Pawn Stars: 5 Most Expensive Items From Season 13 | History

  • Check out the most expensive items the Pawn Stars gambled on in Season 13 in this collection of scenes. #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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Comments • 80

  • Джейсон Хичкок

    LOL, and I thought black people claim to be the true Egyptians 😂😝

  • Mazto Beats
    Mazto Beats 21 hour ago +1

    When rick says “sweet” you got robbed

  • Wills Pram
    Wills Pram Day ago

    Wait what happen there I thought the mask was 20-25k. Why would he make a deal on 30

  • Zhurak
    Zhurak Day ago

    the mummy dude was about to walk out without the mummy, watch it, he starts to leave without grabbing it?!?

  • lvitela24
    lvitela24 Day ago

    2:10 so fake no way in a million years would they pay $7500 over the experts opinion

  • Pedro Pete
    Pedro Pete 2 days ago

    You its stolen or fake when they ask for $100k, and settle for $10k..

  • William Orr
    William Orr 3 days ago

    30 k for a rock.SUCKER

  • Tim Galzol
    Tim Galzol 4 days ago

    Iam from Mongolia and i have a 13th mongol shock cav armor and and bow and a the blade. It belong to my ancestor who fought along side the great genius Khan

  • Kapsule
    Kapsule 4 days ago

    You know that mummy mask got some money to be made Corey caved in too fast

  • Bleacher McAdams
    Bleacher McAdams 5 days ago

    Anyone have anymore info on the mummy mask, why did Cory jump up like that? Did they make money on it?

  • Cole Aguirre
    Cole Aguirre 5 days ago

    Why did the owner of the mummy walk away before he offered him 30

  • Levi Long
    Levi Long 5 days ago

    He said 50g isn’t bad. That’s how much my house cost

  • Ace
    Ace 5 days ago

    The last guy got screwed so bad. What a shame

  • Sam Saleh
    Sam Saleh 5 days ago

    It is staged

  • MrHanBrolo
    MrHanBrolo 6 days ago

    That mummy expert came in straight outta jumanji

  • Lioneagle255
    Lioneagle255 6 days ago +1

    Let me call in a mummy expert
    King Tut walks through the door

  • Billy Capulong
    Billy Capulong 6 days ago

    the last man was stupid

    SPONGEBOB THIC 7 days ago

    I love how the last one was worth 50,000 each but rick said I will give you 50,000

  • Lowkeyamazing _
    Lowkeyamazing _ 7 days ago +1

    that last guy took a third the price he could have?? he shouldve just gone somewhere else

  • tomitomtom
    tomitomtom 8 days ago

    Is the mummy guy was about to leave the shop whitout it when he refused the deal? :D

  • Ian Pezzotti
    Ian Pezzotti 8 days ago

    Customer: *Brings Mona Lisa with a frame made out of wittelsbach-graaf dimond*
    Rick: $17 and I’m taking a risk

  • John Hawley
    John Hawley 8 days ago

    All Rick's 'buddies' are always on call and available.

  • golfmaniac007
    golfmaniac007 8 days ago

    if rick could do $50g's on that last one, he can certainly do $55g's. that seller left $5g's on the table because he was too excited about 50 big ones and put it on blackjack table

  • David Fahey
    David Fahey 8 days ago

    Rick I'm taking a major risk here I'll give you a dollar...🐵...

  • Indigo Soldier
    Indigo Soldier 8 days ago

    Why’d he buy it for 22000 it’s just a 20 dollar bill

  • Valerie Leriche
    Valerie Leriche 9 days ago +1

    The guy that brought the mummy in was a bad actor

    H HOUR HOTEL 9 days ago

    The man selling the banknotes lost his first round on the blackjack tables, then he went home & grabbed another couple of notes out his collection & sold them & went right back to the strip.

  • Mario Battaglia
    Mario Battaglia 9 days ago

    The mummy expert look just like the hunter from the old jumanji

  • Clare Claratehia
    Clare Claratehia 9 days ago

    the last person so dumb each cost 50k and he sold them for 50k ? that was dumb

  • [?] Question Block
    [?] Question Block 9 days ago

    That Egyptian mask was pretty cool! He probably wanted that for his personal collection

  • Isaac Lipman
    Isaac Lipman 10 days ago

    not a problem !!!!! we have an appraiser just moments away, for anything !!!!!!!!

  • WHoops Lo
    WHoops Lo 10 days ago

    Anyone gonna talk about this guys tan line with his glasses 5:11 or am I just seeing things

  • t mac
    t mac 10 days ago

    This expert took it out of the plastic and handled it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Srijan Sharma
    Srijan Sharma 10 days ago

    inagine the face of corey if chum broke the mummy face 😂😂😂

  • NexisFilms
    NexisFilms 11 days ago

    No 6 figures ?
    C'mon guys, step up your game !

  • Rare Form
    Rare Form 12 days ago

    These bills in my opinion should stay same denomination because Gold . There's no reason not having $500 notes today !

  • Allana Kate
    Allana Kate 13 days ago

    This is awesome show i feel being a collector

  • mohd afiq
    mohd afiq 13 days ago

    Corie summon The mummy expert straight outta jumanji..

  • DestinyMax
    DestinyMax 14 days ago

    That guy could of got 150.00 ooof

  • Hank Henriette
    Hank Henriette 14 days ago

    the last guy was the dumbest dude on earth. 50 grand maximum each says the expert and he just let Rick buy the three for the price of one. Wtf, pawning on sale, buy one take 2.

  • WhiteDeion
    WhiteDeion 14 days ago

    Cheap old rick

  • Shang Tsung
    Shang Tsung 15 days ago

    Why did Corey buy something that is worth 22 grand for 30 grand?! That is just incredibly stupid.

  • LoganR Positivity
    LoganR Positivity 15 days ago

    What I don’t fully get about these people is after the expert comes in and tells you the piece is worth 100,000 dollars, why don’t you leave and go sell it for that to some. I understand it might take more time and effort but it’s and extra 50,000 mote dollars in your pocket. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Cooper Duke
    Cooper Duke 16 days ago

    That last guy got robbed

  • Seeing Dragons
    Seeing Dragons 16 days ago

    Ok, that last one is f'd up. There is no WAY that actually happened. This whole show is a scam.

  • Evil blaze crew !
    Evil blaze crew ! 17 days ago

    Dr to Rick... Rick you got cancer
    Rick to dr. Best I can do is a a cold and I'm taking massive risk here

  • Unintentional Failure
    Unintentional Failure 17 days ago

    "Once again Chum is the luckiest person on the planet". 😂😂😂

  • Snip3zzz
    Snip3zzz 17 days ago

    Dude the same guy brought in 2 500 and a 50 and a 20$

  • Eric Dodson
    Eric Dodson 17 days ago

    I need to start wearing pith helmets more often.

  • kabouterwesley83
    kabouterwesley83 18 days ago

    Expert: it's worth 20000-22500
    Seller: I'll take 30000
    Cory: deal!
    Me: ??????

  • Dimention Exlipz
    Dimention Exlipz 18 days ago +1

    I will call someone
    Guy comes in and says it's worth triple around 1million
    So u will give you 10 bucks for it
    How about 100
    No 30
    I am looking for 50
    I will buy it for 69 dollars
    That's a deal

  • Orange
    Orange 20 days ago

    The mummy owner gonna walk out without it😂

  • James Odom
    James Odom 20 days ago +1

    I wish they would stop touching the money with their hands

  • moo cow
    moo cow 20 days ago

    even though he called out Rick pretty good and got his asking price, that dumba$$ with the Egyptian mask willing to walk away from $22,000 to throw it back in his garage because he couldn't get $30,000 to me is a pretty dumb risk ! what if it gets stolen or his garage burns down??

  • Matt M
    Matt M 20 days ago

    6:10 he went from 90k to 50k without batting an yeah these seem totally real.

  • VeryBerry Blue
    VeryBerry Blue 20 days ago

    It’s so sad these items aren’t in a museum...

  • Stuart Kelly
    Stuart Kelly 20 days ago

    That mask is theft and should be returned back to Egypt

  • Nugget
    Nugget 21 day ago

    Rick: I’ll give you $35,000.
    Guy: how about $35,000.01
    Rick: sorry man there’s no money to be made.

  • Nugget
    Nugget 21 day ago

    Rick: I’ll give you $35,000.
    Guy: how about $35,000.01
    Rick: sorry man there’s no money to be made.

    DRONEROC128 22 days ago

    I wonder if the pawn stars tell the experts to come down on the price on the phone so when the expert comes they tell them a much lower price then what it should be so the pawn stars get a great deal🤔

  • Drewism
    Drewism 23 days ago

    The guy with the bills is clearly a time traveler. The bills are in absolutely pristine condition, he had a lot of them and be didn't care what he got.

  • Dee Bro
    Dee Bro 24 days ago

    Love how dude got his 30k

  • Broken & Broke
    Broken & Broke 25 days ago

    So those cards at the end were worth $50k each and he sold all 3 together for $50k? So he basically lost $100k

  • 313drepeso313
    313drepeso313 26 days ago

    50k for 3 Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings... Valued at 50k a piece!!! STOP IT, no way can this be real. Absolute lowest take home would be 100k 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Get Me To 1000 Subscribers

    50k a piece
    Dude still wanted 30k a piece
    And took only 50K, c'mon bruh

  • djcrazy!! !!
    djcrazy!! !! Month ago

    why would u value cards at that much money thats crazy!!

  • Johnny Johnny
    Johnny Johnny Month ago

    Asian are just money hungry and stupid at the same time. Dude said he'll be able to get 50k each at a auction, so that's 150k for 3 even if he doesn't get 100k he'll still get more then that 50k he took, what a dummy! I would of at least said 20k each so that's 60k for all 3, if Rick doesn't buy now he'll buy it later!

  • Vitor Manes
    Vitor Manes Month ago

    The most expensive item was Maurice Sendak's original drawings bought for $250K!

  • Danielo Lalima
    Danielo Lalima Month ago

    Considering he left without the mummy seemed a little scripted

  • Jack Goddard
    Jack Goddard Month ago

    Close you eyes at 2:44 and imagine the guy showing rick his balls

  • Kai Suarez
    Kai Suarez Month ago

    Mans just has a mummy in his room

  • BowlCut Millenial
    BowlCut Millenial Month ago

    :You want 22?
    Guy:No man i'll gonna pass man
    *Leaves the mummy behind*

  • Clever Skeleton
    Clever Skeleton Month ago

    seller: here we have a cross signed by jesus himself.
    rick: how much is it worth?
    expert: around $400 mil
    seller: ill sell it for $100 mil
    rick: i'll buy it off you for $3k, no less.
    seller: how about $4.5k?
    rick: $3.1k, im taking a big risk here.
    seller: deal.

  • Racing Games Casual Gameplays

    Rick: **walks in Gamestop**
    Gamestop employee: “why do I hear boss music?”

  • Phillip Martin
    Phillip Martin Month ago

    Wether it's a fifty dollar item or $50,000 item Rick is always taking a huge risk lol

  • Andrew Black
    Andrew Black Month ago

    Is that janes dad from Tarzan 1:40

  • Kyle Villacorta
    Kyle Villacorta Month ago

    “50 thousand cash that’s not bad i’ll take it”

  • Nicholas Moscarelli

    Why wouldn’t you wait to get more for the pair of 3???

  • haskeldinho12345
    haskeldinho12345 Month ago

    The mummy expert looks like the hunter in jumanji

  • Yongchan Cho
    Yongchan Cho Month ago

    Guy selling that mummy does the fake walk away lmao!