Carreno Busta vs Kei Nishikori Final Set Tie Break HD

  • Published on Jan 21, 2019
  • Incredible Final Set Tie break between Carreno Busta und Kei Nishikori.
    Carreno Busta got robbed by the umpire. Nishikori hits the ball after the ''Out Call''. The umpire
    decided to give the point to Nishikori instead of replaying the point as the Rule says. Check at
    9:20 min.
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  • Dominic Domi
    Dominic Domi  7 months ago +37

    I just reached 1000 sub. Thank you a lot guys. I give you in return 50 euros.
    Check the video:

    • Case K
      Case K 4 months ago +2

      Carreno was not robbed. When you play the vid at 0.25 speed, the umpire called out AFTER Nishikori hit the ball.

    • Nikolai Grøndahl Hansen
      Nikolai Grøndahl Hansen 4 months ago +1


  • EmisHyper 574
    EmisHyper 574 4 hours ago

    15 fps

  • Jeremy Sivertsen
    Jeremy Sivertsen 3 days ago

    Thumbnail is clickbait

  • Louis Foglia
    Louis Foglia 4 days ago

    How detestable Busta is? His grunts are exagerated, he has no respect (he screams everytime Nishikori fails a shot). Kei instead is quite, silence and very respectful

  • Sanzhar Bisembin
    Sanzhar Bisembin 5 days ago

    гей хуйшикори тот еще мразь

  • Movies&&Highlights!!!

    Simply put he wAs never going to win that point. Basically look at where Busta was on the court when the person screamed “ Out “
    Yeah just look at where Busta was on the court which tells you he had no shot of winning that point let alone touching the ball with his racquet for a return winner or return anything. Nishikori hit the ball down the line while Busta was on the other side of the planet basically.

  • James Macedo
    James Macedo 7 days ago

    Coitado do espanhol...

  • Jindal Sir G
    Jindal Sir G 10 days ago

    Busta was totally right

  • Marcos Garcia
    Marcos Garcia 13 days ago

    Que le pasó a este 😂!??

  • SJ N
    SJ N 17 days ago +1

    Kid was doomed in the mind after that point=0-4

  • Paco Garrido
    Paco Garrido 17 days ago

    En un momento carreño gana 7-5 en el tie brek, porque no se termino el partido ahi?

    • Paco Garrido
      Paco Garrido 17 days ago

      @Daniel Weber muchas gracias 👍👍🙏

    • Daniel Weber
      Daniel Weber 17 days ago +1

      Por qué es el último set del partido y no hay límites (no había límites mejor dicho). Ahora lo limitan al primero que llegue a 10 si no me equivoco. Saludos desde Suiza !

  • Gemma Atkins
    Gemma Atkins 17 days ago

    Umpire is not always wright

  • cavaleer
    cavaleer 18 days ago

    One of the dumbest tantrums I've ever seen. smh

  • _ DUK _
    _ DUK _ 24 days ago


  • Behrad Bavarsad
    Behrad Bavarsad 27 days ago

    This game is about the nerves

  • Äłëхäńďŕä sass

    if that was real lag ...phew

  • Suresh raina Mousi
    Suresh raina Mousi 28 days ago


  • Маулен Шеримов

    Вообще переигровка должна была быть.

  • mellowman1001
    mellowman1001 Month ago +4

    Spain and Japan - the opposite ends of the emotional spectrum.

  • Aleš Augustin
    Aleš Augustin Month ago

    Such a kid..

  • S&A
    S&A Month ago

    What happens if you call out before he hit the ball? That’s unfair for Nishikori

  • ソフテニLOVER
    ソフテニLOVER Month ago


  • Ganessh Pawar
    Ganessh Pawar Month ago

    Asians are mentally stronger than anyone else 👌

  • Keita Tahara
    Keita Tahara Month ago


  • あおうまんまみーや


  • 次郎
    次郎 Month ago +2


  • Fakhre Alam Taj
    Fakhre Alam Taj Month ago

    Nishikori’s mental toughness is too great when it comes to situations like that. He has proved it times and again on many occasions.

  • Mikel Scofild
    Mikel Scofild Month ago

    fuck you nishikori

  • キズナアイの旦那


  • 【Fortnite】たっくんチャンネル


  • Khinh Phu
    Khinh Phu Month ago

    The ball was call out, and neither the lineman or the umpire corrected it. The hit back of Nishikori is pointless because the point had ended after the call. Pablo then challenged the ball to not lose the point by ball out, and he won the callenge for what it´s needed to repeat the point. What was wrong was the call of the lineman and the umpire not following the rules after a challenge.

  • Khinh Phu
    Khinh Phu Month ago

    carreno got rob from the point but he was out of the position, there is no reason to replay the point. kei need abit of luck in the last set that one was not he wanted, good match :)

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe Month ago

    What a dick, get him out of the atp

  • novola1972
    novola1972 Month ago

    PCB lost his shit and a match. Too bad he was closer to the finish line than Kei

  • AJ Chris Moore
    AJ Chris Moore Month ago +3

    Nishikori kept his cool in such a situation unlike the other weeping Mama's boy who went over reacting to every point he won and eventually lost . Hats off to Nishikori from INDIA💪✌️

  • jiahao chong
    jiahao chong Month ago

    this is white man attitude when lose in emotion..

  • Al Truism
    Al Truism Month ago

    whats wrong with carreno busta eyes he keeps opening them like crazy eyed people

  • しばぁ。
    しばぁ。 Month ago


  • MENDEZ esports
    MENDEZ esports Month ago +2

    If you put the video at 0'25x you can easily see that the out was called before he hit the ball .. so then the point ends there , no matter if he was going to get the next shot or not.. after the callenged and once seen that its in the point goes for carreno ! Thats the rules and if you comment and you dont know about tenis rules you are a foolish

  • Kieran Rankie
    Kieran Rankie Month ago

    Instead of Carreno Busta, imagine if this had been Kyrgios.

  • Spam Mail
    Spam Mail Month ago

    Going home broke

  • Wasabi Kimchi
    Wasabi Kimchi 2 months ago

    Busta poor sportsmanship. :(

  • Kumar Saheb Asdeo
    Kumar Saheb Asdeo 2 months ago +3

    Why do looser always cry..... 😢

    • Y B
      Y B Month ago

      Ask your parents

  • いくにゃん
    いくにゃん 2 months ago


  • 堤柊太
    堤柊太 2 months ago +2


  • Tomasベルディヒ
    Tomasベルディヒ 2 months ago


  • 。オブリびよーん


    • man Super
      man Super 2 months ago

      。オブリびよーん サムネにある通りブスタが怒ってテニスバックを投げたことですね

  • Carlos Andres Arias
    Carlos Andres Arias 2 months ago +9

    That was not a robber, carreño anyway has losse the point without call

  • Tez88
    Tez88 2 months ago +2

    Why are they playing Tie Break on the 5th set? Don't they continue playing?

    • Dominic Domi
      Dominic Domi  2 months ago +1

      New rule at the Australian open. Super tie break . I think at us open also.

  • William Han
    William Han 2 months ago +1

    The tiebreaker game is like a Roller Coaster. Kei..Supersonic n 100% Focus n Calm. Amazing Match with All Emotions.

  • agradina
    agradina 2 months ago +1

    carreno busted

    CROWN VIETNAM CORP 2 months ago


  • べル
    べル 2 months ago


    • 平野雄大
      平野雄大 2 months ago


  • Cole Smith
    Cole Smith 2 months ago +1

    I get that the call didn’t follow the rules exactly, but come on. His only argument was that maybe he would have gone down the line (when he was clearly running to the other side of the court). The umpire did the right thing. Whether or not it technically followed the rules, the umpire did the RIGHT thing.

  • 王子の庭
    王子の庭 2 months ago


    KING KING 2 months ago


  • Picasso
    Picasso 2 months ago +1

    What is the rule for tie breaker

  • h s.A
    h s.A 2 months ago +1

    Thank me later

  • Victor Pinte
    Victor Pinte 2 months ago

    Terrible mistake by the umpire

  • にょんぱーとらうりっぞ


    • アヘガ王
      アヘガ王 2 months ago

      にょんぱーとらうりっぞ その表現すき