Kimchi Corned Beef - Food Wishes - St. Patrick's Day Recipe

  • Published on Mar 10, 2018
  • Learn how to make a Kimchi Corned Beef recipe! We've given this St. Patrick's Day classic a little Korean twist, and the results were amazing! Imagine a traditional corned beef and cabbage, but much spicier and way more flavorful. Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this delicious Kimchi Corned Beef recipe!
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  • Seth Lankford
    Seth Lankford 16 days ago

    Whoever got this idea is a genius

  • Le Di Chang
    Le Di Chang Month ago

    The third best vegetable... I am dying.

  • HY Park
    HY Park Month ago

    그냥 평범한 돼지고기 김치찜이넹...

  • gonner221
    gonner221 2 months ago

    Do you think this would work in a slow cooker?

  • Chul-Jae Lee
    Chul-Jae Lee 2 months ago

    I’ve been thinking about cooking corned beef and kimchi together but every st. Patrick’s Day I ended up cooking the traditional way because I didn’t want to ruin my once a year boiled dinner by experimenting. But now with your recipe and tips, I can try. Thank you. Btw, we Koreans usually cook pork belly with very aged kimchi.

  • UristMcPerson
    UristMcPerson 4 months ago

    "You are the sharif of your corned beef"!

  • John Santiago
    John Santiago 5 months ago

    The way u talk in ur videos is hilarious

  • Mandy The Runner Up
    Mandy The Runner Up 6 months ago

    Him getting the Kimchi out of the jar made me think of afterbirth ....

  • yermanoh
    yermanoh 7 months ago

    celery is evil and should never be used in cooking.jussayin

  • Milk Dud Nips
    Milk Dud Nips 7 months ago

    This sounds so good.

  • The Flannel Dragonfly
    The Flannel Dragonfly 8 months ago

    Looks yummy 🍀

  • gravecactus
    gravecactus 8 months ago

    i do love carrots and onions

  • Kori Skene
    Kori Skene 8 months ago

    The corned beef looks suprisingly delicious! Im not typically a picky eater but I'm yet to try kimchi because I struggle to get past the way it looks. I do love cabbage, though.

  • Anthony Nagatani
    Anthony Nagatani 8 months ago +1

    Chef John,
    How would you alter this recipe if you wanted to do it sous vide?
    Thanks so much!!!

  • Arnaud Côté
    Arnaud Côté 8 months ago

    Wishes against humanity would be a great game!

  • Nancy Yoshimoto
    Nancy Yoshimoto 8 months ago


  • Michael Laughlin
    Michael Laughlin 8 months ago

    I made this this weekend and it was mind boggling good. It really works well. By far my favorite style so far.

  • Kerry Lawrence
    Kerry Lawrence 8 months ago

    This was not only easy to make and pay out was far worth the effort

  • brikrantz1
    brikrantz1 8 months ago

    Hey, Chef John! Excellent idea. My wife makes homemade kimchi all the time and we usually end up giving half of it away. I used a point end beef brisket and the cool thing was being able to insert a layer of kimchi into the middle of the brisket. Other than that, I used chicken stock for some added liquid about halfway through. Delicious as can be, and my wife used the dregs for kimchi soup with rice. How about a Food Wishes kimchi recipe? I'll let you know how my wife does it.

  • Andi Flanagan
    Andi Flanagan 8 months ago

    I have some Brussel Sprout Kimchi I just got done fermenting, AND, some homemade Corned Moose, from last year's hunt. Oh my! Thy will be done.

  • markspc1
    markspc1 8 months ago

    Looks delicious.
    Your corned beef looks so pink I guess there is a ton of sodium nitrate/nitrite enough to make some black powder he-he.

  • Patrick Chadd
    Patrick Chadd 8 months ago

    I made this tonight with the Corned Round of Beef - SO AMAZING - and definitely better than the corned brisket if you can get it. I found my Corned Round of Beef at BJ's. I added new potatoes, real baby carrots and some VERY fermented kimchi I had in the fridge. I did it in my Instant Pot so it was ready in 50 minutes - so very, very delicious! Tomorrow Corned Beef Kimchi Fried Rice with the poached egg!!! Thanks Chef John!!!!

  • Hannah Borden
    Hannah Borden 8 months ago

    We made this yesterday for St. Patrick's Day and it was amazing! It was so flavorful and tender. Way to hit another one out of the park Chef John!!!

  • Damie Houlihan
    Damie Houlihan 8 months ago

    sorry we dont eat cabbage and cornbeef. We in ireland eat bacon and cabbage

  • Matt Sullivan
    Matt Sullivan 8 months ago

    You are the Chief Keef of your corned beef

  • Troy Anderson
    Troy Anderson 8 months ago

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    neither the sexually immoral,
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    All must REPENT from Sin to enter thy kingdom.
    Jesus Christ is the "Only" way to the Father in Heaven.

  • brendan kennedy
    brendan kennedy 8 months ago

    I just did this in an instant pot, thank you!

  • mike patrick
    mike patrick 8 months ago

    I made Kimchi CB this evening. I've never eaten such tasty CB. I substituted cabbage for carrots. I am, after all, the Omar Sharif of my corned beef. Can't wait for lunch tomorrow.

  • Jeremiah Goerdt
    Jeremiah Goerdt 8 months ago

    How did your house smell after this one? :-P
    P.S. You're a genius. This looks phenomenal

  • joapps
    joapps 8 months ago

    for enhanced flavor, add 1 tblspn sesame seed oil and a touch of salt (to taste).
    also (optional but to enhance even more)
    1 tblspn red pepper flakes
    2 teaspn go-chu-jang paste (if available)
    1 teaspn soysauce
    spam or chunks of pork pieces are a good/ better substitute for the corn beef

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 8 months ago +1

    Oh I need this on my youtube channel to go along with my dog beer

  • Mo n
    Mo n 8 months ago

    OMG... I was like what about the first jar too!

  • Jeannie Nelson
    Jeannie Nelson 8 months ago

    I love kimchi, but my husband doesn't like hot spicy food. Would the kimchi still be hot after cooking it this way?

  • Samual Chance
    Samual Chance 8 months ago

    That beef isn't corned. Surely corned beef needs to be corned?

  • dianne saternow
    dianne saternow 8 months ago

    Where's the regular cabbage?? hummmmm?

  • Virginia Hoffman
    Virginia Hoffman 8 months ago

    I have a very strong bias towards Kimchi.

  • shanjinrong
    shanjinrong 8 months ago

    Koreans cook kimchi this way?

  • Æolian Skinner
    Æolian Skinner 8 months ago

    Two jars of this ^ brand Kimchi cost me more than the 4 Lbs of corned beef!

  • Sakura Waineru
    Sakura Waineru 9 months ago

    No No No Oh No

  • ra to
    ra to 9 months ago

    ever time I see your cooking how do's I feel hungry. good job!

  • Madison Whatley
    Madison Whatley 9 months ago

    lol I'm irish (mixed) and my husband is korean. This is unique although I might just have kimchi as a side to the slow cooked corned beef

  • Cooking Bap
    Cooking Bap 9 months ago

    Cool recipe, This is similar to kimchi jjim 김치찜. Lol, i don't know why when i thought of it, I thought it wasn't a stew.
    You should fry up the kimchi for a different, sweeter flavour next time.

  • Fran Mitch
    Fran Mitch 9 months ago

    There was an Amish dish known as scrapple would like to see you cook some of that or make something with it

  • Fran Mitch
    Fran Mitch 9 months ago

    Totally enjoy your cooking, just watched the lamb beer braised recipe makes me wish I could just stay home cook & eat

  • Kyle
    Kyle 9 months ago

    Did Chef John get a new mic? He sounds like the guy from How Its Made now haha

  • Joanne Cohen
    Joanne Cohen 9 months ago

    Kimchi is the star of the probiotics and is a favorite of my family,

  • Mike Baxter
    Mike Baxter 9 months ago

    What is ... "BLOG POST" ???????????? 3:13

  • ddk80
    ddk80 9 months ago

    You are the Leonardo da Vinci of your corned beef kimchi!

  • rooflemonger
    rooflemonger 9 months ago

    Hello chef john please help me I run a fighting game channel and everyone keeps telling me I sound like you.

  • BG AK
    BG AK 9 months ago

    Challenge Food Wishes! Make Ethiopian food

  • fiendishshape
    fiendishshape 9 months ago

    I want to make this but i'm really limiting my carb intake. What kind of vegetables can I add to this instead of potatoes and carrots and not ruin it? I'm thinking cauliflower and green beans.

  • Katherine
    Katherine 9 months ago

    Why can't you talk like a normal human being?

  • Yousir Cantknow
    Yousir Cantknow 9 months ago

    Fusion ended WWII, and now it's ended Irish cuisine, if ever a thing existed.

  • brandonk99ign
    brandonk99ign 9 months ago

    Omg I can't stand how you talk. Your voice goes up and down and is like a roller coaster.

  • Jin Hui
    Jin Hui 9 months ago

    I love kimchi👍👍👍

  • o0tommyzzzzz0o
    o0tommyzzzzz0o 9 months ago

    gordon sucks. this is great!

  • Robert Cisneros
    Robert Cisneros 9 months ago

    why does he speak like he's asking a question for every step

  • tekashi50
    tekashi50 9 months ago +1

    Kimchis are not cabbage!!!

  • David Yun
    David Yun 9 months ago

    So many pauses

  • Samantha Shugars
    Samantha Shugars 9 months ago

    Holy crap the upspeak is crazy! Good food videos though

  • Gage Lembeck
    Gage Lembeck 9 months ago

    Why does your vocal tones sound so fucking weird as if your emphasizing everything

  • vanderpike
    vanderpike 9 months ago

    4:47 What about the accumulated juices, Chef? WHAT ABOUT THE ACCUMULATED JUICES?!!!

  • janice park
    janice park 9 months ago

    Me as a korean looking at the thumbnail: oh my gosh! This dish looks soooo good! Is it some new european savory dish?
    Looks at title: wait...? Did it say kimchi??

  • Logan Denney
    Logan Denney 9 months ago

    Paul Blart vibes? nice video!!!!

  • 쿠인Quinn
    쿠인Quinn 9 months ago


  • Dan White
    Dan White 9 months ago

    Why the fuck does his voice climax and then lower with every sentence....

  • Dominik Calvesbert
    Dominik Calvesbert 9 months ago

    I’m sorry but the way you raise your voice and make it high pitch after every sentence is kind of annoying

    • Dominik Calvesbert
      Dominik Calvesbert 8 months ago

      Bob Rdjfsr you must have more of one firing back at me for an opinion that you can’t accept

    • Dominik Calvesbert
      Dominik Calvesbert 8 months ago

      Bob Rdjfsr oh? So. Now you call people names while hiding behind a screen, meet me in real life

  • Alex Kim
    Alex Kim 9 months ago

    What the fuck.....

  • rough rough
    rough rough 9 months ago

    Lol this is like Korean/American beef stew

  • Gerald Kruse
    Gerald Kruse 9 months ago

    Do you really talk like this?

  • K_Kittiez Playz
    K_Kittiez Playz 9 months ago +1

    If you take away the chi
    You will end by ready my name

  • Nicole
    Nicole 9 months ago

    Just wondering, is there a reason he puts emphasis on usual parts of words and sentences?

  • Kerlin johnson
    Kerlin johnson 9 months ago

    Satan a centaur.... Top half a white man, bottom half red horse
    Cloven hooves, pitchforks tail,

  • Eli Story
    Eli Story 9 months ago

    that looks so delicious!

  • Carlvskansas
    Carlvskansas 9 months ago

    why does everything he says sound like a question?

  • Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim 9 months ago

    If you guys can get your hands on some lovingly made home made kimchi (this is when you call up your korean homies xD)
    Its usually at least 100x better than the stuff you can buy at any market (Seriously its sort of the taste and see kinda thing)
    Interesting recipe tho. Kinda like an odd fusion style haha

  • dbok
    dbok 9 months ago

    To continue with the fusion, can consider using Japanese sweet potato instead of regular potato.

  • MinooisaG
    MinooisaG 9 months ago

    Kimchi+spam = magic stew

  • Logan L
    Logan L 9 months ago

    I always like these videos where we get to see you experiment. I like that you don't edit to show us just the best stuff, but also the stuff that could be improved on, in this case the whole spices

  • London1869
    London1869 9 months ago

    Oh thank God, I was not sure if there would be potatoes.

  • Yasunixo productions
    Yasunixo productions 9 months ago +1

    Omg your voice is so annoying talking in these short burst like you’re about to run out a breathe wtf? Do you do this n purpose to keep the listening in gaged?

  • blue text on white background

    store bought kimchi?! get maangchi on the phone!

  • Josh Green
    Josh Green 9 months ago

    Chef John switches his fork and knife hands after cutting.... such a gentleman

  • Tommy Lightfoot
    Tommy Lightfoot 9 months ago

    Chef John, do you ever get recipe suggestions from fans?
    I've been following you for YEARS and have always wanted to share a recipe of mine with you (partly because I know you could put your own flair into it and help me find an even better way to make it, and partly because I have a feeling you might like it just the way it is.)
    It's a Habanero-Citrus Shrimp Pasta dish.

  • YO BOIII Chino
    YO BOIII Chino 9 months ago

    Why does he talk like that 😂💀

  • zzarkS
    zzarkS 9 months ago

    This is everything I like. I can't wait to try this one.

  • Yabba Dabba
    Yabba Dabba 9 months ago

    That's some nasty shit.

  • Christina Marie
    Christina Marie 9 months ago

    Oh my God you're crazy, who would have thought to do this! So awesome!

  • 김성진
    김성진 9 months ago

    주모!!!! 샷다내려!!!!!

  • Nur Afiqah
    Nur Afiqah 9 months ago

    hahaha fire water

  • Jake Boedecker
    Jake Boedecker 9 months ago

    A one minute ad? Really?!?

  • Nur Afiqah
    Nur Afiqah 9 months ago +2

    this is so helpful! i'm not lying, i was just thinking about what to do with my leftover kimchi, and i absolutely love corn beef! hopefully i can go make myself this dish tomorrow

  • Vogue Of Today
    Vogue Of Today 9 months ago

    Good foods

  • kfc667
    kfc667 9 months ago

    This man's "up & down" voice during every single sentence is hilarious, but annoying

  • Jai Guru
    Jai Guru 9 months ago

    "How to ruin a perfectly good cut of beef" by Chef John. BLEHG. You could just vomit into a pot roast and get the same experience. Kimchi isn't food.

  • Rory Jakobs
    Rory Jakobs 9 months ago

    Could you blend up the broth and vegetables and serve the soup with the beef and some toasted bread?

  • Binks D. Brook
    Binks D. Brook 9 months ago

    Why does it sound like he’s running out of air with every sentence he forms

  • Shub
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  • samdon815
    samdon815 9 months ago

    Where is the corn?