Top 10 Good Cartoons That Went Bad

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • These great cartoons that got bad over time, make us wish that somebody had pulled the plug earlier. We’ll be looking at some of the animated giants that started out strong, then just lost their zing along the way. They could’ve dipped in quality, overstayed their welcome, or could’ve just ended on an abysmal note. WatchMojo ranks the greatest cartoons that got bad over time. Which great cartoon do you think went downhill? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 1 812

  • Warren Hertfelder
    Warren Hertfelder 2 days ago

    “So anyway I’m strangling him..” I laugh at that every time.

  • Kutalp Arslan
    Kutalp Arslan 2 days ago +2

    Where is Ben 10
    Original Ben 10:Perfect
    Ben 10 Alien Force:Good
    Ben 10 Ultimate Force:Ok
    Ben 10 Omniverse:Son of a Bitch

  • I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

    Number 12: Gumball
    Number 11: South Park

  • fire ballgx5
    fire ballgx5 2 days ago +1

    Im in darger

  • david olsen
    david olsen 4 days ago

    Don't talk crap about Teen Titans.

  • Jamar White
    Jamar White 6 days ago +1

    what about power puff girls, didn't that get bad?

  • Dabbing Pikachu101
    Dabbing Pikachu101 6 days ago

    Oh forgot a rule
    No smoking and the D word…

  • Dabbing Pikachu101
    Dabbing Pikachu101 6 days ago

    I really want family guy (for kids)
    No blood
    No bad words

  • TheGodOfPez
    TheGodOfPez 8 days ago

    I think everybody called #1 in advance.

  • Tamarah Ford
    Tamarah Ford 10 days ago +2

    So It's Not Seth's Fault "Family Guy Got Bad. It's Fox's!

  • Tamara Ford
    Tamara Ford 10 days ago +2

    So it's not Seth's fault Family Guy got bad if it's foxes

  • boi thunda
    boi thunda 11 days ago

    Boondocks didn’t fall off worse than Family Guy. Not at all

  • Mer K
    Mer K 11 days ago

    Cartoon. Planet.

  • Dasia Reed
    Dasia Reed 11 days ago

    Actually the boodndocks last season before the reboot happens is actually good

  • First Last
    First Last 12 days ago

    South Park was terrible when it started, it got a lot better as time went on, and now it sucks again.

  • Cynthia Pickett
    Cynthia Pickett 12 days ago

    Part of the problem lies with adult MALES often hijacking the audiences of otherwise kid shows (too many cases); witness the unfortunate Adult Swim channel.

  • Googies Monster
    Googies Monster 12 days ago +2

    Why wasn’t Voltron on this list??????

  • Railen Herman
    Railen Herman 12 days ago

    Haven’t you made this list 3 times before?

  • Ryan Katumba
    Ryan Katumba 12 days ago +1

    Ben 10 then reboot

  • KritoSkywaker
    KritoSkywaker 13 days ago

    Powerpuff Girls 2016?

  • marmik961
    marmik961 13 days ago

    I don't think that Teen Titans went bad at all.

  • Lanre Akerele
    Lanre Akerele 14 days ago +2

    If the Boondocks is announced to return for new season which's 2, then The Teen Titans should make a comeback from cancellation and leave the weird one behind as a replacement

  • Koala Guy
    Koala Guy 14 days ago +1

    Teen titans go ruined teen titans

  • Koala Guy
    Koala Guy 14 days ago +1

    I knew spongebob would go downhill when Stephen hillenburg died😭😭😭😭😭

  • Koala Guy
    Koala Guy 14 days ago +2

    The Disney Doug reboot ruined doug

    • M S
      M S 12 days ago +1


  • JoJo Siwa Sucks
    JoJo Siwa Sucks 14 days ago

    Spongebob has been on the air for 20 years now so they probably started running out of ideas

  • Fucking Weeb
    Fucking Weeb 14 days ago

    Teen titans? U good?

  • Chichichickennugget
    Chichichickennugget 14 days ago

    Does anybody remember Justice League?

  • Josh B
    Josh B 14 days ago

    Pokemon anime should be on the list

    • M S
      M S 12 days ago

      Only cartoons on this list, not anime.

  • Merrick 724
    Merrick 724 15 days ago

    One punch man season 2 should be number 1
    change my mind

    • M S
      M S 12 days ago

      Although, that being said, I would like them to do this list on anime series as well.

    • M S
      M S 12 days ago

      Only cartoons on this list, not anime.

  • Sauce Saw
    Sauce Saw 15 days ago +2

    R.I.P. Stephen Hillenburg the Eli whitney of my and probably lots of other people's childhood

  • ShelLuser
    ShelLuser 15 days ago +1

    This is why it's actually better to add a proper ending to a series instead of trying to milk it dry for eternity. Because if you go to the well too many times people will eventually grow bored with it.

  • yummy Rosebud
    yummy Rosebud 15 days ago +2

    Family guy has sucked for years.

  • Joshua Castro
    Joshua Castro 15 days ago +1

    Is RWBY considered here?

    • M S
      M S 12 days ago +1

      Personally, I thought it was gonna be on here.

  • SuperChiko4000
    SuperChiko4000 16 days ago

    This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥⭐🌟🌟✨

  • Khabir Savage
    Khabir Savage 16 days ago

    me hell yea i cant wait for dat shit

  • Jaylen Jackson
    Jaylen Jackson 16 days ago

    Spongebob now, is like a really bad acid trip...

  • matthew hull
    matthew hull 16 days ago

    Was isnt South Park on here?

  • Chestershawn815
    Chestershawn815 16 days ago +1

    once once fairly oddparents changed chester's voice actor it was downhill for the series

  • Long duk dong
    Long duk dong 16 days ago

    Archer should have been on this list. The first 6 seasons are comedic gold and the last three have been utter trash.

  • Hmingthana Vanchhawng
    Hmingthana Vanchhawng 16 days ago

    Ben 10
    Ben 10
    Ben 10
    Ben 10
    Ben 10

  • D Bone
    D Bone 16 days ago +2

    They aren't wrong about the The Boondocks. And that makes me sad.

  • sonysfan19992
    sonysfan19992 16 days ago

    1 Family Guy
    2 Fairly Oddparents
    3 The Simpsons
    4 Spongebob
    5 Rugrats
    6 Phineas and Ferb
    7 Adventure Time
    8 The Powerpuff Girls
    9 Dexter's laboratory
    10 Looney Tunes

  • Drew Lewis
    Drew Lewis 16 days ago

    Out of the 10 shows they named, 4 of them are from Nickelodeon.

    • M S
      M S 12 days ago


  • Mangle The pirate
    Mangle The pirate 17 days ago

    I wasn’t even born when SpongeBob first came out lol

  • TBSandNFL
    TBSandNFL 17 days ago

    Motherfucker...... Teen Titans was amazing start to finish.

  • Debra the Muggle
    Debra the Muggle 17 days ago +2

    Wait, no Total Drama? After the first season Island, everything just went downhill. Don't even get me started on the characters.

  • Linda Gray
    Linda Gray 17 days ago

    What about the Powerpuff Girls?

  • David V
    David V 17 days ago +1

    We really miss you, Timmy Turner and your fairies.

  • David V
    David V 17 days ago +1

    I miss you, Timmy Turner and your fairies.

  • QTPie
    QTPie 17 days ago +1

    Teen Titans Go can just burn in hell. It totally ruined the show and its beloved characters. I hated it and still do.

  • robert m
    robert m 17 days ago

    This should get more dislikes than likes because of how mean it is

  • Gewglesux
    Gewglesux 17 days ago

    Love Space Ghost/ Boondocks Ren/Stimpy/
    if i'm not mistaken the Simpsons started on the Tracy Ullman show.

    • M S
      M S 12 days ago


  • Jacob
    Jacob 17 days ago

    I had no idea fairly odd parents was going on that long goddamn

  • crazyelvis14
    crazyelvis14 18 days ago

    The only people who still watch the simpsons are the LGBT and vegans

  • deeboy1894
    deeboy1894 18 days ago +1

    Teen titans shouldn’t be on this
    list it stayed good

  • CrazyJayBe
    CrazyJayBe 18 days ago

    Most of these shows ran out of steam. Family Guy is the only one that spun the car around, aimed for the cliff, and floored it.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 18 days ago +1

    I cant believe Family Guy wasnt number 1, it's worse than the simpsons, at least the Simpsons is watchable, unlike family guy.

  • Mark D
    Mark D 18 days ago +4

    I was personally offended when Disney started doing Doug.