The Controversial Guru Who Wants to 'Upgrade Civilization'

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • Bentinho Massaro has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, supporters the spiritual guru gained through his teachings about “self-realization,” “enlightenment,” and the idea of “upgrading civilization.” While some of his ideas are pretty standard, like the importance of silent meditation, others are controversial: he’s said that 9/11 was an inside job, that he can change the weather, and that humans might one day join forces with aliens.
    To his devout followers, he’s an inspiration-but his critics have accused him of “cult-like” practices and peddling conspiracy theories during his retreats, which run up to $2,000 a pop. For an inside look at Massaro’s teachings, we went to one of his retreats in the Netherlands, speaking with his colleagues, his followers, and Massaro himself to try to understand exactly what the appeal is-and what he makes of the accusations against him.
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Comments • 8 734

  • Ideoform Sun
    Ideoform Sun 2 hours ago

    Except that nobody is used to seeing sober dancing, it all seems very pleasant.
    He sounds a bit like Abraham. He's very positive, charismatic and beguiling. Watch out for when he is gone, then all that's left is bureaucracy.
    He went searching for spirituality, in many places, and brought back what he found. Many people like having a guru because they don't want to leave their lives to read a lot of religious writings, and search around the world themselves. However, if you don't do it yourself, you can be vulnerable to the guru if he gets corrupted by the attention, and money. You won't know when he's slanting things.

  • Rose Pearson
    Rose Pearson 4 hours ago

    Just to be clear Ecstatic dance in and of itself is not affiliated with this particular teacher. In my experience it is healthy and fun. This kind of dance; sober, free wheeling: it’s how we moved as kids! There’s no belief system at all associated with ecstatic dance other then kindness and freedom. It was started by a bunch of cool people in the Bay Area and is independent of this particular individual. And as someone who wants a sober space to dance, it’s been a life saver!

  • MinecraftSamurai
    MinecraftSamurai 10 hours ago

    They look like zombies

  • pratik thomas
    pratik thomas 14 hours ago

    How do these bat shit crazy organisation always attract the pretty girls??

  • Warren McCarthy
    Warren McCarthy Day ago

    The dude at 4:03... Regrettably I can relate.

  • steven manwaring
    steven manwaring 2 days ago

    Lol forget neo. This guy's "the one" so glad he is teaching everyone to see through the matrix.

  • Jason percy
    Jason percy 3 days ago

    Soy boy slumber party ! What a crock of shit .

  • joseph perez
    joseph perez 3 days ago


  • Dwayne 45
    Dwayne 45 3 days ago

    These first world countries are full of people with depression trust me 😂😂😂

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S 3 days ago

    So...dude discovers the free Ram Dass talks from the 70s, realizes no one else of his generation has, and starts charging hot girls $2000 to hear him repeat them. Good for him!

  • John Davidson
    John Davidson 4 days ago

    Sylas the Great-
    2 months ago, said:
    Oh shit the rain didn't stop? Nah you need to upgrade to the premium package for weather control capabilities. That'll be $3,500. hahahahahahahahah !

  • Paul Carroll
    Paul Carroll 4 days ago

    Our body and mind is only for use by the being inside of us in this material world. Handing this over to some other being is detrimental. Give yourself no choice but death and your mind will explode with realization. Death is all we are running towards. Don't be afraid. It's people like this whom live off our fear. And they live the high life. ( cigars).really. he is no more enlightened than my anus. Please excuse my expression. I can't find any other word. It may well be the only way I can describe people who exploit. Hope I'm wrong and all the people who have faith and belief in him find what they are searching for....

  • Kadita Dabu
    Kadita Dabu 5 days ago

    “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”
    It’s unfortunate that people are willing to fall for anything. This is just a camp for grown ups, that connects people with others that have the same wave length. It’s just an expensive therapy session. You don’t have to look for peace, you should have peace within you. That’s something that anyone should take the time to find within, but don’t because we are constantly moving and looking everywhere else for the answer. When it’s just within!

  • Brendon Backus
    Brendon Backus 5 days ago

    way to put in some anti-white hate speech at the end for no reason

  • The Comrade General
    The Comrade General 6 days ago +1

    Go out and volunteer at a homeless shelter, that would be more Christ-like than sitting on a cushy throne demanding adoration for half-baked enlightenment philosophies.

  • The Comrade General
    The Comrade General 6 days ago

    Men and their messiah complexes...

  • Cykared ClaireField
    Cykared ClaireField 6 days ago

    I can't eat that silently

  • MissFalling
    MissFalling 6 days ago +3

    I can't help but laugh when they stared at each other

  • Jane
    Jane 7 days ago

    Stop just Stop falling for these kinds of things. Please STOP

  • passerau
    passerau 7 days ago

    This is a very bizarre so from the young age we have been taught to be selfish to only think about ourself, to pleasure ourself, and surprisingly the more we are getting older we are drawn to do the opposite. helping others, sharing, putting other people needs before us. Either someone is lying to us or we have been taught wrong. either way these kind of teachings or Cults will never stop until we address the source of the problem.

  • Emet A
    Emet A 7 days ago

    hey! JESUS CHRIST!
    says... purity

  • Tuley Bee
    Tuley Bee 9 days ago

    Swearing is not needed sounds evangical manipulation

  • Tuley Bee
    Tuley Bee 9 days ago

    I just do free TVclip meditations at home 🏡 you are your own light 💡

  • odpbodpb
    odpbodpb 10 days ago

    Ha,,the dude is a babbling assclown,,,,,

  • Arin
    Arin 10 days ago

    *cough cough* cult *cough*

  • Gabrielle - Eidith Owl

    Hey guys can we be less harsh on the people who end up in cults? Whether you think they are gullible or not, social shame makes it harder for them to speak out or want to speak out. It often makes them more stubborn instead of learn the truth that they're in a cult. A lot of genuine and loving people end up in these because they are exploited at their most emotionally vulnerable. It is easy to get lost by a charming person and specially a fostered sense of community when you feel alone, lost, and searching for meaning. While I don't think religion/spirituality is harmful inherently, people find it the easiest place to claim leader and abuse others.

  • Gabrielle - Eidith Owl

    Try using Steven Hassan's BITE model to determine it as a cult, and that one they can't jokingly say "Curious Understanding Loving Tribe" crap to deflect

  • Alexander Werth
    Alexander Werth 11 days ago

    The ego wants the rain to stop. It was taught to loathe the rain and crave a clear sky. It also seeks to be validated in front of people by being seen to have supernatural powers. The true self loves the rain and, if it is not separate from the rain, brought about the rain.

  • Jetta.Silence
    Jetta.Silence 11 days ago +1

    Just smoke pot...youll upgrade to a much " higher" level lol

  • Xtra Delite
    Xtra Delite 11 days ago

    This cult doesn’t even compare to the main cults: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism.

  • Lydie Nešto
    Lydie Nešto 11 days ago

    So what's new? It's called luciferian doctrine and is very good for worldly things. You can have it all just join the club. Why call it awakaning, spirituality or new age, just call it luciferianism.

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez 11 days ago

    The guys message is not new. But some times people need a "prompt" to get things moving in their life. The video was biased in the sense that the narrator simply lacks imagination. Iam not taking up for Massaro but the interview was ignorant.

  • Bride Colbourne
    Bride Colbourne 12 days ago

    All that he ‘s repeating has been written for the last hundred and fifty years ,you can get most of it if you google, you don’t need to pay big dollars to some young manipulator using new age BS brainwashing you into thinking there is a short cut to enlightenment, there isn’t , you have to do the work on raising you own consciousness by experiencing the everyday activities and consciously raising you awareness as a member of humanity , not special but Oneness !but if you feel it necessary to have the experience ,I hope you will handle the truth of this manipulation without too much harm .good luck 😊🙏🏻

  • Robert Dotson
    Robert Dotson 12 days ago +2

    These people need Dan S. Peña to push sense into their new age skulls

  • OnceUponATime InAMovie

    There are so hot chix there, where can i become a cult leader too?

  • Mo Mouri.
    Mo Mouri. 12 days ago

    Alan Watts wisdom.

  • C. Sheehan
    C. Sheehan 12 days ago

    Guys, paying $2k to go to a conference is fairly common. I paid $1k to go to a Catholic Youth conference in Germany around 2005. These things are expensive. He shows other signs of being unsafe.

  • Sunny Deise
    Sunny Deise 12 days ago

    We are a cult! We're a curious UNDERstanding loving tribe! 😂😂😂

  • Sunny Deise
    Sunny Deise 12 days ago

    We are a cult! We're a curious UNDERstanding loving tribe! 😂😂😂

  • ServantofGod
    ServantofGod 12 days ago

    This guy speaks total nonsense. Anyone who believes this nonsense is a fool.

  • Tru Hawaii
    Tru Hawaii 12 days ago

    Single new age women and Beta males

    MACABRE L.A. 12 days ago

    i wonder of that cult has some sort of a weight requirement. i did not see one overweight person in that entire group. that's very unusual these days.

  • Steve Jeffries
    Steve Jeffries 13 days ago

    Load of rubbish/waste of time and money for those who attended
    I bet for those who attended it cost them a fortune

  • Steve Jeffries
    Steve Jeffries 13 days ago

    Another false teacher/prophet

  • Alecia Infinitely
    Alecia Infinitely 13 days ago

    He will give them all HIV with that poly butthole sex

  • bathsheba
    bathsheba 13 days ago

    He makes no sense. People are incredibly stupid. Impossible to feel sorry for them.

  • Robert Riordan
    Robert Riordan 13 days ago

    Hope isn't cheap

  • Max Power
    Max Power 13 days ago

    There's a fine line between guru and cult leader

  • Deborah B.
    Deborah B. 14 days ago

    just another false profit..
    I mean..

  • Mel Flo
    Mel Flo 14 days ago

    I don’t get what he preaches to his followers but it seems they understand; I am really thick I must admit.

  • Claire Sherman
    Claire Sherman 14 days ago

    This isn't anything new. He's just the Elon musk of newage.

  • Agatha jay
    Agatha jay 14 days ago

    Hmm. No thank Jim.

  • Peter Magro
    Peter Magro 14 days ago +1

    All charlatans are pleasant, at first.

  • ८૦ɱԲ૦Ր੮คცՆע ძυɱც

    Let's get connected.... Via a data cable😋

  • A S
    A S 14 days ago

    How can something be a lie if there is no Truth?

  • A S
    A S 14 days ago

    If there no such thing as absolute truth then why would this not be true ?
    What makes it wrong? Unethical? Or even immoral?
    What makes it crazy?
    I’m interested as to why people who don’t believe in a moral universe, God , absolute truth , are repulsed by this and call it wrong.
    Why do we see cults as wrong when we don’t believe in Truth.
    If nothing means anything then anything is accepted and permissible.

  • /Zacky nor
    /Zacky nor 14 days ago

    Watch we gonna hear bad news about this guy someday lmao people are stupid

  • Heni H
    Heni H 15 days ago +1

    The bodyguard ‘s reaction to his comment re 20% he likes him to employ him said everything about this “guru”. Not a good person but clever enough to mislead many lost souls.

  • bret douglas
    bret douglas 15 days ago

    The men on here are probably being super jealous. The guys happy has tons of people who come to hear him speak and hes good looking. Lol
    I see nothing wrong. People are free to do as they wish if its not harming anyone

  • infobixe root
    infobixe root 15 days ago +1

    21st century jesus.

  • DeShawn Lewis
    DeShawn Lewis 15 days ago

    No different than a church...

  • teambarbie4life
    teambarbie4life 15 days ago +1

    “His ability to explain things in everyone can understand. Especially millennials.” Honest nothing this guys says makes any sense lmao

  • Tiffany Townsend
    Tiffany Townsend 15 days ago +4

    When that girl says "We're supposed to be happy." Says who? Entitled perspective.

  • Lorenza Semaj McCoy Jr.

    So he's a wannabe Jesus?

  • Scott Craig
    Scott Craig 16 days ago

    Total nonsense.

  • skraabe
    skraabe 16 days ago +3

    A millennial Jim Jones. He says many words but really says nothing at all.

  • E.M.A.P
    E.M.A.P 16 days ago

    Osho reincarnated 🤣

  • Omar Faustini
    Omar Faustini 16 days ago

    This guy speech must have been really boring ,most of the people were with their eyes closed sleeping

  • Corbin Fortune
    Corbin Fortune 16 days ago

    Oh shit we in a cult? wtf people....real eyes recognize real lies

  • MrSquiggy123
    MrSquiggy123 16 days ago

    No Booze is where you lost me!