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  • Published on Jun 4, 2017
  • luv ya guys

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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I give you a high-five! i just did it. did you miss it? well, darn then you should've been ready that's all you get you missed your chance. sorry, man
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Comments • 58 092

  • RobotikMC
    RobotikMC Day ago

    4:15 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • ninjax200
    ninjax200 Day ago

    *gasp* MOM, BLAZIKEN PLUSH, OH MY FRIG!!!! dont say frig

    well, ok

  • Jonathan Sayers
    Jonathan Sayers Day ago

    Going black bean briwes are eval

  • Lacthea 21
    Lacthea 21 Day ago

    Holy crap jaiden your mum threw away 400 dollars 😱

  • purpleirishkittycat

    It's not only brownies that are good at hiding nutrients. My mom makes what we call "Secret Weapon Cookies" and they have baby food sweet potatoes and carrots in them. My siblings and I never found this weird but every once in a while one of us would bring them to school for our class to consume and would proceed to watch them freak out when they found out there were vegetables in these deliciously soft cookies we brought. The teachers loved them.

  • Rose 24
    Rose 24 Day ago +1


    • Aarush 257
      Aarush 257 Day ago

      @Rose 24 can you subscribe to me please I have subscribed to you

    • Rose 24
      Rose 24 Day ago

      @Aarush 257 hi

    • Aarush 257
      Aarush 257 Day ago +1


    LAMA PLAYZ Day ago +1

    I actually like broculy 😐yeahhhh I'm weard

  • Liam Ekhaguosa
    Liam Ekhaguosa Day ago

    I like vegatables I am0 a kid

  • Johnny Rabaya
    Johnny Rabaya Day ago

    I think you should thank Mr. Beast now.

  • Angelie López
    Angelie López Day ago

    Oofies once she puts Brockton under meh rice but I found out :3

  • Dog Girl
    Dog Girl Day ago

    My parents just threatened me with no dessert...😓

  • Xaiver 2.0
    Xaiver 2.0 Day ago

    “I like most people have parents”

  • Purple_ _Squad157

    "Other herbs"

  • The Living Graveyard

    How dare you ask for a Blaziken plushie instead of a Torchic plushie

  • Conzone 20
    Conzone 20 Day ago

    Jaiden is sooooooooooooooooo talented

    Like and comment if you agree.

  • Raineyes1104
    Raineyes1104 Day ago

    1:20 This captures my brother’s personality PERFECTLY OH MY G O D

  • W4vE Clan - Gaming
    W4vE Clan - Gaming Day ago +1

    3:28 I think I might be the only person who just actually LIKES broccoli...

  • SpRITE????!!! Aka The Kit Kat Kitty


  • charmander
    charmander Day ago

    4:35 me to

  • selah Peterson
    selah Peterson Day ago

    im 11 and i have always loved vegetables without my parent to force me to eat them also idont like sugary stuff

  • Korrin Green
    Korrin Green Day ago +1

    you are just hands down amazing. Yesterday, I was eating chips and watching your videos.
    RESULT: I choked while laughing and had to lay down.

  • Minnie
    Minnie Day ago +1

    1:24-1:40 was how I grew up when my dog grows she will be that dog that walks around with shoes and sun glasses on. I will be scared of all of the Barbie dolls I will see in the isles, I also will beg my mom to buy my shoes still cause I’m not willing to pay 1,000 dollars for some twinkle toes.

    jaiden I love your videos

    James I love your videos too

  • pro gamer
    pro gamer Day ago

    Me: 14
    Also me: Has over 200 beanie boos piled in my room

  • Gaming Newt
    Gaming Newt Day ago

    My favourite pokemon is either dragonite or rapidash

  • Antek Róg
    Antek Róg Day ago

    Can you hide a green beans in brownies?

  • LittleTiny Spark


  • Roblox player
    Roblox player Day ago

    i always choose what i eat hahaha, i like brocoli

  • Will Dulevitz
    Will Dulevitz Day ago

    Brownies are disgusting

  • TIG Gaming_YT
    TIG Gaming_YT Day ago

    Nonononono no bjokejy

  • Poco Love
    Poco Love 2 days ago

    The more you know

  • M
    M 2 days ago

    You're technically a collector now.


    You can put medicine behind pepsi and put a straw into the medicine and get your kid to drink it

  • Maurisio Gavarrete
    Maurisio Gavarrete 2 days ago

    Nope it takes my mom an hour to eat my vegetables

  • Gr33n P0t4t0
    Gr33n P0t4t0 2 days ago

    *Are the pot brownies kicking in?*

    ZOMBIE BROS 2 days ago

    It is my favorite one too

  • Wyatt Eisenach
    Wyatt Eisenach 2 days ago

    I kinda am sad that she didn’t say dog, because it would be a quote from her getting her bird

  • Gaming With Noah
    Gaming With Noah 2 days ago +1

    If I entered the carrot crunching competition, I would just spit it out after crunching it. (dabs)

  • Sankepickbui
    Sankepickbui 2 days ago

    My mum put carrots in brownies not to give me nutrients but I like it (:

  • Autumn Gault
    Autumn Gault 2 days ago

    I love stuff animals too 😄

  • king 509
    king 509 2 days ago

    Jaden I wash this I know it's an old video but I have Blaziken I mean if you want it I might give it to you since you said it's like ultra rare and I'm going to look it up on Google

  • G And G L
    G And G L 2 days ago +1

    I saw you in the WTF challenge with TheOdd1sOut

  • teamkilled
    teamkilled 2 days ago

    so they're basically good molesters... that sounds weird i know

  • James coriz
    James coriz 2 days ago

    She want's to catch them all

  • ChubbyFox LPS
    ChubbyFox LPS 2 days ago

    Jaiden is a free Ari

  • Dan Blassingame
    Dan Blassingame 2 days ago

    Entity 303

  • •Mega •Awesome• Memes• Memes

    Iv had black bean brownies ON PURPOSE

  • Lilpawslewis horses and fun

    When I left my stuff animals ( that I loved ) on the stairs, my mom gave them away without asking me! ;~;

  • Gray Fullbuster
    Gray Fullbuster 2 days ago

    I still have a pikachu pokedoll

  • Devilessa
    Devilessa 2 days ago

    "That it had broccoli in it"
    I like broccoli, and other vegetables, even though I don't like some food I STILL EAT IT, like a friend os mine says:"When I'm hungry, I can anything, including things I don't like"-My friend, XD

  • Incripted Fire
    Incripted Fire 2 days ago

    Wish there was a version where all the good stuff from vegetables existed without the horrible flavor or texture. Like imagine a basket of assorted vegetables but the flavor of soda without the bad stuff in it

  • Mona Reilly
    Mona Reilly 2 days ago

    i love stufft animals i have like 100

    STARRY PUP 2 days ago +3

    Gonna catch ‘em all!! Pokémon!

    Damn she became into ash😂

  • ChrizGM
    ChrizGM 2 days ago

    Can you hide dead bodies in brownies?

  • Pixel Life
    Pixel Life 2 days ago

    I hated it when my parents threw away my stuff without asking me

  • GachaGirl 112
    GachaGirl 112 2 days ago

    My mam and dad are divorced

  • Cubthegreat100 Vidz
    Cubthegreat100 Vidz 2 days ago

    Ive never was forced to eat vegetables

  • yoshi lee notice me
    yoshi lee notice me 2 days ago +1

    Squirtle for life

  • AG Lover 25
    AG Lover 25 2 days ago

    I'm at the end of the best day of school tomorrow and I have a nice day too many people are so many things to say that I don't know why I said too much .🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • R. Newson
    R. Newson 2 days ago


  • Miguel Guerrero
    Miguel Guerrero 2 days ago

    0:49 you are a free ari

  • Miguel Ramirez-Cornejo

    I love stuffed animals

  • BlueDiamondDan
    BlueDiamondDan 2 days ago

    some liked to put "other herbs" in their brownies
    other herbs, eh

  • Fynn Doepel
    Fynn Doepel 2 days ago

    “Brownies are a great way to hide things”
    like *w* *e* *e* *d*

  • Jojo Nut
    Jojo Nut 2 days ago


  • OddityArt
    OddityArt 2 days ago

    used the black bean brownies 4 homework

  • hasssan Aiham
    hasssan Aiham 2 days ago

    Brownie has betrayed me

  • Lookio Racoon
    Lookio Racoon 2 days ago

    I’m a weird kid because I will willingly eat vegetables 😂😂

  • Tamim Chowdhury
    Tamim Chowdhury 2 days ago +14

    "I have parents like many people"

  • Hi, I’m trash
    Hi, I’m trash 2 days ago

    Is it weird I can only watch your videos while doing something else they somehow make me focus

  • dieharddice
    dieharddice 2 days ago

    You don't need to put brocily in my brownies I 💜 brocily

  • Ruth Drullard
    Ruth Drullard 2 days ago

    I eat cereal whenever i want too

  • RyanDoesStuff
    RyanDoesStuff 2 days ago +1

    How much 🅱️lazeakin dolls Jaiden has

  • RyanDoesStuff
    RyanDoesStuff 2 days ago +1

    I was 🅱️lown away 🅱️y this video I’m going to 🅱️uy March 🅱️ecause it so good

    • Skittle Turkey
      Skittle Turkey 2 days ago

      Merch not March you cannot purchase months is the year kind sir.

  • 2-Flags Clothing

    The number thing is what my mom does to make bro eat

    P.s it's my birthday

  • Joshua Broe
    Joshua Broe 2 days ago

    What age were you when you moved out? I'm thinking of moving out asap but I need ideas

  • Grace Macca
    Grace Macca 3 days ago

    I LOVE STUFFED TOY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💜💜💜💜


    I wish I had parents like you, Jaiden :)

  • Lunawolfxox
    Lunawolfxox 3 days ago

    4:31 i loved stuffed animals when i was little.i never liked dolls or cars lol

  • Amori OnceBlinkArmyExo-lReVeluv

    Is it bad that I like veggies more than sugar😂✌🏼️💜🌽

  • Emily-Dawne's Life
    Emily-Dawne's Life 3 days ago +1

    I like how this video changed from a parents video to pokemon plushies

  • Nathaniel Jean-Baptiste

    I love pokemon. Its the greatest anime for kids

  • Cecilia Rivera Galindo

    Hears about broccoli brownies* MWAHAHA I will never eat veggies again!!!!!

  • Coolman 4848
    Coolman 4848 3 days ago

    Thank god my parents don’t make the brownies and I do XD

  • Javier Flores
    Javier Flores 3 days ago +1

    Jaiden I belive in you.
    You can get the blaziken pokedoll.
    And the other hoenn starters.

  • Chase Shifflett
    Chase Shifflett 3 days ago

    You can also add weed to brownies

  • Ellie Reed
    Ellie Reed 3 days ago

    I found them on eBay some for 10 bucks

  • cypher5_ft_tae tae
    cypher5_ft_tae tae 3 days ago

    4:15 “some people try other herbs”
    *laughs in drug junkie*

  • H.L. Random
    H.L. Random 3 days ago

    3:05 i died 🤣

  • Water Dog
    Water Dog 3 days ago

    Dad: Tie your shoes before riding your bike!
    Jaiden: 🙃

    Jaiden: I dead now 😑

  • SaverMyMLG 2
    SaverMyMLG 2 3 days ago

    If this comment gets 500 replys you cant comment anymore when it hits 500 replys OOF

  • space gaming
    space gaming 3 days ago

    i love to eat oatmeal

  • Toxic Wolfy
    Toxic Wolfy 3 days ago

    Hey £

  • brynn livingston
    brynn livingston 3 days ago +1

    The same thing happens to me if I eat oatmeal after breakfast, like for a snack.

  • Rollins Schalk
    Rollins Schalk 3 days ago

    I love plush toys as well

  • Savanna Goudeau
    Savanna Goudeau 3 days ago +2

    Jaiden: my mom made me say "pardon" instead of "what"
    Also jaiden: She's a hypocrite
    Also jaiden: mom where'd you put my books?
    Jaidens mom: WHAAAAT?
    Jaiden: 😑😑😑😐😐😐
    Edit: I realize that this isn't the video she says that in but still hilarious isn't it like if you agree 😁

  • Matthew Silver
    Matthew Silver 3 days ago

    I’m sorry.. I don’t like being this person... but... it’s pronounced Eerbs (the H is silent). I’m Jewish so I’ve heard that word at least 2 times a year (“this bitter (H)erb..”)

  • pigeon boah
    pigeon boah 3 days ago +1

    But carbs are the devil for us diabetics

  • Yorumiya
    Yorumiya 3 days ago

    I wonder if parents would have a easier time approaching the healthy eating habit by explaining that everyone wants to be hot when they grow up and eating all the nutrients makes the body blossom

    *i would’ve listened*

  • Sweet Cotton uwu's
    Sweet Cotton uwu's 3 days ago

    **another blaziken fan spotted**

  • ASFvsASAP 1
    ASFvsASAP 1 3 days ago

    Brownies can hide a lot of stuff....... like 420