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  • Published on Nov 5, 2015
  • Do you need back pressure? How big should your headers be? Today, we interview Richard Waitas, Senior Manager at Magnaflow, to learn how an exhaust system actually works. Learn on Monday, wrench smarter on Sunday.
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  • fletchkirk
    fletchkirk 7 days ago

    What about the concept of reducing the pipe size as you get further away from the motor? Example, 70 390 AMX 498 HP 505 Lbs ft torque, hooker super comps 1 7/8", Dyno tech 3 1/2 merged collectors, 18" long 3 1/2" to 3" reducers, 3" pypes cross over, 3" flowmaster 40's reduced to 2 1/2" pipes over the axle and out the back. Everything coated in and out or stainless steal.

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson 23 days ago

    OMG that marker sound is SO ANNOYING. I can't watch.

    KELViN LOO Month ago

    Waw man, what a intro.

  • Will Jeff
    Will Jeff Month ago

    This channel is like the hot rod side of Scotty Kilmer. Love these series!! Subbed!

  • Ash qelon
    Ash qelon Month ago

    I would like to know where Now, I can use this information wisdom at, to apply to what size Dia” pipes on my car.
    2” or 2 1/2” or 3” , what mufflers to use etc..

  • Jerequan
    Jerequan Month ago

    What diameter piping should I use in my exhaust on a 160hp 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine ?

  • jerrytee
    jerrytee Month ago

    Made it to 9:59, this dude's voice makes my head hurt. In my experience the negative wave timing is more critical to overlap scavenging, to initiate intake flow, as opposed to exhaust removal, which is pretty much over at that point. It's especially critical on independent intake runner/carb situations.

  • Stephen Gillie
    Stephen Gillie Month ago

    Playing a trombone is easy - you go "phbbt" and the horn turns that into beautiful music. Just like the exhaust does with the engine's timbre. Thanks for making this video.

  • Stephen Gillie
    Stephen Gillie Month ago

    The Internet is just a big series of exhaust headers.

  • IAQMas
    IAQMas Month ago

    Why are people using these shitty markers? I cannot focus on the video because these markers sound like chalk on a board!

  • Sam Hill
    Sam Hill 2 months ago

    Soooo...this logic could also be applied to let's say...a fart. Farts are always funny except in an elevator or under covers or...

  • Mel Silva
    Mel Silva 2 months ago

    I have watched a couple of videos hosted by Richard Waitas and I've enjoyed listening to his analysis and design points.

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith 2 months ago +1

    Watched with my mom. First 5 seconds "Close close close off dammit!"

  • GLEN Dooer
    GLEN Dooer 2 months ago

    Explain the problem with my wife the intake is to close to the exhaust.

  • Map Hump
    Map Hump 2 months ago

    How do you reduce deep tone in and exhaust?

  • David Humphrey
    David Humphrey 2 months ago

    Now to the real question! Who’s better?? Borla or Magnaflow??? 😂

  • grngs1
    grngs1 2 months ago

    I like a wet tight bald pussy, replacing the oxycontin sensor is a good idea for good semen flow, he forgot to mention that

  • Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson 2 months ago

    What I got out of this video... - The engineers that designed your vehicle know a lot more about this stuff than you do, so don't mess with it. That is assuming that this guy isn't available to help you re-engineer your exhaust system.

  • 𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠

    It's just a damn tube for gasses and particals to exit. God people over complicate absolutely nothing. it has the least effect on your engine of just about anything.

  • Will
    Will 3 months ago

    I had a very different idea of what this video was about after that intro...

  • Squizzy Gold Dog Taylor

    Hi there
    Thanks for the great explanation of how everything woks in conjunction to one another!.
    Just a question for you I’ve currently got a Toyota 4Runner with a Toyota 1uz V8 in it and I’m wanting to create a very deep note from the exhaust! What type of muffler do I need or how do I go about creating a very deep note from it??.
    Thanks very much for your time and help it’s greatly appreciated.

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams 3 months ago

    Excellent tutorial, what are your suggestions on a stock '16 Hellcat Challenger with an AFE cold air intake. I don't want an annoying unharnessed loud drone of an exhaust, but I want a nice rumble that is efficient for performance.

  • Sity 909
    Sity 909 3 months ago

    do a flow test on a straight pipe vs a absorbant resonator/muffler

  • nbwatki
    nbwatki 3 months ago

    Yup putting Magnaflow in the Jeep now

  • Alex Pozdnyakov
    Alex Pozdnyakov 3 months ago

    Strong intro. Dude knows his stuff

  • SAINT 65
    SAINT 65 3 months ago

    The Industry is lucky to have you.

  • Motorsporteiros
    Motorsporteiros 3 months ago

    I would like to know about resonators too

  • Ismee
    Ismee 4 months ago

    Gas flow rates, pressure characteristics, temperature loss rate, etc etc. All factors needing consideration for build objectives.
    I tend to lean towards intake being the primary consideration as if the engine cant consume the required gas volume, nothing else really matters.
    Intake configuration, valve train & cam spec, combustion characteristics, etc etc.

    And the velocity of the sound waves should NOT be considered as a constant... Murican performance cars are mostly aimed at drag racing so WOT (wide open throttle) is the primary objective, whereas a circuit racing car requires a VASTLY different approach, maximum power will be less but the performance and characteristic of the engine (and drivetrain) through the entire rpm range will be much, much more precise and controllable.
    (He just mentions Trophy trucks as I write this) Trophy trucks and rally type applications are still not at the level of high level tarmac racing where minuscule advantages in power, and GRIP, become much much more important.
    Long story short, want a good street/sport car? Go see a builder that is involved in tarmac/circuit racing, not drag racing

  • Ismee
    Ismee 4 months ago +1

    This blows.
    Just a lot of hot air.... coming out the arse end.
    Lol. Jokes. Good Vid👍🏻

  • joshua casildo
    joshua casildo 4 months ago +1

    3 inch pipe will give you small loss in power in lieu of a 2.5 inch muffler. Change your exhaust pipe to 3 inches and you should be good to go with the muffler of your choice.

    • Ismee
      Ismee 4 months ago

      joshua casildo
      There’s a bit more to it, lol.

  • Lima Bravo
    Lima Bravo 4 months ago

    Blowing is important don’t forget that 😜

  • Punter308
    Punter308 4 months ago

    Nice explanation.. thank u

  • Lynn E. Roberts III
    Lynn E. Roberts III 4 months ago

    *watches first 10 seconds* Helluva intro guy

  • Henry Yu
    Henry Yu 4 months ago

    I am so bothered by the way that "w" was written at the beginning.

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 4 months ago +1

    Can you use reflection type mufflers on turbo cars without loss of flow if sized correctly?

  • UXO Tony
    UXO Tony 4 months ago

    I learned a lot.Could you make a reflective type Firearm suppressor? If you're so good at this why don't you make suppressors?

  • jasonneal
    jasonneal 4 months ago

    Didn’t Flowmaster figure this out 50 years ago?

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold 4 months ago

    I have been battering the muffler on my Jeep Wrangler since 1996 and 400,000 miles. I always said when it goes bad I would get a magnaflow. The ugly thing just will not fail. I guess I am going to have to remove it while it is still good. I figured it would be rust by now, or full of holes, or dented. No, it is in perfect shape. I hate the thing.

  • Raul DeMoura
    Raul DeMoura 4 months ago

    This is all well and good, for older smallblock chevy’s... but what about DIESEL HORSEPOWER? I see a lot of trucks with a straight 4” pipe from the turbo back... my 01 F-350, with the 7.3L has a wide open 4” exhaust. I bought it this way, otherwise it’s all stock. What can Magna-Flow do for me?

    • Raul DeMoura
      Raul DeMoura 4 months ago

      rtrThanos Ezekyle Abaddon NICE!! You EAT with that mouth? I’m not in the swamps, I’m on the interstate hauling big loads! Why don’t you mind you business!!

    • rtrThanos Ezekyle Abaddon
      rtrThanos Ezekyle Abaddon 4 months ago

      Raul DeMoura who cares? You don’t see any trucks on the lifts in the background, do you? You keep that slow, dirty POS in the swamps and we’ll just stay out here on the pavement with our shiny, fast cars.

  • Uroš Petrović
    Uroš Petrović 4 months ago

    I think you have shit on your mouth and way too much it can be handled. Only clear here is that you cant cheat people with brains any more.

  • Ian Ian
    Ian Ian 4 months ago

    Benson's right. Those Yanks can talk for England. I would have given him the job at my exhaust shop but i fell asleep at the interview.

  • Satchel McQueen Video
    Satchel McQueen Video 4 months ago

    open headers for me. sounds mean....dont care otherwise.

  • Patrick Roswell
    Patrick Roswell 4 months ago +2

    I bet all the children watching james from donut media cant grasp what hes saying. Thanks for letting the knowledge flow.

  • mark kaupas
    mark kaupas 4 months ago

    Just buy a Tesla and throw away the exhaust then you can buy a cool sounding horn.

  • Allan Zolnekoff
    Allan Zolnekoff 5 months ago

    Richard's watch appears on both his left and right wrists. Is he playing with our minds?

  • Americanblood76
    Americanblood76 5 months ago

    That’s why he gets to wear a Panerai.

  • Rob
    Rob 5 months ago

    ARE they kidding me? I thought it was a Saturday Night Live skit because it really was exhausting.

  • Brian
    Brian 5 months ago

    Too painful to watch with all the pointless camera angle changes. No one wants to listen to someone that doesn't look at you when they talk to you

  • Br Sha
    Br Sha 5 months ago

    Surface tension decrease in their muffler vs straightpipe?? Lol... so what to do with the OTHER 10 feet of straight pipe under the car wiseguy??

  • matini rudolph
    matini rudolph 6 months ago

    Such a NERD!!! Love him!!!

  • Ed P0rsche911Turbo
    Ed P0rsche911Turbo 6 months ago

    Excellent information. Thank you.

  • Marconator
    Marconator 6 months ago

    Please all I want to know if u can help me is this
    I do want to cut my resonator and muffler .......
    But I want to leave the cats and sensors alone
    Woul that affect
    1Gas millage
    2 emissions
    3 torque
    4 or something else
    Please any help will be appreciated

  • Roman Roman
    Roman Roman 6 months ago

    what about exhoust for turbo? so large diameter so better or need seeking for right size?

  • Roy
    Roy 7 months ago

    Was hoping he would comment on the benefit , if any, of electric exhaust cut-outs.

  • socitysav09
    socitysav09 7 months ago

    My brain hurts and that guy can talk a lot about exploding gases.

  • time traveler are we there yet

    all i got from this guy is leave your factory set up alone

  • Justin B
    Justin B 8 months ago

    I dont have any exoust kits or any aftermarket so I made my exoust my self and I am not a engineer I just got a varex 3" Muffler with a obx heders for a mustang and some 2.5" pipe it is a bit raspy but it goes away at 3000 rpm my car is a acura rl 1996 I dinoed my car before and after before I was making 138 after I was making 500 + hp I cant believe thay yoused 1 in exoust heders I bumped it up to 2.5 to 3 inches I can say it made a difference

  • Robert Polkamp
    Robert Polkamp 8 months ago

    Still talking at 30 minutes.

  • Z
    Z 8 months ago

    put 2 magnaflows on an old XJS . had to cut the snouts off and weld right to the stock pipes. Noticeable power gains , and 3 more MPG , Not a bit louder than the stock jaguar crap..Price was right too

  • The Chosen One Illuminati
    The Chosen One Illuminati 9 months ago +1

    Also forgot to tell about how often to grease the muffler bearing