Corporate Taxes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Apr 16, 2018
  • Many of America’s largest corporations shift a surprising portion of their profits overseas to avoid paying taxes. Even more surprisingly, that’s a legal thing to do.
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Comments • 5 822

  • Jeff Beland
    Jeff Beland 5 hours ago

    How many John Oliver videos am I going to autoplay into? I thumbs down them all.

  • Olivier Gelling
    Olivier Gelling 6 hours ago

    Would he really have farted in that sandwitch?

  • Ian O'Grady
    Ian O'Grady 6 hours ago

    Don't hate the player, hate the game

  • Cesar Medrano
    Cesar Medrano 8 hours ago

    "Hey guys lets talk about a problem, get real worked up about, then just do nothing about it"-Liberals.

  • Myathewolfeh1
    Myathewolfeh1 10 hours ago

    I'm convinced this is how the GOP operates: cut funding for state/federal programs so they function poorly, say, "Hey, look, see, it sucks. Privatization is the way to go!" I mean, just look at the IRS. The head has been asking for more funding for YEARS and the funding just keeps getting cut. Now just last week their systems went down. The head of the IRS said this is what would happen if they didn't get more funding. If we properly funded the IRS, we could contact them better and submitting taxes would be more streamlined. I mean, the IRS has all your info. They could easily just do what other countries like Germany does--send a pre-filled form through the mail, have you look over it to confirm, sign it, and send it back. Easy! But no, our taxes should never go to fund things that might benefit the average person. Rich people need more money, the poor souls.

  • Fey
    Fey 15 hours ago

    John: "Steve Mnuchin: Treasure Secretary and objectively looking man."
    Me: _"I see no bias, none at all."_

  • kxmode
    kxmode 16 hours ago

    0:36 "The government is taking 40% of my taxes." What? The government takes 100% of your taxes. It's doesn't share the take with Starbucks and Pizza Hut. #LearnMath

    • kxmode
      kxmode 16 hours ago

      * in case the point was lost, Government takes a percentage of your income, not a percentage of your taxes. They will ALWAYS take 100% of taxes. In most cases, they take more than 100%, which is why we get refunds.

  • Leif Andersson
    Leif Andersson 17 hours ago

    Good voting ppl

  • Mr. Skytime
    Mr. Skytime 21 hour ago +1

    HBO also use loopholes to avoid paying taxes

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith Day ago

    Stossel is a fucking legend.

  • richard kaye
    richard kaye Day ago +1

    Libs are mean spirited, evil, economically illiterate buffoons.

  • MultiAlpha11
    MultiAlpha11 Day ago

    When a citizen avoids taxes, they’re put in jail. When a corporation does on a scale hundreds of times larger, they MAYBE get some bad press. There’s this thing called “Rule of Law” that we have yet to see in America...

    • James Adams
      James Adams Day ago

      No, tax avoidance is legal. You're conflating tax avoidance with tax evasion.

  • drew vader
    drew vader Day ago


  • boopiloopi
    boopiloopi Day ago

    yea you can prosper from crime if you´re rich enough.. we´re 1 world right? how about having the same rules or laws for certain
    things all over the world? like company/giant restrictions and laws and perhaps taxes? or just turn it into a donation based
    system? tax fraud through loopholes.. can giants ever be satisfied? undermining the governments and media? mutiny/hostile
    takeover? trump´s a company man. the lengths that some people will go to has always surprised me.. perhaps it shouldn´t..
    love the show.

  • DUC
    DUC Day ago

    That's quite clever though, another reminder of why the rest of us are middle to lower class and will remain here forever because we never try to beat the system in the smartest way possible. We just do as we are told and keep eating shit...

    • James Adams
      James Adams Day ago

      Social mobility is alive and well, actually.

  • Charles Brightman

    Speaking of taxes:
    The Government is building safe underground bunkers and infrastructure for the upcoming 6th mass extinction event starting this century. Did they build you a safe underground bunker with your tax money including from the massive national debt, or just bunkers for themselves???

  • Darko Luketic
    Darko Luketic Day ago

    dismantle google

  • Joe900x
    Joe900x Day ago

    John, it bothers me that you bring up closing loopholes, but you don’t mention how the government is not gonna do that because most of The government makes money based off investments.
    I think all members of The cabinet should make 100k (+.02% every 4 years to adjust for inflation) non taxed.
    And be constantly audited every year in office and randomly later throughout the rest of their life. Family members too.
    It’s a sacrifice but you’re supposed to be doing it for the American people not lining your own pocket.
    Money & politics do not go together, that’s what breeds corruption!

    • James Adams
      James Adams Day ago

      You just talked about them getting money from being in politics....

  • Yeznik Mikayelyan

    Please make video about Armenian revolution

  • Barry Sorento
    Barry Sorento Day ago

    Oliver is a nothing more than Time Warners lil bitch. Thought when we got rid of Piers Morgan we were done with annoying Brits.

  • Adam Papp
    Adam Papp Day ago +1

    You can hate on big companies all you want, but Oliver DELIBERATELY didn't mention mom & pops, small, medium businesses which benefited the most from this cut. Family stores that generate 100k a year will have a lot more cash left in their pockets, to invest back into their business or do whatever the fuck they want.

  • Levi Skelton
    Levi Skelton Day ago

    I will never understand why liberals can't comprehend that when a corporation has more money from tax cuts they can expand and reinvest which in turn creates more jobs.

    ANNO DOMINI Day ago

    It has been proven over and over that when you give tax breaks to the rich they don’t spend money, the corporations don’t stimulate the economy, they keep it the money and the economy goes to shit. Ronald Reagan did the same thing in the 80’s and the economy went to shit, I remember it very well. Reagan was the first president I voted for, he was a great, GREAT man but a not so good president.

  • Emilio
    Emilio Day ago

    World socialism or bust

  • jared thomas
    jared thomas Day ago

    Need to just bring down the law on these companies or not allow them to operate here. USA or gtfo

  • MoreDetonation
    MoreDetonation Day ago


  • Harrison Rutledge

    While Trumps tax plan in its last few years will raise taxes for the poorest. Fuck, wake-up people. Elect a democrat.

  • Fabian Hueramo
    Fabian Hueramo 2 days ago

    I'm writing my college research paper on this show and just learned that today is John Oliver's birthday.... Happy Birthday man!!!

  • ブロンディブラック

    I miss parts of jokes because I can’t not fast-forward past Trump talking. Looking at his image alone is bad enough.

  • Scott J
    Scott J 2 days ago

    So, it's a republican tax bill. Same shit, different decade.

  • Catchthatturtle
    Catchthatturtle 2 days ago

    So did you copy the look of Steven Mnuchin or did he copy you or did you both train under the same talking point master except Steven killed the master while training at the tops of a corporate mountain leaving you to scream your revenge. I want to see kung fu, black rimmed glasses, power suit and tie wearing martial art special in the next video; and hbo is going to pay for it!

  • Ronnie Hopper
    Ronnie Hopper 2 days ago

    Yes completely demonizing almost 40,000,000 Americans a great way to sell your argument

  • RzHT
    RzHT 2 days ago

    dump isnt good at running so of course he is going to fuck up the Iran deal

  • AMH Movies/TV Shows
    AMH Movies/TV Shows 2 days ago


  • videogameguy101
    videogameguy101 2 days ago


  • David James
    David James 2 days ago

    Amazing that we pay money for American healthcare. I had no idea. Dump that shit. I think America might be better off with no medical system than the one we have. We can drive to Canada and be better off.

    • James Adams
      James Adams 2 days ago

      Everyone pays for healthcare save for freeloaders. There is no such thing as a free lunch. I do agree that our current healthcare system in the US is bad, though.

  • Collin Bryan
    Collin Bryan 2 days ago

    John oliver looks like a Steven Mnuchin that's been left out under the moon with a tub of ice cream to long.

  • High Overlord Snarffie Beagle

    why is it trendy for white people to make fun of all white people? it seems sad

  • lars goossens
    lars goossens 2 days ago

    Fitness issue simple when somewhat process replacement communication match construct tradition.

  • Steven Seagull
    Steven Seagull 2 days ago

    Her money? That gold digging cunt hasn't worked an honest day in her life. That's OUR money you are being a stupid spoiled whore with dip shit... well, not MY money. I'd never give that talentless slut money.

    • James Adams
      James Adams 2 days ago

      It isn't OUR money. It is her money. She earned it whether or not you agree with how she made it.

  • Salt King
    Salt King 2 days ago

    Its so dumb to see gouvernment always banking on corporations to create jobs, why not take that money they owe the country and create new jobs yourself, isnt it better to have a stable gouverment provide job on lets say infrastructure projects, education or sorts then an unstable company job that gets booted the next time their stock value takes a nosedive. They basically pay these companies loads of money to create very expensive jobs, cause these jobs would have been a lot cheaper and more if you just use the money directly, without making some fucking shareholders richer also.

  • sugarcone
    sugarcone 2 days ago

    10:07 The signature on the tax bill says "Donald Drumpf"

  • Tamer M
    Tamer M 2 days ago

    So people know that chart John Oliver showed it is totally incorrect our military budgets way bigger than that let's be fucking honest the hell is he talking about and I love cardi B so fuck you

    • James Adams
      James Adams 2 days ago

      The chart is NOT incorrect. SS and Medicare are the biggest chunks.

  • Jedi Revan
    Jedi Revan 2 days ago

    We've known for years what happens when rich people get tax cuts, its called trickle down economics because the trickle is what most people get out of it. No problem with successful people making lots of money, just as long as they pay more taxes than their secretary.

    • Jedi Revan
      Jedi Revan 23 hours ago

      There is no evidence to support this. This is literally the "warlords" argument, and it has no merit.
      As for proof I have given quotes not only from a source that I believe to be politically unbiased (they publish such documents for prospective investors to know what they are getting into, not a political opinion), as well as quotes from the paper by Mr Leeson that you linked to. Reading the paper, I saw multiple flaws and inaccuracies that would never be published in a serious journal. He literally talked about how bad it was while saying that its the best thing to happen to the country. The only part that is anywhere close to stable has a functional government. Look at any news footage of Somalia and you would see. With all of the different governments and interests, you could count on someone calling out bad reporting on a country that is widely covered. We have pirates launching off the coast of Somalia and attacking our ships, a proven fact.
      As for my statement of how bad things could be in the middle east, middle eastern history is an interest of mine, one of many.

    • James Adams
      James Adams Day ago

      " ISIS would not have grown nearly as large or killed nearly as many people if Iraq and Syria had a stable government."
      You have no self-awareness, do you? Do you even read what you're typing? ISIS is a state, genius.
      " The only reason why it isn't worse is aid that your tax money is paying for. "
      Citation still needed. I'm calling this out for the religious BS that it is.
      "As for your giving the impression that you don't believe that warlords exist"
      Never said that. I said that the argument was bunk, which it is.

    • Jedi Revan
      Jedi Revan Day ago

      I also wanted to say thanks, I always enjoy a good debate that doesn't turn into a complete mess. Talking to each other is the only shot we have to survive.

    • Jedi Revan
      Jedi Revan Day ago

      Somalia is a failed state which was sent into chaos by corrupt leaders, a failed oppressive super power, and a bunch of power hungry war lords. In the aftermath of the Cold War, that would sound like half the world except that they had a government to do a halfway decent job holding things together. ISIS would not have grown nearly as large or killed nearly as many people if Iraq and Syria had a stable government. Thank god Bush didn't invade Syria or something. We'd all be dead or worshiping Allah at gun point if we did. Full respect to Muslims btw (believe in a higher power and tolerance).
      The idea that a man who didn't even read his own facts could write a paper, let alone get a job at a university is beyond me. I was reading his paper earlier and it was the most embarrassingly poorly written thing I have read in years. He spent half the time telling me about how bad things were. The only reason why it isn't worse is aid that your tax money is paying for. The only successful part of the country is an autonomous region called Somaliland complete with a pro west multi party government, almost no violence, a thriving economy and tourism, and are keeping Punt at bay, safe haven for pirates and terrorists.
      As for your giving the impression that you don't believe that warlords exist, believe the World Bank, a conservative institution who cares more about money than politics (read the above comments for proof, or the link I gave you the pages). We have had aid workers, peace keepers, reporters, observers, etc; in the country for almost two decades, so we have a good idea by now how things work.

    • James Adams
      James Adams Day ago

      " If you don't want to live under this government than go to another country"
      No. This is not an argument in favor of government. The "you can just leave" is a red herring.
      " they have ruled over large parts of this land for centuries which is more than enough for a government to claim ownership over land"
      This also isn't an argument for the moral claim of ownership. It is an appeal to force. The use of force is not what makes ownership legitimate. Otherwise thieves would have valid claims of ownership because they successfully robbed and maintained their loot.
      "Anyone who look at Somalia would see that it is a complete mess with no easy way to clean it up until they establish a strong and stable government."
      No, a statist would say that. A rational person would say that Somalia was a case in the failure of government and isn't fixed with more government.

  • Jedi Revan
    Jedi Revan 2 days ago

    Of course those cuts created new jobs. They put the good looking former employees to work as strippers and prostitutes to replace the ones who got the secret love child/ huge hush money check.

  • Gin
    Gin 2 days ago

    Damn, so those companies pay 0$ and the middle class pays for it instead? so it's not poor people who are the leeches, cool. Lets just all stop paying taxes on mass and give them their libertarian dream cause else they will continue threatening us w/ their crimes.

    • James Adams
      James Adams 2 days ago

      They don't pay nothing. Oliver is misleading by not showing financial reports that would show that they pay quite a bit or how much is carry forward losses.

  • bluescluessuperagent

    Wait, does trump have a problem with the jews? Isn't he like super pro Isreal? Or maybe he's not so much not pro jew but anti muslim

  • No_Notes
    No_Notes 2 days ago

    Been waiting for this video.. Thank you!

  • James Chatepa
    James Chatepa 2 days ago +1

    very disingenuous

  • Winter
    Winter 2 days ago

    im confused at why you cant see that forcing companies that are paying the US $0 in taxes to bring their money back to US soil and pay ~8%-12% or whatever, even if its not 35% is wayyyy better than them paying 0% as they are now? how is this not an improvement? how could you be against that. I like most of what I see on this show and am not a fan of trump at all but this seems like it is at least a step in the right direction. after all, 10 > 0.

  • uscbruin213
    uscbruin213 2 days ago +1

    Good for them. Not paying taxes is the American way. Outsmart the man.

  • John Dzida
    John Dzida 2 days ago +1

    Normally love John Oliver, but I think this report misses that money paid to shareholders as dividends or through stock buy backs is taxed at the individual level.

  • Amir Warsanah
    Amir Warsanah 2 days ago

    Wait, is it "plum-bers" or "plum-mers"?
    I know the correct spelling; talking about the pronunciation here

  • Nick Walsh
    Nick Walsh 2 days ago

    Thank God. It's better for small businesses to pay fewer taxes. Cut everyone's taxes. Flat rate of 10% for individual citizens and 20% for businesses.

  • Brian Osburn
    Brian Osburn 2 days ago

    Wesley snipes goes to jail but the head of ge doesnt... #freeblade

  • Karine Wilson
    Karine Wilson 2 days ago

    Tfw a multibillion dollar company can pay less in taxes than a broke college student living paycheck to paycheck because scholarships and grants are taxable income now.

    • James Adams
      James Adams 2 days ago

      Except they don't and Oliver is misleading viewers by not showing financial reports or explaining how carry forward losses work.

  • saultube44
    saultube44 2 days ago

    *Steve Mnuchin=Evil John Olver LOL*
    The Federal Income Tax is a lie and should be Illegal if not unconstitutional. Taking money offshore should illegal, and tax exemption on big corps should be always be collected at 35-50% retroactively. The military should not be in constant invasion mode taking resources from poor COuntries after the US and other Govs. have sold weapons to factions on the region to make them fight and then hypocritically "intervene" invading them to "settle down the conflict", retreat from other Countries and not having US Bases there, reducing the spending and concentrating those on VA, Universal Health Care and paying good to teachers making the minimum wage according to the economy for people to live well, don't give tax breaks to the rich, and don't allow prices to go too high. Gov should be controlled and auditable by The People, @Gov anyone jobs should never have much security, you do a bad job, you're out and maybe to trial. The real Boss is The People, they should decide how money is well spend, and if the gov comes with a suggestion, will have to justify why, after The People have voted on it, it might proceed

  • x x
    x x 2 days ago


  • rlwhite55
    rlwhite55 2 days ago

    His statement that Social Security is paid for by our taxes is BullSh*t! Social Security is funded by people who are working, directly by them as insurance for their retirement, disability and for widows/children, PERIOD! This crock of Sh*t that it is entitlement, paid for from taxes is a plain, bold-faced LIE! When you work for someone, you get a paycheck. You see monies taken out of your pay that go to FICA. This money, taken from YOUR paycheck is MATCHED by your employer for YOUR benefit & YOUR Future! PERIOD! This GOP LIE that it is entitlement or that Social Security is funded by taxes is based on BS!! PERIOD!!

    • James Adams
      James Adams 2 days ago

      No, he's right and you're wrong. The amount you and your employer pay in no way covers the amounts that retirees are taking out today, let alone what you'll pull out in retirement. The general fund is used to pay for Social Security. The government has also raided SS too, but that's another topic.

  • TaunTom
    TaunTom 2 days ago

    But if they buy back stock doesn't that raise the price of the remaining stock? If you have some of that stock, then didn't you get a higher roi?
    Dividends payouts should also benefit the holder.
    Yes I know the corporations just boosted their profits, but as long as they didn't buyback your stock doesn't that also benefit you the stockholder?

  • Bola Bonda
    Bola Bonda 2 days ago

  • Po Isbell
    Po Isbell 2 days ago

    Left, libtards pose no threat for the simple fact that they are scared of guns! This british cunt needs to use his money(from his show) for new teeth and go back to England with his dull, drab, fowl and dry monty python humor that died out in 1979!

  • filllip82
    filllip82 2 days ago

    This guy is neurotic SJW.

  • Alan Castaneda
    Alan Castaneda 2 days ago

    Shh, don't tell Trump voters the truth, they love their racist scapegoating.

  • Jae Lynn
    Jae Lynn 2 days ago

    They pulled the exact same tax holiday in the 80's and I CANNOT believe people fell for it AGAIN! Time's up rich assholes.

  • Jae Lynn
    Jae Lynn 2 days ago

    You all see Trump signing signing his name Donald Drumpf? lol.. what a fraud.

  • Tom Hillyard
    Tom Hillyard 2 days ago

    Corporate Tax rate in other countries is already between 8 and 15 percent vs 39 percent which is why they're doing this off shore shit in the first place

  • Brian Esola
    Brian Esola 2 days ago


  • JamieLan2011
    JamieLan2011 2 days ago

    "What y'all niggers doing with my motherfucking money?" That right there will go down in history as the spearhead for a new movement on tax accountability of the government. Though she probably should've replaced "niggers" with "whities" or "crackers" since it's mostly white motherfuckers that are screwin' y'all's money. Damn I'm even starting to write like she talks.

  • Raghavendra Varma
    Raghavendra Varma 3 days ago

    Wow...the level of hatred in this video is mind blowing. I really don't get why it is so shocking that tax reform made corporations richer. Of course it did and that is the only way these corporations are going to hire people. Why would anybody hire anyone and pay them, if they are not going to make them more money. Welcome to capitalism 101!!!

  • Brian C
    Brian C 3 days ago

    I don't understand how a woman can be so stupid and smug about ignorance at the same time. It takes 5 seconds to google a breakdown of US government spending.

  • Ferenc Ivanics
    Ferenc Ivanics 3 days ago

    We need to learn, that corporations are machines. No feelings, no tears. Like artifical intelligence, they search the most effective way to make money. Now we can see, they are what they are, and it is OK. The law is the control. Having taxes, and protecting the workers is the job of the government, with the help of effective laws.

  • Colin Clark
    Colin Clark 3 days ago

    I'll bet HBO avoids taxes by putting their money overseas.

  • freeNode5
    freeNode5 3 days ago

    why does the camera keep moving?

  • Thompson BMX
    Thompson BMX 3 days ago

    The American diet of STEAMY FART POTATOES is the real cause of global warming. Along with WHITEHOUSE CHEESEBURGER FARTS.

  • Noah Dillon
    Noah Dillon 3 days ago

    Even economists who think the corporate tax rate should be zero hated this fucking abominable tax bill.

  • PoaS
    PoaS 3 days ago

    *cardi b gradually getting stupider by the second*
    “Whadabadmudafuckindoon witma mudafuckenmoney.
    Whaddafuckchu doin mah muffuckinmoney. Whachafuchadochamofuchamony. Wabadabanomanofunkmonkey.”

  • alaskahelo
    alaskahelo 3 days ago

    Businesses and corporations should not pay taxes. They already provide jobs, products and services that we want or need.
    Just my opinion.

    HARSH MORBIA 3 days ago +1

    Hey, I'm from India and i love your sense of humor and the topics that you choose. Can you make more videos on India please..

  • Nonya Damnbusiness
    Nonya Damnbusiness 3 days ago +1

    When are you liberal socialists going to recognize that businesses don't pay taxes, people pay taxes. A corporate tax is just another expense to a corporation like any other. If it can't be made up in higher prices or lower wages it comes out of dividends- and just so you know, ~40% of dividends are paid out to pension funds, mutual funds and life insurance companies, i.e. the retirement hopes of the middle class. Charging income tax on corporations also validates treating a corporation as a fictional person rather than the government granted privilege of limited liability that it is. There's no magic source of money that you can steal to pay for your pet social engineering projects.

    • James Adams
      James Adams 3 days ago +1

      If leftists had a coherent ideology then they wouldn't be leftists. Instead, they go for the ideology of "gibs me dat."

  • Pico51
    Pico51 3 days ago

    I might use MORE CAPITALS on facebook ... FACEbook - darling of the Free World! FREE WORLD!

  • Pico51
    Pico51 3 days ago

    Yeah, he's a babe

  • Cole Phelps
    Cole Phelps 3 days ago +2

    People like Cardi B deserve a 40% tax. It's for the better of society

    • James Adams
      James Adams 2 days ago +1

      No, they do not. There is no way possible to tax a nation into prosperity. At best, a nation that is already prosperous wouldn't lose much if the government had low operating costs and handled only goods/services that were actually wanted in the way that people want them. And that's if they already have the wealth to tax in the first place. If a nation is not already wealthy then it isn't going to become wealthy through taxation itself.

    • Cole Phelps
      Cole Phelps 3 days ago

      When properly used, taxes lead to a prosperous and healthy nation.

    • James Adams
      James Adams 3 days ago

      Taxation doesn't improve society.

  • Nicholas Repko
    Nicholas Repko 3 days ago

    I did my taxes in 3 hours the day they were due. Eat me, B

  • mrpmac
    mrpmac 3 days ago

    So, now that the Republicans have reduced Cardi's taxes, I expect she will be issuing a statement thanking them... Any minute now...

  • mrpmac
    mrpmac 3 days ago +1

    So, are we all just going to ignore the fact that Trump reduced taxes for nearly everyone?
    John Oliver never mentions that he's personally paying fewer taxes because of the tax cuts. I guess that doesn't fit his narrative.

    • mrpmac
      mrpmac Day ago

      Obama increased it... permanently. Which is better?

    • Br. Bill
      Br. Bill Day ago

      Temporarily. Middle and Lower classes bounce back up even higher the year after the next presidential election. So, no, it was all a trick, and they convinced you.

  • Brendan Cribbs
    Brendan Cribbs 3 days ago

    He even admits it himself in his video that 18 of the largest corporations are now going to be going from 0% to 8-15% in taxes. That seems like a win to me for the American people.

  • Renske Dunnewold
    Renske Dunnewold 3 days ago

    I was in the UK the past week, and I couldn't watch this video. Thank god I'm back, I need my John Oliver!

  • Curse Heart
    Curse Heart 3 days ago

    I hate Kardi-B's fake ass.

  • Cosmo Spacemonkey
    Cosmo Spacemonkey 3 days ago +1

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a segment on Bill Maher's attacks on liberals. Yet again he and his special panel guest went after liberals and universities (more specifically the liberal arts) for their attacks on free speech (laughable-this is the most inflated "problem" happening on universities. We all know every professor wakes up thinking how they can best infest the minds of impressionable young adults with liberal propaganda. Ugh.). First, he put on Berry Weiss a few weeks ago to complain about evil universities committing mind control with "safe spaces". Now just this week he gave a platform to right-wing pseudoscience conspiracy theorist Jacob Peterson. Peterson lectured Alex Wagner on how to raise her child, and pointed to universities as being the primary source of attacks on free thought and free speech - and then he and Bill, two white guys, proceeded to do yet more lecturing to liberals on how they raise children...while talking about narcissism. Bill needs to be called out for his hypocrisy. Bill would be the first [person defending (and rightfully so) a professor who tells a creationist student that, you're wrong, evolution is real and no, humans were not the spawn of Adam and Eve.

    • James Adams
      James Adams 14 hours ago

      "Bottom line is that Peterson is not even very intelligent."
      Says the person who hasn't refuted one word he's said and can't even get his first name right. It's pretty telling that you have to attack a person's intelligence but aren't capable of arguing with the substance of what he's said.
      " I'm sorry, but you don't possess the basic grok (yes that's a word, I went to a university) to have this conversation - which you want to turn into basic Fox News anti-SJW talking points. "
      Says the dumbass who hasn't created any argument and instead projects.
      "Go learn the art of synthesis (the basic tool od knowledge - bridging different ideas to form your own) and then we can talk. "
      Says the dumbass who only projects.

    • Cosmo Spacemonkey
      Cosmo Spacemonkey 14 hours ago

      Bottom line is that Peterson is not even very intelligent. He sounds very simple to a trained ear. The inconsistencies are apparent almost immediately. He's a self-help guru with a political bent. So for me, this debate is about whether a turd doesn't stink or not - it's futile. To anyone who has a decent I.Q. he sounds like a somewhat overly obsessed high school student having a debate on a high school level. I'm sorry, but you don't possess the basic grok (yes that's a word, I went to a university) to have this conversation - which you want to turn into basic Fox News anti-SJW talking points. Go learn the art of synthesis (the basic tool od knowledge - bridging different ideas to form your own) and then we can talk. Oh, and next time I listen to a highly intelligent person who has information to back up their complex ideas, a skill set they learned at a university, I will remind myself that they have just been brainwashed. Ugh. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

    • James Adams
      James Adams Day ago

      "HURR DURR I went to my echo chamber and my leftist buddy agreed with me!"
      Oh the brilliance of arguing with people who fully agree with you and employ no rational arguments whatsoever.

    • Cosmo Spacemonkey
      Cosmo Spacemonkey Day ago

      Well, I wrote the same message on Sam Seder's Majority Report youtube vid and guess what. He listened to me and now has done a segment ripping his appearance apart. Oh the joy. Bye now. Write whatever you want. I wont be wasting my time reading you Ad hominems.

    • James Adams
      James Adams Day ago

      Yes, I do. And no, I haven't. I'm not dismissing your incoherent idiocy by merely labeling you a dumbass. I attacked your arguments directly and then called you a dumbass. There's a difference. It's not a fallacy when I have proof that you're in fact being a dumbass.
      Saying "is ludicrous" over and over again doesn't make an argument. It just further proves that you're a dumbass. Speaking of begging the question, that's what you're doing here. That's a fallacy, dumbass.

  • Susanne Glasl
    Susanne Glasl 3 days ago +1

    "those are hitler bucks, you swiss fucks"

  • Day Dreamer
    Day Dreamer 3 days ago

    This guy is a total idiot. Notice they don't post the fawning video of Comey, given Comey is now in serious trouble for leaking classified data. In his own admission.

  • Will Hall
    Will Hall 3 days ago

    I hear what your saying but now what? You talk to sheep who make noise while you point shit out. Its like telling a donkey it has to carry a extra basket up a hill. The donkey doesn’t give a fuck cause its a donkey. Your wasting your fucking time. Motherfuckers are stupid and I shouldn’t have entertained your B.S. cause its just entertainment with no exit strategy. Just point shit out and hope for the best. This is where we are now.

  • Evans Busuru
    Evans Busuru 3 days ago

  • Kaki Bollywood Remixes

    u luk like Hitler bcuz of nose shadow on your upper lip

  • ian
    ian 3 days ago +1

    Trump I'm a plumber I hate your tax bill

  • William Grafius
    William Grafius 3 days ago

    A California 10, he's a smokeshow

  • Blue Fire
    Blue Fire 3 days ago


  • Blue Fire
    Blue Fire 3 days ago

    The good thing about being a child is not doing taxes

  • Alex Homer
    Alex Homer 3 days ago