Is Crimes of Grindelwald Awesome Or Awful? | SPOILER REVIEW

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
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    Today J and Ben dive DEEP into the world of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald to give their full SPOILER Review of the movie.
    Have you seen it? What did you think??
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  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  9 months ago +1764

    What did you think of the movie!? Love it? Hate it? Let us know!

    • Puppy Cutiepie999
      Puppy Cutiepie999 Month ago

      Love it

    • Turtle ruler10
      Turtle ruler10 Month ago

      Love it

    • THANOS999 999
      THANOS999 999 3 months ago

      I didn't like it at all

    • Bhavya Mudduluru
      Bhavya Mudduluru 7 months ago

      'Technical'lly they could have done better. In many parts I was like that could have been better. I felt sorta dissatisfied in many scenes .
      Especially McGonagall like she just sounded like some random high strung teacher and we get glimpses of all the characters but no time to actually take it in. I mean everything McGonagall does is supposed to be iconic. I mean c'mon( or maybe it's just Maggie Smith)

  • Rose Striedl
    Rose Striedl 6 minutes ago

    I loved it! I just wish I had more answers, I think I'll like it even more once I know what happens!

  • Sytimus Honkanen
    Sytimus Honkanen 5 hours ago

    Maybe the kelpie will have a bigger role in the next movies

  • Timi Sterr
    Timi Sterr 15 hours ago

    it is a very interesting and quite unique situation, where:
    1. we know how the story ends
    2. we know SO much about the future (like the whole McGonagall thing and the blood pact)
    3. the whole world has been built
    and because all of these restrictions the story must fit, it is a very difficult task to tell the whole story in a accurate way, without contradicting itself, but also it needs to be told in an exciting and interesting way, with introducing new things into the world, but without ruining what is already there, but also be interesting to those who aren't potterheads, without being boring for the potterheads...

    if you keep all of this in mind, this movie is so high quality (though with its flaws)

  • Chris Parkerson
    Chris Parkerson Day ago +1

    Today I learned that J.K. Rowling is fictional.

  • Emily McNealy
    Emily McNealy Day ago

    I think the whole carriage scene was Grindelwald putting on a show of his escape. He threw that guy out of the carriage and then the guy's wand after him, which makes me think that he left him alive to tell everybody about what Grindelwald did to escape.

  • Jerrod Tibor
    Jerrod Tibor 4 days ago

    so...wizards invented the first Roomba?

  • Jerrod Tibor
    Jerrod Tibor 4 days ago

    McGonagall wouldn't be alive yet. Dumbledore was a Transfiguration prof, not DADA. And of course he only had one brother, pretty much no chance of extra sibs that we don't know about. If these were mistakes, they're pretty amateur ones, only a very inattentive writer would make them. JKR must have something up her sleeve. Time turners?

  • Sarah Bingham
    Sarah Bingham 5 days ago

    I also really loved this movie as a fan, but the scene between Dumbledore and Newt apparating around London also annoys me, although I do think it looks cool. How does Newt know where to apparate to next if he isn't using side-along apparation? You have to know the destination before you apparate. So then I thought that may this is an established path that Dumbledore and Newt have used before, but the dialogue led me to believe that they don't meet too often.

    The most we have seen apparition used is in the Deathly Hallows, and I feel like those chasing Harry, Ron & Hermione probably would have been able to follow them more effectively if they had a similar ability that Dumbledore & Newt use in this movie.

  • Isabelle Gautschi
    Isabelle Gautschi 5 days ago

    I think Bunty, Newts assistant might be more important later on. Like in Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, Abernathy had maybe one and a half scenes and turned out to be a key factor in Grindlewalds escape. "You never introduce a character without giving them a purpose. Maybe Bunty will side with Grindlewald due to her unrequited love of Newt. What do you think?

  • RedWizardFox
    RedWizardFox 8 days ago

    The only thing that bugs me a little bit is Queenie but whatever

  • RedWizardFox
    RedWizardFox 8 days ago

    Like I didn't think my opinion was the minority but personally this was one of my favorite Harry Potter movies ever!! I thought the second movie was better than the first by far.

  • Harley Holloway
    Harley Holloway 8 days ago

    I loved the move!

  • roblox squad
    roblox squad 9 days ago

    Rip leta

  • There's something between your teeth !

    Cedric's dad wasn't that gorgeous either...

  • Ghost Shark
    Ghost Shark 9 days ago

    I loved it

  • Ketrinna Hammell
    Ketrinna Hammell 10 days ago

    I think the up close camera at the beginning with newt was to emphasize how awkward the situation is. To make the audience feel as awkward as newt does.

  • Sath
    Sath 10 days ago

    I know this is a review of Crimes of Grindelwald, but I have to say this because you went there.
    You said The Last Jedi was technically a good movie. Did you watch it? What do you mean by technically?
    Because the movie might have looked pretty, but nothing about it made sense. So I don't get what you mean.
    As for the hate Crimes of Grindelwald has recieved I don't get it. I mean I heard someone complain Grindenwald could fly, but so could Voldemort. And even though they say Voldemort is the worst villain in the Harry Potter universe, that doesn't mean he is way more powerful or even a little bit more powerful then Grindelwald. I believe at the end of it all Grindelwald is less evil.

  • Zee Muhammad
    Zee Muhammad 11 days ago

    I have a feeling Crimes of Grindelwald is going to be the “Thor: the Dark World” of the fantastic beast franchise

  • Nathan Murvyn
    Nathan Murvyn 11 days ago

    Great vid, a couple of points:
    1 - I belive it's Abernathy in the chair right from the start. it was said the Grindleward had his guards changed three times as he was so persuasive, look like they SHOULD have changed them 4 times! :) He then chased the carriage to get the blood pact so that he's protected by Dumbledore.
    2 - minor point, but the elf floating in the chair WAS cleaning the window with his hand, it was only after an additional splatter of dirt appeared that he enchanted it to clean further up rather than lift himself up and manually clean it, which would take less effort. Minor quibble but felt it was worth a mention.

  • Shawn Fisher
    Shawn Fisher 11 days ago

    I've seen the movie now several times and have watched this video just as many times. …… the skull thingy could be a reference to the Greek side of Delphi oracle. and then the connection to Voldemort's dark mark.

  • Víctor Vargas Ch.
    Víctor Vargas Ch. 11 days ago

    Spoiler: the last 30 minutes of the movie MAKE NO SENSE (kind of the same happens with the first 1 hour and 45 minutes)

  • Zalcry
    Zalcry 12 days ago

    so nevermind the heaps of plot holes and inconsistencies 😂

  • Erin Choi
    Erin Choi 13 days ago

    I think sometimes seeing theories can be annoying cause they can be so thought out and researched and satisfying and then you actually figure out what happens and it's not as good. Not like oh fan service I don't want my favorite characters to die but more like I genuinely think that the conspiracy theory was a better cinematic ending

  • Dragon Rose Li
    Dragon Rose Li 14 days ago

    What if it Abernathy was in prison all along pretending to be Grindelwald and his tongue was cut off because of a hypnotists bloodline magic and while he was in prison Grindelwald was on his own mission and the reason he came back to rescue him he probably made a blood oath with Abernathy that maybe he will gain his identity back once he comes back to rescue him????

  • Ulysses Fontaine
    Ulysses Fontaine 14 days ago

    I think the movie would work a lot better if it was more like the original Harry Potter books. They Harry Potter movies work because they're books first that are adapted into movies. This is a movie only. You don't have as much time to develop the story in 2 hours like you can in multiple books.

  • That One Guy With The Face

    Wait wait wait. How could you like the force awakens?? Or really say its THE BEST starwars movie O.o. must not be to big a fan of the series. I'm literally scratching my head like is he trolling right now?? Or is he serious and guys...I think he's serious and it disappoints me greatly.

  • That One Guy With The Face

    Also there is one thing I can say about nagini... she's one beautiful snake lady. Lol

  • That One Guy With The Face

    Equal yes. But equal to whom? Also I think Johnny Depp crushed it personally

  • Kevin Poe
    Kevin Poe 15 days ago

    The zouwo was my favorite part of the movie

  • Robo Naz
    Robo Naz 16 days ago

    Grindelwald goes after the carriage because he wanted his body back( he is a person who likes his body )
    They went in the storm to avoid muggle detection.

  • philkas eyewitness
    philkas eyewitness 16 days ago

    I own it

  • Frances Powell
    Frances Powell 16 days ago

    I love the fandom predictions, deep dives, an analysing of "clues". If it has a negative effects on script writers, because they want something to be a surprise, that would be epically lazy writing.

  • Frances Powell
    Frances Powell 16 days ago

    Guuuuys! Leta was marrying Theseus because she couldn't have Newt. Duh.

  • Richard Brown
    Richard Brown 16 days ago

    The reason for the positioning in the photo in the magazine is that it is a photo used from a book signing of Newt's, not a photo taken regarding the engagement.

  • unicorn
    unicorn 16 days ago

    body switching spell advanced and dangerous so Grindelwald it would probably be in one of the many books in the Restricted section at Hogwarts.

  • unicorn
    unicorn 16 days ago

    body switching spell advanced and dangerous so Grindelwald

  • Nathaniel Mooney
    Nathaniel Mooney 17 days ago

    It definitely wasn't as good as any of the Harry Potter movies.

  • Arthur van Essen
    Arthur van Essen 17 days ago

    For me anything with Newts Niffler is awesome! 🦔

  • David Cave
    David Cave 18 days ago

    Bunty is going to be a more important character than you realize. She's in love with Newt, even though he isn't with her. If you recall, she's in the background of the picture in Spellbound. Yeah, you have to watch it again and focus on her (she's to the left of Newt). I expect that she'll either betray Newt in some fashion due to her jealousy OR she'll sacrifice herself for him. It has to be more important, otherwise they could have had a male play the part of the assistant with no hint of romantic entanglement. And who's to say that Bunty and the kelpie aren't going to be coming up again later on? Think Chekhov's Gun. Remember, this is a series so some payoffs won't happen until a later movie.

    Also with Lita, she's marrying Theseus in order to stay physically close to Newt, the one person who treated her nicely and with compassion at Hogwarts and beyond. She LOVES Newt hard! Newt is more compassionate for her because of how she was treated at school and also because of her past. I'm sure he's tried to help to get past her childhood mistake that she'll never forgive herself for. Related to that, if you notice while watching the scene at the Ministry again where she mentions getting detention to keep him company, right before he responds, Theseus comes into view. In order to not make a possible scene, he says that he doesn't remember her doing that. But deep down he did but doesn't want to drive a wedge between Lita and Theseus, even though it's already there.

    Can you also mention that Eddie is playing Newt as having a form of ADD or Asperger's?

  • Mister Pro
    Mister Pro 18 days ago

    This movie had no structure, just a bunch of scenes mushed together in a bad way, with a lot of characters who you don't really care about. Lost everything that was good in the first one. The franchise has lost its magic. From not recasting Depp to 50 different archs, it is just a mess. 5.5/10

  • Lucas OC
    Lucas OC 19 days ago

    I dont mind speculation so for me it doesn't matter at all

  • saquist
    saquist 19 days ago

    Pretty mediocre film

  • Eliza Lagonia
    Eliza Lagonia 19 days ago

    I don't think Queenie is a Legitimens because she uses the power without a wand and when we find out about the spell it's a spell, not a power. I think he is an empath because when she's alone in Paris she covers her ears to block everyone out.
    I also think that's a more useful power to Grindlewald.

  • Speculative Dude Reviews

    I know this might just be my opinion, but to me even back when reading the books, it always seemed like Grindelwald was actually more dangerous than Voldemort. Voldemort, while yes he did hide in Europe during his time, mostly focused of his attention on Britain, whereas Grindelwald seemed to have almost world wide influence (or at least much wider.) Just the scope alone make him seems like the more dangerous Dark Lord to me.

  • Michael L.
    Michael L. 22 days ago

    Why is Thesis the one of un-cuffs Dumbledore on the bridge instead of the Head of the Ministry of Magic?

  • K A
    K A 22 days ago

    I loved this movie and Return of the Jedi...great cinematic entertainment

  • Penelope Katz
    Penelope Katz 23 days ago

    If they stood on the ground, then the elf couldn't see the dirt on the window, and wiping it magically just out of reach is less tiring than actually wiping it.

  • Nick Goodlock
    Nick Goodlock 23 days ago

    yeah I cant understand why it got such a bad rap. I really like it

  • Thortron TartTV
    Thortron TartTV 23 days ago

    Speculation makes me more excited for the movie

  • Clover Rynne
    Clover Rynne 23 days ago

    I watched. The whole. Thing.

  • TheOneGoose
    TheOneGoose 24 days ago

    I'm sure someone has already pointed this out, but... Didn't they mention it in like the sixth book or something that Hogwarts has the only domesticated team of thestrals used to pull carriages and stuff? I swear it's mentioned somewhere because when I initially read it, I thought, "Yeah, cuz Hagrid understands that thestrals are seriously misunderstood creatures." I could be wrong though.

  • Advertiser Unfriendly
    Advertiser Unfriendly 24 days ago

    I find it interesting that newt, in a way, only has eyes for Tina (pun intended). He almost never looks people in the eyes and the thing he finds most beautiful about Tina is her eyes. Very interesting.

  • TheVuln3rable
    TheVuln3rable 24 days ago

    1. A) honestly think Abernathy and Grindelwald used polyjuice potion. Abernathy took Grindelwalds appearance and place early on, and got his tongue cut out. When he later transformed back to his self Because he didnt take the potion that hour, his tongue was still gone. Maybe that was Because it’s an internal organ and doesn’t change with the potion (because maybe the potion is just to change the “exterior” appearance of someone), or because it was Abernathy disguised as grindelwald, and not grindelwalds himself that lost his ability to speak.
    1.B, we HAVE seen that one charm before, the one where you slow down before meeting the water/ground. 1. Dumbledore used it on Harry in the third HP-book/movie when Harry fell from his broom to catch him before he hit the ground; 2. the spell was used on the ground around the old archway in the Department of Mysteries in the fifth HP-movie; and 3. it was also used by Hermione to save the trio + the goblins when they were robbing Gringotts, when they were falling from the carriage because of the Thief’s downfall.

    2. I 100000% believe that grindelwald staged the whole speech to recruit Queenie Goldstein to his cause, because he desperately needed her abilities to manipulate Creedance. He might not known that she was going to London, but I think he had been in some way told about her powers in the three month jump, and when he found out that she was in Paris, he sent Rosier to find her and then talk to her to make sure that she knew that he meant her no harm. In his speech he tells a whole room of wizards, the majority of which definitely doesn’t like muggles, that he doesn’t hate muggles.... why??? He would’ve gained so many more followers if he had told everyone what his actual endgame was (overturning the statute of secrecy, and putting wizards firmly on top of everyone else), and yet he didn’t. Because he knew Queenie was listening to every Word he said, and make her believe that the only way for her to be able to marry the man she loved, the wizards had to seize power over the muggles in order to do whatever they (the wizards) liked. And it worked! She joined him, because she wanted Jacob, and he made sure she believed that there was no other alternative if she were to marry him and live happily ever after. He has the ability to turn a lot of people to his cause with words, but Queenie gives him the upper hand of manipulating them even further by knowing their inner thoughts. One Queenie desperately in love, who has the ability to give him insight into anyone’s mind - enemy or potential ally - is a lot more powerful than one hundred racist wizards driven by hatred.
    3. Your later video about the whole “credence is dumbledores dark twin/obscurus”-theory is on point and I 100000% believe in it, and I recommend it to all my friends who bring up the issue.
    I don’t know if you’ve brought it up before, but I would LOVE it if you brought up the theory about Draco Malfoy being a werewolf. I personally think it’s a very interesting theory, and also marvelous chance to deep dive into the books with a new perspective.

  • QueenJ 2207
    QueenJ 2207 24 days ago +1

    I thought they switched when Abernathy checked on Grindelwald in his cell🤔 But they said they cut out 'Grindelwald's' tongue when it was actually Abernathy. So when did they cut his tongue and when did they swap! 😖😖🤔🤔

  • Dan Wajs
    Dan Wajs 24 days ago +1

    Grindelwald and Abernathy had to switch before that scene. Remember they said they took Grindelwald's tongue. After they switch and the scene is at the end Grindelwald does magic with the elder wand giving Abernathy a snake like tongue. So you could assume that the scene where Abernathy looking through to Grindelwald and his Lizard pet that eats the fly, in that small time frame they changed places ( maybe Poly Juice) letting Grindelwald free and just getting the elder wand but giving over his locket to the ministry of magic who is going to Europe knowing that the easiest way to escape would be on the carriage thus rescuing Abernathy, the locket, and escaping all at once with minimal effort.

  • Sohm Nemo
    Sohm Nemo 25 days ago

    Intuitives potterfans loved it. Practical realistic potter fans or the unwary non-magique didn't like it.

  • Lord Vika
    Lord Vika 25 days ago

    I don't think it was special magic, I think it was polyjuice potion.

  • Alan Pickett
    Alan Pickett 26 days ago

    The way I feel, and it sounds like yall do too, whether its star wars or Harry Potter, as long as they come up with a good story that fits into the established universe and is believable in that universe, is ok with me.

  • mena94x3
    mena94x3 26 days ago

    Fandoms and movie predictions - I honestly don’t think fandoms are truly important enough to affect movie writing. I don’t think scriptwriters spend a lot of time obsessing over all the predictions out there and then frantically trying to come up with a storyline that proves them all wrong, just to spite them. edit: Could this have happened at some point in history? Sure. Do I think it happens on any sort of large scale? I seriously doubt it.