The Controversial Guru Who Wants to 'Upgrade Civilization'

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • Bentinho Massaro has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, supporters the spiritual guru gained through his teachings about “self-realization,” “enlightenment,” and the idea of “upgrading civilization.” While some of his ideas are pretty standard, like the importance of silent meditation, others are controversial: he’s said that 9/11 was an inside job, that he can change the weather, and that humans might one day join forces with aliens.
    To his devout followers, he’s an inspiration-but his critics have accused him of “cult-like” practices and peddling conspiracy theories during his retreats, which run up to $2,000 a pop. For an inside look at Massaro’s teachings, we went to one of his retreats in the Netherlands, speaking with his colleagues, his followers, and Massaro himself to try to understand exactly what the appeal is-and what he makes of the accusations against him.
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Comments • 8 831

  • Crypto Plankton
    Crypto Plankton 9 hours ago

    jfc this I know: this is a con artist and psychopath...100%...I have an incredible intuition for these things and you do too but youre not listening...just look deeply into his eyes and listen what your intuition tells you: stay the f away from this guy

  • Taylor
    Taylor 10 hours ago

    Run of the mill Gnosticism.

  • Freedom2020 o
    Freedom2020 o Day ago

    Don't do drugs

  • Jaime Solis
    Jaime Solis Day ago


  • Jaime Solis
    Jaime Solis Day ago

    " Ive never had to explain it before "
    Sheeple much?🙃

  • Justin Bailey
    Justin Bailey 2 days ago

    Lol a new cult every year it seems. Its funny if you tell people the actual reality of life they run away screaming 😱 but if you tell them a bunch of feel good stuff they will hand over every dollar they got 💰 💵

  • Dauvon Eve
    Dauvon Eve 2 days ago +1

    Hold up at 17:38 did he compare himself to Jesus or Buddha 😂

  • Al. S.
    Al. S. 2 days ago

    I think I've seen Holly Holm as one of the followers 🤔❓

  • Make Asylums Great Again

    Let’s get weird
    👁 👁

  • Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez 3 days ago

    fuck this guy

  • TruthSeekingMissile
    TruthSeekingMissile 4 days ago +1

    His gf is hot as fuck

  • Somnium
    Somnium 4 days ago

    Heaven's Gate all over. Just wait for 2025 for the spaceships to come and take you away.

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H 4 days ago

    Visualize your wallet being emptied.

  • elie rizkallah
    elie rizkallah 4 days ago

    If you're really enlightened you won't say that about yourself... people will see it and tell....
    But anw! he's redirecting people from belief systems to active exercises...
    If you want more insight on yoga check sadhguru he's THE GREAT TEACHER of our era... (in my opinion at least)

  • Schequelle Barber
    Schequelle Barber 5 days ago

    Of course he’s dating the hottest chick in the cult

  • viziunz13 V13
    viziunz13 V13 5 days ago

    cult of snowflakes

  • viziunz13 V13
    viziunz13 V13 5 days ago

    fuckin dumbasses

  • MrAli171
    MrAli171 5 days ago

    Shake me shakra what a load of bollocks

  • byrdman h2o
    byrdman h2o 6 days ago

    Are these all chumpers??? Lmao...i have ocean front property for sale in Iowa..ANYBODY?

  • Hate Is live
    Hate Is live 6 days ago

    Being a Cult leader is the easiest way to have you own harem fantasy

  • Savage Coconut
    Savage Coconut 7 days ago


  • Savage Coconut
    Savage Coconut 7 days ago

    Interviewer to gf: how is he at home ?
    Gf: we watch movies.

  • Thomas Shue's World
    Thomas Shue's World 8 days ago

    This punk is a GURU, LOL. WHAT A SCAM for a bunch of snowflake lemmings. Jesus, are you serious?

  • bardofhighrenown
    bardofhighrenown 8 days ago

    I think what stands out the most to me about this video is how desperate for a spiritual/religious experience people are. I think what he says in this video I have heard talked about more eloquently and clearly by others. But importantly I think he exists he and now and is of a generation that is pretty disillusioned and lonely. They want to be apart of a group, they want to feel they belong, and they want to connect in person with others in a way that isn't centered around hedonistic/material pursuits. I think young people who grew up largely removed from religious experiences are discovering why these institutions have always been important on a social/community level, and now are starting from scratch, we have to reinvent the wheel.

  • Green Goblin from cory in the house

    The intro song is from Pornhub. Thank me later.

  • ToxicGamer
    ToxicGamer 8 days ago

    Matthew, 19:26 - Looking at them, Jesus said, "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

  • Sloatch
    Sloatch 8 days ago

    Read Ayat Alkursi From the quran in his seminar and watch

  • Blanik L-13
    Blanik L-13 9 days ago

    I don’t need any of this mumbo jumbo. Religion, gurus, seers, manic street preachers.
    I found enlightenment in Afghanistan in 2012, the day after an explosion and a 6 hour firefight.
    To really want to live you must nearly die.

  • Jus Livin
    Jus Livin 9 days ago

    life is simple, but because we think intelligence means we are smarter, we loose the naturalness of simplicity, people will pay to find it again and there's nothing wrong with that.

  • Habitually Annoyed
    Habitually Annoyed 9 days ago

    People can be so damn gullible! My gawd
    Edit: I bet all his followers lost friends and family sharing this silent nonsense and starring into their eyes for 10mins while smiling like a psychopath 😳😬

  • Rio Illustrates
    Rio Illustrates 9 days ago

    Dark Triad psycho fucknut

  • Alaska Squatchin Xtreeme
    Alaska Squatchin Xtreeme 10 days ago +1

    Who's this bro?

  • Haider Hadi
    Haider Hadi 11 days ago

    dont know where the west is heading to.
    These are so called educated communities

  • Andrew Agis
    Andrew Agis 12 days ago

    I think this guy has good intentions, but I don't think he knows what he's talking about.

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick 14 days ago

    want to see white privilege? The last 4 videos I watched were white people paying good money to do weird shit at some retreat held by insane people. I'm not saying personal growth isn't important. But let's use all this money to clothe, house, feed and educate our human brothers and sisters before we start wasting it on mindless self indulgence.

    • Blanik L-13
      Blanik L-13 9 days ago

      People spending their own money however they want...INCONCEIVABLE!!!!!

  • ghandigps5
    ghandigps5 15 days ago

    I'm going next year... Who coming with?? #Ghandi

  • Jacqualine Chanansi
    Jacqualine Chanansi 16 days ago

    In the line of duty I am afraid the reporter will be trapped.

  • David Hinkley
    David Hinkley 17 days ago

    ....and do not get me started with the long silent glare eye to eye. Everybody knows that one and what it does to both people. It almost makes one tempted to go into the nouveau guru business ---- and it is just business.

  • David Hinkley
    David Hinkley 17 days ago

    New and unique? It's Osho 2.0 with a super white face/persona. That's it.

  • Abby Sheyba
    Abby Sheyba 18 days ago

    The more time goes by the more people lose their sense of purpose, they'll grasp onto anything just to believe in something. This is not enlightenment, it's disillusionment.

  • S B
    S B 18 days ago +1

    9/11 being an inside job is hardly controversial. It's pretty much accepted as truth at this point...

    • S B
      S B 7 days ago

      @Blanik L-13 good one....

    • Blanik L-13
      Blanik L-13 9 days ago

      You’re an inside job.

  • Kitty K.
    Kitty K. 18 days ago

    If you already have a judgement about him or about the subjects and/or ideas he's talking about, it is not really fair in my eyes to make a documentary about it anymore.
    The documentary will be shown through the eyes of somebody with heavy judgments (from my perspective) so obviously it looks like a cult leader from the perspective of somebody who already thinks its bullshit.

  • Mr Poos
    Mr Poos 18 days ago

    Seems like a huge douche

  • David Mack
    David Mack 20 days ago

    His bodyguard will in a very enlightened manner kick your teeth down your throat 🍃🍃

  • aznscyth
    aznscyth 20 days ago

    I'd rather practice Tai-chi.

  • Jerry Demonboi
    Jerry Demonboi 21 day ago

    All these hoes paid 2000 for this??

  • greg fuzi
    greg fuzi 21 day ago

    Why dont you just go to a zumba shop if you want to dance. If you think you need the exercise that much. I heard a doctor say take a nap you'll live longer. You only have so many heart beats you don't want to waste them.

  • Marco Gaudiosi
    Marco Gaudiosi 22 days ago +1

    Is this the same reporter that almost got eaten by a lion in Dubai?

  • Ęxįlę
    Ęxįlę 22 days ago

    This is the same reason people like going to church. Energy siphoning vampires that love smiles and hugs. When such energy is in abundance it’s like a buffet.

  • Ęxįlę
    Ęxįlę 22 days ago

    Thank god the interviewer actually is inquisitive enough to ask questions and isn’t mind controlled into drooling a small puddle

  • Ęxįlę
    Ęxįlę 22 days ago

    Look how he hugs the interviewer and squeezes her shoulder so he can assert what a peaceful and enlightened being he is...

    • David Mack
      David Mack 8 days ago

      Collective opinion does not guarantee righteousness of..course theres no smoke without fire calling 1000 people fools ?

    • Blanik L-13
      Blanik L-13 9 days ago

      David Mack just because a 1000 fools throw money into a fire doesn’t make them all right.

    • David Mack
      David Mack 20 days ago

      Maybe he is peacefull and loving are so many people wrong

  • Ęxįlę
    Ęxįlę 22 days ago

    Enlightenment is a never ending dopamine loop.

  • Ęxįlę
    Ęxįlę 22 days ago

    This is 100% a cult. No avoiding it.

  • Phil Long
    Phil Long 22 days ago

    Fucking goofy ass humans

  • Alexander Kaufmann
    Alexander Kaufmann 22 days ago

    i love this Psychopath :D

  • MT
    MT 23 days ago


  • Hendrik Frans
    Hendrik Frans 24 days ago

    As I had a traumatic past with cultist, meditation, and buddhism. People should be wary, more more cautious in choosing ones own spiritual path.

  • Matthew Burton
    Matthew Burton 25 days ago

    How the hell do these ignorant fucks find people to believe anything that comes out of their mouth? Much less pay a shit ton of money for a man who is clearly psychopathic to stare at you in a weird way and speak for hours without ever saying a single word! Truly amazing how stupid some people are.

  • kus0mak
    kus0mak 25 days ago +1

    Word salad. Psychobabble. Stream of consciousness. If you can't amaze the masses with your brilliance, baffle them with your bull shit.


    This is bullshit & stupid