BAGS OF PAINT?! | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Unboxing | Acrylic Paint Collage

  • Published on Aug 24, 2019
  • If art isn't turning out the way you want, i suggest you try what I did in this video...make a mess. Throw paint at a canvas, glue stuff to it. You won't think so low of yourself about your art. haha You also might find new love and appreciation for sketching with a pencil. XP I had a lot of fun with it, but now all I want to do is draw in my sketchbook. Thats what I'm gonna do now.
    (Ends August 30th, 2019)
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    Sennelier Abstract Matt Soft Body Acrylics
    Winsor & Newton Fineliner:
    KINGART Radient Talkon Brush, Oval Wash Size 1/2
    Sennelier Abstract Acrylics Paint Tips, Set of 8:
    Fredrix Mixed Media Paint Board 8x12
    Posca Paint Marker Pen (Fine Point):
    Sakura Decorese White Gel Pen:
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  • Gabby Howell
    Gabby Howell 4 days ago

    Shrek is the best peppa pig is better tho loo I'm 11

  • Samantha York
    Samantha York 5 days ago

    DrawingWiffWaffles can draw AND rhyme better then me haha making a mess going for the best and just enjoying the process

  • Laurel Cook
    Laurel Cook 5 days ago

    That was actually really beautifully done, lol,

  • Sharan Dhillon
    Sharan Dhillon 19 days ago

    I like the collage you created! Definitely wall worthy

  • Professeur Multivers
    Professeur Multivers 28 days ago

    Me: Oh, DrawingWiffWaffles will do some crafting collage art... She always does some so beautiful and cute art! That will be interesting!

    *My eyes watch the collage become more random, messier and strange*

    My brain: Wha... I have absolutely no idea of what is going on... How am I suppose to analyze this picture??? SERIOUSLY?! I quit! You are on your own on this one!!!

  • Olivia W
    Olivia W Month ago +1

    I bet the person in Rin’s collage didn’t know that that would happen to there picture in the magazine!😂

  • emi's gaming world
    emi's gaming world Month ago +1

    Waffles: I’m finding some peeeeeeeeeopleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Amanda Arsenault
    Amanda Arsenault Month ago

    OMG! As a cake decorator I really want to play with those

  • Raena Simpson
    Raena Simpson Month ago


  • Nandika Agarwal
    Nandika Agarwal Month ago

    please do a face reveal

  • Annatherandom
    Annatherandom Month ago

    I don't know what it is about you, Rin, but you are sooo loveable! You are just so adorable, funny, creative, talented, and AWESOME! Just had to let it out, lol. The first time i watched your video I was hooked! I don't draw along or anything, its just so entertaining and relaxing to watch your videos

  • Shirahama Rakeru
    Shirahama Rakeru Month ago

    I did it once with the high school notebook covers ♥

  • Alexander Cuyvers
    Alexander Cuyvers Month ago

    I just thought of the fact that u sound exactly like selena gomez and my mind is blown...

  • Amber DragonQueen
    Amber DragonQueen Month ago

    I'd totally buy a king blub pin I think that's just such a cute character

  • Lalisa the queen
    Lalisa the queen Month ago

    All Hail King Blub!!!
    May his reign be mighty and long ❤

  • Zoe-Mae Faulkner
    Zoe-Mae Faulkner Month ago

    Honestly Rin, that looks amazing. I would try that and it look like it belongs in the bin...

  • doro626
    doro626 Month ago

    I had to rewind. I thought you said the canvas was made out of vegetables and recycled Walnuts. I was thinking, why walnuts?

  • Reevu Eq
    Reevu Eq Month ago

    Where did you get the art magazine?

  • Starimus
    Starimus Month ago

    Why are they called "primary" red and blue when red and blue are secondary colors??

  • Izabelle Botwinski
    Izabelle Botwinski Month ago +3

    0:31 "all hail, king blub"

  • animeboy 5050
    animeboy 5050 Month ago

    I LOVE it UwU..

  • Leah Simpson
    Leah Simpson Month ago

    Is it weird that I actually love this piece!!!!!!!! I know it’s really crazy looking but I love it!!❤️

  • Jason Pagura
    Jason Pagura Month ago

    I've used Sennelier Abstract acrylics. It's good paint. and the plastic bag package seems more durable than metal tubes so far.

  • Joan Almadain
    Joan Almadain Month ago

    can u make merch? i wanna wear ur art💗

  • Lcy
    Lcy Month ago

    Omg big 80s vibes rn

  • Sarah Mcdonald
    Sarah Mcdonald Month ago

    It’s got this 80’s vibe and I’m living for it

  • Lollipop Girl
    Lollipop Girl Month ago

    Lol this looks like something I did with an actor/singer crush I had when I was little....

    I love it ^^

  • Lollymax
    Lollymax Month ago

    Is she northern??
    Cause I’m hearin the “baeg”of the north

  • Orany123
    Orany123 Month ago

    Does anyone else think that she should've put a bunch of red Poska pen around the girls lips so it looks like Miranda sings

  • nanaofori !
    nanaofori ! Month ago

    Hi my little sister birthday is coming up and she loves art and your channel and don't no where the discretion is🦄

  • I want Luke Hemmings to punch me in the face Please

    Art snacks had the best chance to call the art snacks plus box “art meals” I’m disappointed

  • Miranda Tynes
    Miranda Tynes Month ago

    Totally looks like a retro advertisement and it's great

  • emily mulcahy
    emily mulcahy Month ago

    Shoulda given a primary yellow too ffs

  • Jun’s Forehead
    Jun’s Forehead Month ago +2

    i’m obsessed now i wanna go make a collage

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad Month ago

    Gatta get like a vogue magazine

  • Sude Grier
    Sude Grier Month ago +1

    I think it’s so adorable how excited you get when you’re making art

  • Millie Jessen
    Millie Jessen Month ago

    Ily and ur vids and i know its ur art and u can do whatever u want with it but personaly i prefer the drawing at 11:33. This is not meant to be a hate commet btw

  • v - lonely - boi
    v - lonely - boi Month ago

    ahh i love collage art like this

  • Adelaine Caabay
    Adelaine Caabay Month ago

    How I wish there'd be giveaways for those who aren't from US. But meh. Nyaha. I still love chur art ♡
    Looking forward to more vids~

  • Caitlyn Stroud
    Caitlyn Stroud Month ago +1

    Even her mesy art is better than my every day art. OMG!!! HAHA LOVE YOU RIN! :)

  • Kayla Egas
    Kayla Egas Month ago +1

    Why did you decide to do blueberry waffles? I love them :)

  • Yumiki Midoriya
    Yumiki Midoriya Month ago +1

    Your art is so good keep it going

  • Yumiki Midoriya
    Yumiki Midoriya Month ago +1

    Your art is so good keep it going

  • Nyama Lena
    Nyama Lena Month ago +1

    This looks like the poster for a movie about middle schoolers that is centered around a random guy who likes a random girl and Morgan is the girl

  • Eli Alone
    Eli Alone Month ago

    Is it just me or is that collage thing actually the coolest thing?! Now I'm really inspired to try something like that!

  • Nexvotri AJ oof
    Nexvotri AJ oof Month ago +1

    “Hopefully this doesn’t look like blood” I died when you said that why? I don’t know

  • indian art & craft ideas

    Awesome work🙏💝🌹🇮🇳

  • kxdef x
    kxdef x Month ago +1

    I always feel like you don’t know when to stop😭

  • FUN
    FUN Month ago +1

    I haven’t sketched for like 3 weeks since school started and now I REALLY WANNA DRAW.

  • Doodles-and-Dragons

    Sorry, I’ve been super caught up with HOMEWORK UUUUGH!!

  • Fluorite Wolf
    Fluorite Wolf Month ago

    King Bub!!!

  • Colour Addict
    Colour Addict Month ago

    Cool video!!!

  • Colour Addict
    Colour Addict Month ago

    Hi guys! I am a new art TVclipr, and I would love some support for my videos. Thanks so much!

  • ClevaChloe
    ClevaChloe Month ago

    Love the blubfish!!

  • Yoshua Yzer
    Yoshua Yzer Month ago

    You should try designing Pokémon that fit the Galar region (Inspired by the UK).
    You could make 3 maybe more.
    Greetings from your #1 Fan
    Love from Suriname!
    Peace ✌

  • Amelia Lauren Miller

    I have a poem for you:
    One, two, three, four,
    Five, six, seven, eight.
    Dumb-dumb, fine point
    Bags of paint

  • Summer Blair
    Summer Blair Month ago

    Hey Rin! I've always wondered, what's your doggies name?

  • Its.kitty 15
    Its.kitty 15 Month ago


  • Rin draws
    Rin draws Month ago

    That blue and red with those paint tips could have made some really cool 3D effect if doubled

  • Anthony Lawrence
    Anthony Lawrence Month ago

    All hail, King Blub! 0:31