Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
  • e’ve got a brand new The Last Jedi trailer and it is packed with reveals, so we’re taking a closer look for all the Star Wars goodness. Amy has the breakdown (WITH SPOILERS) on today's Nerdist News!
    Anything we missed in the trailer? Let us know in the comments below!
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    Image: Lucasfilm
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Comments • 467

  • CookiezRGood
    CookiezRGood 6 months ago

    It is funny watching these sorts of videos now after the movie has been seen and counting all the speculations that were completely wrong

  • Geej1138
    Geej1138 6 months ago

    Amazing. Everything you said in that video, was wrong.

  • Dru Zod
    Dru Zod 7 months ago

    hi nerdist no last jedi reviews? "or it might be... all jibberish " lol :)

  • Brandon Entsminger
    Brandon Entsminger 7 months ago

    YEAH!!!!!! AMY VORPAHL. CARI DEE LOVES HER. It's her teeth. So nice. So neat. So nice.

  • Madden Boseroy
    Madden Boseroy 7 months ago

    Here's some more on the crystal foxes:
    animating them:
    their species name and the plural of it:

  • Zachary Damascus
    Zachary Damascus 8 months ago

    #TeamCrystalFox all the way

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas 9 months ago

    did you notice the at-at's standing next to the at-m6's?....oh and that scene in the hangar there was a bunch of at-at's and a few at-st's on the ground

  • Leary978
    Leary978 9 months ago

    Crystal Fox > Porg

  • cochis95
    cochis95 9 months ago

    Where tf is Jessica Chobot

  • Leary978
    Leary978 9 months ago

    yes, we are excited!

  • Binyamin Tsadik
    Binyamin Tsadik 9 months ago

    How is the porg cute? I don't get it...

  • Sven Merkel
    Sven Merkel 9 months ago

    Hey! Nice Vault-Tec dress/shirt(?)!

  • Timothy Dovci
    Timothy Dovci 9 months ago

    How many times will Pablo Hidalgo have to tell you Gray Jedi dont exist!? Stop perpetuating the myth!

  • bigvig316
    bigvig316 9 months ago

    so an unoriginal movie. Star Wars is ruined.I'm out.

  • Eddie G.
    Eddie G. 9 months ago

    Herow Amy!! Great job :)

  • F T
    F T 9 months ago

    "the cutest porn(???) footage yet" 0:22

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 9 months ago

    Pablo Hidalgo tweeted MONTHS ago;
    "I don't understand all this "Grey Jedi" talk. It's the light side, the dark side, and that's it. There is no Grey"
    I foresee ALOT of disappointed theorists in our future.
    I guess this is what happens when fans have NOTHING but time between episodes to make predictions and speculation.
    I would say, "I'm not hating on the people who speculate!" but that wouldn't be true.
    I'm letting Lucasfilm fill in the blanks for me. As they have since 1977. They created this thing I hold so dear.

  • Marlon Hoyte
    Marlon Hoyte 9 months ago

    Everyone be like, "oh can't watch the trailer! Can't spoil it!"

    Me: @nerdist TEAR THAT $*!T APART.

  • okcomputer0101
    okcomputer0101 9 months ago

    mad cute

  • Dysstatic
    Dysstatic 9 months ago

    Ugh.. Bring back Jessica

  • Douglas Simpson
    Douglas Simpson 9 months ago

    Why do the US and UK trailers have different middles.. "THIS CHRISTMAS" or "THIS DECEMBER" around the 1min 20 mark...

    • thatHARVguy
      thatHARVguy 9 months ago

      Different release dates for international and North America. NA gets it a week later.

  • Matthew Sharpe
    Matthew Sharpe 9 months ago +1

    Star Wars: Return of the Mary Sue

  • EnoEnasni
    EnoEnasni 9 months ago +1

    #TEAM CHEWBACCA because he is going to eat that stupid porg thing lol

  • David Barrera
    David Barrera 9 months ago

    I think a BIG detail was missed: Luke's fear!

  • Blakk Fero
    Blakk Fero 9 months ago

    I love how she pretends to give a fuck about all of this xD

  • Paco Perea
    Paco Perea 9 months ago

    I might go with #teamamylooksBEAUTIFULL

  • Scott Nickels
    Scott Nickels 9 months ago

    Great job Amy on this episode of Nerdist News!

  • Zach Helton
    Zach Helton 9 months ago

    She talks too fast the first half. She needs to pace and breathe. Outside of that, it cracks me up all this crying over Jessica, happens every time she isn't in the video lol

  • CmdrSloanne
    CmdrSloanne 9 months ago

    I can't wait for Dec., but seen this new trailer it as the look of a rehash Empire Strikes Back like with The Force Awakens from a New Hope. basically The Empire/New Order & Rebel/Resistance still haven't learn from history. they might have new tech, but still essentially stuck in a loop.

  • Myron Perreiraa
    Myron Perreiraa 9 months ago

    What about the line which Luke says about raw power ?

  • Joel Kuna
    Joel Kuna 9 months ago

    I bet she has a HUUUGE vagina

  • Astralify
    Astralify 9 months ago

    The grey jedi crap goes against EVERYTHING.

  • Rubberbandfan1
    Rubberbandfan1 9 months ago

    I didn't miss shit!

  • Johnathan Oquendo
    Johnathan Oquendo 9 months ago

    Grow a bin

  • Gilberto Ignacio Aguirre Vargas

    the scene between Brienne of Tarth I mean... Phasma and Finn is reminicent of the Revenge of the sith cover with Anakin striking Obi-wan with his lightsaber inside Darth Vader's face

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 9 months ago

    #teamporg but where is my girl Jessica!?

  • Turbo-Dog
    Turbo-Dog 9 months ago

    "Porgs" and "Star Wars fans" are words that will never go in a sentence together. EVER.

  • Chris Dugger
    Chris Dugger 9 months ago


    EL KINGZ 9 months ago

    big nose ass😭

  • Darragh walsh
    Darragh walsh 9 months ago +2

    Wheres jessica

  • Kaos
    Kaos 9 months ago

    Basically its all white males are now bad.... You know, the majority of the USA... Now has to sit back and let 'minorities' take over to become 'equal' WHEN they wont show the same in countries they come from.... Thats how pathetic people are. Wont help each other in their own country BUT make white people PAY for their 3rd world country immigrants that want free stuff and to blame everyone else for their mistakes in life...... How pathetic.

  • ChosenJupiter 96
    ChosenJupiter 96 9 months ago

    # Crystal Fox

  • Jay Manier
    Jay Manier 9 months ago

    Needs more Chobot.

  • Vi Ma
    Vi Ma 9 months ago

    CRYSTAL FOX 😍😍😍😍😍💞

  • Justin Bozeman
    Justin Bozeman 9 months ago

    How did the star go from being cute to unattractive in just 18 months

  • Dominic Cingoranelli
    Dominic Cingoranelli 9 months ago

    Jesus! Fuck! What is it with her eyes?

  • Crowmantic
    Crowmantic 9 months ago

    She reminds me a lot of Pearl from Steven Universe.

  • Taylor Butler
    Taylor Butler 9 months ago

    She is adorable!

  • TheKrister2
    TheKrister2 9 months ago

    But what about Luke being placed on the back of the poster? Like all antagonists have been in the posters as far as I know.

  • CooptheDude
    CooptheDude 9 months ago

    Nothing about Phasma and Fin, but all about the Porgs? Are you taking Star Wars not serious? :)

  • Sammy Butler
    Sammy Butler 9 months ago

    Where is Jess?

  • Paul Bujak
    Paul Bujak 9 months ago

    I hope I don't wind up regretting that.

  • Moondog11
    Moondog11 9 months ago

    The fact that they remembered the blast mark is amazing. So much attention to detail.

  • Jared L
    Jared L 9 months ago

    Where the hell is Chobot?

  • Jeffrey Allen
    Jeffrey Allen 9 months ago

    that prog is going to be annoying

  • usernamenotinvaild
    usernamenotinvaild 9 months ago

    spoiler warning after playing parts from the trailer. im sure anyone who want avoiding spoilers would not have click this any way. but still you made a shitty warning

  • Ra Oro
    Ra Oro 9 months ago

    Team Jessica!

  • Sreejit Mukherjee
    Sreejit Mukherjee 9 months ago

    Send Aunty back , we want jessica !!!

  • Daniel Hales
    Daniel Hales 9 months ago

    Got to love myself a little Porg

  • Jay Besser
    Jay Besser 9 months ago

    I agree with Mark Hamill: They have totally fucked up Luke's character,and this trailer seems to be more evidence of that. Also, they should retitle this Episode 8: Return of the Mary Sue

  • sirJ1G
    sirJ1G 9 months ago

    Chewie is a legend!! where does he fit in all this? are R2 and 3PO going to continue on their dumbass adventures? what about BB8 and the new evil BB9??? also, Phasma..... how sick does she look?!

  • tamimerkaz
    tamimerkaz 9 months ago

    Great breakdown because you added bits of info you know as a fan already knolagble about the Last Jedi

  • Stewart Fletcher
    Stewart Fletcher 9 months ago

    Je--Jessica? Is that... you? Wow. Star Wars has changed you

  • Engrimm 975
    Engrimm 975 9 months ago

    What's with Rey's white lightsaber or am I seeing things?

  • hetrickorm
    hetrickorm 9 months ago

    Loving that Vault-Tec top!!

  • Jason Randolph
    Jason Randolph 9 months ago

    No Jess = No Like ;-P

  • Javier Lozano Guiler
    Javier Lozano Guiler 9 months ago

    # TEAM freaking POOORGGG

  • Darth Leia
    Darth Leia 9 months ago

    I suspect Kylo is most likely reaching out to either his mom in the present after her base is destroyed, or to Luke in the past (after destroying his school); not to Rey.
    Maybe when Luke says: “this isn’t going to go the way you think” he’s either talking to Kylo in the past before he destroys the school, or to Kylo in the present after he comes looking for Rey after Luke sends her away, or even talking to Leia with the force about Kylo; not to Rey.
    I highly-suspect that Snoke is talking about Rey’s power while ‘training’ her with torture or whatever, and with the “something truly special” he’s recalling the evil she felt when considering killing Kylo in the last movie - a move on the path to the dark side. And “fulfill your destiny” is maybe the disappointment Snoke has that she didn’t kill Kylo then, who was just the bait/decoy, so he’s commanding her to do it now.
    I then suspect that Rey has a change of heart about Kylo when he starts encouraging her to kill him “kill the past” after their familial relation (and her ‘superior’ bloodline) is revealed...I think Snoke wants to use her unrivaled power as a sith and that’s why he had Kylo kill all the young Jedi and concentrate the force onto her. But, with this imbalance of power, “it isn’t going to go the way Snoke thinks”...maybe she’s so powerful after Leia (and possibly Luke) and other force users ‘die’ that she unwittingly drained the force from all of the remaining ones and hence no more Jedi (or siths)...and then the force finds balance another way, perhaps one we’ve never seen. *excited face*

  • GilbertoRiveraMedia
    GilbertoRiveraMedia 9 months ago

    I'm on team Amy.

  • Logan Jones
    Logan Jones 9 months ago

    bruh! crate crystal=kyber crysral?!

  • iPwn8599
    iPwn8599 9 months ago

    so Empire Strikes Back 2.0?

  • marek pastyrik
    marek pastyrik 9 months ago +1

    kristal fox

  • Karsten Von Fjellheim
    Karsten Von Fjellheim 9 months ago

    3:08 Krayt dragon skull

  • Karsten Von Fjellheim
    Karsten Von Fjellheim 9 months ago

    I didn't miss a beat, pretty lady

  • Gizzy Milo Tanuki
    Gizzy Milo Tanuki 9 months ago


  • FoxPaw
    FoxPaw 9 months ago


  • Tom Wittmund234
    Tom Wittmund234 9 months ago

    I miss jessica

  • no fucking way
    no fucking way 9 months ago

    this trailer was the final piece that convinced me: star wars is DEAD.

  • Numa Arban
    Numa Arban 9 months ago

    porg = digimon
    crystal fox = pokemon

  • dardell2001
    dardell2001 9 months ago

    Could Snoke's torturing of Rey be a force dream and not real?

  • dardell2001
    dardell2001 9 months ago

    Spoilers or misdirects?

  • Nathan Horne
    Nathan Horne 9 months ago

    Awesome episode. Amy is great

  • Sir Spence
    Sir Spence 9 months ago

    Some of you guys give nerds a bad name.
    What does it matter who is presenting? It's the content I'm here for!

  • Mark Morris
    Mark Morris 9 months ago

    Love the trailer, but I hope it's full to the brim of misdirection like the Rogue One trailers. All I'm going to take from this is that it looks COOL!!!!!

  • Beef Taquitos
    Beef Taquitos 9 months ago

    Holy shit the blatant disconcerting reading-face she's doing is the most distracting thing I've seen in weeks, and the fact that you had to KEEP CUTTING TO HER RANDOMLY forced me to keep most of the video off the screen at all times because seeing her leaning forward staring at the cue cards/prompter made every word she said turn into those sounds adults made on Peanuts cartoons.
    If you have to bring someone on that can't read without leaning in and making it obvious, at least don't cut to her at random frequent intervals so it's less of a distraction.

  • Zardoz Xerxes
    Zardoz Xerxes 9 months ago

    A bit dumb and logic jumpy. I think after that scene with the ships giant robot elephants warp in shooting nuclear bananas.... Could happen!

  • друг
    друг 9 months ago

    Fuck Jessica
    She's a thot

  • Graphic Jack
    Graphic Jack 9 months ago

    I am hyped for Carrie Fisher but it’s going to break my heart, and I want a nude scene with Poe and Finn... but that’s just me...

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata 9 months ago

    Amazing, Amy did great, even she has the same gesture of putting the arms behind her back!! 😍 In general she's more cute and Jess more spicy, but anyway, good job!! 😊

  • Ivan Delgado
    Ivan Delgado 9 months ago

    is it just me or thi Amy Vorpahl is just too hot!! damn

  • Grant Noveloso
    Grant Noveloso 9 months ago

    She looks like Gwendoline Christie aka Captain Phasma aka Brienne

  • Owen McCafferty
    Owen McCafferty 9 months ago

    Bb8 getting zapped from the back of Poe’s Tie Fighter, a nod to R2D2 getting zapped on the back of Luke’s Tie Fighter in Star Wars A New Hope???

  • Maseofbass
    Maseofbass 9 months ago

    #TeamCrystalFox If they're running into the base it's clear they've been domesticated and are being used somehow by the Resistance. For who knows what but they're cool!

  • Soumya Das
    Soumya Das 9 months ago

    She looks like Captain Phasma.. :p

  • Soumya Das
    Soumya Das 9 months ago

    Where is Jessica Chobot ???