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  • Published on Jun 4, 2017
  • luv ya guys

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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I give you a high-five! i just did it. did you miss it? well, darn then you should've been ready that's all you get you missed your chance. sorry, man
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  • A_RandomSkater
    A_RandomSkater 51 minute ago

    0:57 i relate

  • Gacha-Nikki Lover
    Gacha-Nikki Lover 56 minutes ago


  • Eva Pham
    Eva Pham Hour ago

    My mom did the brownie thing she put carrot in it

  • Maxwell Wilcox
    Maxwell Wilcox Hour ago

    yOu DaRe ChAlLeNgE mE?!?

    **cue death*

  • Cool scoob plays! gaming
    Cool scoob plays! gaming 2 hours ago +1

    My mom does not care on what I eat as long as it was not bad for me
    But that was cool I love my mom

  • Nevaeh Black
    Nevaeh Black 2 hours ago

    I'm 9

  • Nevaeh Black
    Nevaeh Black 2 hours ago

    My family is SO good: Divorce at 5 or probably 6

  •  3 hours ago

    Kitchen table a lot of money and just like I am for Acura Fort Lamborghiniwell for I can buy it for my dad but still you should get a piggy bank

  •  3 hours ago

    I'm eating cucumbers right now cuz I'm watching your video and I'm hungry and seven years old my name is Jesus I am 7 years old

  • Art World Sammy's
    Art World Sammy's 3 hours ago +1

    They’re like 300-400 bucks now
    If you ever have a P.O. Box for fan mail I would totally send you a blazikin plush or even the trio

  • Ember wolf
    Ember wolf 4 hours ago

    I looked it up there 350 fucking dollars

  • Hypersaw0 YT
    Hypersaw0 YT 5 hours ago

    Did you see Batman frowning when Jaiden said that many people including her have parents

  • sniped brawls
    sniped brawls 5 hours ago

    Same bike crash happend to me BUT my phone was kinda cracked after that happend😥

  • death gacha
    death gacha 5 hours ago

    Did u know I have 6legendery 10rare and all the starter pokomen In all the games

  • 闇風- YamiKaze
    闇風- YamiKaze 5 hours ago

    Some people put *other* herbs in brownies

  • Dino_gamer Hello
    Dino_gamer Hello 6 hours ago

    My stepmom makes zucchini bread and it is legit just brownies...

  • TNT Turtle
    TNT Turtle 6 hours ago


  • Patato • Chan
    Patato • Chan 8 hours ago

    My sibling choo choo train my food to me and it worked..
    Edit: i also got an phsy-duck stuffie after i saw Detective Pikachu movie

  • Ryan Reyes
    Ryan Reyes 8 hours ago


  • lucid gamer
    lucid gamer 8 hours ago

    Jaiden can I have your blaze kin plussy please

  • Ginko Sensei
    Ginko Sensei 9 hours ago

    Parent Stories
    Child Stories
    Dog Stories

  • adalynn hales
    adalynn hales 11 hours ago +1


  • adalynn hales
    adalynn hales 11 hours ago +1

    At least I still have 100 left...I lost almost 50 stuffed animals...I have like about mmmmm lets say like...30 rare stuffed animals mostly Pokémon and Bears

  • Dylan Johnson
    Dylan Johnson 11 hours ago

    I actually do like black bean brownies they are good

  • Sierra Sigler
    Sierra Sigler 11 hours ago

    I was a picky eater. It didnt help that A i never ate baby food and B i had plyloric stenosis my stomach was over developed

  • Atlas the corgi
    Atlas the corgi 11 hours ago

    All the other kids in kindergarten:*watch princess movies *
    Me in the corner:*watches twister while playing with dinosaurs toys and airplanes*

  • micah smith
    micah smith 12 hours ago

    One like equals 2 parents for Disney characters

  • Angela Gibbs
    Angela Gibbs 12 hours ago


  • Bearded Dragon
    Bearded Dragon 13 hours ago

    And also sellery

  • Bearded Dragon
    Bearded Dragon 13 hours ago

    I'm a kid and I don't just! Want to eat sugar like I actually eat other stuff like I eat cucombers and carets

  • Julie Allen
    Julie Allen 13 hours ago

    I have the blasiken plush my first liker will get it

  • good bot
    good bot 13 hours ago

    I was never a picky eater. In fact-i stole my BOROTHERS FOOD and ate it all YUMMY

  • scaryflame 245
    scaryflame 245 13 hours ago

    I'm ten and my parents think I hate broccoli and I LOVE BROCCOLI

  • April Denlinger
    April Denlinger 14 hours ago

    0:03 batman

  • Naila Azad
    Naila Azad 14 hours ago

    The people who disliked the video have no heart

  • Vida Frausto
    Vida Frausto 14 hours ago

    Ask Santa for one

  • Edward Brock
    Edward Brock 14 hours ago

    sad butt man

  • No Ads
    No Ads 15 hours ago


  • Kya Hokenson’s
    Kya Hokenson’s 16 hours ago

    I have an older sister so I just followed in her footsteps and did everything my parents ask

  • Mam Man
    Mam Man 18 hours ago

    Jayden: other people try other herbs
    Me: Weed

  • ToniandLeigh
    ToniandLeigh 19 hours ago


  • Galaxia/Reajemu Films
    Galaxia/Reajemu Films 21 hour ago

    I got a pokedoll for £5...

  • Emma Calvan
    Emma Calvan 21 hour ago

    “Some kids liked dolls, some liked cars..some liked pushing kids of the swing”
    Lol 😂

  • Emily Pamintuan
    Emily Pamintuan 21 hour ago

    1 like 1 pokedolls for Jaiden

  • CRAZYCUKOOKID the robloxian

    My sister put ranch in a brownie and fed it to me. I thought something was wrong and ate nibbled then she told me take a big bite and I fell for it

  • Leia Makres
    Leia Makres 23 hours ago

    Jaiden:my thing was stuffed animals
    Me*has 50 stuffed animals in my bed*

  • Itz Claire
    Itz Claire Day ago

    Lol I saw batman

  • Kraken_playz 3019

    just make one

  • GALAXY crafter
    GALAXY crafter Day ago

    Jaiden: I, like most people, have parents.
    Saskue: am i a joke to you??

  • GALAXY crafter
    GALAXY crafter Day ago +1

    Normal people eating dinner: steak, mashed potatoes, GREEN BEANS...
    Jaiden: oatmeal...

  • Xx_CrystalPauline_xX

    Jaiden: *”since everyone so obsessed with protein and say it’s the only macronutrient we need..CAUSE CARBS ARE THE DEVIL AND WILL DESTROY YOUR LIFE AND KILL EVERYONE YOU LOVE AND-“*
    Me: **Breaking my diet** ...

  • That One Guinea Pig

    When I was scrolling, I saw pee stories instead of parents.
    I got a little too excited.

  • Igor G
    Igor G Day ago +1

    BLAZIKEN GANG!!!!!!!!

  • Jesus Flores
    Jesus Flores Day ago

    Pokemon is not real

  • Ayana Ballester
    Ayana Ballester Day ago


  • Roselyn Elliot
    Roselyn Elliot Day ago


  • Roselyn Elliot
    Roselyn Elliot Day ago


  • Roselyn Elliot
    Roselyn Elliot Day ago

    I love broccoli and I always love broccoli I love carrots and I always have carrots I love salad and I always love salad I love vegetables I always love vegetables even as a little kid i am 10 now and I like vegetables

  • Nicholi Cardona
    Nicholi Cardona Day ago

    Hey can you tell us your p.o box so i can give you the pokedoll

  • chrvelle eddy
    chrvelle eddy Day ago

    Me to!