Film Theory: Is Deadpool Trolling Us? (Deadpool 2)


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  • Someone
    Someone 5 months ago +19705

    Theory: MatPat gets every theory correct, and movies change the script, plot, re render everything after his video.

    • Seth Knowles
      Seth Knowles 3 days ago

      Can we convince Matpat to do a theory on this theory?

    • Admiral Gamer80
      Admiral Gamer80 4 days ago

      Sorry guys not accurate

    • Welcome to the Metaverse
      Welcome to the Metaverse 5 days ago

      (SPOILER) The advertising totally mislead us about the X-Force being a significant role in the movie and they all died before they do anything.
      That HAS TO BE one of the biggest pranks in film history!

    • BoraCM 39
      BoraCM 39 7 days ago

      If that was true, then MatPat would be wrong this time.

    • Thomas Duong
      Thomas Duong 8 days ago

      Woah dem likes

  • Tim Dwyer
    Tim Dwyer 10 hours ago

    Mat pat goes to movie and sees peter dies and pulls video.

  • MustacheAvocado
    MustacheAvocado 19 hours ago

    3:56 yeah for sure, no doubt at all, can't mess up in anyway with that assumption

  • It’s a nerd in a box’s YEAH

    How are you this good at your job!!! You literally predicted the best movie ever

  • Dick Grayson
    Dick Grayson Day ago


  • bnha fan
    bnha fan Day ago

    SPOILER! Yes he's there for lol's, the x force is also there for lol's they all except domino.

    • bnha fan
      bnha fan Day ago

      They all die except domino**

  • Stonewall Allen
    Stonewall Allen 2 days ago

    Peter W. He got stuck in a wood chipper

  • een eenzaam persoon
    een eenzaam persoon 2 days ago

    And dp trold us hard

  • paula morgan
    paula morgan 3 days ago

    To soon man to soon

  • Dr m&m
    Dr m&m 3 days ago

    No they literally all died until the after credit scene and he still only saved Peter then Peter went home so no your wrong

  • Geoffery Phone Myint Kaung Khant Kyaw

    0:18 till 1:21 proven by the episode

  • Kermit The frog channel

    No Peter isn't a big deal he actually dies he got acid on him which decentegrated his arm off

  • Raining Nights
    Raining Nights 4 days ago

    I was like "lol matpat couldn't be so wrong" then he says that deadpool was trolling on him, and then says that peter is going to get killed ASAP and my brain exploded

  • stephen durnan
    stephen durnan 4 days ago

    I've never went to the thereor or watched deadpool

  • onixa gaming
    onixa gaming 4 days ago

    When you watch deadpool 2 and then you go here 😂

  • Hanxiong Wu
    Hanxiong Wu 6 days ago

    Just looked up him on google and found him to be a super cool character, really hope to see him actually become Peter Wisdom in deadpool 3

  • bates box
    bates box 7 days ago

    u mean a diet theory

  • c c
    c c 7 days ago

    Congrats MatPat on getting it right!!

  • Jaque line
    Jaque line 7 days ago

    So funny, Peter kinda looks ugly in the movie, but Rob Delaney is handsome. He really is a good actor.

  • Minetastick 5
    Minetastick 5 7 days ago

    I watched the movie and SPOILER ALERT almost the entire group dies

  • Z- Row
    Z- Row 8 days ago

    This one was so accurate I had to double check the date to see if it came out before or after the movie

  • Brandon Sheffer
    Brandon Sheffer 8 days ago

    Holy shit he actually got one right

  • Alex Tucker Animation
    Alex Tucker Animation 8 days ago +1

    He died 10 minutes in

  • Kade Barnes
    Kade Barnes 9 days ago +1

    Kind of did

  • K9 FAK// Future And Known

    HEY!!!! HEY FILM THEORY I have something............CAN Deadpool drown..... love you Channels btw

  • Johnathon Dafoe
    Johnathon Dafoe 9 days ago

    the thing that i didn't see MatPat say in this was "Peter died"

  • Samuel Landers
    Samuel Landers 10 days ago

    Ironically,the scenes he showed WERE in their respective movies,just altered in some way.

  • Mafalda Viana
    Mafalda Viana 10 days ago


  • KatastrophicNoodle
    KatastrophicNoodle 11 days ago

    Oh fuck off. You don't deserve Peter's gaze. This is actually kin to harassment. Like a Mom telling her kids to yell and cry at the convenience store so they can get free candy.

  • Dunkle Sans
    Dunkle Sans 11 days ago

    peter wanker

  • RBorouma 1372004
    RBorouma 1372004 13 days ago

    they're really good!!!

  • RBorouma 1372004
    RBorouma 1372004 13 days ago

    You should keep on doing these videos till the end of time!

  • RBorouma 1372004
    RBorouma 1372004 13 days ago

    you finally got one right!!!

  • Spectrum 13
    Spectrum 13 13 days ago

    you even got him dying in the first danger wrong this is a funny joke

  • Tomfoolery
    Tomfoolery 13 days ago

    Do you know what would be even funnier? If Peter actually was a guy with powers but he doesn't know it and they don't show it in this movie but in a later movie.

  • dumb idiot guy
    dumb idiot guy 15 days ago

    my headcannon is that deadpool wrote the comics featuring Peter Wisdom as a chuck norris style joke about his friend Peter

  • Oliver Arms
    Oliver Arms 15 days ago

    holy shit you actually got it right

  • Sierra Baca
    Sierra Baca 15 days ago

    Hey matpat, if Deadpool was effected by the Thanks snap would he have lived?

  • snivy alfie
    snivy alfie 16 days ago

    you think too much...he's just...peter

  • christopher brodie
    christopher brodie 16 days ago

    That wood chipper guy really stopped this theory

  • Dom the Bomb
    Dom the Bomb 17 days ago

    0:20 cough cough ksi cough Logan paul

  • Shane Jopling
    Shane Jopling 17 days ago

    Watched this some time after the movie aaaaand well shit. But... I want a theory on the time stuff now

  • ytr6740
    ytr6740 18 days ago


  • Bushmaster 6
    Bushmaster 6 18 days ago

    Don’t mind me ... just enjoying all the comments from those who didn’t finish out MatPat’s video before posting.

  • Home road
    Home road 20 days ago +1

    Yeah he was right for a change

  • Pyaar Suravira
    Pyaar Suravira 20 days ago

    i'm curious what's he's reaction is after he seen the movie.

  • 2ruffles
    2ruffles 20 days ago

    Peter W's wife is cheating on him with the guy that was in PSYCHE??? Bro wtf

  • Ursula C
    Ursula C 21 day ago

    When you cant focus on the video because of sherlock

  • Well This is Yogurt
    Well This is Yogurt 21 day ago +1

    ....And............he died...

  • Rujit Stha
    Rujit Stha 22 days ago

    Midway through the movie Peter dies 😐 welcome ....but he is back at the end

  • Wyatt Cooper
    Wyatt Cooper 22 days ago

    Peter isn’t nobody! He had ALL the types of diabetes!

  • aidan quintana
    aidan quintana 23 days ago

    *Peter dies within like 10 minutes of meeting him*

  • Mr. Hippo
    Mr. Hippo 23 days ago

    Well, you kind of got it

  • Cyclopsblast
    Cyclopsblast 23 days ago

    Disney's Deadpool would be called Livingpool. It would have all the stupid Disney stars surrounding...Livingpool and making a stupid cartoon doing 4th wallbreaks...wait they did that already with Ultimate Spider-Man and maybe the new show with maybe half the monkey screams that was a horrible running gag. Huff huff I wish some big business would buy Disney and make it less...Disney.

  • Maria Reynoso
    Maria Reynoso 24 days ago

    I watch the Deadpool movie and Peter died on the first like 10 minutes

  • Аркадий Скайуокер

    You tried

  • Sabin tamang
    Sabin tamang 25 days ago

    Tthat doesn't happen in the movie

  • mohammad safi
    mohammad safi 25 days ago


  • mohammad safi
    mohammad safi 25 days ago


  • mohammad safi
    mohammad safi 25 days ago


  • Daniel Rees
    Daniel Rees 25 days ago

    Ahhghhh matter spoiled deadlocks punchline:'(

  • Cats.ok
    Cats.ok 25 days ago

    Peter wisdom in the comics is made of vibranium

  • Pieceofsock
    Pieceofsock 25 days ago +1

    Ugh… Mat you are *so wrong* again!
    You didn't get *any* of your prediction theories right
    Peter is just an *average guy* with *no super powers!*
    And *he dies* in first 10 minutes of the film!
    And I'm one of those stupid people that can't watch your video till the end before hate commenting and pointing out that you're wrong!
    _Seriously people, can't you just go and edit your comment or delete it?_

  • Lachlan J Allan
    Lachlan J Allan 26 days ago

    If captain Britains power is steeping tea does captain Americas power selling hot dog

  • Super Star games
    Super Star games 26 days ago

    Here's the thing they end up fighting at the beginning but by the end their friends sort of

  • Igknight the fire
    Igknight the fire 27 days ago

    Oh my gosh! He actually got something right! :0

  • Vikcent Comet
    Vikcent Comet 27 days ago

    "Hey is going to be a really important part in Deadpool2"
    Literally dies about 3 minutes after being on screen

  • George Howarth
    George Howarth 27 days ago

    Oh how wrong he is peter dies literaly 3 minuits after hes introduced

    • Pieceofsock
      Pieceofsock 25 days ago

      If you watched the video till the end, you might want to edit your comment or delete it.

  • SkullyRodger
    SkullyRodger 28 days ago

    Yes they did that with X-Force! You were somewhat correct

  • Sampy Bampy
    Sampy Bampy 29 days ago

    But peter died...

  • Wyatt Ritchie
    Wyatt Ritchie Month ago

    Your wrong about peter w

    • Pieceofsock
      Pieceofsock 24 days ago

      Yes, and that's exactly what the theory says in the video

    • Wyatt Ritchie
      Wyatt Ritchie 24 days ago

      If you watch the movie he dies from the spiting acid dude

    • Pieceofsock
      Pieceofsock 24 days ago

      In what way is he wrong about Peter then?!

    • Wyatt Ritchie
      Wyatt Ritchie 25 days ago

      I have watch the movie

    • Pieceofsock
      Pieceofsock 25 days ago

      Nope. He's right. It seems that you either didn't watch the movie or the video.

  • imogen turner
    imogen turner Month ago

    Can you do one in the NUN plz

  • Levi Cook
    Levi Cook Month ago

    Yes thats what happened in the movie lol ur right



  • Roskamalia Mt ali
    Roskamalia Mt ali Month ago

    Hey Matpat can you do a video the NUN plz you know that horror movie

  • Limbo Bilbo
    Limbo Bilbo Month ago

    4:55, that’s the wrong Union Jack, as a member of the commonwealth I have to point that out

  • Mark Perez
    Mark Perez Month ago


  • Luke - Roblox&More
    Luke - Roblox&More Month ago +1

    Peter just dies from acid throw up

    • Mon Hunterz
      Mon Hunterz 17 days ago

      SPOILER WARNING Matpat already talked about that in the video

  • Diana Sakura
    Diana Sakura Month ago +1

    MatPat: ...summon fire out of nowhere
    Me: reminds me of Natsu Dragneel....

  • SeldoM
    SeldoM Month ago +1

    Boy were they wrong

  • Erick Loera
    Erick Loera Month ago

    This video was upload on my birthday

  • foxy barron
    foxy barron Month ago


  • Jonatan Martinez
    Jonatan Martinez Month ago


  • Spectacular Frozen Vomit Statue

    Wow I had an advertisement showing Deadpool...

  • Danika and Larissa
    Danika and Larissa Month ago +1

    i watch theories to make my own theories out of matpat's theories :)

  • Anthony the Ant
    Anthony the Ant Month ago

    Deadpool 2 was before the x-force thing

  • Benjamin Ketts
    Benjamin Ketts Month ago

    "it's not gonna happen" it kinda did

  • Joshua Rudisill
    Joshua Rudisill Month ago

    boy was he wrong

    peter died

  • Darren Ramphal
    Darren Ramphal Month ago

    WTF is Mr pool?

  • Alien_pixels
    Alien_pixels Month ago

    I don’t know if you guys know this, but this video is actually right if you watch the whole thing

  • Mr.Munch
    Mr.Munch Month ago

    Deadpool two actually comes out and almost all the characters in x force die in 2 minutes:
    Me: hahahahahahahhahahHahahahahahahaha

  • Cherelle Vanhanegin

    so technically you were right lol thie would be the second time you were right that i seen so far

  • The Nature Soldier
    The Nature Soldier Month ago

    Excallibur, X-men. x, X!

  • coffee
    coffee Month ago

    that one picture of Gus from Psych distracted me oopsies

  • Doom Blaze852
    Doom Blaze852 Month ago

    the funnitest part about it is if you watched the movie *SPOILERS* yes he is ordinary then gets killed along with the rest of the X-force except Domino and DP

  • The Gaming Fern
    The Gaming Fern Month ago

    Well... peter didn’t die. He came back to life in the after credits

  • Anthony Mancini
    Anthony Mancini Month ago

    And the vanisher

  • Lafo Burns
    Lafo Burns Month ago

    *Yes, yes they were.*

    ABE VELASCO Month ago


  • What are you looking at

    True ... ALL THE Deadpool 2 character teammates is Ded