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I Broke My Chair Shooting 3's with Ben Simmons! NBA 2K19

  • Published on May 22, 2019
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Comments • 597

  • Garfield On Drugs
    Garfield On Drugs 21 day ago

    That fax hoodie look clean af when is it available?

  • Shinell Allen
    Shinell Allen 21 day ago

    Hey cash nasty do you live in los angles

  • Gaming and Sports Forever

    3:17 is what your here for

  • Johnny Castro
    Johnny Castro 26 days ago

    Can you play Simmons at the 4? I’m thinking
    Pg. pink d Lonzo
    Sg pink D Kobe
    Sf. Go luka
    Pf Go Ben Simmons
    C. Deandre ayton

  • B Brooks
    B Brooks 26 days ago


  • B Brooks
    B Brooks 26 days ago

    Joke of the day: Ben Simmons hitting a three, never mind he can hit one in 1k

  • How2K
    How2K 27 days ago

    If Cash for once focused on greening shots rather than posing and shooting with his arm straightened he would make a lot more lol🚀

  • Meron Legesse
    Meron Legesse 27 days ago

    water is not wet.

  • GunGame56 Gaming SUB
    GunGame56 Gaming SUB 28 days ago


  • Fyb raines
    Fyb raines 29 days ago

    wth u b saying in the intro

  • Fnu Welhemina
    Fnu Welhemina Month ago

    What are you saying??????

  • victor mwendwa
    victor mwendwa Month ago

    Was he playing Jay Canada?

  • Lazar K
    Lazar K Month ago +5


    Cash’s controller:(spamming controller noises)

  • Kwa 2x
    Kwa 2x Month ago

    The reason why you missing is because you don’t know how to time their releases my nigga

  • Anthony GF
    Anthony GF Month ago

    No you still missing buddy heild next generation

  • Rion _
    Rion _ Month ago

    What the instrumental @ 2:15 🔥🔥🔥

  • Angel Garza
    Angel Garza Month ago

    Swiper no swiping

  • Tyrek Bartley
    Tyrek Bartley Month ago

    Get Opal DRose

  • TheRealSavage
    TheRealSavage Month ago

    0:33 2 of those weren’t cash

  • Sid Ferrell
    Sid Ferrell Month ago

    is he playing jay canada??

  • J shachor
    J shachor Month ago

    If only lonzo ball could actually ball like that in real life lol

  • Roast On Sight
    Roast On Sight Month ago

    Dang they don't have a Jamal murray

  • Timir King
    Timir King Month ago

    He can’t shoot threes

  • Anthony Sotillio
    Anthony Sotillio Month ago

    That picture is some scary shit

  • Caleb Cicero
    Caleb Cicero Month ago

    At this point 2k cards are just stupid everyone can do everything and they all have hella HOF badges

  • ArchieBoi
    ArchieBoi Month ago

    All of his cards can shoot which is funny his stats are terrible but you can get a lot of greens 😂

  • Sammy A
    Sammy A Month ago

    Ben Simmons wetty

  • Xpert Noodle
    Xpert Noodle Month ago

    That intro music fire can u tell me what it is

  • MsLadyRosa
    MsLadyRosa Month ago


  • Ben Uğur
    Ben Uğur Month ago

    wtf are you doing dude

  • Viizion_Reaper -
    Viizion_Reaper - Month ago

    What the hell is that laugh

  • Luca Preda
    Luca Preda Month ago

    My man is crazy as hell

  • Donnatello _
    Donnatello _ Month ago

    Wish I could see the left side of the screen

  • Jean Carlos Valdez
    Jean Carlos Valdez Month ago

    Get out from the screen

  • Jordan Farquharson
    Jordan Farquharson Month ago

    Best video man, keep it up

  • Allen J
    Allen J Month ago

    That Ayton card tho

  • Cameron Edmond
    Cameron Edmond Month ago

    Do he still have the dog ?

  • Jona A
    Jona A Month ago

    Thas why u don’t talk shit about lonzo he a goat

  • TimeCat5907
    TimeCat5907 Month ago


  • Dreko Gang
    Dreko Gang Month ago

    You Tripping Bro 😂😂 Acting Like A Kid

  • Hiii Bog
    Hiii Bog Month ago

    Lonzo ball

  • Le Ak
    Le Ak Month ago

    They have PD Lonzo Ball time to spend some money...

  • Xavier Enokian
    Xavier Enokian Month ago

    You are wayy too hype this why I don’t watch u like god damn stop yelling for 1 min fr

  • indigo
    indigo Month ago

    Did je disrespect me lo?

  • Jmoneybandzz
    Jmoneybandzz Month ago

    Yo what is that one song with the undertaker type beat he from Louisiana

  • Amber Coble
    Amber Coble Month ago +1

    Do you have a good day

  • Amber Coble
    Amber Coble Month ago +1


  • aaron
    aaron Month ago

    100 thieves represent ‼️

  • XavAnton The Lión
    XavAnton The Lión Month ago +1

    I im see PR🥇🏆💪🏽

  • Yorick
    Yorick Month ago +1

    Ben "Brick" Simmons! for three!👌🏻😂

  • Jack Wadwell
    Jack Wadwell Month ago

    Why is your facecam sorta thing like 1/3 of the screen

  • Jaedan Singleton
    Jaedan Singleton Month ago

    Bro cash u should play me in a game of my team

  • Morris Barnes
    Morris Barnes Month ago

    I’m actually confused about all those wide open misses

  • TheNotorious 0ne
    TheNotorious 0ne Month ago

    “he does that in real life too yall” 😂😂🤣

  • Courtney Jefferson
    Courtney Jefferson Month ago

    You crazy to put Lonzo on the bench 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Dave Saycon
    Dave Saycon Month ago

    Cash, try not to raise your controller while you shoot

  • Danny Hidalgo
    Danny Hidalgo Month ago

    this video got my dying!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Murphy
    Adam Murphy Month ago

    The kawhi laugh😂😂

  • Gamer Duck
    Gamer Duck Month ago


  • Mekhi Slappy
    Mekhi Slappy Month ago

    😂😂But a new chair!!!!

  • Sole Uce
    Sole Uce Month ago

    Jeez you can’t do crossovers for shit

  • Clear MindState
    Clear MindState Month ago

    your relese game on yo jumpshot aint no match for the kid

  • Vaughn Gaming
    Vaughn Gaming Month ago

    4:37 Why you jumping bruh?

  • Ty Crawford
    Ty Crawford Month ago

    That goddamn Kawhi laugh😂

  • Seth Gough
    Seth Gough Month ago

    gimme that vid

  • Sai Shravan
    Sai Shravan Month ago

    stop shouting like a dog stupid

  • iShxrpzz
    iShxrpzz Month ago

    Yoo cash is one of the best youtubers because he plays and acts like a casual player

  • Mason Jones
    Mason Jones Month ago

    Just another causal day in Cash’s life.

  • Ralph Lloren
    Ralph Lloren Month ago +1

    1:15 lonzo ball belongs to the bench
    Boi Troydan is coming for you


    Signed on my team after months and saw these cards 🤦🏽‍♂️ 2k I didn’t think y’all could screw up this bad... next thing you know, Isaac bonga is gonna have a pink diamond card. 2k hold this L

  • OmgItsJacob D
    OmgItsJacob D Month ago

    Hot wings Ben Simmons video will be 🔥

  • C Kim
    C Kim Month ago

    People say Giannis this, Zion that.. but no bullshit, if Simmons ever gets a RELIABLE jumpshot, he will take over the league period, no cap.

  • Jay Clout
    Jay Clout Month ago +1

    This should of been a video about lonzos card

  • Alpha Reid
    Alpha Reid Month ago

    Why doesn’t he use a normal mic

  • Z2wavy _Yt
    Z2wavy _Yt Month ago

    Cash don’t disrespect Zo 24pts off the bench

  • Taiyaz Ali
    Taiyaz Ali Month ago

    Nobody gonna talk about the shot meter

  • Ctozz113
    Ctozz113 Month ago

    Send this to Troydan

  • GSQ_ Ty
    GSQ_ Ty Month ago

    I’m ready

  • fortnite gamer
    fortnite gamer Month ago +1

    Not trying to be mean but Ben Simmons is a good three point shooter

  • Nickolas.Tramel
    Nickolas.Tramel Month ago

    Post the video !👍🏼

  • Samir Davis
    Samir Davis Month ago

    This went from a ben to lonzo video😂

  • JDgames_LGH
    JDgames_LGH Month ago

    Wait Ben Simmons is a POINT GUARD hold up i thought he was like a Power Forward like the heck he's like 7 feet tall what do you mean

  • Neil Mclaughlin vlogs


  • cyruz limz
    cyruz limz Month ago

    Lebron sucks

  • The Chosen Kid
    The Chosen Kid Month ago

    Why didn’t 2k come out with a Tatum or Mitchell generation next card?!

  • Alvin Pajarillo
    Alvin Pajarillo Month ago

    this should be a lonzo video

  • Jezuz Gomez
    Jezuz Gomez Month ago

    Lonzo Gon be a goat fym ca$h

    YB X BROWN Month ago

    y'all go sub to my yt @YB X BROWN

  • Yousef Abdalla
    Yousef Abdalla Month ago +2

    6:10 player moving cash using 1 hand

  • Yousef Abdalla
    Yousef Abdalla Month ago

    We gon ignore the fact that he raise his arm up with ONE hand while the player still moving and shoots

  • LB2k
    LB2k Month ago

    Every release u had was late

  • Austin Lau (629AusLau)

    Love how this card was released just days before Kendall Jenner broke up with Ben Simmons. Very interesting.

  • Ryder Haley
    Ryder Haley Month ago

    Stop yelling dam

  • AT Tatara
    AT Tatara Month ago +1

    That starting lineup are all rookies ...

  • Gavin You now
    Gavin You now Month ago

    You need to Stop screaming

  • DYodes
    DYodes Month ago

    All rookie starting 5

  • Lil Baby x Gunna Nation

    Ready For The Hot Wing Challenge Cash 🔥💪🏾

  • John Koumourzis
    John Koumourzis Month ago +1

    BBB for life dog

  • carter swanson
    carter swanson Month ago

    Turn your mic down😂

  • Matthewtheham
    Matthewtheham Month ago +1

    I think this video was on the new Lonzo card