How to stop chemtrails! Orgonite Orgone, Chi, Prana Ki

  • Published on Jul 6, 2016
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  • ian callard
    ian callard 6 months ago

    What a load of utter drivel

  • Summer Lamkin
    Summer Lamkin 7 months ago

    Many thanks shared may all beings be free ❤🌠

  • cosmodave69
    cosmodave69 11 months ago it what it is....coal ash.

  • freedomlands 01
    freedomlands 01 11 months ago

    Cloudbuster/chembuster works hard ,more than orgonite. Use its to wash the sky.

  • Julian Keippel
    Julian Keippel Year ago

    Thanks brother hope you are well you helping a lot of folks

  • outstepper1
    outstepper1 2 years ago

    Kann Jemand das in deutsch übersetzen????

  • George Snell
    George Snell 2 years ago

    What is you're religious preferences and how did you make that block?

  • Denise Fedorchuk
    Denise Fedorchuk 2 years ago

    @bathtubginagain is my Instagram btw thanks

  • Denise Fedorchuk
    Denise Fedorchuk 2 years ago

    Thank you this video clears up a great many questions regarding my recent observations of the changes in the sky! If you wouldn't mind checking out my Instagram photos maybe you can help me understand what's going on with the ground?

  • senki1970
    senki1970 2 years ago

    garbage your a fraud

    • tvsf
      tvsf 2 years ago +2

      you fear us!!

  • dave HI 108
    dave HI 108 2 years ago +4

    yup, we orgonite makers/gifters are helping the elemental beings to help the world by gettin rid of DOR. changing it to POR. Just a simple muffin shaped orgonite made of metal shavings, resin, and a crystal chip placed within a couple hundred feet of a cellphone tower will turn the tower into a POR producer.

  • Joseph Parker
    Joseph Parker 2 years ago +1

    cloudbusters work better than the pyramids. Or you can make multiple pyramids and scatter them. To many pyramids next to each will make them not run well. The fields will enter act to much. And is not as efficient.

    • Joseph Parker
      Joseph Parker Year ago

      mike jacobsen Oh ok cool, yeah just as long as you weren't in the city surrounded by water. Yeah I can build you one. You can message me at sovereignpeople89 at gmail.

    • mike jacobsen
      mike jacobsen Year ago

      Joseph Parker I live in the suburbs.

    • Joseph Parker
      Joseph Parker Year ago

      mike jacobsen Your fine youtube is screwy alot. Some times it won't let me reply. Yeah copper six pipe would be perfect for your area. Do live in the city or on the out skirts.

    • mike jacobsen
      mike jacobsen Year ago

      Joseph Parker I live in vancouver B.c. Summer gets 80s ,right now we are having a lot of snow days. clear days they spray alot. Sorry missed your reply!

    • Joseph Parker
      Joseph Parker Year ago

      mike jacobsen What kind of climate do you have?

  • watchoahu
    watchoahu 2 years ago

    Anyone as tuned in as yourself seeking and educating.. You understand danger of EMF from electric grid infrastructure. I see this is a beautiful home. The proximity and volume of power lines concerns me for your health. Be safe. Please don't take this comment as criticism I see your doing good works. I discern your good people. Just couldn't help but notice and point out what I am sure you already know. May God bless and keep your family safe brother and friend 🙏

  • Irena BE
    Irena BE 2 years ago


  • az793az43
    az793az43 2 years ago +4

    You use play sand, mix of quartz and etc. Try using swimming pool filter sand. It is clean, and the quartz content is much much higher up to 30% content vs the other sands. You can actually see the quartz crystals, handfuls, I've used it with amazing results.

    • az793az43
      az793az43 2 years ago +1

      Play sand, $4 a bag. Pool filter sand, $15 a bag.

    • A M B I L A N D
      A M B I L A N D 2 years ago

      What the price diff for it compared to play sand

  • Brett Norris
    Brett Norris 2 years ago

    How can you tell the difference between a cloud and a sylph?