How to get organized at work and be more productive

  • Published on Feb 16, 2017
  • If you are struggling with organization, it’s not your fault.
    You probably haven't been taught what it takes to get organized at work.
    I know nobody ever sat me down and showed me how to get organized, until I started working with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.
    Today I want to share with you what I've learned about getting organized and the research that our team has uncovered about what it takes to be productive at work.
    There are four key areas that you need to organize:
    Physical Workspace
    The ONE Thing to Take Away From This Episode:
    Look at all of the things you do throughout the day. How much of that directly supports you accomplishing your one thing? If you don’t think you’re investing enough time there, then take one small step towards doing your most important work first.
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Comments • 51

  • Muhammad Suleman
    Muhammad Suleman 4 days ago

    Great video...I read The One Thing but this video revised that all in few minutes.. all in cozy way...thnx very much

  • Muhammad Suleman
    Muhammad Suleman 4 days ago

    I was so lost in this video....and this was when he was telling about Time Blocking....and suddenly my wife called me....u know what I did?
    I attended her call, fearing that she would mind it otherwise....this is the level of our commitment 😡

  • Anna V
    Anna V Month ago

    what is the purpose of taking a screenshot when the email is an auto-reply? i assume that sending any email to the email address you mentioned will automatically send a reply with the link?

  • GrinningGizmo
    GrinningGizmo Month ago

    I cannot express how much I agree with you on that approach on how to get organized. It is so important to focus and work on oneself!

  • Francesca Paschetta

    I can't agree more with you, as always!

  • Thomas Kubrak
    Thomas Kubrak 2 months ago

    My goodness... first time waking up early in awhile. Been prioritizing educating myself on getting organized. Saw a bunch of shorter videos when I looked up "how to get organized" but bit my lip and decided to go with this one. Wow... was it worth it. Thank you Geoff. Keep making great content. Cheers

  • ZapHMinder
    ZapHMinder 2 months ago

    Very genuine. Very helpful. Thank you.

  • Callum Mccrone
    Callum Mccrone 2 months ago

    I love your clear, structured manner of speaking! Keep up the good work

  • Claudia Ortiz
    Claudia Ortiz 2 months ago

    If you are in Austin? That is awesome I just moved here 8 months ago for a sales job in ERP. And I now need help with organization and my day. Just structure is affecting my quota. This is so awesome that you are doing this for young professionals that are still trying to figure out their groove in sales. Self productivity.

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith 3 months ago +1

    I work in a high octane environment in the construction industry here in the UK... just outside of London to be precise. I manage multiple projects and although I am well paid for what I do it is a logistical nightmare. I have formulated strategies and work plans numerous times and have listened to and watched so many videos on how to manage my work to get some information and ideas of how to escalate my productivity. For the most part I pull out a few tips and try to mix them together to make it work.
    You sir were a show stopper.... you add in your own experiences and I 100% related to you. I suddenly realized I have been watching videos and subconsciously been thinking I wish I could be as good as the person I was listening to. You shared your own failings and how you overcome them and that really resonated with me. You became someone I could listen to for that reason alone.
    This is the first time I have actually downed tools and listened to a whole video on this subject.
    Ok....... Blocking time is going to be a hard one for me since I have to take phone calls and deal with calling customers so I need to find a way to install that one in my daily life.
    You made a comment towards the end, '' each day I try to fail a little bit less'' ......... OMG....... I have never thought of it like that...... what a life changing comment I just heard. You then said to take one thing away from this video, well..... I take two things away.. 1. I want to fail a little bit less each day . 2. you are a great man. ( 3 things then, checking my emails.... didn't realise I was doing it before you mentioned it and I fully agree with the waste of time it causes.
    This is the first time I have ever heard anyone speak on this subject that spoke at my level and took me on a journey that I so much needed. Speaking from a position of experience rather than speaking from a position of authority got my attention.
    I have subscribed and I want to hear more now.
    Thanks for taking the time to do this, I feel like someone who has just found all the answers he was looking for.
    Blessings from the UK. AND KEEP UP THIS AMAZING WORK.
    Kind regards

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI 4 months ago

    Watch a 30 mins video in 3 mins. The BEST extension in google chrome store.

  • El Siervo Amistoso
    El Siervo Amistoso 4 months ago +3

    Sorry to say. Manufacturing Industry is very dinámica ir will work partially but need more. This sound like a half hour commercial. They give you a taste that makes you think you learned something, you need more. Tadaaaa go to our master class. Lol!

  • Chriss Knaub
    Chriss Knaub 5 months ago +2

    you have to have a little patience to listen up to the end, but its totally worth it! Well done!

    • Mahwish mb
      Mahwish mb 4 months ago

      X1.75 is the good enough speed=]

  • Ingrid Toro
    Ingrid Toro 5 months ago

    Great advice!

  • Jody Davis
    Jody Davis 6 months ago +4

    Clearly a man who has never worked in a customer service based industry. When a person comes on you have to multi task and put things aside. You can prioritize all you want, but interruptions should never be ignored. I have people I work with who cannot multi task and I get annoyed when I have to fix a problem, but they can't stop and help. I took the "most effective" to do list as the only good point. Also- the use of a "tribe" is so incredibly detrimental from a sociological standpoint. There is more to learn from different aspects of life. One particular focus of concern is not going to help the greater mankind.

    • Tony Smith
      Tony Smith 3 months ago

      Hi. I just wanted to distract you and waste some of your time by answering this post. its exactly what he was talking about.
      If your not reading this then you wont be offended by me calling you a complete knob. If you are offended then get back to work and stop being distracted by these sort of things which is EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS TRYING TO TEACH TIME WASTERS LIKE YOU.
      Have e a great day. Lots of love from England. :-)

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 6 months ago +1


  • Matthew Marsden
    Matthew Marsden 6 months ago +1

    Excellent video. Thank you

  • Adriana Herran
    Adriana Herran 7 months ago

    Amazing video. Thank you. It made me realize of things I did not know I was doing. Well said!!

  • The road to financial freedom

    he is good but soooo fucking cringy like the cheeeeeeeeese!

  • Chloe Manz
    Chloe Manz 8 months ago

    This is fantastic! Thankyou. These points are simple yet will make a huge difference.

  • Kayla De
    Kayla De 9 months ago +8

    I hit play on my ride home from a draining business trip. This was such an empowering, articulate and moving video. I just arrived home, looked at the screen and am shocked- how does this video only have 30k of views?
    Everyone needs to hear this.
    I am prescribing a day to my employees to get us right, with this video as the guide. Thank you.

  • kakayarya
    kakayarya 9 months ago

    I got an auto reply that the address is not found.

  • Christy Hynds
    Christy Hynds 9 months ago

    That was some incredible information.
    Thank you

  • Ever Clara
    Ever Clara Year ago +1

    Good thing I was multi-tasking. I was cooking lunch for my wife and I while listening to this video, otherwise it would of been a waste of time. To save you guys time, fast forward to the middle when he actually starts talking about somewhat useful topics regarding being organized. I looking for something more substance regarding tips on how to stay organized but it was mostly philosophical, maybe it’ll help you though.

    • Dave Brennan
      Dave Brennan 8 months ago

      Hey, @Ever Clara -- your bias against someone who challenges Multitasking might be well advised to look at the countless studies over the last DECADE that proved:
      (1) Switching tasks has a productivity COST, not a benefit (American Psychological Association, 2006; )
      (2) Multitasking is a productivity MYTH (NPR, 2013; )
      (3) Multitaskers damage their brain and career (Forbes, 2014; )
      (4) Smart people don't Multitask, says Stanford University Study (Biospace, 2017; )
      (5) Heavy multitaskers have reduced IQ and memory (Stanford, 2018; )
      Or do have research that refutes Stanford University, the University of London, and the American Psychological Association?

  • Dev Ahmed
    Dev Ahmed Year ago

    Great video

  • WUKD
    WUKD Year ago

    This is really vulnerable and inspiring. Thank you. #selfreflection

  • WUKD
    WUKD Year ago

    Thank you for being so emotionally open and communicative

    SANJAY VARMA Year ago


  • Alex
    Alex Year ago +2

    Brilliant! Thank you. Amazing tips.

  • Brian McAboy
    Brian McAboy Year ago

    The link for the resources returns a 404 error message Help!

  • Nicole Mayes
    Nicole Mayes Year ago

    Wonderful video! Thank you!

  • Fadecountier
    Fadecountier Year ago +2

    I highly disagree with you about Multitasking.

    • Abdullah Al-Hazzani
      Abdullah Al-Hazzani 6 months ago +1

      Well i think there are acceptable and unacceptable multitasking, if I am doing boring , easy, routine task, and doesnt need much focus, then that is Ok if I would listen to podcasts or something I enjoy.

    • Dave Brennan
      Dave Brennan 8 months ago

      Hey, @Fadecountier, I'm curious...why do you "highly disagree" about since Jay is not offering an opinion; he's relaying what research studies have proven for more than a DECADE that:
      (1) Switching tasks has a productivity COST, not a benefit (American Psychological Association, 2006; )
      (2) Multitasking is a productivity MYTH (NPR, 2013; )
      (3) Multitaskers damage their brain and career (Forbes, 2014; )
      (4) Smart people don't Multitask, says Stanford University Study (Biospace, 2017; )
      (5) Heavy multitaskers have reduced IQ and memory (Stanford, 2018; )
      This is just a sampling of key articles over the last 12 years on the brain damage, loss of memory, and reduced productivity that comes from Multitasking.
      Read these articles and I hope you still don't "highly disagree" any longer. That would be sad -- and dangerous for you.

    • Aliceson Soto
      Aliceson Soto Year ago

      28% is a huge loss.

  • JC-W
    JC-W Year ago

    *BOOM* mind blown. Excellent information. Thanks.

  • Mz. Lela
    Mz. Lela Year ago

    I have the book (recommended by a colleague). The Podcast are awesome.

  • alex buchanan
    alex buchanan Year ago

    This was great in I am guilty of doing the easy tasks on my to do list just so I can cross them off!

  • Mark F
    Mark F Year ago

    Very good! Thank you.

  • Garth Merryweather
    Garth Merryweather 2 years ago +2

    10 to 15 40 oz bottles of water a Day??? you are obviously going to the can more often than you would ever run out of water. I get your point but why exaggerate so much?

    • Sablo Stout
      Sablo Stout 10 months ago

      Ever Clara half your body weight in a day......

    • Ever Clara
      Ever Clara 10 months ago

      Sablo Stout right... no offense, but did you do the math before commenting? I’m 160LB, 80LB.. 16 ounces in a LB. That’s 1,280 ounces lol! So you’re saying we need to drink 80 sixteen ounce bottles to maintain 1,280 ounces a day in my case? Good luck to your kidneys.

    • Sablo Stout
      Sablo Stout 10 months ago

      @Ever Clarayour body needs at least half of your body weight in ounces in order to be hydrated properly. Our bodies are mostly water so the fact that you drink only about 30oz of water at work isn't something that is sufficient for the average person.

    • Ever Clara
      Ever Clara Year ago

      Garth Merryweather heh, I caught that too. “Honestly, 15...” I thought to myself, this guy is “increasing productivity” by limiting how often he goes to get water but I bet he’s actually tripping his downtime by being in the bathroom x3 the average human. I have a 64oz thermal at work and it can take me 2 days to finish it, I can’t imagine having to pee more often. Exaggerations like that really bring down the videos substance. The 64oz doesn’t even include my other sources of fluids.

  • E J
    E J 2 years ago

    So honest and so helpful.I have watched so many times.

  • Joyce Lo
    Joyce Lo 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience, i felt the same way as you. This has help me with a clear mind set. Thankyou.

  • Susi Witt
    Susi Witt 2 years ago +7

    Fantastic, excellent video - thank you.