Making Random Baby Stop Crying!

  • Published on Jul 23, 2019
  • Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 761

  • DATLILBOYttv __
    DATLILBOYttv __ 19 hours ago

    The first time I rode space mountain was in 2013

  • abby Clark
    abby Clark Day ago

    he flipped me off on a tour bus welcome to california

  • abby Clark
    abby Clark Day ago

    he flipped me off on a tour bus welcome to california

  • Ryanmanpc
    Ryanmanpc 2 days ago

    I fucking love Disney world bitchesssss

  • Mr. Seal
    Mr. Seal 2 days ago

    Lol that’s what Disney looks likeeeee

  • Lane Bybee
    Lane Bybee 3 days ago

    11:42 stranger things referance

  • Toxic Dom777
    Toxic Dom777 6 days ago

    I liked that stranger things reference

  • Keith Arm
    Keith Arm 6 days ago

    They were talking about your merch on radio in Winston-Salem NC.. specifically virginity rocks t-shirts in schools everywhere..

  • bill McBride
    bill McBride 9 days ago


  • pandorilla ?
    pandorilla ? 10 days ago

    I love going to disney

  • Carrie Peel
    Carrie Peel 11 days ago

    That’s my dream to go to Disney with Danny Duncan literally my biggest dream ever

  • Charlie Barratt-smith
    Charlie Barratt-smith 11 days ago +1

    Am I the only one that realised Danny included a stranger things reference

  • Shane nope
    Shane nope 12 days ago

    Danny *imagine* duncan

  • James Jennings
    James Jennings 12 days ago

    Next tour come to edna tx


    Danny should have kids lol

  • Lebron's Trash
    Lebron's Trash 13 days ago

    11:42 did u just make a stranger things reference

  • jelly quijano
    jelly quijano 18 days ago

    In the drawing he looked like shaggy from scooby doo

  • Huvk
    Huvk 18 days ago

    What the fuck man come to lafayette indiana👌💪🏽

  • Noah
    Noah 19 days ago

    Space mountain is the shiiit

  • Chansmone Southimath
    Chansmone Southimath 19 days ago

    That’s the same hotel I went to but in L.A

  • Apollo_ winter
    Apollo_ winter 20 days ago

    Nice stranger things refference

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells 24 days ago

    I hope universal studio and Disney paid Daddy's way because they just got the best damn advertisement that money can buy!

  • Leonizio
    Leonizio 24 days ago

    Imagine that ball hits a baby

  • Jean O Malley
    Jean O Malley 24 days ago

    Danny should clean up his language

  • sea weed29
    sea weed29 25 days ago +1

    Bruh these swan from the warrior game ps2 is fucking retarded

  • NinoValley
    NinoValley 27 days ago

    7:38 why did he yell "lets go!!" hella aggressively ? you just got there and youre doin good...why do you wanna leave so bad

    • MrDLB
      MrDLB 17 days ago

      NinoValley lmfao

  • NinoValley
    NinoValley 27 days ago

    when only kids under 15 know you...youre not famous lol but atleast youll have a loyal fan base for almost 10 years

  • Exirsist
    Exirsist 27 days ago

    can we get a Danny Duncan Jumpshot i need it for 2k20

  • Reagan Fithian
    Reagan Fithian 27 days ago

    Popeyes is flame

  • jeffrey mung
    jeffrey mung 28 days ago

    8:23 Danny duncan...more like daddy Duncan

  • Frankie Paredes
    Frankie Paredes 28 days ago

    Hey Danny bro I’ve been watching you for a while and I just luv your vids and I wish that you would go to Dollywood with me on my birthday on October 3 I really luv your vids bro

  • anue
    anue Month ago

    imagine tripping on acid going down that tunnel

  • da fosho show
    da fosho show Month ago

    Danny you need to come to indiana

  • Jae Bush
    Jae Bush Month ago


  • notagoon695
    notagoon695 Month ago

    Dmt land right there

  • Caleb Kendall
    Caleb Kendall Month ago

    69 k likes

  • gina scheibner
    gina scheibner Month ago

    “ It’s hefe “

  • Serenity Gaming clan

    “You smell like a fuckin ehg dude”😂😂😂😂😂

  • nick Gilstrap
    nick Gilstrap Month ago


  • Gary Winthorpe
    Gary Winthorpe Month ago

    At 8:30 I wish he just turned and threw him into the fucking water

  • The Little Kid
    The Little Kid Month ago


  • The Little Kid
    The Little Kid Month ago


  • Hezekiah Mccomb
    Hezekiah Mccomb Month ago

    Bruh the airport🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Josh Hale
    Josh Hale Month ago

    7:40 my kinda girl !!!

  • Mallory Greeke
    Mallory Greeke Month ago

    we love how the video is at 69k likes

  • Daniel Gorskikh
    Daniel Gorskikh Month ago


  • Mason Albertin
    Mason Albertin Month ago

    Fly's Aaron out to Florida and immediately fly's back to California once he gets there lmfao

  • Chase Caraway
    Chase Caraway Month ago +1

    Look how many likes you have

  • Mark Pesch
    Mark Pesch Month ago +1


  • B751east games
    B751east games Month ago

    I been on all these rides and holy fuck the first ride Danny went on terrified the shit out of me the whole ride it’s straight flashing and I can see nothing

  • Dude Dis
    Dude Dis Month ago

    First 3 rides you got on we’re the rides that I remember the most 7 years ago when I was 6

  • Gavin Noel
    Gavin Noel Month ago

    easily the funniest thing i’ve seen all dah

  • Natalie Hebert
    Natalie Hebert Month ago

    It took me a long time to find this video. I'm the girl in the orange shirt at 10:12. He said "slow down young lady" to my grandma 😂😂

  • cody bradley
    cody bradley Month ago

    I saw you shoot those shots man. I yelled from the Simpsons ride and you showed ya winnings. I was hoping I made the video

  • KanesGames
    KanesGames Month ago

    11:47 broooo I was just thereeee

  • Jigga J
    Jigga J Month ago +1

    good work bro you're a huge inspiration and you have inspired me to start my own channel if you can help out I would appreciate it # #virginity rocks

  • mason bolen
    mason bolen Month ago

    That’s my grandma

  • Freddy Montoya
    Freddy Montoya Month ago

    U gotta get frozen butter beer it is way better 🍻

  • Why do i have subscribers ?


  • Ayla Oleff
    Ayla Oleff Month ago

    Turn around look at what you see
    Lying here
    A boy and his virginityyyyyyyyyyyy
    (Also il this)