Free Portable generator, can we fix it?

  • Published on Nov 3, 2019
  • went out on our bulk Garbage cleanup week and scored a bunch of gas powered machines, this is the 1st one for us to work on, its a Generac 5500 generator, my guess is 5-10 years old, lets see why it was thrown out and can we fix it?
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  • Mustie1
    Mustie1  Month ago +101

    Here is the full video of picking the free piles if interested,

    • David Moore
      David Moore Month ago

      My neighbor brought this exact same genny over over last week, I havnt had time to play it it yet, but I was going to do the exact same thing to it

    • Zungruitelbit Ladnaternoche
      Zungruitelbit Ladnaternoche Month ago +1

      Before you started making videos, I bet you were talking to yourself like you talk to us now. You're so good at it.
      Question: I have a 800 watts 4 stroke chinese generator without the recoil start which happen to rotate reverse to every motor I have seen before. I start it with a cordless drill. Do you have any idea where I could find or rig a reverse recoil start? I want to give it to a friend but she doesn't have the skills to use it that way.
      Thanks again for your spellbinding videos. I have learned a lot through them.

    • ger traba
      ger traba Month ago

      can he fix it?? YES HE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another successful rehab by M! as for the gas cap I would run a few strips of DUCK TAPE around it and call it a day until next years pick U can find another cap

    • Brad Bozarth
      Brad Bozarth Month ago +4

      Already watched! :)

    • RockIsland Rides
      RockIsland Rides Month ago +4

      Well here's the culprit ! I have to much gas in my water! Good prognosis and explanation Mustie. As you've pointed out, one can see by the factory indent in the top of the tank, a bad gas cap gasket and a cracked sight lens.., all a good recipe for failure especially when left out in the weather, no doubt it was probably parked under an eave of the shed or home given the amount of water. You clearly have more than just a basic understanding of small engines, you also possess a good down to earth sense approach. Thanks brother for all you do, awesome videos.. LOL I've gotten in trouble with the boss for bringing coffee cups out in the garage, used them for everything except coffee.

  • Harry LaFountain
    Harry LaFountain 8 hours ago

    You got a Taryl cup😄 nice!!

  • jjulian1783
    jjulian1783 2 days ago

    I have no idea why your videos were recommended to me, but I’m glad they did as I quite enjoy them and learned some things in the process. Also, I find your voice very relaxing.

  • Frannie
    Frannie 2 days ago

    i have a champion generator. I use it on a daily basis on average 6-12 hrs. a day. I change oil approximately every 40 to 60 hrs. of run time. had it since june 2019. I got some bad gas, full of contaminants. did not notice it until it was to late. now the generator will not start. I checked the flow of gas, it all seems to be working right. however when its about to start, it backfires. it acts like it's flooding itself. I cant seem to cure the issue. is there any suggestions that you or anyone might be able to give me to get it back running? buying a new one is not cost efficient for me at this point in time. I will if need be but I would rather expend all other options trying to get the one I have up and going before I do. I am no small engine repairman. so honestly I have no idea what to do or how to fix it. the closest repair shop I know of is about 50 miles away from me. it's a hassle to take the trip.

    • Mustie1
      Mustie1  2 days ago

      @Frannie l would check valve clearance for sure then

    • Frannie
      Frannie 2 days ago

      @Mustie1 yeah, pulled the valve plate, took the float out shook it to make sure it was not filled, wiped the needle off even blew through the line in to make sure it cut off. i actually just come in from working on it. i'm not sure but I think the compression thing it messed up or the motor is blown. with the plug still in, it spins to freely when I try to start it. I guess i'm gonna take it to a small engine repairman tomorrow. if the price of repair exceeds the cost of a new one then i'll get a new one. and keep the broke one for parts.

    • Mustie1
      Mustie1  2 days ago

      have you adjusted the valves yet and pull the float bowl to clean it?

  • B. Hoffmann
    B. Hoffmann 2 days ago

    Oh no, you own a 'Taryl Dactal Coffee Mug' and you pour gasoline in, instead of keeping it in the glass cabinet. I would be glad to have one. There's your dinner...

  • larry smoker
    larry smoker 4 days ago

    Well... when the truck vid mustie1

  • Michael Mathews
    Michael Mathews 5 days ago

    A slappy valve is a happy valve!

  • M 511
    M 511 5 days ago

    Musti can you buy a 2troke car in the futur that would be awesome like an Watburg or Trabant

  • Martin Roy
    Martin Roy 10 days ago

    Good video. Learned a lot

  • KJ6EPL
    KJ6EPL 11 days ago

    Mustie, many generators have a battery charging port. The instructions often say to not power anything else while charging a battery. Other than not exceeding the generator's max continuous output, do you know why this is?

  • papa bits
    papa bits 12 days ago

    That ain’t no honda

  • Dale Burrell
    Dale Burrell 12 days ago

    12:05...well, if you say so-!!

  • rolls _879
    rolls _879 13 days ago +2

    I'm sorry mustie, the dislikes were on 68, what was I to do?

    Edit: don't worry, i couldn't bring myself to do it

  • John Clarke
    John Clarke 14 days ago

    A Fram 3614 fits most of them.

  • John Clarke
    John Clarke 14 days ago

    Mighty thick gas I would say.

  • bloody death
    bloody death 15 days ago +1

    would of got some steel wool on that muffler it would come right up i think

  • Watcher Watchmen
    Watcher Watchmen 19 days ago

    Words of caution: I just read the service manual for my 9hp unit and the valve clearance adjustment should be 1/4 turn of the crankshaft PAST top dead center, .005" intake .005" exhaust. At TDS mine had no slop, so yours might be the same, so be sure to verify.
    Second, Congrats on the find. This generator has a Briggs and Stratton Japanese produced engine with cast iron sleeves. Generac farmed out production to China now. If you had found a later Generac model, it would be about the same quality as Harbor Freight. The older B&S engines are better quality and worth rebuilding, even if it needed new rings. Lucky for you it wasn't anything worse than a carb rebuild.
    I'm in the middle of my overhaul, so thank you for the video and your efforts to share your knowledge! I still have to do the carbs on mine. I also have the high oil mark on the dipstick, so gas has leaked past the rings from the carbs. Did you soak the carbs in pine sol to loosen up the varnish? Used that a lot for my motorcycle carbs and it's works a treat!

  • Dan Swinehart
    Dan Swinehart 21 day ago

    Sell it back to the poor schmuck who abandoned it?

  • Pyro G.C. C
    Pyro G.C. C 22 days ago

    Nice job.👍👍👍👍👍

  • Victory First
    Victory First 23 days ago

    The term you were trying to find from your gray matter is called "water tension".

  • Eugene Courtney
    Eugene Courtney 24 days ago

    I heard your Father worked at 3M Company in Mass. my 1st cousin, Maurice Courtney, worked there also until retirement, did he know him?

  • Amechi Okoro
    Amechi Okoro 24 days ago

    If you have one of those wheel kits to sale, do let me know

  • Douglas Carson
    Douglas Carson 25 days ago

    Picking your booger on camera.. really Mustie?? Lol

  • Daniel Nixon
    Daniel Nixon 26 days ago

    Have you ever found a replacement gas level gas cap Mustie1? I need a few.

  • ceedell
    ceedell 26 days ago

    Nice score Darrin!

  • Greasehandz Garage
    Greasehandz Garage 27 days ago

    It's pretty cool you do that! I don't ever get anything as exciting as that, however hopefully I will be getting a few lawnmowers soon to fix. Most likely though, I will get the majority of the mowers next summer after they've been sitting during the winter and won't start after that. Usually I can empty the gas and give the carb a quick clean and it'll start right up.

  • Amechi Okoro
    Amechi Okoro 27 days ago

    Hey, I love to watch you fix those generators and more. I have a 10000 watts generac exl and don't know where to get the wheel kit. Can you help. Again there's oil all over the engine and was told it's from the crankcase. Crank oil seal failure. What should I do

  • 45papadoc
    45papadoc 27 days ago


  • Trece Daves
    Trece Daves 28 days ago

    I never noticed that we have the same coffee cup. Mine has a big crack in it. I wonder if he truly fixes all??

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson 28 days ago

    3:05 . I have that same tub....can't remember where it came from....maybe USPS...maybe a local Candle Factory...I just can't remember, all I know it that it's worth keeping.

  • Buddy Carroll
    Buddy Carroll 28 days ago

    Nice you something to crow about....

  • Brad O'Neal
    Brad O'Neal 28 days ago +1

    Lucky, I never stumble across good stuff like this. Mowers with rods sticking out the side.

  • Swordie100
    Swordie100 28 days ago

    "It doesn't taste like gas"
    Really Darren? XD

  • Gavin Sumpter
    Gavin Sumpter 29 days ago

    Hey mustie I have a question about a generic (I believe it's that brand) generator
    It's an older one that we bought and it sat for about 6 years and my cousin got it running. It runs fine but it only runs when the choke is on. The carb has been taken off and cleaned and float works normal. What could be the cause of it running only on choke? It delivers 120 volts when loaded and runs fine besides choke has to be in non stop. Once you turn the choke off it's like you hit the kill switch. It's been taken to a guy who works on small engines and he can't figure it out himself. Even with the choke off no matter how you adjust the idle screw it still shuts off. Maybe you have an input on it.

  • Robert N
    Robert N 29 days ago

    i'm bringin' my travel mug hahahahahaha...............

  • Tommy Huffman
    Tommy Huffman 29 days ago

    you find all the good toys!

  • mojo
    mojo 29 days ago

    u rock

  • Sajal Jeet
    Sajal Jeet 29 days ago +1

    Whenever I feel exhausted of this life and world I come here and just listen and watch mustie fixing things.

  • James Russell
    James Russell Month ago

    Generac gensets are top notch generators! As long as they're well taken care of, they'll last a very long time, as would any generator that's kept well maintained. I've got two pulsar generators and one champion and all three are well maintained

  • hawkturkey
    hawkturkey Month ago

    Is the door open in that garage while running the engine?

  • hawkturkey
    hawkturkey Month ago

    So what substance was the "booger"?

  • cockshuttboy20 Ivan Grant

    Amazing pick

  • Rene Jackson
    Rene Jackson Month ago

    I have run these generators for 15 years. I have become used to their quirks. Two can adjust the voltage; through the panel on to the circuit board there is a dashpot for voltage adjustment, back, on the left side of the control panel. Second thing, it seems to be common for the exhaust valve to become tight. I think the valve seat is slowly mashed deeper into the aluminium head.

  • Robert Keene
    Robert Keene Month ago

    @Mustie1 I have a Honda eb3000c and it’s missing the screws or bolts that hold the carburetor to the engine the question is what kind of screws or bolts are used

  • Ben Kanobe
    Ben Kanobe Month ago

    Always fill oil filter with oil prior to installation. Wait for the oil to be absorbed by media and fill again. Repeat until oil is no longer absorbed. Then install. If concerns about spilling, just dump excess out as media will still be soaked. If not, this can lead to incorrect oil level readings if taken right away after filling crankcase. Doing this will also avoid dry-starts on engines you love and take care of. Just saying......

  • V Vogt
    V Vogt Month ago

    Awesome Score Brother! Thanks for doing these Awesome Videos. My Uncle gave me a pressure washer. Got to go check it out. Thanks for the Great Advice.

  • Peet Nel
    Peet Nel Month ago

    Mustie1 thanks for all your videos and sharing, I really enjoy all your videos!
    You have inspired me to start making clips of what I do, though it’s much different to you as I mainly come from the electrical / electronics side.
    One of these days I will need to do my chainsaw though, as I do believe it has fuel in, which I not know why it shouldn’t, and thanks to you I know what to do about it!

  • ʀᴇᴛʀᴏᴀᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ

    Throw-away consumerism. Too much money and no brains.

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore Month ago

    Mustie1, I just purchased a dune buggy with a VW engine. There is no engine code under the alternator pedestal. How do I determine the cc's of the engine?

    • Mustie1
      Mustie1  Month ago

      hmm, is it a single port or dual port

  • smaki1997
    smaki1997 Month ago

    I Swear I saw this on facebook marketplace and almost picked it up the other day for 50 bucks......

  • Jonny Chooch
    Jonny Chooch Month ago

    Just goes to show people are too quick to throw away stuff theses days.

  • Brad Bohanan
    Brad Bohanan Month ago

    Im a big fan man ! Would like to see some Harley Davidson videos. Keep up the good work. Later

    • Mustie1
      Mustie1  Month ago

      never had one but have been keeping my eyes open

  • morganman78
    morganman78 Month ago

    Another win for Mustie1. I am curious how you prefer to clean up carburetors if your ultrasonic cleaner is not available? As a relatively new arrival, I really enjoy your content, keep up the good work!

  • daniel jonhson
    daniel jonhson Month ago

    I'm trying to find out if the 1.5 KW army generator you found works

  • pyronitro
    pyronitro Month ago

    is that a sasquatch chicken?

  • LingsKazemiro
    LingsKazemiro Month ago

    Mustie I really like your videos but why leave every single work you do running on idle and for ages? Surely if there's a problem, a guy with your experience can see it within a few seconds of it running! Again I really dig the videos but maybe think a bit more about the planet. Or your lungs... Sorry but couldn't not point that out

    • LingsKazemiro
      LingsKazemiro 29 days ago

      Mustie1 I was just saying that it’d be cool if you could reduce the idle times as much as possible...every little helps when it comes to saving our planet...

    • Mustie1
      Mustie1  Month ago

      are you complianing that l am letting it run for 5 minutes, l dont understand the comment,

  • Ferrell Johns
    Ferrell Johns Month ago

    Fantastic score !

  • Scrap Jockey
    Scrap Jockey Month ago

    Nice scrap find and good job bringing it back to life. Scrap on

  • Patrick Brookings
    Patrick Brookings Month ago +1

    I wonder if the person who put this out saw this video and is now sorry that they trashed it :)

  • john brown
    john brown Month ago +2

    Idling well, I have worked on many of these and had some of them "hunt".

    • john brown
      john brown 29 days ago +1

      @Rob C We sometimes had to change the tensioner spring. That was the biggest problem when we were building up generator sets .

    • Rob C
      Rob C Month ago

      Hunting often caused by a partially clogged jet or a sticking float needle valve. Sometimes a bottle of fuel injector cleaner mixed with fresh gas will fix the problem without pulling the carb.