also Ben Affleck bluh Lolol haha
    A movie I would love to see you review is Mothers Day if you haven't seen it
    It's a horror film and a remake of a 70s version lol
    It has Rebecca De Mornay in it lol