RAW POWER! KLM BOEING 777 200ER Takeoff & Landing LAX to AMS w/ ATC

  • Published on Aug 21, 2018
  • KLM Flight# 604 from Los Angeles LAX to Amsterdam Schiphol AMS. Flight time is 9hrs 45min. Takeoff was from runway 24L and landing runway 06.

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  • Coha.nl's Dutch Train Simulator channel

    Cool movie ! 😋

  • George Osborne
    George Osborne 6 days ago

    And on the 11th day God said "Feel The Power"

  • Christopher Worthy
    Christopher Worthy 8 days ago

    Pretty daft filming a take-off & landing of a Aircraft.We all seen how a Aircraft leaves & enters the tarmac of a runway.

    • CN E
      CN E 5 days ago


  • Patrick Spies
    Patrick Spies 8 days ago


  • Vlady Rodriguez
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  • BandfromtheBand
    BandfromtheBand 11 days ago +1

    F'ing magnificent! The Triple 7 is an amazing Aircraft! The sound of those engines is overwhelming. They're so strong, so imposing and yet very reassuring to me. I've always felt safe on a Triple 7. Business and first classes are superb. Especially on British Airways and American.

  • Sebastien MARTINO
    Sebastien MARTINO 13 days ago

    look at the engine at 3:55

  • shahran
    shahran 14 days ago

    Now a days my eyes are in confusion, serously it looks like xplane 11 and the real one looks less realistic😂

  • tankElad1
    tankElad1 15 days ago

    He got there quick :)

  • Josh Anderson
    Josh Anderson 17 days ago +1

    Videos like this get me so excited to start my career with British Airways

  • Moklis Tamimi
    Moklis Tamimi 17 days ago


  • S1dex 1923
    S1dex 1923 18 days ago

    что это у меня в рекомендациях делает?

  • Mauricio Wilson
    Mauricio Wilson 19 days ago

    Veo que el ángulo del sol se mantiene desde el inicio... ¿después de 9:45 horas...? ¡¡ IMPOSIBLE !!

  • pacs CS
    pacs CS 19 days ago +2

    I'm a mechanical engineer. It's impossible to explain how much I would love to hammer those turbofans to takeoff thrust. Such beauties...

    • Apple Pro
      Apple Pro 15 days ago +2

      pacs CS I don’t blame you!

  • 4vndd
    4vndd 19 days ago +1

    Simply superb..and what an efficient air traffic controller.. totally professional ...super shots.. thanks for sharing!

  • recon forsales
    recon forsales 19 days ago +1

    Boeing makes the best planes and engines

    RECKEM ROYS RC 20 days ago

    I'm just amazed at how many views on this video.

  • Zaptor
    Zaptor 21 day ago +5

    Great video and like others have written, thanks for no whacko music.

  • William Franco
    William Franco 21 day ago +1

    a monster of power ( the GE engine )
    - a work of art...perfect human engineering

  • tisoy909
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  • Lorissa LPS
    Lorissa LPS 23 days ago

    Yesterday I flew to LIRA ( Ciampino ) from EPKT in a321-200 and it was my first time that I heard the real engine roar ! ( and I’m flying really often ). I’m pretty sure it was TOGA with full power. It was such an amazing sound ! And btw the aircraft was just 1 year old

  • Ravi Sub
    Ravi Sub 23 days ago

    Nice video.........................

  • Sami S
    Sami S 23 days ago

    Chemtrail generator in action!

  • Mark Harper
    Mark Harper 23 days ago +1

    Awesome! I just wish there was a PMDG version for X-Plane 11 :|

  • Duke71
    Duke71 23 days ago

    that thing burns a lot of oil on takeoff, not good#

  • J4T!N _W.L.
    J4T!N _W.L. 24 days ago +4

    04:52 far back in the background you can see a QANTAS 747 and QANTAS A380.

  • Troy Cameron
    Troy Cameron 24 days ago

    That wasnt full length takeoff, was only 2/3

  • PaulLonden
    PaulLonden 24 days ago

    Fascinating ! No matter how many people take all this for granted.... flying in these huge contraptions remains not short of a miracle.....even though the countless times it went wrong...this is one of the safests ways of traveling....

  • Andrew Le
    Andrew Le 24 days ago

    Nice video of the engine and surroundings!

  • Atom Spiral
    Atom Spiral 24 days ago

    The engine is so hungry that there is no enough air to feed it

  • Wil Jones
    Wil Jones 25 days ago +1

    I only ever travel first Class so i wouldn't normally see this sort of thing, quite interesting seeing it from a workers point of view, toodle-oo.

    • Wil Jones
      Wil Jones 18 days ago

      @Johannes Gaida I think so too.

    • Johannes Gaida
      Johannes Gaida 19 days ago +1

      Good for you!

    • Jasom Kovac
      Jasom Kovac 25 days ago +1

      You mean you fly with ppl? How droll, I've often wondered what it's like to have to travel with others. I'd try it but it wouldn't be ecological to have mine follow me in case I didn't like it.

  • hawkie
    hawkie 25 days ago

    Could someone explain the fog in the engine when starting?

    • hawkie
      hawkie 24 days ago

      @Benjy A many thanks!

    • Benjy A
      Benjy A 25 days ago +1

      The fan and engine sucking in air reduces the pressure in the engine inlet. If the air is moist and close to the limit of how much water vapour it can support, the reduction in pressure causes some of the water to condense out (as the lower air pressure can't hold as much moisture).

  • David Jenkins
    David Jenkins 26 days ago

    Great video

    ARCADIAN MERIDIAN 26 days ago

    that is
    flight simulator x or x--plane 11

  • Ákos Szűcs
    Ákos Szűcs 29 days ago

    I see that this is da Los Angeles airport, in Ingelwood, Californi, USA.... My cousine lives hear. She could fly to "home" in each year since 2012. The only except was the 2013 year... As i remembe! Perhaps she couldnt travel 2 home also in 2015.... I m not sure please! Perhaps she flew home last unfortunately! Maybe, but it is NOT SURE PLEASE! She has got a new job.... She will working as n assistant by a doctor. N unfortunately the doctor said to my cousine, sorry, but you couldn't have holidays please. There are only 10 days(!) free in a year in this praxis! Phoo.... but we hope very much, that she can fly to Hungary in each, o every year please! DE ä: Im Video, der LAX, Los Antscheles, oder Angeles Flughafen zu sehen. Unter den Flugzeug Felde, und die Gemeinde oder das Dorf, Ingelwood, selbst sind. Der Man flug zwischen Los Angeles, California, und Amsterdam... Insgesamt, Flughäfen sind nicht dort, wo das Flugzeugtickett schreibt. Die Warheit: Ich verstehe nicht, warum schreiben die Flugzeugtickette, und Bordkarten anderes! Keine Bedeutung hat dies bitte! Ja, meine Kusine flug endlich nach "hause", Ungarn von Los Angeles. Aber leider es scheint uns, daß das ist der letzen Mal bitte! Sie wont dort seit 2000! Und, das erste Mal zu nach hause kommen war in 2012! In 2ßö013 leider meine Kusine nicht kam hier.

  • Muslim pLAYS BD
    Muslim pLAYS BD Month ago +2

    The engine looks ewww graphic warning for the sun reflection but cool video

  • zeromezomes zakerszongs

    Lol that engine is not GE. It is a Pratt Whitney

    • YelpBullhorn
      YelpBullhorn 16 days ago

      zeromezomes zakerszongs ..... it’s a GE90.

  • Jay Uihlein
    Jay Uihlein Month ago +1

    Awesome! I could watch this all day!

  • A weeaboo
    A weeaboo Month ago +2

    I love the roar straight after the 777 takes off the ground👌

  • Aydin-777
    Aydin-777 Month ago

    Sensationell - TOP ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - 👍🏻‼️

  • Rafail Aliyev
    Rafail Aliyev Month ago

    Great aircraft 777 😍

  • Tap Portugal
    Tap Portugal Month ago

    The KING of airplanes! B777

  • Вальдемар Табуреткин

    ебать -колотить

  • JoanelTreneroobcn
    JoanelTreneroobcn Month ago

    That sound!

  • Stephen R
    Stephen R Month ago

    The Rolls Royce Trent has a way better spool-up. This is a like a kitten.

    • HeavyTakeoffs
      HeavyTakeoffs  Month ago

      Stephen R check out my channel for a Rolls Royce take off by an AA 777

  • Alex Lielbardis
    Alex Lielbardis Month ago

    A good video for those who haven't flown before but wish to fly.

  • RainScratch
    RainScratch Month ago +1

    Sweet resonance in that engine at takeoff. Was that condensation in the intake?

  • MajorMomentMedia
    MajorMomentMedia Month ago

    I'm guessing inside diameter is at least 7feet plus ?

  • Niklas Enblom
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  • George Washington Bush

    What is raw power ??? It is all ok !

  • Alexandre Maia
    Alexandre Maia Month ago +1

    o tamanho dessa turbina impressiona!!!!

  • Jose Ismail
    Jose Ismail Month ago

    it sounds trash like its going to fall down

  • سعود Rj
    سعود Rj Month ago

    B 777 👍
    B 737 👎

  • Pogonomyrmex Rugosus
    Pogonomyrmex Rugosus Month ago +1

    I love watching the wing start to flex as it begins to load.

  • Enteraname
    Enteraname Month ago

    The GEN-X engines are even better

  • Pages Thibault
    Pages Thibault Month ago +1

    Oh Baby, that sound, it's pure magic...

  • david mcgrath
    david mcgrath Month ago

    great video .and great g.e engine /she spins nice

  • Carlos André Andre


  • andrew delacruz
    andrew delacruz Month ago +2

    So the 777 200ER is such a high tech advance plane but yet even after 5 long years of searching, the missing MH370 Malaysian Airlines with 239 lives on board remains the biggest aviation mystery in history.
    Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished in March 2014,while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia, to its destination, Beijing Capital International Airport in China.

  • Ciorchinele Suprem
    Ciorchinele Suprem Month ago

    I'd put one of these bad boys on my 97 Honda Civic.

  • Sugar Can
    Sugar Can Month ago +2

    Sounds like a good washing mashing next time put up P&W ..now that sounds like a 68 mustang

    • John Mc Keown
      John Mc Keown Month ago

      they're SUPPOSED to sound like fucking washing machines !!

  • Dave Cue
    Dave Cue Month ago

    ?fun. does the plane go east or west from lax?

  • Dave Cue
    Dave Cue Month ago

    ?fun. does the plane go east or west from lax?

  • J Craig
    J Craig Month ago

    its never right these things should fly and just look how much that wing bends on take off, EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Muzzyt
      Muzzyt Month ago

      @J Craig for sure lol they are built to a specification.

    • J Craig
      J Craig Month ago

      @Muzzyt if it bent too much it would break :)

    • Muzzyt
      Muzzyt Month ago

      If it didn't bend it would break

  • Vencislav Mihov
    Vencislav Mihov Month ago

    Yes CV 2153 that's why they are all grounded xD

    MAD PEOPLE THINGz Month ago

    Damm, 9 hours and 45 minutes?? from where to where?🤔

    • ChrisG-
      ChrisG- Month ago

      you think that's long? there are literally 19 hr flights

  • Ryan Emery
    Ryan Emery Month ago +1

    3:45 you're welcome

  • honest D
    honest D Month ago

    what is all the white smoke going into the motor?

    • Muzzyt
      Muzzyt Month ago

      Moisture in the air

    ADOBO BONO Month ago


  • pete fofulit
    pete fofulit Month ago

    how noisy ? im sure the rolls engine is so much quieter ?

  • Kiba poohead
    Kiba poohead Month ago

    turbo FAN ??

  • Charles Shi
    Charles Shi Month ago

    Fatal Boeing Plane Accidents Loom in Massive Cover-Up faaoversightextraordinaryairsafetythreat.wordpress.com/2019/05/04/more-fatal-boeing-plane-accidents-loom-in-massive-cover-up

  • Boggie
    Boggie Month ago

    Watching this makes my 107-year-old penis itch like a menstruating vagina.

  • Louis Joseph Blanc
    Louis Joseph Blanc Month ago

    Great Engine Sound

  • MStreppelhoff
    MStreppelhoff Month ago +6

    i wrote this with my left hand because this is true porn :D

  • DelticMatt
    DelticMatt Month ago

    How do u hear wat pilot and ATC ?

  • Noraponさん cool
    Noraponさん cool Month ago

    How did you hook up the ATC during flight?

  • Trung Hồ
    Trung Hồ Month ago +3

    May I ask what seat number to have this view, windows seat of course.

  • jbr496
    jbr496 Month ago

    Are there dual crews on this 9hrs 45min flight?

  • jbr496
    jbr496 Month ago

    Are there dual crews on this 9hrs 45min flight?

  • eM
    eM Month ago

    I like this

  • Lars-Gunnar Grönvald

    Very nice . I like the Video.

  • Dan Mackey
    Dan Mackey Month ago

    Typical CRUNCH landing by European pilots!

    • pete pependowski
      pete pependowski Month ago

      Oh yea there the worst and i should know cause i watch TVclip vids

  • KutWrite
    KutWrite Month ago +5

    Heel goed!
    I recall at least one runway at Schipol being an island when they opened the 747 facilities in 1970. Now it's surrounded by land. Those Dutch and their polders!

  • General Grievous Junior

    Ramsay: Its RAW!

  • Fanus Smit
    Fanus Smit Month ago +1

    This looks like a X Plane 11 flightsim. Am I correct.?

  • Greg Davis
    Greg Davis Month ago

    Check out the wing flex. Several feet at the tip. Normal but still cool.

  • Morgan Field
    Morgan Field Month ago

    Superb. Felt intense throughout. Love air traffic control. No screaming kids...Yay! Thanks so much.👍

  • stevo Kennedy
    stevo Kennedy Month ago +2

    Is that noise normal? It does not sound healthy

    • stevo Kennedy
      stevo Kennedy Month ago +1

      @Hi, im Joe thank you for responding! Ok I learned something new today 🙂

    • Hi, im Joe
      Hi, im Joe Month ago +1

      Steve Turner Yes, the the sound of the turbofan moving at a fast speed

  • Drew Bradbury
    Drew Bradbury Month ago

    Wow great video 😀

  • MrPeerum
    MrPeerum Month ago

    zonde dat je hem niet helemaal op het eind hebt gefilmd,maar evengoed bedankt,mooie video.

  • MrPeerum
    MrPeerum Month ago

    ik zie mijn hotel van toen op 3:24.

  • Andy DUNNE
    Andy DUNNE Month ago

    A bit to quickly on breaks unfortunately id give it a 4

  • David Jones
    David Jones Month ago

    How did you get atc audio

    • Laszlo Peresztegi
      Laszlo Peresztegi Month ago

      David Jones Maybe he took an ATC scanner radio on board and have recorded the audio plus after the editing added to the soundtrack. I’ve been thinking about the same too, to buy an ATC scanner for this purpose. Will it work?

  • Martin
    Martin Month ago +8

    This was really good. I felt as if I was inside the aircraft! Dank U Wel.

  • Jimmy Sanders
    Jimmy Sanders Month ago +1

    I saw a plane flying this route when I was in Las Vegas. Flew right over the Strip.

    • Ecc12:13
      Ecc12:13 28 days ago

      Jimmy, I saw a plane flying too! Omg!

  • P Oucxs
    P Oucxs Month ago +1

    3:40 :D

  • aldebaran
    aldebaran Month ago +1

    ...and, what is the matter?