10 Abnormally Large Animals That ACTUALLY EXIST!

  • Published on Dec 1, 2016
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Comments • 4 879

  • Devon LeClair
    Devon LeClair Day ago

    That's not a bat it's Batman

  • T. C. Walker
    T. C. Walker Day ago

    I like how you were legit creeped out by the birdeater and giant crab...I was too lol

  • RedFox RockZ
    RedFox RockZ 3 days ago

    I have a friend that has a giant bunny and it's bigger then my son

  • kevin4gwen
    kevin4gwen 3 days ago

    God dammit give the
    Arachnophobia a little bit more warning next time I threw my phone😭😭😭
    Are you trying to give me a heart attack

  • just something you see online

    Why is that spider called bird eater If it does not eat birds?

  • Richard Opoku
    Richard Opoku 10 days ago

    those giant snails are actually delicacies in west Africa..

  • Jamie Sallee
    Jamie Sallee 12 days ago

    Ahhhhhh WTF? Bot just NO but HELL NO !!!!!!!! I'm with you Matt F**k spiders with a capital F just for those big ass crawling nightmare fuel demon seeds.

  • Sin N Tonik
    Sin N Tonik 13 days ago

    This had to be one of your funniest videos. I loved it.

  • Seth Satanica
    Seth Satanica 14 days ago

    Goliath Birdeater sounds cool
    *Shows image*
    Mom pick me up i'm scared

  • Lee Courtney
    Lee Courtney 17 days ago

    I'm reminded after watching this how much I hate human beings. Their greed and arrogance still blows me away. "So asswhole can I just jump into yr territory. Yr house and hunt you just because I can. YR NAME IS COWARD.

  • I'm kinda fucking stupid, but

    I wanna see a list of actually abnormally sized animals. Like, the biggest of a certain species instead of large animals in general compared to other animals.

  • Hendrick Hesse
    Hendrick Hesse 24 days ago

    I'm so hate spiders I hate them
    My biggest nightmare

  • Staniah David
    Staniah David 26 days ago

    Me: *See's the birdeater*
    Ok looks interesting
    *See's picture*
    Me: *jumps from chair* KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!

  • James Rudd
    James Rudd 26 days ago

    This isn't a petting zoo??? It's not oh my!!!

  • Xtremegaming
    Xtremegaming 27 days ago

    ok those giant snail shells look really cool. also i would like the fluffball that is a bunny.

  • random stuff
    random stuff 29 days ago

    You can trick your kids into thinking bugs Bunny is real😂🥕🐇

  • nicola sherwood
    nicola sherwood Month ago

    How about the blue whale

  • Dan S
    Dan S Month ago

    Wtr f is up with Americans and. Feet the metric is more precise this coming from a fat American

  • Mariam HJ
    Mariam HJ Month ago

    I love that matthew use kg/cm to tell measures... Makes life easier

  • An inconvenience at the dancing place

    Matt: **screams when sees the spider**
    Me: Haha I do that

  • MaxTakeANap
    MaxTakeANap Month ago

    I want to see a Wild Baldo

    LESLEY MEASE Month ago

    How can there be more creatures on land when there's more water than land ? It makes no sense

  • Sez LaK
    Sez LaK Month ago

    For someone who doesn't like spiders, you talk about them ALOT! lol

  • sleepy smart boy
    sleepy smart boy Month ago

    I have a Flemish giant and I love her so much. Shes a mess but 13 pounds at 8 months old

  • Thomas Lo
    Thomas Lo Month ago

    you bring smiles to a lot of people so ty : ) keep it up

  • Kirsten Stephenson
    Kirsten Stephenson Month ago

    i hate spiders...good video but egh...spiders give me the creeps.

  • amber thompson
    amber thompson Month ago

    Anything that looks like a spider no thank you I’m running away

    ODIN WOLF Month ago

    Spider, crab, wanna go to the ocean... Me, hell on..

    ODIN WOLF Month ago

    Omg I want the fox bat sooo cute 😍

  • Madeleen Verster
    Madeleen Verster Month ago

    Omg your freaken funny... you made my night... although you mearly made my coffee come out of my nose lol

  • thawk nicole
    thawk nicole 2 months ago

    I paused at 5:08....matthew, that was a good laugh!!

  • Ron Just Ron
    Ron Just Ron 2 months ago

    I saw a documentary on salt water crocs- do NOT mess with those things!! They had a tourist boat and the people were talking about which they would rather face, a shark or a crocodile. Someone said that since they were about 20 miles from shore they did not have to worry about crocs, just then a HUGE salt water croc came swimming near the boat LOL.

  • Yvonna Marie
    Yvonna Marie 2 months ago

    Aka “the cracken” 😭😭 I liked that

  • Chloe Davies
    Chloe Davies 2 months ago

    Me:Oh cool
    Adult me:Oh giant rabbit I love you let's ride hhhheeeeeeyyyyyyaaaaaaaaa
    Me: Oh god a spider
    Bird eater:bite bite hhhhhiiiiiiiissss

  • Sonic Fan360 Playz
    Sonic Fan360 Playz 2 months ago

    When I see a spider 3:21

  • Sonic Fan360 Playz
    Sonic Fan360 Playz 2 months ago

    I will watch 0:06

  • Violeta Domingo
    Violeta Domingo 2 months ago

    Matthew is hilarious

  • AJ Chupa
    AJ Chupa 2 months ago +1


  • AJ Chupa
    AJ Chupa 2 months ago +2

    After seeing that goliath birdeater i almost shat meself

  • Shari Chambers
    Shari Chambers 2 months ago

    The giant tarantula if I saw one on my pillow could make me break the sound barrier running away! Gawd! Creeeepy!

    XENON 2 months ago

    can you keep the background music low? it's kinda annoying,please.

  • big dragon Boi
    big dragon Boi 2 months ago

    Kumonga is that you?

  • big dragon Boi
    big dragon Boi 2 months ago

    There's a colossal squid on the mainland!

  • skitz-ophrenia
    skitz-ophrenia 3 months ago

    Hell yea big boi bat

  • Sea dreams
    Sea dreams 3 months ago

    I weigh 100 times that bat!

  • Gerard Paradela
    Gerard Paradela 3 months ago

    7:04 is the legendary channel catfish?

  • Ameerah Theqah
    Ameerah Theqah 3 months ago

    That intro though

  • MagnumRam
    MagnumRam 3 months ago

    Number six killed Steve Irwin...

  • Declan Kinahan
    Declan Kinahan 3 months ago

    Big chungus is real

  • Francesca Perron
    Francesca Perron 3 months ago +5

    I actually owned a Giant African Land Snail and it was so cool. But then again I always have loved snails. It's name was Gary.
    I also worked with Flemish Giant Rabbits and they are sweethearts. And yes, their poop is big.

  • Tisha Tittle
    Tisha Tittle 3 months ago

    love the liger

  • Marisa B
    Marisa B 3 months ago

    U r a obnoxious moron

  • Carrie Nesbitt-Larkinjg

    Hey - my daughter has 2 African land snails, they are so cute and actually have personalitys 😂😂

  • Hyper
    Hyper 4 months ago

    I own a goliath birdeater :)

    • Hyper
      Hyper 4 months ago

      and eyes

    • Hyper
      Hyper 4 months ago

      his name is nugget because he looks like a chicken nugget
      but with teeth
      and legs

  • Choto hasin Rahman
    Choto hasin Rahman 4 months ago

    Spider in home: getting the hell out of the city

  • Ian Macmillan
    Ian Macmillan 4 months ago +3

    number 4 goliath bird eater
    me: That don't sound friendly
    *sees image*
    Me: ABOMINATION!!! *hides under couch*

  • fatboi joshua
    fatboi joshua 4 months ago

    He makes everything funny

  • Nymitch11
    Nymitch11 4 months ago

    Reticulated python?

  • Zenas Starchild
    Zenas Starchild 4 months ago

    I have a 1:1 scale replica of the bird eater spider. I can confirm that it is featured in the movie "Arachnophobia" as the King spider. The only arachnids that I am concerned about are the ones that can kill/disfigure people, like Funnel web spider, brown recluse, and the Six-Eyed Sand Spider to name a few.