Corporate Taxes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Apr 16, 2018
  • Many of America’s largest corporations shift a surprising portion of their profits overseas to avoid paying taxes. Even more surprisingly, that’s a legal thing to do.
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Comments • 6 311

  • Larry bautista
    Larry bautista Day ago

    10:45 had me 💀💀

  • Gr8 M9ds
    Gr8 M9ds 3 days ago

    Remember, corporations don’t really pay taxes, no matter what the rate. They pass the cost of taxes along to the consumer in the price of goods. So democrats love corporate taxes because it keeps consumers ignorant of what they are paying. It’s better to tax the consumer directly, that way we can feel the hand of government in our pocket.

  • Eugene Minton
    Eugene Minton 5 days ago

    funny, you move money and property on paper, from one country to another country, even if it comes back to doesn't mean it will be spent...its still on paper and that means it can be moved without ever using it.

  • Ephraim Hendrix
    Ephraim Hendrix 5 days ago

    9:02 Thanks a frickin' lot. You just ruined baked potatoes.

  • James Adams
    James Adams 5 days ago

    Taxation is theft and harms the economy numb nuts.

  • Steven Jordens
    Steven Jordens 6 days ago

    "What's dat nigga doin wit my fuckin money?" Investigative journalism in the 21st century.

  • WHATWHAT willis
    WHATWHAT willis 6 days ago

    I hate rich people. I hate USA Government. I hate fucking Trump.

    • James Adams
      James Adams 4 days ago

      Some have heavy control in government, but I'd challenge you to show any evidence of a significant amount of rich people's money being stolen in the US.
      The US isn't only 1% rich. Most of the US is in the global 1%. The talk about "da 1%" is from people who largely don't understand that there will always be a 1%. Wealth isn't zero sum and Michael Moore is a dumbass when it comes to economics. If that's your source for information then you're not well informed at all.

    • WHATWHAT willis
      WHATWHAT willis 4 days ago

      haha, it's not envy, I respect the well earned money, buy mostly the rich is people that have stolen and have heavy control in the government, everything started with Reagan. They give you money in your campaign, you belong to them. Don't lie to yourself. When you live in a country that only 1% is rich, you have to start question everything. If you don't like books, at least watch an Michael moore documentary. Fuck off.

    • James Adams
      James Adams 5 days ago

      Stop fucking him then. I can understand hating the government, but why hate on people for being rich other than blind envy? Still waiting on an answer for that one.

  • christian vukadin
    christian vukadin 8 days ago

    I mean increasing overseetaxes from 0 to around 10 seems liie an impr8vement to me.

  • Lisa Watson
    Lisa Watson 8 days ago

    Steven Mnuchin looks like if Corn Flakes were a human.

  • Hippi Phuken
    Hippi Phuken 8 days ago

    the Panama scoot sounds like they drink the water

  • Will Zimmermann
    Will Zimmermann 8 days ago

    My old man goes mental over receipts☔️☔️☔️🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷🚣🏼🚣🏼🚣🏼🚣🎿🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🎟🎟🎟🎫🎫🎫🎫🎪

  • Will Zimmermann
    Will Zimmermann 8 days ago

    Taxes are irrelevant if the local government isn't honoring there part of there civil duties......

  • I'm that good brah
    I'm that good brah 9 days ago

    The only corporation I see creating jobs in the thousands is Amazon and for this reason I almost buy everything I need from Amazon.

  • Jeannine Buckenmyer
    Jeannine Buckenmyer 9 days ago

    Wow! I’ve never heard someone that actually make taxes funny.

  • Matti Makila
    Matti Makila 9 days ago

    Again we see what happens when Ayn Rand is your economics tutor. Depressing shit. Dubya and Drumpf: dumb and dumber.

    • James Adams
      James Adams Day ago

      I mean adjusted for taxes and social benefits. So yeah, even by your metric it falls flat. You're just going off of narrative and not data.

    • Matti Makila
      Matti Makila Day ago

      When you talk about "purchasing power," what do you mean? How many big macs an average industrial worker buys with their net income? How about adjusted for *good* public education all the way to University which are for the most part free for citizens. Adjust for that, and I'd be born a Swede or German *ANY FUCKING DAY* over American -- well, any day since May 1945, to be sure.

    • James Adams
      James Adams 3 days ago

      It's not bullshit. Germany, Sweeden and Denmark aren't powerhouses. When you adjust for purchasing power, the incomes in Scandinavian countries matches up to something like those of Mississippi or something like that. You've been spending too much time in the echo chamber and not enough time looking at the data. Besides, the increase in prosperity that has been seen in places like Scandinavian countries started with liberalization of the economy and not with welfare statism.

    • Matti Makila
      Matti Makila 4 days ago

      James Adams PS AOTA have higher GDP per capita than USA.

    • Matti Makila
      Matti Makila 4 days ago

      James Adams Bullshit! Why is it that Germany, Sweden, and Denmark are such power houses?

  • Stockmann Clinton
    Stockmann Clinton 10 days ago

    How can the government take 40% of your taxes?

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen 10 days ago

    There is a documentary called "We're Not Broke", I don't know if it's still there but Netflix had it recently. It goes over what this episode discussed.

  • Bryce Mcinnis
    Bryce Mcinnis 11 days ago

    Miss Cardi B hmmm...🤔 truly a human befuddlement.

  • This is A bad name
    This is A bad name 12 days ago +1

    "The government is taking 40% of my taxes" actually they're taking all your taxes because THAT'S WHAT TAXES ARE

  • Gerald Maxwell
    Gerald Maxwell 13 days ago

    The minimum tax proposal would have never happened. The global screams of infringement of sovereignty would have guaranteed that

  • Juan Carlos Vega
    Juan Carlos Vega 13 days ago

    "It was the Jews." Hahahaha... Killed me. 🤣

  • Dennis Mungai
    Dennis Mungai 13 days ago

    Cardi B is bae.

  • SirChocula
    SirChocula 14 days ago

    Sadly, it is the Jews....has always been (((them))).

  • Silver Jaiden
    Silver Jaiden 15 days ago

    I love Oliver... but every time I see analyst complain about people finding ways not to give the weasels in Washington their own money, it feels the same as the idiots that try to treat pot smokers as criminals...

  • aguila
    aguila 16 days ago

    what a commie

  • ToughAncientSpark
    ToughAncientSpark 17 days ago

    This is why America is turning to shit. Corporations screwing us in every way possible.

  • Tevo77777
    Tevo77777 17 days ago

    Well, some of his videos aren't so good, but I wholeheartively agree that Apple and Google need to be taken down a peg.

  • Meret Röthlin
    Meret Röthlin 21 day ago

    6:25 I live there. I'm related to the people who own that hotel. Omg, do you know how seldom it is for me to see my hometown anywhere when I'm not looking for it? (And yes, our taxes are ridiculously low, even by Swiss standards)

  • topis-kun
    topis-kun 21 day ago

    "Social is, when it creates work" - Angela Merkel. So my favorite german cabaret artist made a statement to this argument. "Surely I can now punch you in your face, and it would create a lot of work in the hospital!"
    definition of social :-D.
    It's sad that this argument every time is used to justify tax cuts or company rights. I mean companies at least should have the honor to pay their taxes in the country they earn them. In the EU it's the same with Apple. But the EU took action to change it. At least i hope it.

  • Anthony
    Anthony 22 days ago

    Finnaly @- 2:00 Jon names (((them)))

  • Burt Kocain
    Burt Kocain 22 days ago

    So corporations are acting like cancer cells? Because when chemo and surgery and radiation wipe out cancer in one site they tend to find more and more obscure places to hide and eventually recur within the body. Corporations are cancer confirmed.

  • enugrahabharata
    enugrahabharata 23 days ago

    that kardi b negro = what we/I hate about America.

    TV INNOCENCIUSXCVI 23 days ago

    Anyone who says taxation is theft is anti - American

    • James Adams
      James Adams 5 days ago

      Cool. Doesn't matter though. Taxation is theft and "American" isn't something that you can say is moral or good in and of itself. Stealing is immoral.

  • Arthur Jackson
    Arthur Jackson 23 days ago

    So at the beginning they laugh at Tim Cook because he lied, then towards the end they applaud him for dismissing the president's tax plan... so, are we supposed to believe a liar or not?

  • Aamir Tanoli
    Aamir Tanoli 23 days ago

    Even as per Pakistan law, companies/personnel are allowed to have money in offshore companies & accounts. I always wondered why & how is it legal? What benefit does this law has for a common citizen like me? Why aren't these loopholes taped?
    And then i see who is funding those election campaigns...

  • Hannibal Barca
    Hannibal Barca 24 days ago

    And of course interest

  • Caleb Tynes
    Caleb Tynes 27 days ago +1

    Gotta love America's corporate greed. It's infuriating to me that all of these companies are allowed to essentially steal money directly from our own country and move it overseas. Corporations are supposed to be paying taxes that help support public policy and the infrastructure of this country. Since they don't do that, your government (and us) have to foot the bill. How do we do that? By going trillions of dollars in public debt trying to reinflate the economy because the corporate tax money leaks are draining all of the money from America.

    • James Adams
      James Adams 5 days ago

      Wrong. Taxation is theft and your nonsense about other countries does absolutely nothing to address that. Besides, not having taxes does not equate to no roads, law enforcement, or military. I'd quite like the condition of not having government. The Brehons did fine without government. Same with Cospaia. Somalia actually improved after it went stateless as opposed to the period before it went stateless. See: Better Off Stateless by Peter Leeson. He gives a breakdown of various metrics of quality of life.

    • Caleb Tynes
      Caleb Tynes 5 days ago

      James Adams Taxation is not theft. If you don't believe me, try living in a country with no roads, law enforcement, military, and government. It's often very unpleasant and living conditions are low across the board.

    • James Adams
      James Adams 5 days ago

      They're not stealing anything. Taxation is theft. Avoiding it is moral and just.

  • Jacob Toth
    Jacob Toth 27 days ago

    you ever just stare at John in his suit, talking about important stuff, on a magic screen, and think: "wow. did the monkeys predicted this as their future? It's pretty elaborate."

  • andrew foreman-loe
    andrew foreman-loe 28 days ago

    "Those are Nazi bucks, ya swiss fucks." Fucking dead.

  • kncnsm
    kncnsm Month ago

    Surprised you didn't "dig" at Trump's tax returns which he hasn't even released. Granted it's not "corporate" but worth mentioning

  • Kaizoku Mugiwara
    Kaizoku Mugiwara Month ago +1

    That pirate comment is the best thing I've ever seen. Look at that guys face when he said it.

  • Ale 2408
    Ale 2408 Month ago

    Im a Swiss.
    He calls me a Swiss-Fuck.
    Now im sad.

  • That Lame gamer
    That Lame gamer Month ago

    "don't talk shit about Total"!

  • Roses
    Roses Month ago

    I'm more concerned with how tax $$ are spent than I am about how much tax is being paid/collected. Because until this country (and even our state govs) put together a) a smart budget plan and b) eliminate frivolous spending honestly, what does it matter what is or isn't being collected? And c'mon, we all hate being taxed, we all look forward to our refunds, do you think a company would be any different?

  • Shane Callaghan
    Shane Callaghan Month ago

    Gowan the Irish boys

  • Conner Hawkins
    Conner Hawkins Month ago

    They are still too high

  • Gemma Creagh
    Gemma Creagh Month ago

    The Double Irish with a Dutch: That's a sambo that served us well in the past. In Ireland we have a tiny population of 5 million. Apple are a huge employer here who have provided many, many jobs through two nasty recessions. Jobs for Jobs back in the day. Thanks Steve. A lot of people, the majority of our centre/right government included, were happy to give those tax breaks, but the EU stepped in and shut that shiz down. Not quite as popular an arrangement on the EU mainland. In fact, I was chatting to a few peeps from Nordic Countries, who are all about the high tax, fair pay socialist model, and they HAAAAAAATED it. Up until now, breaks like this has worked out well for us in the Emerald Isle... We do have a shoddy version of what is universal healthcare and moderate welfare support for the poorest people. College is free for people on very low incomes. However, the working and middle classes are now fiscally squeezed like fresh oj, and the poverty rate is growing year on year, as it seems to be doing across the globe. Perhaps it's time for a double Danish Swede Sammich instead, where everyone gets a liveable wage?

  • Vasil Ivanov
    Vasil Ivanov Month ago

    I really did not like how you used the "FOX News technique" of someone said that someone else said something. In this case it was "you all got richer".

  • Honorina Lopez
    Honorina Lopez Month ago

    Why what happent,,?? Is to bad??

  • Chris C.
    Chris C. Month ago +1

    Cardio b. Worthless bitch. But it must be hard to articulate when you just skip over from fucking Toon Town. She must have been a Jessica Rabbit under study there....lmao

  • Tia Nik
    Tia Nik Month ago

    I heard somewhere that our generation takes politicians as a joke and comedians seriously and this guy reminds me of that...though to be fair he certainly does his research and his timing and delivery is brilliant.He makes me actually like Mondays...

  • Charli Slusher
    Charli Slusher Month ago

    I could watch a full video of John shouting the caps on Trump tweets

  • Raj T
    Raj T Month ago

    GE is a bad company. Some one should take it down

  • Honorina Lopez
    Honorina Lopez Month ago

    Is not the gobernante problem is a people frustration way to live and understand America,,really why at all us want the gobernante support us and not doing nothing,,sit and way if some one have or not,,why???

  • CB Glass III
    CB Glass III Month ago

    Uneducated skank ho... guess who?? =P

  • WufeiLord
    WufeiLord Month ago +1

    11:00 The idea of lowering the tax rate in the US for corporations is that the companies will look at the amount of money required to maintain their tax havens (even if they don't pay taxes, they likely pay some form of upkeep cost) and back at the lowered tax rate and think 'it's much more profitable to come back here and just pay this tax rate'.
    Whether this works or not, however, is not exactly clear.

  • naota3k
    naota3k Month ago

    "what is y'all doing with my fucking money?" -Cardi B

  • get rekt nerds
    get rekt nerds Month ago

    but it WAS the jews

  • Tim Irwin
    Tim Irwin Month ago

    BTW just for your research team to hear, Roseanne Barr is Jewish!

  • Levent Ciceker
    Levent Ciceker Month ago

    This guy is completely clueless. Corporate tax cuts actually benefit the people. Simple economics people.

  • Dick Manly
    Dick Manly Month ago

    Let's argue about how immigrants (thats most of us btw) are ruining this country while "American" corporations grind us all down into complete slavery. Aside from our money being hoarded internationally, can ya guess where all those "jobs" are? The sad irony is that after they've taken everything there won't be any consumers/middleclass left to buy the shit they produce.

  • InFiddle _
    InFiddle _ Month ago

    I mean. If you don't trust Isreal... You probably don't trust trump.. He has kinda been doing their bidding since taking office.

  • Holy Keyblade
    Holy Keyblade Month ago +1

    Helping the teachers? HA! That’s hilarious. He’s making our lives a living hell with the education cuts.

  • Sam S
    Sam S Month ago

    The low IQ, illiterate and dumb MAGAturds are the dumbest losers on this planet! Period!

  • cabron1984
    cabron1984 Month ago +1

    If only these companies paid their taxes maybe we could afford health care for all citizens

  • Finwaell
    Finwaell Month ago

    Maybe just lower the taxes across the board and everyone will be less compelled to avoid them which will lead to more money for the state in the long run? Simple economic principle. No one in their right mind would give you 35% just because.. doubly so when they can avoid it legally..

  • poisonknees
    poisonknees Month ago


  • AllenSJ5
    AllenSJ5 Month ago

    Silly peasants, corporations don’t need a tax cut. Why cut something they don’t pay anyway? smh

  • nesenda
    nesenda Month ago +2

    i said it from the start, trumps only out to make himself richer, by screwing all of us

    • nesenda
      nesenda Month ago +1

      i agree, and it will never stop. money creates power, and power corrupts.

    • AllenSJ5
      AllenSJ5 Month ago +1

      nesenda His entire campaign and Presidency is the greatest money-making scheme in American history - arguably world history. The Trump White House might as well have a giant gold-plated “Open For Business” sign on it that brazenly welcomes everyone from billionaires and corporate lobbyists who bankroll BOTH major US political parties to Russian oligarchs and the comically corrupt royals and oil sheikhs of the Gulf monarchies.
      Drain the Swamp? More like “This is MY Swamp!” That’s the beginning and the end of Trump’s existence, essentially. Well that, along with grabbing women by the pussy and rage-tweeting from the toilet. MAGA, or something.

  • Joey Aguilar
    Joey Aguilar Month ago

    We are going to have to rely on old fashion boycotts to make a change on this issue....

  • Genarel Betrayus
    Genarel Betrayus Month ago

    it's like the house i'm living in is my grandpas the house has been paid off for fucking 60 years. yet i still pay taxes that all go to fixing up the already nicer side of town what a surprise yet if i don't pay them they somehow have the right to sell my house. and people wonder why people go fucking crazy. Rich assholes get away with theft and if i steal a candy bar i will pay for it for two fucking years.

  • Upshift Z71
    Upshift Z71 Month ago

    get richer

  • Cynthia Hutchins
    Cynthia Hutchins Month ago

    NO, Mnuchin is not a good looking person at all. You re misinformed if you think that the exterior with no regard to the interior of a man has anything to do with their “looks”

  • George Sosinsky
    George Sosinsky Month ago

    So glad trump did something to stop the corporate slezz 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • George Sosinsky
    George Sosinsky Month ago

    If GE isn't paying taxes anymore then either am I. Period

  • ルシードジアン

    Donald trump, Full of shit.

  • nisse
    nisse Month ago

    Or You just lower your super high corporate tax. So your companies stay! As guy who live in Sweden, you Americans are just dumb when you have a super high corporate tax

  • Shockwave1794
    Shockwave1794 Month ago

    "Don't talk shit about Total!"

  • SamanthaVimes
    SamanthaVimes Month ago

    So much for "Don't be evil"

  • Bee Waifu
    Bee Waifu Month ago

    In Belgium, the companies are paid by the government to stay here and aren't taxed at all.

  • John Mista
    John Mista Month ago

    That offshore 'revenue' is essentially stagnant in most countries(because most 1st world countries aren't stupid enough to give a blankcheck ). Tax breaks allow corporations to bring that money back in and spend it at a fraction of the cost. It's just smart business, unfortunately.

  • Dago314
    Dago314 Month ago

    Fake News!.
    There are no sources on that and you can't down play twx cuts

  • Feminist News Network

    I know I'm not the only one that thinks a few Cardi B videos should be on the Up Next List nxt to us, cause she asked about taxes just the way a lot of us do* Boo*

  • Corvo Attano
    Corvo Attano Month ago

    my family is really well off and i can tell you first hand that the wealthy are benefitting more ... this countys legislation fills rich peoples full pockets. The only intelligent people I know who support Trump are wealthy and/or in business :( its criminal that the wealthiest and most fortunate among us have the luxury of tax evasion and maximizing the leftover amount after taxes... such disturbingly disgusting greed.. These men spit venom and tell people its a remedy. Why are we lenient on people who will never know what its like to struggle, or to struggle again and so hateful towards those whose lives are nothing but struggle? Out of sight out of mind. Our politicians are monarchs living in their castles, looking down upon the peasants - seeing ants and expendable flecks of dirt. They've perched themselves on some pedestal of their own creation, and it's become easy for them to forget their job is to serve and protect - for the people they worked for are now distant ideas...

  • Tixe 100
    Tixe 100 Month ago

    Let’s all shout, together now...AMERICANS! NOT REAL BRIGHT!

  • Tixe 100
    Tixe 100 Month ago

    Now THAT’S welfare, Baby!

  • Zero Hour
    Zero Hour Month ago

    Yes, John now you can't blame Trump for this. GE wasn't paying its taxes under Obama and democrats. Although republicans are still scumbags on the opposite side of the same coin

  • Game Account
    Game Account Month ago

    Greed and a lack of morals will make America great again!

  • Eipok Kruden
    Eipok Kruden 2 months ago

    I'm still trying to figure out who's taking the other 60% of Cardi B's taxes if it isn't the US government.

  • Homestyle Productions
    Homestyle Productions 2 months ago

    I love it how people overlook Cardi B's aggressive language towards trans people and joking about rape... OOPS Johnny boy

  • Roger Tramp
    Roger Tramp 2 months ago

    Corporations are essentially tax collectors. It is very much like sales taxes. I know this is oversimplifying it. If you reduce corporate taxes enough the incentive to escape taxes is greatly reduced. Also it helps level the playing field so smaller corporations can be more competitive with the large corporations that can afford to setup shops outside the US.

  • Daniel Brandstetter
    Daniel Brandstetter 2 months ago

    Wow, John is so dense.

  • Adam ET
    Adam ET 2 months ago

    I think that was the world's first and maybe only real-life disney villain musical number.

  • Joshua Yerkes
    Joshua Yerkes 2 months ago

    Stop comparing yourself to Steven Mnuchin! He is way more ugly!

  • Mae Anne Ngo
    Mae Anne Ngo 2 months ago

    Shouting the all caps part of a tweet is very Captain Holt #Brooklyn99
    I wonder which came first, the writing of that B99 episode or this one.

  • Captain Doomsday
    Captain Doomsday 2 months ago

    Honestly, if I lived in the US, I'd move just out of spite about taxation inequality.
    JK, I wouldn't be able to afford to. My taxes would be too high to save up for something like that.
    What I don't get is why places like Bermuda don't hike their corporate taxation to JUUUUUST below the next highest. Then they can bank off of every rich scumbag taking refuge there, and if they don't like it, they could always stop robbing America.
    Yeah, that's what I thought.
    Oh, or maybe taxation based on profit. If only there were some word for that, some sort of thing every civilian has to pay. Anyway, this "Income tax" could be levied against companies as they make the money by the countries in which they made it, which would be a fact embedded in the past and not a thing which could be moved.

  • Richard Bambenek
    Richard Bambenek 2 months ago

    Cardi B get a clue and shut up.

  • Erick Fenstermaker
    Erick Fenstermaker 2 months ago

    This is fucking stupid. He is basically arguing for taxes. Corporations dont pay taxes. People pay taxes. That simply means that the more you tax a company the more the people pay for goods and services. Not to mention we are paying those higher prices with money that has been taxed when we earned it. then we pay a sales tax. Corporations should not be taxed at all.

  • Cuatro Jones
    Cuatro Jones 2 months ago

    Soooo you’re saying we should simplify our tax code to a flat rate for everyone without any loopholes?