when reviewbrah laughs at his cat

  • Published on Mar 15, 2018
  • if you haven’t subscribed to him already, you’re seriously missing out. his channel is reportoftheweek. he’s basically god status.
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  • Senpai City
    Senpai City 11 days ago

    Why does the cat have the look that describes I know a guy who's going to break your legs?

  • Trashboi Ty 原始の
    Trashboi Ty 原始の 27 days ago +1

    Good job
    Ladies and gentlemen
    Equal to
    Like I said

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  26 days ago

      hahahaha yes, his most used words in this video. the way he describes things is so funny

  • RussellThePumpkin
    RussellThePumpkin Month ago +1

    He repeats himself like 10 times in this review.

  • cheshire cat
    cheshire cat Month ago +1

    That cat looks like a fat roman emperor waiting on women to feed him grapes

  • R Y
    R Y Month ago

    trump talks like this. saying 1 or 2 things and then repeating it in many different ways and then acting like he said very interesting things.

  • Tacoma Suplex
    Tacoma Suplex Month ago

    Is that a jojo reference

  • Joyful Angel
    Joyful Angel Month ago +1

    Reviewbrah and his domestic lion. Lol wait what? nevermind have a good day, *walks away and tries not to laugh* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! oops my bad for laughing.

    • Joyful Angel
      Joyful Angel Month ago

      @zoe 101 that's true lol

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Month ago +1

      hahahahah, it’s great, isn’t it? he’s too much

  • L G Geek Master
    L G Geek Master 2 months ago +1

    He was high
    Maybe an energy drink is to much
    But he is high

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Month ago

      if you know reciewbrah, you know that that man never drinks and more than likely never smokes weed. he’s a very conservative type of guy, very put together and straight edge, i think. which is good! it makes him who he is. a dude wearing a full suit with his hair slicked back reviewing food and drinks for his yt channel, who could ask for more? lmao

  • Liefssmarije
    Liefssmarije 2 months ago +2

    Cats and dogs always take after their owner

  • Sollux Captor
    Sollux Captor 2 months ago +2


    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Month ago

      he must be protecc at all costs lmao

  • Pearl the rebel
    Pearl the rebel 2 months ago +1

    What’s his cat’s name?

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  26 days ago

      michael martin aw damn, that’s a shame. i had no idea. such a beautiful cat that i’m sure brought many good laughs and smiles and comfort to reviewbrah while he had him hanging around

    • michael martin
      michael martin Month ago +1

      The cat is called Willie but it actually isn't his cat and unfortunately the cat passed away in May 2017

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Month ago

      i’m not sure! he has a few walking around in the background of some of his videos so i really don’t know, lol

  • Pearl the rebel
    Pearl the rebel 2 months ago +3


  • Aiyana Sunshine
    Aiyana Sunshine 2 months ago +2

    Can someone give me the think to the original or is it gonee

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Month ago

      i doubt its gone, but i would definitely try to look up reviewbrah red bull green energy drink! you’ll probably be able to find it. i’ll try to find the link for ya 🙃

  • Eduardo Rivera
    Eduardo Rivera 2 months ago +8

    I searched "Report of the week laughing" and was glad to find this. I'm a fairly new subscriber to him and ever since watching him react to him being a meme, I loved seeing him get caught off guard my certain comedic instances. I feel like watching him laugh is like viewing him candidly. The fact that he's so poised yet still breaks such a manner for a seemingly incontrollable laugh is just hilarious. It's almost like watching bloopers for a sitcom. Why do we like watching bloopers so much? Because you just can't help but to love genuine laughter.

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Month ago +3

      and yes, bloopers are always everyone’s favorite. i might even try to upload a compilation of reviewbrah, awkward moments, funny moments, him laughing. it seems to make a lot of people react well, lol

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Month ago

      Eduardo Rivera EXACTLY! this comment made me smile and it is spot on! that’s why i loved his clip and why i had to edit and reupload it. watching him laugh is getting a glimpse of him being candid and completely genuinely his pure self. the cat is just making him giggle uncontrollably bc it keeps whipping it’s tail and it just plopped down right in front of where he was filming, lol. just undeniably heart warming. a guy in a full on old time suit, slicked back hair, poised as fuck, filming videos of himself reviewing foods and drinks for his yt channel. who could ask for more? he’s a meme but a god amongst mere mortals, lmao

  • Bridget King
    Bridget King 2 months ago +3

    That cat is so content and peaceful the energy seeps through the screen

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Month ago

      oh yeah, i could tell that right away! so sweet. i think reviewbrah gives off good energy so in turn, his cat is relaxed. and he seems the type to treat his cats well so that only makes me like him more, haha. such an innocent soul

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago +14

    When you need 500 more words to make reach the requirement

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Month ago +1

      right? literally me in college, reading my half assed essay to the class

  • Brian Perez
    Brian Perez 2 months ago +18

    "And it does; again, have a nice kiwi and, tangy flavor to contradict the sweetness. Very thorough drink, you pay for what you get, simply put." Just in case you didn't quite hear all 13 attempts.

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Month ago +1

      Brian Perez hahaha, yeah, that’s what had my laughing so hard. i love it. i don’t believe reviewbrah is on any type of spectrum, he’s just from a different time period or planet all together. i could be wrong, though because i know this is a trait for certain things like autism or asperger’s, as the girl above me stated. that would make me feel horrible if so bc i don’t want him or anyone to think i’m making fun of that! he’s just a wholesome man, with hilarious things to say

    • Bella R
      Bella R 2 months ago +1

      Yea he repeats four times, I counted. My brother used to do the same in conversations, it's actually a trait of autism or Asperger's, not sure which, but my brother is possibly also on the spectrum.. lol

  • Fussion Lynx
    Fussion Lynx 2 months ago +17

    My IQ isnt high enough to undertand reviewbraw

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Month ago

      lmao! i doubt you have a low IQ but i get what u mean 😂

  • интернет Spitfire
    интернет Spitfire 4 months ago +1

    I’ve tried this drink before,it’s not good. But that’s besides the fact his cat is fucking precious

  • Bui Han
    Bui Han 4 months ago +29

    is the cat mind controlling him

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  3 months ago +2

      Bui Han lmao it honestly might be

    • godsavecanada
      godsavecanada 4 months ago +4

      I liked ur comment cause i can

  • Angad
    Angad 6 months ago +21

    I can die in peace now. Thanks ;-)

  • yikes elle
    yikes elle 6 months ago +34

    his cat is so pretty though, the eyes

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Month ago

      i agree! makes me so sad bc my first cat angel died a few years ago and she had the exact SAME color eyes and eye shape and the same fluffy ass tail. but she was a calico

  • comrade zed
    comrade zed 6 months ago +61

    That cat gave humanity a great gift ( that laugh) press F to respect the cat

  • Diego Gzz
    Diego Gzz 7 months ago +123

    It’s not a cat, it’s his tiger

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  7 months ago +6

      Diego Gzz hahaha, it truly is. she/he looks like it’s protecting and watching over our good ole reviewbrah 😅

  • DoodOo Mama
    DoodOo Mama 8 months ago +164

    His laugh has restored my faith in humanity.

  • Perno Mardene
    Perno Mardene 8 months ago +37

    He also laughs in the mean comments video

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  7 months ago +5

      Perno Mardene you’re right, he does, haha. i just thought in this instance it was so much funnier bc he couldn’t control his laughter while the cat was flicking its tail & being goofy as hell. he tries to be so professional & the cat was distracting him, lololol man it’s fucking great lmao

  • rowzeeistyra
    rowzeeistyra 8 months ago +26

    Is he a character or a real person?? 😂

    • Gebenz Watford
      Gebenz Watford 19 days ago

      zoe 101 Is he a clone?

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Month ago +1

      Tracy T. yep. a very genuine and kind hearted dude. from a different time period or something, i swear. we don’t deserve him, lol. he’s wholesome as fuck

    • Dylan
      Dylan 2 months ago +1

      I sometimes wonder if he’s playing a character very, very well.

    • Mila Ayuhara
      Mila Ayuhara 2 months ago +2

      a real brah ♡

    • Tracy T.
      Tracy T. 4 months ago +4

      From what I've seen, he's legitimately genuine. The suits, the nail length, all of it.

  • Konahrik
    Konahrik 8 months ago +123

    I'm so glad that I have actually seen him laugh

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  8 months ago +6

      Konahrik so am i. it makes me genuinely happy lmao

  • Shes Lunatic
    Shes Lunatic Year ago +2

    That's a cute looking pussy (cat) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Olivia Beringer
    Olivia Beringer Year ago +196

    "a nice little kiwi flavor with a tang, which comes from the kiwi flavor" I love how he describes crap 😂

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Month ago +1

      Musica me when i have to bullshit through a debate in college lmao

    • Musica
      Musica 2 months ago +1

      @zoe 101 me when i have to write an essay over 500 words

    • Pearl the rebel
      Pearl the rebel 2 months ago

      He was distracted

    • zoe 101
      zoe 101  Year ago +13

      Olivia Beringer he makes me laugh so hard, he’s the biggest troll! but a proper troll and that’s such a wholesome thing, lmao