Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 5 | Game Revealed (HBO)

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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  • shashankmsi
    shashankmsi Day ago

    For me game of thrones ended in s07 :)
    And fuck you d&d please don't come anywhere near got prequel

  • Tristan Mamasakhlisashvili

    14:30 yes emilia its best wonderfull and amazing ❤️🥰

  • khemis peter
    khemis peter 8 days ago

    the fire was too much, should have not reach to the level of extinguisher,

  • Blu Regard
    Blu Regard 10 days ago

    These people were handed a beautiful franchise then raped it in the mouth and the ass, then shit on its back before shooting it in the head and throwing the desecrated corpse into the river.

  • RAhil Shah
    RAhil Shah 13 days ago

    4 months and this still gives me sleepless nights.

  • O.G.H
    O.G.H 14 days ago

    D&D to the show before they butchered the show: Any last words?
    GoT: Gods help you D&D. Now you are truly lost...

  • Refrcc Blogger
    Refrcc Blogger 18 days ago


  • transwomen aresexistmen

    Why did dumb and dumber break the show??

  • Mustafa Yarpuzlu
    Mustafa Yarpuzlu 24 days ago

  • Jonathan Arokapiti
    Jonathan Arokapiti 25 days ago +2

    The Creators and writer fkd up the finale. This tv series was supposed to be the best tv series in history. But them writers had to fk it up. 😡😡😡👎👎👎

  • Nicholis Campbell
    Nicholis Campbell 25 days ago

    IF U WANNA WATCH Full show

  • Polash Quadhi
    Polash Quadhi 25 days ago

    In the whole GOT Daenerys Spies are weak. Even after she had Varys Tyrian Jorah who were great Spies before, after joining in Targaryan Team they became dumb ass for some unexplained reason or GOT's stupidity. For example, Cercie sent her new BF Euron to hire Mercenaries, and decided not to join in the war. It became a surprise for Daenerys having so great spies in her team. This explains Emmy sometime need to strip off awards given if it falls from it's standards and start making nonsense stories.

  • Nikhil
    Nikhil Month ago

    The only reason Maisie came in e05 is to create a hype that she would kill Daenerys...

  • Splashy
    Splashy Month ago +1

    Please, does someone know the music playing at 5:24 ? Literally no one asked this

  • Abdulaziz Alazemi
    Abdulaziz Alazemi Month ago

    all the whining about the last season is boring me, just stop already and accept it, you guys are killing yourselves. lmao

  • उत्कर्ष

    This show was a bigger disappointment than my son!

  • Ami x
    Ami x Month ago

    I wanna know how this is all funded. The economic logistics of this is surely staggering, I mean, the crew, the actors, the stage, the aesthetics, the travel and so much more! How do they pay for it all?

  • steven sanger
    steven sanger Month ago +20

    Check out 123watchfree(dot)net if you want to watch the full show

  • Sabelo Sibiya
    Sabelo Sibiya Month ago

    This can’t be the end we need another season at least one just to see what will happen after this distraction by the dragon queen

  • afham afzal
    afham afzal Month ago

    Nothing else matters
    Just us

  • Metal8Ball
    Metal8Ball Month ago

    Shitty episode. HBO is dead

  • o_homem_que_coiso
    o_homem_que_coiso Month ago

    It must really suck for all this people that worked so hard at making all of this to look this cool having to refrain themselves when referring to their work beacause the general idea will always be...Season 8 was shit!!!

  • I'm a Potato
    I'm a Potato Month ago +3

    It's in that moment that she (Daenerys) makes that decision to make it personal.
    It has ALWAYS been personal for her! The whole city butchered her family. The city deserved it, as does all of Westeros. She was too good for Westeros.

  • Wed Stud
    Wed Stud Month ago

    16:40 is that Jaqen H'ghar next to John? Valar morghulis

  • 林rk
    林rk Month ago

    omg the fire on a real human i dont know how can he take this

  • Reckless Strawberry

    The golden company didn't do shit

  • Midula Mahjabin
    Midula Mahjabin Month ago

    Remake season 8

  • Ellen Calabrese
    Ellen Calabrese Month ago

    Amazing how great these artists are who built GOT set Unbelievable would have loved to been a part of that. DEFINATELY THE BEST IVE EVER SEEN. WOW And lighting people on fire is scary.

  • George Life
    George Life Month ago

    what is this music 14:03?

  • Cassia Mendes
    Cassia Mendes Month ago

    Lança o temporada 9

  • Korbi :
    Korbi : Month ago

    Okay, so first of all: Thank you D&D for Season 1 - 7, you did an amazing job. But I just don’t understand how season 8 could be so much worse than the other seasons??? Like, just carry on doing what you did in the previous seasons and it should be fine! Why??? The season was short and full of errors!

  • Regeos 73
    Regeos 73 Month ago +1

    your game of throne video game version suck i hate gam of throne and STOP YOUR VIDEO GAME ADS NIGG

  • Şule Akagündüz
    Şule Akagündüz Month ago

    Final bok gibiydi 8 yıl bekledik karşılığı bu olmamalıydı

  • Miguel Dupuis
    Miguel Dupuis Month ago

    Wow, thanks !

  • I c h i g o
    I c h i g o Month ago +1

    #GameOfThrones4Life I binge watch GOT as much as I possibly can. So, I do not have a life. :)

  • Tachankie69
    Tachankie69 Month ago +2

    whats the point of the golden company again?

    REEMA GHOSH 2 months ago

    The writing totally showed that, they just wanted to end it some how...but still appreciation to the crew, the vfx team, and obviously the actors...they deserve standing ovation....

  • ginnasan
    ginnasan 2 months ago

    The most people burn 10:47 , the most money wasted, the most time filmed the most special effects... the most everything and for what??? Their ego, that's what's all about.

  • TD18
    TD18 2 months ago

    *So guys... that's it huh? End of the road. I feel sad, a bit.*

  • Ernur Turan
    Ernur Turan 2 months ago

    I cannot believe how incredibly professional are all the crew. Hat's off

  • Kenzie Jenner
    Kenzie Jenner 2 months ago

    Ok but make a GOT park like disneyworld already

  • abdellatif chalal
    abdellatif chalal 2 months ago

    You're really amazing guys🤗🤗🤗

  • robocheck15
    robocheck15 2 months ago Must Wach `***

  • upathum poolnai
    upathum poolnai 2 months ago

    Great job, from great team.WOW !!!

  • Erin Rose
    Erin Rose 2 months ago +2

    I loved GOT every episode every season, the ending was abrupt and full of omg's ! but you can't take away the impact and work on sets and acting was amazing,
    so stop the hate it's not needed this was a brilliant show and I loved all of it. I'm just sad it ended.

  • Hugo Daniel Zamorano Gil

  • Kiran Bhagwant
    Kiran Bhagwant 2 months ago +1

    Please s-4 5 6 7 8 convent hindi

  • Arwen Undo
    Arwen Undo 2 months ago

    Respect for the people behind scene,for the actors,and thimbs down for two idiots who ruined everything with the end!!!

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