Film Theory: Is Deadpool Trolling Us? (Deadpool 2)


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  • Someone
    Someone 15 days ago +15782

    Theory: MatPat gets every theory correct, and movies change the script, plot, re render everything after his video.

  • ironmac wade
    ironmac wade 32 minutes ago

    i think he was right about this one :]

  • Jetstream19
    Jetstream19 Hour ago

    Damn he got it right. Until the end credit scene

  • Angel Animations
    Angel Animations 4 hours ago

    But... Peter dies from acid...

  • SNB Sixteen6stars
    SNB Sixteen6stars 5 hours ago

    I need a Peter w spin off movie

  • Emil N
    Emil N 5 hours ago

    Oh hey would you look at that, you were finally right about a prediction theory! Great vid, loved it!

  • goodsirrandom
    goodsirrandom 6 hours ago

    He was right

  • ricky koch
    ricky koch 7 hours ago

    Matpat: how to make a theory: find all the Easter eggs. Blow them wayyyyy out of proportion. Now you got yourself a theory!

  • Barney the destroyer
    Barney the destroyer 9 hours ago

    when you were right lol

  • owsley torello
    owsley torello 10 hours ago

    hahahha first hour everyone DIEs XDDD

  • Marc-Antoine Gagné
    Marc-Antoine Gagné 12 hours ago


    MatPat actually got right the fact that Peter dies as soon as they get on the first mission. XD

  • Canned Fruit Games
    Canned Fruit Games 12 hours ago

    9:55 GUS FROM PSYCH!

  • elin111
    elin111 13 hours ago

    How about that, he was correct.

  • Josh G.
    Josh G. 14 hours ago

    or his son?

  • Chiffonia Chiffonia
    Chiffonia Chiffonia 15 hours ago

    dudes wathced it and he just dies like 5 minutes after he appears in the movie.

  • Adam Freed
    Adam Freed 16 hours ago

    Ultimate theory: the guy who people think is normal, is actually normal.

  • REETV Films
    REETV Films 16 hours ago

    lmao they all die

  • gummy bear gamer
    gummy bear gamer 16 hours ago

    peter is dead

  • Scylex 47
    Scylex 47 16 hours ago

    Im such a loyal theorist, when you mentioned the evidence, i knew there was none

  • Kshitij Shah
    Kshitij Shah 17 hours ago

    Theory on Burton Guster's mystical head please.

  • J. Hernández
    J. Hernández 17 hours ago

    My theory: After Infinity War and a couple of movies after, comes Marven VS DC and the only one who can travel between those universe is Deadpool to fuck everything up or maybe save the day. There's a spoiler in the middle of the movie and a comic about it.

  • NightmareSpecter
    NightmareSpecter 17 hours ago

    This is so wrong

  • NiceRiceChild
    NiceRiceChild 18 hours ago

    I dont get how this is a theroy if its obvious that peter is a normal guy

  • Timothy Creighton
    Timothy Creighton 18 hours ago

    Actually, what he's described is how psycho was marketed

  • TheLazerians DT
    TheLazerians DT 20 hours ago

    He actually got one right what

  • Kevin Frost
    Kevin Frost 21 hour ago

    Well, you weren't wrong.

  • BabyBat 2000
    BabyBat 2000 23 hours ago +1

    You were right until the post-credits.

  • Armondo Figueroa
    Armondo Figueroa 23 hours ago

    Nail on the head.

  • יהל שורץ
    יהל שורץ 23 hours ago

    First prediction theory to be actually correct! Congrats, Mat! You can stop now.

  • Aryan Chaudhry
    Aryan Chaudhry 23 hours ago

    Matpat...was...Right... WELL DONE

  • XOTiCiTY
    XOTiCiTY 23 hours ago

    *Deadpool plays a trap card*
    MatPat: welp its just a theory

  • Nash Kaleido
    Nash Kaleido Day ago

    Know what, Mat was right.
    But the greatest movie prank ever must be the post credit scene
    Btw. After Dp2, i'll never believe in SH movie trailer again

  • Josh123benja
    Josh123benja Day ago


  • stone heart
    stone heart Day ago

    Buy he have diabetes right

  • David B Jacobs
    David B Jacobs Day ago

    Wait, Kitty dated ANOTHER guy named Peter?? Damn, talk about a type: Peter Rasputin, Peter Quill, Ultimate Peter Parker, now Peter Wisdom? She really likes her Peters.

  • Ray Peguero
    Ray Peguero Day ago

    You have extremely high expectations for the producers of these films. Your theories are intelligent and well constructed but dont think the producers of these films are as witty lol or they will dissapoint

  • Logan Nolan
    Logan Nolan Day ago

    I am a loyal theorist I was here before fnaf

  • mateo kosmac
    mateo kosmac Day ago

    Rip peter

  • Rick Hamilton
    Rick Hamilton Day ago


  • Captain Deadpool


  • bateen618
    bateen618 Day ago

    omg you were actually right this time

  • Zarthax 294
    Zarthax 294 Day ago

    it would be meta if they pulled a 180 and matt was right

  • fidgetspinnersdaily boiii

    Omfg!!!!!!!!!! I fricking know rob dealany!!!!!!!!

  • Prithvi Sharma
    Prithvi Sharma Day ago

    The massive troll that supersedes the Peter W one is X-Force surviving after a few minutes of its reveal. You got it wrong again. Also, spoilers

  • wcthesecret
    wcthesecret Day ago

    Xforce is happening, so there’s a chance he’ll become peter wisdom in that.

  • Gamegerelateerde Nerd

    Well, uhm.
    Peter is Peter.

  • YabukiShingo4
    YabukiShingo4 Day ago

    You're right, I'm watching this after the movie and it IS funny how wrong you were even though you tried your absolute best! HAHAHA!
    I still love your theories Mat

  • Joe Gonzalez
    Joe Gonzalez Day ago

    MatPat I just watched Deadpool 2. If you have please do another Deadpool theory! Love to hear what you have to say! 😁

  • Samuel Landers
    Samuel Landers Day ago

    We 're actually getting Deadpool vs Thanos.

  • Mona Teasley
    Mona Teasley Day ago

    Just a small spoiler. No worries, that's all you'll get from me.

  • Sydney VT
    Sydney VT Day ago +1

    movies- 83726278
    matpat- 1

  • Dauminator63
    Dauminator63 Day ago

    Damn you actually got this right lol

  • Sunny Gonzalez
    Sunny Gonzalez Day ago

    Poor, poor, Peter... If only his good heart didn't put him in such dangerous situations...

  • Shi Jing Zhao
    Shi Jing Zhao Day ago

    Make a video about how Vanessa is actually Death and not Copycat

  • 43prateek
    43prateek Day ago

    Lol xforce got destroyed

  • Duce gamer
    Duce gamer Day ago

    we are talking about deadpool nd a deadpool ad came on

  • shimyns
    shimyns Day ago

    Ummmm guess not.

  • Christopher Sanchez

    I was honestly excited when I saw Mat was actually correct! I was like "Yes!! MatPat was right!!"

  • Julie H
    Julie H Day ago

    I'm telling you Peter = Cable

  • MushMello
    MushMello Day ago


  • PixelFuzzTV
    PixelFuzzTV Day ago +2

    you were a fool to believe deadpool wouldn't add a character souly for a few minutes of comic relief

  • The Simpsons video Chanel

    It is double bluff🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • Joe Nicolas
    Joe Nicolas Day ago

    You where right Holly baby Jesus you got it right congrats Mat Pat congrats

  • Rakhman Oshakbayev

    Why is the guy Susan’s cheating with so definitely black?

  • Wonderful Bear
    Wonderful Bear Day ago


  • Alex Jibleanu
    Alex Jibleanu Day ago

    Well,before the film,just a little spoiler,petrer dies.....soooooo

    • Kinoksis
      Kinoksis Day ago

      and another spoiler, he comes back thanks to time travel shenanigans

  • i_am_Frisky
    i_am_Frisky Day ago

    He died. In fact , all of them die in 5 minutes (except for Domino) , so it isn’t a movie about x force.

  • Cangel Tibon
    Cangel Tibon 2 days ago

    You know what Matt deserves partial credit here, they didn’t go as far but DP2 did mislead us about the role of X-Force and the mid credits reset everything so I’ll give him this.

  • Just A Name
    Just A Name 2 days ago

    Mat pat seems to be quite TOXIC when he is wrong...

  • kung foo kenny
    kung foo kenny 2 days ago +1

    the indian guy in deadpool was lit

  • Addison Ferreira
    Addison Ferreira 2 days ago

    You are right cause he does die

  • Fr0st8
    Fr0st8 2 days ago

    He did die right away 😂

  • Chicken Mafia
    Chicken Mafia 2 days ago

    I was silently hoping Peter W was a somebody so that matpat would feel trolled but nope... You got it right matpat

  • Infinit Gamers
    Infinit Gamers 2 days ago

    Your theory is right

  • not human
    not human 2 days ago +3

    If you got a dollar every theory that was right you’d have a dollar

  • lakebraddock ultimate team

    peter dies.... LOL

  • Princess_Fang
    Princess_Fang 2 days ago

    You know what, I haven't taken your seriously since the whole Overwatch vs TF2 thing. Seriously do some Fucking research before you Fucking piss off millions.

  • J335H
    J335H 2 days ago

    Everyone in the comments: "MATPAT GOT THIS ONE RIGHT"
    Uuuh, what did he get right? Peter didn't save the day, and the deadpool v cable story played out in the movie. I don't see what he got right?

    • Valerie Krueger
      Valerie Krueger Day ago

      The comments are referring to Matpat calling Peter W a trolling move towards theorists, aka people thinking he'll turn out to be Peter Wisdom from the comics will go to the movie and find out he's just a regular guy that dies immediately (which is precisely what happened).

  • Julian Laatz
    Julian Laatz 2 days ago

    When you realize peter literally dies the second he lands

  • TomSketchit
    TomSketchit 2 days ago

    MatPat, you were more right than I think anyone imagined. Jesus flipping Christ that X-Force scene...

  • Thunderkrux
    Thunderkrux 2 days ago

    The theories are usually wrong, but it's still a lot of fun

  • Garret
    Garret 2 days ago

    Interesting but your wrong...

  • Kalvin Parker
    Kalvin Parker 2 days ago

    Peter dies

  • chow yui
    chow yui 2 days ago

    Matpat ... your theory is half right in this movie ...I watch it and you are right about he just an average person, but he didn't even die once ... at the frist time ,he lost his arm and he ran away and the second time when deadpool time travel back and save him to told Him go back home , because deadpool love his little "yoge bear"(which is Peter w) .

  • blue winter
    blue winter 2 days ago

    GUYS PLZ HELP ME. So im doing a important school project about the news and how it sometimes is not the most trustworthy. I remember an film/game theory where mat pat talks about the summer of the sharks and about how “dangerous” the news told us it was, while in the same summer 48.000 people got hurt because of their toilets. Can someone plz tell me witch episode it was, thanks a lot

  • PM animations
    PM animations 2 days ago

    Wow u gut it rigt

  • Drimoss
    Drimoss 2 days ago

    It's funny how he actually got it right at the end, for once :p

  • meowmeowkiwi
    meowmeowkiwi 2 days ago

    You were so close MatPat
    So close

  • kingglogan 202
    kingglogan 202 2 days ago

    No deadpool is not but I love how he puts so much effort into these videos give the guy a round of applause

  • Precious Slater
    Precious Slater 2 days ago

    lmao yoo you were so right like 90 percent of the X force dies in the first time theyre shown... like literally minutes after

  • Shovel Knight
    Shovel Knight 2 days ago

    Mr. Stark i don't feel so good

  • Rose Ann Selvana
    Rose Ann Selvana 2 days ago

    Yet again you failed us

  • Jacob Erhart
    Jacob Erhart 2 days ago

    Lmao Peter died in his first 10 minutes

  • Jonathon Ellis
    Jonathon Ellis 2 days ago


  • Junkbox Entertainment

    It’s so fun to see your theories come true at times

  • theotherguy
    theotherguy 2 days ago

    mat pat was actually really close

  • 101whiteshnow
    101whiteshnow 2 days ago

    Matpat who is yokio?

  • Liam Morin
    Liam Morin 2 days ago

    he dieded

  • AJ's Channel!
    AJ's Channel! 2 days ago

    Do a theory on Marvel and DC being connected somehow because in Deadpool 2 Deadpool has multiple DC Universe references I hope you hear this idea matpat sincerely AJ

  • Literally Jamie
    Literally Jamie 2 days ago

    MatPat was right!! What an awesome film and an amazing theory, as always.