I TRY CALLIGRAPHY - This is SO Much Harder Than it Looks!!

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
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  • Faizaan Omar
    Faizaan Omar 3 hours ago


    • Faizaan Omar
      Faizaan Omar 3 hours ago +1

      this comment gave a bonerong im hard

  • Shaun Brennan
    Shaun Brennan 4 hours ago

    Keep the nib on the paper for the whole letter...tail and all...and dont move the nib for angle...by continuing the same angle of the nib you get the more fancier looking strokes 😉😀

  • Guts
    Guts 6 hours ago

    Why not just draw with it

  • UwU
    UwU 7 hours ago

    Jazza Loves y..yo...you...tube ehehehheh imagine that ahahah

  • Mrz1298
    Mrz1298 10 hours ago

    If this isn’t the most satisfying TVclip channel ever, i don’t know which one is.

    GRUESOME GAMING 11 hours ago

    Is that groot holding breats of that girl in the background 🙁🤔

    NACHO NATION 13 hours ago

    Draw With Za33a

  • piemaster 5
    piemaster 5 17 hours ago

    Reddit penmanship porn page

  • Niall Davidson
    Niall Davidson 22 hours ago

    is it just me who liked the first time he drew jazza better than the last, the first look more elegant

    VIOLET ALVA Day ago

    The Happ birthday one calligraphy is the guys name Muhammed Başdağ. From turkey . How could u not give credits

  • S Salman
    S Salman Day ago

    try Quran calligraphy

    VIOLET ALVA Day ago

    Where's Link of the video u played at the beginning?

  • Tommy Ohlrich
    Tommy Ohlrich Day ago

    Holy freakin crap I just looked down lol when did jazza get FOUR million subs?!! I never look at the info tabs in the videos. Congrats man! Also you made tons of progress in one day with that. You should keep at it.

  • Mlsa Cnq
    Mlsa Cnq Day ago

    Your intro was very hilarious 😂

  • Driptaman Maitra

    So convinced with you jazza. Love ya

  • Fulya
    Fulya Day ago

    You can draw like a god,
    but write like a doc.

  • Irvin James
    Irvin James Day ago

    When i watched this it was almost my b day

  • Skyler Mills
    Skyler Mills Day ago

    Penmanship porn?

  • Diego Robles
    Diego Robles Day ago


  • Byron Logan
    Byron Logan Day ago

    For someone that's been doing calligraphy on and off for a year now - this is really impressive! Congrats man!

  • KoKoR gelir
    KoKoR gelir Day ago

    5:47 I'm not expert but you should use thick paper rather than regular ones. This paper can't absorbe all that ink.

  • Gasmaster
    Gasmaster Day ago

    I did it in midle school with special markers

  • je suis pink
    je suis pink 2 days ago

    The fancy love letter was my favourite bit!😂😂 (If Shakespeare was a TVclipr)

  • Saad Ali
    Saad Ali 2 days ago

    It looks harder but
    practice makes it easier and perfect

  • carlos hernandez
    carlos hernandez 2 days ago

    Can i get a caligraph pen and ink

  • baixinho
    baixinho 2 days ago

    Well done, Ja33a! Lol

  • Ehab 8
    Ehab 8 2 days ago


  • Azra Safar
    Azra Safar 2 days ago

    Calligraphy is my life. So seeing you do thing that I'm passionate about had made my day! 😊 Honestly, your lettering is very great for a beginner, so happy to see you enjoyed the lettering 💖

  • kori Stelfox
    kori Stelfox 2 days ago

    Who else was waiting for him to use the ink right

  • Pastel_Thing
    Pastel_Thing 2 days ago +1


  • Bred Moncher
    Bred Moncher 2 days ago

    Did you NEED to say minorities don’t deserve equal rights?

  • Dave McKinney
    Dave McKinney 2 days ago

    To be fair, calligraphy is crazy hard.

  • papaya mango
    papaya mango 2 days ago

    His handwriting is so much better than mine what is he talking about

  • Debbie Powell
    Debbie Powell 2 days ago

    That "Netflix" was ace! You're far too hard on yourself.

  • Fabián Fornaroli
    Fabián Fornaroli 2 days ago

    Keep on practice. Dont put the nib into the ink bottle. You must be put the ink in the nib with a brush. This avoid that fall and spread the ink over the paper when you begin to make the first traces... Your progress are amazing, but you need more practice dude. Jajaja! (i´m a calligrapher...)

  • bread boi
    bread boi 3 days ago

    If he is using a ink pen you can only go down if you go up it splats everywhere

  • Heinrich Zeltrohr
    Heinrich Zeltrohr 3 days ago

    We love you too, Jazza.

  • The Dragon
    The Dragon 3 days ago +7

    All I can think is Ja33a

  • Vophannoodle nco
    Vophannoodle nco 3 days ago

    All the lines and swoops are so bleeping extra

  • CoolCole8002
    CoolCole8002 3 days ago

    Did anybody look up after jazza’s poem?

  • Andrew Jackson LaRance
    Andrew Jackson LaRance 3 days ago +23

    Please try to copy the Constitution or Declaration of Independence!!

    • Dead Inside
      Dead Inside 2 days ago +1

      Andrew Jackson LaRance plagiarism

  • B- Creative
    B- Creative 4 days ago

    Jazza u r inspiring buddy.. 👍😍

  • seedy touray
    seedy touray 4 days ago +1

    U can show your kids how to draw as beautiful as u draw
    (Just a tip)

  • meyoumeyou7789
    meyoumeyou7789 4 days ago +1

    I loved the old latter at the end. I thought that was amazing!!!

  • TAO
    TAO 4 days ago +1

    Best Calligraphy artists are in Istanbul Turkiye.

  • Avakin LilMe
    Avakin LilMe 4 days ago +7


  • Michael Bourassa
    Michael Bourassa 4 days ago +2

    You should do a video we’re to buy all your art sapais from a garage sale

  • MalG_ Bl4zC
    MalG_ Bl4zC 5 days ago

    18:37 i never knew thats how it was done. ur a great school

    • MalG_ Bl4zC
      MalG_ Bl4zC 5 days ago

      when i was little, i allways thought it was just, the people who closed it cut there fingers and spilled blood on it

  • Flora Cane
    Flora Cane 5 days ago

    I try to write caligaraphy with a hb graylids

  • freakedout99
    freakedout99 5 days ago +5

    So I'm left-handed and I wonder if I could write in ink to begin with xD

  • Pseudo Wounds
    Pseudo Wounds 5 days ago

    Ayy blink 182 and green day! nice haha

  • sleepingcity85
    sleepingcity85 5 days ago

    My handwritings looks almost the same! just another S, but everything else is pretty much the same. Crazy.

  • Henry Morris-Knightley
    Henry Morris-Knightley 6 days ago +2

    Why would I pay for skillshare when youtube is free?

  • Ken Calvelo
    Ken Calvelo 6 days ago

    Hi! I’ve been doing calligraphy for 2 years now, it’s really difficult to do it if you don’t have any experience. So I suggest that you start of with the shading technique where you practice the calligraphy style with a pen first and then shade it, shading means making its lines thicker as you go.
    After that you could practice with highlighters since its tip is quite similar to a calligraphy pen. Search for some words that is written in calligraphy and then copy it.

  • Freakuency
    Freakuency 6 days ago

    The "clip" of NETFLIX is probably by Seb Lester :)

  • En Passant
    En Passant 6 days ago

    That ending tho, Love you Jazza and yes everything’s done

  • The Bacon_Pretz - TBP

    Calligraphy WHAT!?!

  • The Black Knight
    The Black Knight 6 days ago

    Jazza's happy birthday one looks like a badass anime title!!!

  • Azerath Aragami
    Azerath Aragami 6 days ago

    13:27 lets do another lets do another LETz do more

  • Evany13
    Evany13 6 days ago

    I dont know what you’re talking about, calligraphy looks really hard

  • Aveline Chen
    Aveline Chen 6 days ago +8

    I've practiced for months and I still cannot calligraphy

  • Saint Chicken Nugget The 3ed


  • The Brain
    The Brain 6 days ago


  • Alexandra Lake
    Alexandra Lake 6 days ago

    Your handwriting is beautiful compared to mine ;-;

  • Taehyung's Coconut
    Taehyung's Coconut 6 days ago +8

    I can't be the only one who actually really likes his first attempt of the happy birthday

  • Beef slap
    Beef slap 6 days ago +4

    Am I the only one who thinks the first jazza he wrote looked super good??!?!?

  • Yoshi Spade
    Yoshi Spade 6 days ago

    That's NOTHING! I can draw a straight line WITHOUT a ruler!

  • Uni CORN
    Uni CORN 6 days ago

    In my country, you literally have to do calligraphy everyday from grade 1-6 because they don’t allow student from 1-6 grade to use ballpoint pen but we have to use a pointed calligraphy nip :)

  • TheKef
    TheKef 6 days ago +2

    14:13 The Bob Ros reference🌅🗻🌈🌌

    SHARON FLAVIN 6 days ago


    SHARON FLAVIN 6 days ago

    That Netflix was amazing

  • Anja McMillan
    Anja McMillan 6 days ago

    you said your handwriting was horrible but it looks way better than mine, mine looks like my pen had a seizure

  • KAPKAN Po Polsku
    KAPKAN Po Polsku 6 days ago

    12:15 When you learned calligraphy and realised that you'll never use it again.........

  • Kira Yoshikage
    Kira Yoshikage 7 days ago

    bruh my hand writing is like an arabian is trying to write backwards

  • rene charbonneau
    rene charbonneau 7 days ago

    The modern time copist monk.

  • viola lee
    viola lee 7 days ago

    Sometimes when u speak I hear stewie’s voice 😂😂😂

  • salepien1234
    salepien1234 7 days ago +1

    Ah... this brings back memories of when I was in fifth grade. We did calligraphy in arts class and learned a basic set of Calligraphy letters. The assignment then was to write with that script a text of our choosing on an A3 paper plus selfdesigned Initial and framing.
    I still have it I think... somewhere.

  • Schalk Coetzee
    Schalk Coetzee 7 days ago

    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. - If you use "jumped" means you don't use an "S" defeating the purpose of the phrase. Otherwise, this is quite cool.

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 8 days ago

    You say your handwriting sucks, so does everyone but for me my handwriting actually sucks, most people think my S's look like J's

  • Dav3der
    Dav3der 8 days ago

    I cringed so much watching this video. I don't do calligraphy, but I actually write with a fountain pen every day in school (the one with a pump)

  • Franklin Barnes
    Franklin Barnes 8 days ago

    One huge skillshare ad

  • PwerArtist
    PwerArtist 8 days ago

    How does he not get skin cancer

  • wesley teixeira
    wesley teixeira 8 days ago

    13:05 Go home, you're drunk

  • Commander Starstrider

    Your first attempt with the blue looked just like my first attempt. I gave up though. Glad I wasnt the only one who's letters came out like that. Great job sticking to it.

  • KitCurtis
    KitCurtis 9 days ago

    I still don't want to learn calligraphy but I took some lessons from learning how you approach learning.

  • Ink Paul Senpai
    Ink Paul Senpai 9 days ago +1

    Im an artist with worst handwriting

  • Madhusmeeta Mohanty
    Madhusmeeta Mohanty 9 days ago

    I like your handwriting. It is very good. But I can write it in much beautiful handwriting.

  • Snow-paw The furry
    Snow-paw The furry 9 days ago


  • Catherine Malini
    Catherine Malini 9 days ago +1

    Who said it looked easy???

  • Courage •
    Courage • 9 days ago +1

    Jazza love you...


  • FlutePlayer777
    FlutePlayer777 10 days ago

    I loved this so much!!!

  • Jamie Martin
    Jamie Martin 10 days ago

    I love the Z.

  • Daniel Cooke
    Daniel Cooke 10 days ago

    you made that first pen cry.

  • JKelley DesignStudio
    JKelley DesignStudio 10 days ago

    Awesome! Nice Job, Jazza!!

  • Guts
    Guts 10 days ago

    Give that to your wife

  • Roger Blumenstein
    Roger Blumenstein 10 days ago

    What are you complaining - it may not look as you wanted to, but very interresting and still a piece of unwanted Art

  • Nehad .v.noushad
    Nehad .v.noushad 10 days ago


  • Sally Ride
    Sally Ride 10 days ago

    Your last one says. The guick brown...." with a 'g', not a 'q'. Interesting to see your struggles. I have made similar attempts in the past, as well.

  • Greywind
    Greywind 10 days ago

    "How do you go backwards with this?"
    From my own knowledge (don't know if it is right or not), you don't.. you readjust at a higher position and try to meet the lines..I think

  • Koyari -_-
    Koyari -_- 10 days ago +3

    The Netflix one wasn’t bad. I think there was to much ink though. I would give it a C+