Gordon Ramsay Makes A Mushroom Omelette In Morocco | Scrambled

  • Published on Aug 4, 2019
  • This week on Gordon’s National Geographic Channel series Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, he heads to Morocco explore ancient Berber Cuisine. So for this week’s Scrambled, he’s making an omelette with mushrooms harvested in the Atlas Mountains. Catch Uncharted on Sundays at 10/9c on National Geographic and new episodes of Scrambled right here weekly!
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  • Karen vvv
    Karen vvv Day ago


  • visharad rawat
    visharad rawat Day ago

    "Let the Knife do the work".
    "Let's the Pan do the work".
    Gravity* again.
    It's always Gravity , Gordon but you're the Master and I'm A Pupil. 🙌🙏

  • Deutschland Marokko
    Deutschland Marokko 5 days ago +1

    هدا كبسحاب ليه الملح ديال المغرب بحال اللي في أوروبا غبر كيدرر ويعاود🤣🤣

    • Deutschland Marokko
      Deutschland Marokko 3 days ago

      Moncef Choukri راه الملح ديال أوروبا دردر وتعاود ماتيملحش دغيا اما ديال البلاد دقة بطلة 😂😂😂

    • Moncef Choukri
      Moncef Choukri 3 days ago

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 herbou liya hahaha

  • Hassan Adnan
    Hassan Adnan 7 days ago

    عباره عن بيض يرفع الضغط من زود الملح الي حطه و زود على ذالك حط جبن مالح

  • Rick Bel
    Rick Bel 8 days ago

    I'd love to take Gordon mushroom hunting in PA...chicken of the woods, shrimp of the woods, chantrell, oyster, milk caps, black trumpets, ....sooooo good!

  • Backhome Fez
    Backhome Fez 8 days ago

    Check us up for an amazing Morocco vacation.
    We are the number on TripAdvisor

  • Michael Henry Etherton

    Sextet on a Plate. .

  • OOF
    OOF 10 days ago

    How could we know how to omelette was when we did not taste it

  • Ee Venn Soh
    Ee Venn Soh 11 days ago +1

    Gordon: "Look at that, that's a beautiful omelette"
    Okay actually not that great.
    Add a twig on the plate.

  • touria firari
    touria firari 11 days ago

    this place name is oyon oum rabia

  • Estevan Leal
    Estevan Leal 14 days ago

    Makes a burrito lol fucken gordon I think I got I’m finally on a dish 😂

  • Simo Elidrissi
    Simo Elidrissi 16 days ago

    Since when morocco was colonised by ottomans ??? this never happened

  • ibrahim abouzid
    ibrahim abouzid 17 days ago


  • hamid mahmoudi
    hamid mahmoudi 17 days ago

    Nice to meet you, sir

  • hamid mahmoudi
    hamid mahmoudi 17 days ago

    To be a new trip to meet in the people in the Confederation of cooking

  • hamid mahmoudi
    hamid mahmoudi 17 days ago

    Hello and welcome in Morocco

  • Nadir Elyarmani
    Nadir Elyarmani 18 days ago

    Next time ask for white eggs . Bio and more tasty

  • Kegon's Kitchen
    Kegon's Kitchen 18 days ago

    Yummy 😋

  • Wind River
    Wind River 19 days ago

    Metal utensils and high camp fire heat? I don't think any non-stick pan in history has been abused as much as this.

  • Hanane bennani
    Hanane bennani 19 days ago +2

    الشاف رمزي عرفناه من برنامج هيلز كيتشن شخص رائع رغم تقاسيم وجهه العصبية وألفاضه النابية ههههه شكرا لك

  • CR7 Gamer
    CR7 Gamer 19 days ago +2

    Salt: entered the chat
    Pepper: left the chat

  • KoRa Channel PA
    KoRa Channel PA 20 days ago

    Zahya khotchi ghir matla9ach m3a wlad orika ama igrdoh o itayboh omlit 😂

  • alberto labrador fernandez

    Vaya caca de tortilla que te has marcado guaje

  • Salvador Garcia
    Salvador Garcia 21 day ago

    All these dick riding Gordon Ramsey fans cant take a joke.. that twig, restaurant or not was a joke from ramsey himself and everyone else is pointing out as a joke as well from the things he said in the past... we know its not a restaurant but you guys dont have to explain... its a joke.. either way restaurant or not he would still insult it if it wasnt cooked by him doesnt need to be in a restaurant to be worthy enough to judge it he judges all the food he eats not just in restaurants. Fucking relax

  • Mariano Russo
    Mariano Russo 21 day ago

    Why without salt???

  • Jacob Rose
    Jacob Rose 21 day ago

    Holy Sodium Batman!

  • Sunny Arias
    Sunny Arias 23 days ago

    looks good but I think too much salt

  • Jainarasiman Radhakrishnan

    Same dish served to him cooked by someone else.
    Gordon: spits it in dustbin. "It's a disaster"

  • Miss J
    Miss J 24 days ago

    Traveling all the way to marocco to Cook omelet with mushroom Why you didn't Cook a traditional dish from there

  • Bradley Perrine
    Bradley Perrine 25 days ago

    Can you make it from fresh shrooms picked from a cow field the magic ones

  • Sima Soumi
    Sima Soumi 26 days ago

    Toooo much salt and rass elhanout

  • Lucy Fe
    Lucy Fe 26 days ago

    10 pounds of salt AND goat cheese? 😂

  • HKS
    HKS 29 days ago

    ahhh steel fork in a frying pan!!! ahh!

  • Beathrice HoiHoi
    Beathrice HoiHoi Month ago

    I let a little chuckle at the mushroom part. Then I totally lost it at "boom" & "forking delicious"

  • k sims
    k sims Month ago

    Doesn't seem my style, I dig it though.. Will be trying soon though!

  • moroccan tongue
    moroccan tongue Month ago

    Hello dears iam moroccan girl and i need students to teach them my dialecte 🤗🤗please support me to continue

  • Royal Enfield
    Royal Enfield Month ago

    There are so man flaws . 1. Excessive scratching of the non stick leads to high content of the non-stick polish into the food, which is unhealthy. 2. Too much butter is used, which contains unsaturated fatty acids, trans-fats ( in some cases). No doubt, Diabetes and Heart disease are on rise in Western countries. 3. Unnecessary burning of excessive coal (non-renewable source of energy) to make an omelette of 4 eggs! It further leads to Air pollution. This omelette is neither healthy nor its production environment-friendly!

  • raju vemula
    raju vemula Month ago

    Combo of bear Grylls and Gordon Ramsey🤔🤔...

  • Erika B
    Erika B Month ago

    That omelette looked bloody amazing ❤️ So much fun watching you cook

  • blackmen trick
    blackmen trick Month ago

    Fucking cameraman is shit at his job

  • VOS V.O.S
    VOS V.O.S Month ago

    Il était au bled cet enfoiré
    Personne ne m’a averti
    En plus au rif dans atlas = lieu d’origine de mes parents 😡🥺🥺🥺
    J’aurais bien aimé rencontrer cet empereur des cuisines 🥺
    M’aurait montré comment ne plus brûler mes omelettes 🙃

  • Elizabeth Dianna
    Elizabeth Dianna Month ago

    I never tried mushrooms with eggs, can I use portobello?

  • Jonathan Watson
    Jonathan Watson Month ago

    Too much salt and over cooked eggs..meh!

  • ali galal
    ali galal Month ago

    I think he was used salt to much

  • Michaels #
    Michaels # Month ago +1


  • si jeferson
    si jeferson Month ago


  • killabeast420
    killabeast420 Month ago

    At 3:35 am I the only one who heard that scream in the background?

  • Jolijohayna Jiji
    Jolijohayna Jiji Month ago

    This is amazing

  • Shashikala Heda
    Shashikala Heda Month ago

    The best part of the video is 4:57

  • Michel Alhadithi
    Michel Alhadithi Month ago

    Too much salt i think, he add too much and the cheese is already salty...

  • said laksir
    said laksir Month ago


  • Raj Jar
    Raj Jar Month ago

    Un Grand Chef ! BRAVO !

  • Andrei Florin
    Andrei Florin Month ago

    Fucking delicious 😂

  • Faiz Shaikh
    Faiz Shaikh Month ago

    I Think You Burned The Omlette

  • Abdu Zarrouk
    Abdu Zarrouk 2 months ago

    So nice place.....

  • Grant Hayden
    Grant Hayden 2 months ago

    A lot of salt !!!

  • Jmack1lla
    Jmack1lla 2 months ago

    *places random tree branch on plate* boom

  • Rene Weiss
    Rene Weiss 2 months ago +1

    That shit probably tastes awful that's why he had to cut the video quickly lol

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  • Moe Shamas
    Moe Shamas 2 months ago

    You fucked the eggs burned it to hell its the worst fried eggs I ever seen