2018 Auto Detailing Must Have Basics | Auto Fanatic's Top Picks

  • Published on Jul 11, 2018
  • 2018 AUTO Detailing Must Have Basics For Your Garage.
    Here is everything I use regularly and has proven to save time.
    Uberflex Pressure Washer Hose Anti Kink amzn.to/2NHbN4b
    MTM Pro Foam Cannon Kit with Gun amzn.to/2m8cI1l
    Best Tire Brush and Carpets amzn.to/2u6DQSq
    Wheel Woolie Kit amzn.to/2L4VSes
    Microfiber Wheel Wash Mit amzn.to/2m6Kbcb
    Micro Shop Vac Brush and Crevis Kit amzn.to/2NEkQD2
    Rubber Trim Wax Removal Erasers amzn.to/2m8RQae
    EZ Dabbers for fine detail work around emblems amzn.to/2ua9zSV
    Short Wheel Brush amzn.to/2NHCUfs
    Window Squeegee amzn.to/2MYrOBC
    Gallon Pump Heads amzn.to/2N5ueyF
    Rubber Caps for Pumps amzn.to/2NqLrTd
    Window Cleaning tool amzn.to/2J8BvLK
    Microfiber Wax Pads amzn.to/2zmdBfY
    Meguiars Wax pads amzn.to/2N2FxYc
    Extra Sticky Lint Rollers amzn.to/2N21NBy
    3 Gallon Black Wheel Buckets amzn.to/2JafLyM
    Meguiars Yellow Grit Guard amzn.to/2N1ioFI
    Boars Hair Detail brush amzn.to/2N4H7Jk
    Premium Detail Brush set amzn.to/2u9dsYd
    Nylon Wedge Tool Assortment amzn.to/2NHIqPc
    Sure Shot Sprayer “On Sale” amzn.to/2NGlU9E
    Solo Sprayer amzn.to/2m5fLXV
    Chemical Guys Professional Spray Bottles amzn.to/2zt2qCk
    Zep Professional 32oz Spray Bottles amzn.to/2J7eadj
    Best Foam Gun for Garden Hose amzn.to/2ulhzj7
    IK 9 Foamer amzn.to/2u9biYB
    Aluminum Gallon Storage Shelves amzn.to/2L3ZzRL
    Aluminum 16oz and 32oz storage shelf amzn.to/2JcwVMj
    Aluminum Storage Wall Organizer amzn.to/2u8PoF5
    Gladiator Wall Storage System amzn.to/2N4FBqu
    Rockwell Jawhorse amzn.to/2NGu5CQ
    Industrial Towel Wringer amzn.to/2N2IfwQ
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Comments • 195

  • snygrv ig
    snygrv ig 16 days ago

    So basically u should have all

  • Paul Racine
    Paul Racine 20 days ago

    Total overkill..😖

  • Brian Buchanan
    Brian Buchanan 29 days ago

    Do you still use the sure shot & solo sprayers since using the IK9 and Foam-It?

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  26 days ago +1

      @Brian Buchanan thanks Brian stay tuned il have a really neat video up next week for Black Friday showing lots of cool stuff i bought this year for the garage and detailing and then il be doing a video highlighting all of my detailing equipment, and stuff in December you will also enjoy. Stay tuned

    • Brian Buchanan
      Brian Buchanan 26 days ago

      @Auto Fanatic I appreciate your passion for your craft! I've learned a lot in the few months that I've been following.
      But most of all I appreciate how you stay in contact/interaction with the Auto Fanatic community than you've developed.
      Continued success in all that you're doing.

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  29 days ago +1

      yes i use them all but with the foamers i am using the foam its since they are just a better design. i will have a video up for Black Friday of all the new gear i bought this year for the garage, detailing etc. so check that out next week

  • Funky.Ass.Breakz
    Funky.Ass.Breakz Month ago

    Amazing setup man! Applying a lot of your storage solutions to my trailer build... Subbed, thanks for the info!

  • Richard G
    Richard G Month ago

    I wish I could find one of those mop heads in the UK. Since my back injury, I am unable to detail my car without wiping out the following day.
    Usually can't move the next day. All the bending and stretching when washing I think.
    If anyone know where in the UK I can get one of these for a reasonable price, I would be eternally grateful.

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  Month ago

      Hi Richard send me an inquiry from my web shop auto-fanatic.com I have made hundreds of these for customers and shipped all over the world. I can help you out.

  • Tim K.
    Tim K. Month ago

    Good video

  • Emm Pro
    Emm Pro 2 months ago

    I love your obsession!!
    Good video and perfect products.
    And you do clever modifications

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  2 months ago

      thanks for watching and make sure you check more content on this channel. AF

  • Hunnid is Black
    Hunnid is Black 2 months ago

    Great video seen some cool things, just the tone of the video seems like these are must have things

  • Brad Thompson
    Brad Thompson 3 months ago

    I get your making a video... but man I was starting to get a headache @4:23. All because your moving your hand and tools around WAY to much. Informative video tho.

  • muddog2
    muddog2 4 months ago

    Hey get a Squeegee for free at the gas station is in New York

  • LeRoy RunRun
    LeRoy RunRun 4 months ago

    I'm 85 and enjoy detailing my cars and have for many years........

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  4 months ago

      awesome thanks for sharing your passion

  • Adam Taylor
    Adam Taylor 4 months ago

    What do you use to clean all your microfibres and brushes for the wheels?

  • HawkNest84
    HawkNest84 4 months ago

    About to take this guy seriously until I saw this jawhourse contraption, wow...

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  4 months ago +1

      sounds like your not sharp enough to use real tools and build cool things more effectively like I can with the Jawhorse, you should see some of what I do on this channel and you might just actually get it.

  • matcut1
    matcut1 5 months ago

    This guy is a DIY genius

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  5 months ago

      thanks you must have seen some other videos ha ha ha. AF

  • Dope
    Dope 5 months ago

    Where can I buy micro shop vac attachment

    • dellstudio10
      dellstudio10 3 months ago

      I got mine at the Home Depot. Came with a few micro attachments for about $18. There great for dust, cigarette ashes and small light particles like that.

  • Midnight Mystery
    Midnight Mystery 5 months ago


  • lucabrazi36
    lucabrazi36 6 months ago

    So are you a professional auto detailer? Or is this your hobby. What is your story? Your occupation?

  • Ron N.
    Ron N. 7 months ago +2

    Crazy then this dude will only have soap and a shampoo for himself haha

  • sanders1502
    sanders1502 7 months ago +1

    Multiple car crashes 🥺

  • jeff alan
    jeff alan 7 months ago +2

    I like your ingenuity, when you can't you find away to get it done.
    That's the way, nice job, enterprising at work.

  • Leavy Ray
    Leavy Ray 7 months ago

    I enjoy your videos immensely and thank you for the great content. Question: Have you figured out how to keep cats off the vehicles at night? They leave paw prints at a minimum, but lately, I have been getting scratches on the roof and hood of F150 and Explorer. I think what happens is when we let the dogs out at night, the cats gets startled and bolt off the vehicle, leaving scratch marks. Please help.

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  7 months ago

      can not help on that one, i do know have cats to know much about their quirks and stuff.

  • John Ryan
    John Ryan 7 months ago

    Kenco here in Australia make a similar wash mop from Autobarn

    ARCHIE MEGEL 7 months ago

    7:02 u get minds at the gas station for free lol they RIP us off everyday with thier increase gas prices , I say take one or 2 lol fuck em.

  • Dawid M.
    Dawid M. 7 months ago +1

    Some people like jogging , others like fishing and some like to care about they car. Plz dont be sarcastic :-) Nice movie , TY

  • Eman namE
    Eman namE 7 months ago

    I want to start detailing as a side hustle, never done it before but I realized this is something I would love to do. I dont own a home to work indoors , what are your suggestions for a beginner like myself to start and work my way up ? I want to offer better services than a regular car wash for $5 . Th is a lot .

    • Eman namE
      Eman namE 7 months ago

      @Auto Fanatic was thinking that , will have to look for a cheap one.

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  7 months ago

      buy a van and outfit it to go mobile

  • Jian Nooshabadi
    Jian Nooshabadi 7 months ago

    The vac brush at 2:10, where can i find one like that? Thats a really cool tool, i didnt even think about that since i already have the SW interior brush. Cool Tip:)

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  7 months ago

      Amazon sells the micro vac attachments i may have it linked up top or you can check my interior videos on this channel its a must have

  • Christina Zurawel
    Christina Zurawel 7 months ago

    Would you happen to know how i can remove dirt from car paint that had been sitting outside not washed for about 5 years ? Its on the top, hood, and trunk of the car and color looks dull, like there's no clear coat on it. The body shop wanted to do a full paint job but i wanted to check if i could fix it myself first. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • drzflyest4
      drzflyest4 7 months ago

      All purpose cleaner if the clearcoat is damaged it may need paint

  • webber014
    webber014 8 months ago +1

    Your gonna wash the paint off your car.

    • webber014
      webber014 8 months ago +1

      Auto Fanatic lol 👍🏼

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  8 months ago +3

      good thing i know how to repaint cars ha ha ha

  • J P
    J P 8 months ago +3

    Dont like the wash mitts. I use the wool looking ones. They seem to hold the soap better! Thats just me

    • Braydon Gines
      Braydon Gines 5 months ago

      I use the wool, with thick pile on most of the paint. Then I get the Wash Mitt for the bottom of the car near the trims. It keeps the paint clean and safe. So I don't blame you. More suds is more dirt carried away.

  • mashmout
    mashmout 8 months ago

    I lost it at the industrial wringer. Excellent video. Love the organization.

  • Shelmadine Galloway
    Shelmadine Galloway 8 months ago +1

    *🌌**11:32** mints in Rain 🌧 in so Forth are great Weather’$ Or Rain storm are great For our Freshness We stay park or if we have to go out we take the easyes😇car🚘🚙🏍🛵🚛🚚🚤🛥🛫🛸etc..........that we can clean and Voilā great share keep the growth📈*

  • Kamille Sandalphon
    Kamille Sandalphon 8 months ago +13

    This makes my OCD feel good

  • Team Curd
    Team Curd 8 months ago

    Great video! Im a rookie who would you recommend for getting auto detailing training? Also who would you recommend for chemicals when starting out?

  • Alex Becker
    Alex Becker 8 months ago

    ZEP Bottles are a no-go for me. Couple of my cleaners have disintegrated the seals on the inside and the sprayer no longer works.

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  8 months ago

      that stuff is nasty as there are chemicals in it that eat the seals up in most sprayers then they leak and you get that nasty on your hands and its not fun, you should consider trying my foaming wheel cleaner and be done with the skunk piss smell ever again plus its way cheaper as one bottle makes 6 gallons of wheel cleaner. the smell of any cleaner with iron activator makes many sick from using it which is why i developed a safer system.

    • Alex Becker
      Alex Becker 8 months ago

      @Auto Fanatic Not acid- based, one of them is Sonax Full Effect wheel cleaner and it's enough to break down the seals. I replaced the nozzles with chemical resistant ones from US plastics. 2 years, no problems. Maybe I got a bad batch of nozzles from ZEP, but they were done within 3-4 months.

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  8 months ago

      stop using acid based cleaners they hurt the car and your health pretty bad, i never had a Zep bottle fail on me.

  • Zimrian Zimrian
    Zimrian Zimrian 9 months ago +3

    Nice vid man👌👽

  • Kenny Kreeger Jr
    Kenny Kreeger Jr 9 months ago

    Thanks for the tips brother

  • marcell sarus
    marcell sarus 9 months ago

    You’re more equipped that any car wash! You crazy obsessed with cleaning your car.

  • sniperking305
    sniperking305 10 months ago

    Walmart has the squeegee lol

  • Rocco Velasco
    Rocco Velasco 10 months ago +11

    You just earned a sub.
    Thanks I'm a new start up detailer. I've detailed for a "fast food" style detail shop and left they have no passion for the profession. So I'm starting up my buisness while I work during the day thanks!

  • Code Seven
    Code Seven 10 months ago +12

    You don’t need all that!

  • Jonathan Reyes
    Jonathan Reyes 10 months ago +1

    This man must do everything holy shit

  • PewPewCat
    PewPewCat 10 months ago

    Is a synthetic wool wash mitt just as good as a microfiber? I have one of each and I'm trying to figure out which is better, if any

  • PewPewCat
    PewPewCat 10 months ago +4

    Thanks for this video, it's EXACTLY what i was looking for, not another chemical guys advertisement lmao. I want to build my own kit
    This is so detailed (no pun intended)
    Best list I've found so far

  • Million Killiati
    Million Killiati 10 months ago

    Love it 🙏

  • AllAmericanGuy01
    AllAmericanGuy01 11 months ago

    Did you mean to say you wash tour car 4 to 5 times a week???

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  11 months ago

      yes but my 4-5 times a week washers are done in 30min or less easily, watch some of my older videos on that

    SQUID ZERO Year ago

    i would really like one of your modified wash mop kits !!!!

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  Year ago

      grab it now because they rarely are in stock, parts came in on Monday and i just finished it this afternoon and its ready to ship out

      SQUID ZERO Year ago

      @Auto Fanatic thank you !
      I cant wait to have one !

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  Year ago

      i have one left in stock ready to ship go to my web store

  • Spy See Sauce
    Spy See Sauce Year ago

    Thumbs up for the fart discussion in the comments section.

  • Joe Van Seeters
    Joe Van Seeters Year ago

    Those wall mounted shelves by Pit Posse/Prairie View starting at 19:50 look awesome. I will definitely be getting a selection of those for my garage walls in the very near future. I like the unpainted aluminum look and I have already checked on-line and Pit Posse's shelving prices are the lowest I have seen for wall mounted shelves compared to Griot's Garage (way too over priced for what you get), as well as some of the other companies out there. Even though the other companies may offer a color or powder coating on their shelving units, I prefer the clean look of the unpainted aluminum and as these shelves will be inside a garage and not exposed to any weather, the wall mounted aluminum will undoubtedly last just about the lifetime of the garage. The powder coated shelves, while nice, is just overkill for a garage setting. I'd rather have the unpainted aluminum for a much more reasonable price. It just gives a very industrial (like a nice industrial kitchen) look which I like. All the tools you describe hear are just about exactly what you need to effectively detail any vehicle. Thank you for taking the time to create and post the video as this is a very helpful video for people looking to get into detailing either professionally OR, like myself, just a detail enthusiast who wants to have a very organized garage and not break the bank creating it. Love that power washer unit from Matt Moreman at Obsessed Garage and really like the wheels and bracket you've personally created to make it a rolling unit which is what I would want over the wall mounted option for that pressure washer. Great video overall, thanks.

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  Year ago

      thanks for checking this out, im all about efficiency and maximizing my space and the stuff i use really solves the problem for many, AF

  • dphotos
    dphotos Year ago

    I have had great success with the Amazon $15.00 foam canon and mine does not leak. It has been used a number of times.

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  Year ago

      give it time it will fail like they all do

  • Joe Man
    Joe Man Year ago

    It's my understanding, chemicals should be stored in a temperature controlled environment. I clean once a week, if possible, keep them in the house. Garage gets too during the summer.
    Guess if you clean much more often, doesn't matter. Or throughout the winter..

  • jonny5777
    jonny5777 Year ago +25

    I kept watching because I thought the LED light was a speaker! Wondered how a speaker could clean a car

    • Mr. Ken
      Mr. Ken 10 months ago +1

      Don't feel bad. I thought it was a cool speaker, too, and wondered what it was doing on the table.

    • jonny5777
      jonny5777 Year ago

      Ha thanks for explaining that and good video man

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  Year ago +1

      ha ha ha that would be a cool portable speaker

  • Andrew Campbell
    Andrew Campbell Year ago

    890th like!! Why do you have the gallon containers on the shelves facing that way? Id think it would be easier to have them facing the other way with the pump hanging over the edge

  • Ryan Costa
    Ryan Costa Year ago +75

    You wash your car 4-5 times a week????

    • K Clark
      K Clark 24 days ago

      After every use

    • Eman namE
      Eman namE 7 months ago +4

      What he means is , as soon as anything gets on it . Hes washing it off. The joy of owning your own space allows for this.

    • Kenz Lipscomb
      Kenz Lipscomb 8 months ago +15

      He's an auto fanatic, what else do you expect?

    • Carlos Rivera
      Carlos Rivera 9 months ago +8

      His car is well taken care, maintenance wash will take 15-20 min.

  • Rejean Paquet
    Rejean Paquet Year ago

    Plenty of good tips here in this video. The vacuum pump cap is a good idea. I subscribed.

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  Year ago

      i sell them check out my web store. thanks AF

  • RamVan Bobby
    RamVan Bobby Year ago

    I love all this stuff

  • Gabriel G
    Gabriel G Year ago

    thank you good list

  • Transcend Consulting Inc.

    Great detail of how you do things. I will get a few things every month but would love to copy your process. Very thought out.

  • Don Stevens
    Don Stevens Year ago

    Very cool!

  • Wonton Warrior
    Wonton Warrior Year ago +41

    4 or 5 times is overkill. Buy good products , ceramic coat and everything will come off with ease. Product companies must love you as a customer

    • Jesse Hammant
      Jesse Hammant Year ago +2

      Ceramic coatings are pretty average, all their good for as a detailer is a money grab. I've detailed plenty of cars with $1000 plus ceramic coatings and they were some of the worst cars to clean.

    • Auto Fanatic
      Auto Fanatic  Year ago +13

      i love how you guys think ceramic coatings are the end all be all of car care, so many compromises and upkeep and everyone knows this, biggest gimmick are rim companies up-charging for the coating telling customers how brake dust falls off and the rims do not scratch, total BS and FYI my cars shine and look better than any ceramic coated car ive ever come across.

  • MTM
    MTM Year ago

    What maxxeon light would you prefer 2100 lumens or 4300 lumens for car detailing? I got a refund credit from griots for the foam cannon I return and want to pick up a light off their website.